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FAQs about Canister, Cartridge Filters For Marine Systems, Eheim Models 

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Good canister filters, pumps... junk internal wet-dries...

Eheim classic question     10/6/13
Hi crew,
I'm not even sure if this question is for you. May be I should ask this question on some forums.
<Let's see. I am very familiar with this line/manufacturer. Have decades of experience of use, install of their fine products>
Anyway, I'm using Eheim classic 2217 filters for past 6 years. I never was impressed with them. No purging system, pipes hard to clean. Most important:  current is to slow.
<Mmm... Don't know what you mean by a "purging system"; pipes are easy to clean with a flexible brush, and these (hard plastic) and the green polyethylene are devised to greatly limit algal growth. Re the slow current? Have you measured yours? Their pumps, canister filters "do" the rates they state. I'd be checking the impeller, filter media to make sure it's not impacted>
Couple weeks ago, I realized, that one of my 2 filters in  my 75 gallon tank just not working. It's dead. I decided: no more Eheim, but after research, reading forums and reviews, it was clear for me: nothing is better than Eheim.
<They are the "category killer"; yes>
 I made last try: just bought from different supplier another Eheim 2217.
I've got Niagara Falls in my tank. This is my fourth Eheim and I never seen anything like this before. Water hits opposite wall(18'') and splashes out from the top. I have riverine biotope, but not even sure that all my fish are comfortable. What is that?
<Can't say; have no experience other than reading w/ Niagara; but will tell you, other lines have come and gone... Eheim is the quietest, most dependable, energy efficient>
Is it Eheim not consistent or they different now, or simply an accident?
<I have never had a bad Eheim pump, canister filter... and sold many, have two currently; brought the line into Petco (from when Cal and Lois Adger) did their N. American distribution (Hawaiian Marine Imports, TX)... used them overseas for years... Am Bcc'ing Eheim's rep. Daniel Stopnicki here for his use, possible input>
Thank you for your time.
<And you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

My Eheim Professional II 6/3/13
<Hi Tom>
I have an Eheim Professional II.   Until recently it was a great filter.
However, it has begun to leak.  I can't tell if it's leaking from the connections of the 'in' and 'out' tubes or if it's around the lid.   Do you know of anyone who repairs Eheims?   Or could you suggest which parts I might try to buy that would most likely fix any leakage?
Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.
<First I would try cleaning the "O" rings and look for cuts in them.  Then apply some clear silicone lube (LifeGuard) to the "O" rings and try that.  If it still leaks I would contact an Eheim dealer such as Drs Foster & Smith.  James (Salty Dog)>
Tom Rodman
Re My Eheim Professional II      6/3/13

Thank you
<You're welcome Tom.  James (Salty Dog)>

Re Which hang on filter, now canister to use? 12/29/11
I'm replying from work now that I'm back at the dungeon.  ;0)
You make a very valid point!  Guess I never thought of it that way.
I just got swayed by a local fish shop.  The guy said he used to carry Fluval canisters and had so many people complain about leaks he quit carrying them.
<I have heard of this problem as well.>
He is the reason for my phobia I guess.  He seemed to know what he was talking about and being out of the hobby for about 25 years I didn't question him.
In your opinion is the Eheim or Magnum designed better than the Fluval as far as leaking possibilities? 
<I believe so.>
I REALLY appreciate your information and patience with a novice like me. 
Thank you!
<You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>
Kent Williby
Re Which hang on filter to use? 12/29/11

I just looked at an Eheim ecco pro.  I really like the design of the impeller and the oring that seals the top.  This looks like a much better seal than the Fluval I was looking at.
<Tis.  James (Salty Dog)>
Kent Williby
Re Which hang on/NOT: Ecco/Eheim filter to use? 12/29/11

I'll ask one more question and then leave you alone.  Sorry if I'm a pain.
Is the new ECCO a better design than the classic with the outlet on the bottom?  Sorry, I just don't know much about these things.
<Best to search/read on Eheim's web site.>
Thanks so much!
<You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>
Kent Williby
Re Which hang on filter to use? 12/29/11

Not sure if you got my other email.
<I did and replied.>
I was looking at a new Eheim ECCO Pro.  The design looks really good and I like the top o'ring seal.  Looks better than the Fluval.  Have you heard anything bad about them as far as leaking etc?
<I have heard nothing derogatory about the Eheim line of filters.>
Thank you.
<You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>
Kent Williby
Re Which hang on filter to use? 12/29/11

I guess the reason I ask about the ECCO vs. Classic is the lower flow rate on the ECCO.  And it appear there may be a bypass issue on the ECCO?  Just some things I've read. 
Sorry, the last email wasn't my last.  ;0(
<You need to choose a model that will fit your needs.  Stop writing and read user reviews found on most
etailer web sites.  Here is one for example.  http://www.marinedepot.com/Eheim-Water_Filters_for_Saltwater_Aquariums-EH-FIFR,FIPS-0-ct.html
The bypass is not an issue but allows water flow to the tank in the event the filter becomes clogged.
James (Salty Dog)>
Kent Williby

filtration for 20 gallon hexagon aquarium   11/22/11
Hello crew,
I have a 20 gallon hexagon freshwater aquarium with Aquaclear 50 power filter. Problem is that this filter absolutely does not do any mechanical filtration: my plants, rocks and peaces of woods are completely covered with thick brown layer of mud. I'm planning to switch this filter with Eheim classic 2215. Is it ok to use this filter in this tank?
>Ahh, one of my fave makers, models of canister filter. It should work fine here... though you might find you want to add a small internal water moving pump as well. A small/er Hydor would be my choice>
Can I keep filter outlet vertically since it will not feet to put horizontally in this kind of the tank?
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Priming an unprimable pump   10/30/11
Thank you for the quick reply.
<No problem>
So I tried to set up the filter (it's an Eheim Ecco pro) and I followed exactly how the manual said to do. However it won't work! It is a used filter. When I try to prime it nothing happens.
<Very typical>
The valves are open, it looks exactly like the picture but nothing happens!
<We've all had that experience>
Occasionally a few bubbles come out but that's it. When I try to plug it in it just makes a rumbling sound.
<That's the impeller spinning in a dry pump chamber>
I don't know what to do and I'm scared and feel bad for my turtles :(
<First thing, Jennifer, don't be scared. Nothing here is threatening their health. EVEN IF the filter doesn't work - which I'll get into in a minute - all it means is a bit more maintenance and cleaning work for you'¦ more siphoning and more water changes. It's NOT a critical factor '¦ so relax.>
<Now for the filter. They NEVER prime like the books say. I don't care what brand, what model, where it's made or who engineered it (although the most diabolical designs are from the Germans!)'¦ They never prime like the manual says. My Marine Fish tank has a Fluval 450 and the manual says that "3 or 4 quick strokes of the plunger" will start the siphon and begin the prime.>
<So try this instead: >
< 1) make sure your filter and tubes are all empty of water. As strange as this sounds, it's harder to start a siphon in a system that already has SOME water in it.>
< 2) locate the filter itself so that the top of the filter (where the tubes fit in) is around an inch or two below the bottom of the tank. If the filter is mounted too close to the water level, you can't get a siphon started and if it's mounted too low, the pump doesn't have enough power to lift the water up the other tube and back into the tank>
< 3) Make sure the intake tube is below water level and that the outflow tube is OUT of the water. As you start a siphon, the water pushes air out the outflow tube. If the end of that tube is underwater, it basically plugs up the tube and the water can't flow.>
< 4) Make sure all your tubes are seated and clamped tightly>
< 5) With everything in place, follow the priming instructions one time - most just for laughs. THEN, when it doesn't prime, take the end of the outflow tube out of the tank and bring it down below the level of the filter body and start a siphon the old fashioned way: Seal the tube end in your mouth and so a sharp inhale until water has been sucked up the intake tube and over the top of the tank. If you did it enough, when you take the tube out of your mouth, you'll hear water running as the water fills the filter chamber and the tube. Keep your tube end low. There will be a distinct change in the noise after the filter chamber fills and water starts coming up the outflow tube. You may even let a little water spill out the tube before you plug it with your finger (I put the tube end in a bucket after I start the siphon). Once you have the end of the tube filled with water and capped with your finger, plug the filter in. You'll hear that rumbling sound for just a few seconds and then it quiets down.>
< 6) NOW put the outflow back into the tank and uncap it and see the filter start to cycle>
<There are MANY variations on this basic method, Jennifer. They include yelling, cursing, screaming, threatening it and throwing things, but I'll leave that to your artistic discretion>

Alteration to a canister filter for increased suction/Water Flow 8/8/11
Hi Crew..
<Hello Srinivas>
Am back again..
<That phrase is reserved for Arnold. :-)>
Have a small query and sure to sound stupid too..
anyway feel better to take your advice rather than doing anything stupid.
I have a 220 Gallon FOWL <FOWLR> with a 35-40 Gallon sump.
The sump is a 3 chamber set up with one having a DSB , one chamber hosing <housing> a Protein skimmer nad <and> the central chamber with the return pump.
There are several pumps placed on the side walls of the 6' ft display tank nad <and> cause much movement of the water through the tank.
While this takes care of the basic filtration, I still find fine particles of algae/debris/etc floating in the display tank. The movements in the tank keep it afloat and many such particles are nit <not> rushed through the overflow hole that flows to the sump.
I have a spare Eheim Canister filter (though much lesser in capacity for this tank) which I thought for using to suck in these floating matter. The problem is that the suction is too low and particles just float besides ( if they do not happen to touch the intake pipe end) pipes and remain visible in the tank. They are more irritating on days when I clean the tank (weekly once).
Can I attach a powerhead ( more powerful than the canister powerhead) to the suction tube to increase the suction rate?
My purpose is just to suck the floating matter and not for water circulation?
Kindly advice
<You just need to fine tune/experiment with your powerheads by pointing the output in different directions until you get your desired results. May even want to try placing one or two of the pumps
near the bottom of the tank. James (Salty Dog)>

Best Filter Canister, sel.    1/21/11
Hi there how are you today?
<Fine, thank you>
I have a 95 gallon FOWLR aquarium of saltwater with a 404 Fluval canister with 4 filter media basket (carbon, foam, BioMax and Clearmax), but I want to upgrade to a better canister, when I say better I mean
2010-2011 model.
I saw the JBJ Reaction 4-Stage Canister Filter + UV and it caught my eye, its not that expensive and has also 4 media baskets, look really neat.
Would you recommend me this filter?, if not what other filters are there that are good comparing my actual Filter canister and affordable price.
Thank You, have a nice day !
Ingrid Leija
<Though these lines of canister filters have GREATLY improved over the years, my favorite brand/manufacturer is still Eheim:
Quiet, dependable, energy-conserving... VERY long lasting. Bob Fenner> 

Eheim 2028 losing prime\sucking air 4/23/2009
Hey Guys,
<Hi Wes.>
My name is Wes, I just purchased an Oceanic 120 gallon tank, I chose the Eheim 2028 canister to filter this tank.
<A good filter. Will last years with proper maintenance.>
After I put everything together, I started the system, and found that when I try to put the water flow to the
maximum setting, It starts to get air bubbles in the intake line, then stops cycling the water.
<Hmm, you have an air leak somewhere in the intake.>
The pump continues to run, but the water is not flowing through the tubes.
This unit also came with aftermarket intake and spray bar.
made by Eheim which I have installed.
<I have the same setup, it is a very good kit. - Did you put all of the o-rings on and lubricate them when you put the intake and discharge pipes together?>
When the unit stops cycling the water, I can push the primer down a few times and the unit will cycle for about ten seconds then stop again.
<Priming freed the airlock on the pump.>
This unit also has a flow rate indicator on the return. When I put the flow rate to max the indicator turns completely orange (meaning the system is blocked). I have taken the media baskets out two times now to ensure that the intake tube is positioned correctly (which it appears to be). Could it be that the aftermarket pieces are causing this problem?
<Seems to be - I think you have something not set up correctly - missing or rolled o-ring.>
What other suggestions do you have to rectify this problem?...
<Take the intake apart and make sure everything is assembled properly.
Look for any physical defects in the tube as well.>
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind I have never dealt with a canister filter before..:) Thanks for any help you can offer!
<My pleasure>

Re: Eheim 2028 losing prime\sucking air 4/24/2009
<Hi Wes>
Okay...found the air bubble problem...I had a rolled O-ring at the top of the intake tube (good call on that one by the way! ).
<Thank you.>
The filter runs continuously now, but when I try to put the water flow on max the water flow indicator still goes orange indicating there is a blockage.
The filter is still cycling fine, just with the orange indicator. Could this be because the spray bar is about 2 inches under the water, so the flow meter is registering this added pressure?
Again any advise would be greatly appreciated!
<In my 150 gallon FOWLR, I removed the spray bar entirely. and just had the elbow just under the surface of the water. If you want to keep the spray bar, do get it closer to the waterline.>
<My pleasure, Mike>

Canister Filter Questions: Eheim in a SW setup. 4/23/2009
<Hi Sherri.>
I just purchased an aquarium on Craig's list and got it home and now I need help.
I had a Oceanic Saltwater aquarium several years ago and I actually had a lot of luck with it and would like to try one again.
<Welcome back to the hobby.>
This aquarium is about 100 gal and it has the EHEIM Professional 2226 filter.
<An excellent filter when properly maintained.>
My question is can this filter be used for a Saltwater tank?
<It can be used for a saltwater tank provided it does not have the integrated heater.>
If so what other things do I need, like a Protein skimmer and what?
<You should definitely use a protein skimmer. Do read here:
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/proskimrart2.htm >
Any help at this point would be great and as I said I am familiar with the saltwater tank but I had the Oceanic where everything was built-in on the back of it...I looked at the EHEIM site and can not find if this filter can be used for Saltwater or if it is Freshwater only. If you know please let me know so I can get it set-up.
<It will be fine for saltwater. Do realize that while canister filters are useful for a saltwater setup, they do need more frequent maintenance - it will need to be cleaned every week to two weeks.>
<My pleasure>

Eheim 2026 Priming 11/15/08 Hello gang. I know you are big proponents of Eheim canisters. I cannot get my Eheim 2026 to prime. Do you have any suggestions. <If the priming feature is not working, you can disconnect one of the hoses near the top of the tank. Then use a funnel and pour water down into the unit. Reconnect the hose and you will be good to go.> Thanks for your help. <Welcome, Scott V.>

Eheim Canister Flow Rate 8/1/08 Hi WWM Crew, <Krissy> I have been searching for some time for the answer to this question (I have even called Eheim directly). My question is how does Eheim calculate their listed flow rate for canister? <By measuring the flow, I know, had to say it!> I know most brands list their flow rates as what the max flow will be if the canister was empty and ran without media. It seems to me that Eheim has lower flow rates than other brands but still lists them as able to handle larger capacity aquariums. For ex: Marineland c-series 360 is rated at 360 gph and recommended for up to 100 gallon tanks. Eheim pro II 2126 lists a flow rate of 250 gph but is still recommended for 100 gallon aquariums. Is Eheim more accurate at listing the flow rate in a real world situation (i.e. filled with media)? <I personally cannot speak to the method Eheim uses to rate their flow capacity. But, there are two points worth mentioning regarding this. First, Eheim is known for making the best of the best canister filters for good reason, they work great, extremely reliable and user friendly. Second, do not confuse flow rate with filtering capacity. A 250 gph flow is plenty to filter a 100 gallon aquarium. The ratings have many other factors, such as media capacity and effectiveness.> Thanks for the help! Krissy <Welcome, I hope this gives you some insight. I have used many canisters over the years, Eheim products being a fav. Scott V.>

Eheim leaks... Not likely 05/23/08 Hi Guys, I am just writing to ask if you can tell me a place to have my Eheim filter repaired. I had a friend go over it but it still seems to leak up near the top. <... very unusual. I sold Eheim for decades... am out in Germany at the Interzoo trade show... just spoke with them/DanielS ayer... they don't leak...> It leaks on the top where the pipes go in. If you have advice about how to repair it or a place to have it repaired I would appreciate your help. The filter says Professional II (it was given to me with no instructions) Thank you , Marshall Murdock <Mmmm, I would turn the unit off, drain the lines. Screw the compression nuts back, remove the green flexible tubing... cut this back/off an inch or so to new... warm up the new ends (in hot water) wiggle/jiggle them on over the intake and return fitting expansions... thread the compression nuts back over... and see if the line/s still leak. They shouldn't. Bob Fenner>

Hi! Questions about Eheim media... 1/6/2008 Hi! First off, thanks for all of the VERY helpful information on your site. I've been spending a lot of time researching things before I set up my newest freshwater aquarium, and your site has helped a great deal. Thank you! <You're welcome.> I have a new 90-gallon tank in my new home that has been waiting for me to have enough money to work on. I am finally ready to start. <Very good.> I've had two 10-gallon and a 29-gallon freshwater tanks before, and I loved them. I had very good success with them. But I was using Bio-wheel over-the-rim filters in them, and now since I am setting up a 90-gallon, I am going to be using my first canister filter. I'm a bit nervous about it :) <Don't be. Canister filters have improved dramatically over the years, and most are very easy to install and maintain. The two things to always have at hand are a bucket and a towel though, because even though modern filters come with taps and valves to prevent leaking, there's always a little water left behind that can get out. I highly recommend setting up your filter one time with the tubes stuck in a bucket of water. Do this in the kitchen or on the porch. Go through the process of setting up and then taking apart. It's much easier to learn this by practising first, than figuring it all out when the filter is wedged in a cabinet under the aquarium!> I purchased an Eheim Professional III model 2180 (the one with the heating element). I'm waiting for it to arrive, but I'd like your expertise on what kind of media I should fill it with. I've searched the FAQs and articles, and found that Bob recommends Eheim's Grob and Fein Flocken, but I am getting quite confused... <Every aquarist has favoured media, but the bottom line is they're all pretty good, and if you decide to buy according to budget and availability, you can't really go wrong. That said, there are a few brands that get the nod in terms of being that little bit better than the rest. But any such differences will be minor, and not the sorts of things that end up with dead fish!> First, the Eheim products all have non-US-friendly names to them... <German products, German names... I'd imagine most Germans find words like "Hummer" and "Pop Tart" pretty silly sounding, too! Anyway, the Ehfi- part of the name is some sort of standard prefix, like "Mc" at McDonalds. The second part of the name describes the media. So EhfiSubstrat is Eheim Substrate (='Substrat' im Deutsch) for biological media; EhfiTorf is Eheim Peat (='Torf'); and so on. In the same way McNuggets are McDonalds brand of mechanically-recovered minced chicken carcass shapes bound together with salt and skin.> second, the Grob and Fein Flocken is a little hard to find... and third, being that this is my first canister filter, I'd like your expertise on what I should fill it with, and just as important, in what order (from top to bottom). <This is quite easy to figure out. Look at the flow of water first. You put mechanical media (media to remove silt) in the first compartment(s), and biological media (media to remove ammonia) in the later compartment(s). The idea is you want to remove the silt before the silt suffocates the bacteria. Simple as that. Beyond this basic rule, you can pick and choose whatever you want.> I wouldn't waste your time if I didn't look throughout the FAQs already for a nice breakdown of what media you recommend in it and in what order. The info I found is kind of recommends products here and there, but what I'd find very helpful is if you could recommend something like: Top layer: Ehfi-ooga (this will trap large particles) Next layer: Ehfi-booga (this will do x) Next layer: Ehfi-oogey (this will do y) Bottom layer: Ehfi-boogey (this will polish) ...etc :) <I'd go with some sort of filter wool for the first compartment, coarse filter media for the second, and then the last two both biological filter media. Using Eheim products, that'd be something like EhfiSynth, EhfiMech, and then two lots of EhfiSubstrat (or EhfiSubstrat pro). But there's no need to restrict to just Eheim brands. Siporax filter media is at least as good for biological filtration, and filter wool is much the same whoever makes it, and the point to filter wool is that you CHANGE it regularly. If I was keeping clean fish (like tetras) then going with 1 x mechanical media and 3 x biological media would be possible. But if the fish are messy (like cichlids) then 2 x mechanical media and 2 x biological media is more sensible.> Thanks SO MUCH for your help and your continued service to the fish community. It's very much appreciated! - Chris <Hope this helps, Neale.>

Re: Hi! Questions about Eheim media... Thanks so much, Neale! It's definitely a huge help. <Glad we could help.> And the term "mechanically-recovered minced chicken carcass shapes bound together with salt and skin" is pure genius :) <And technically correct, too! Cheers, Neale.>

Eheim Filter Instructions 7/30/07 <Hi, Pufferpunk here> I just bought an Eheim filter 2217 and the instructions suck!!! I haven't figured out how to set it up yet - particularly, I can't get the outlet pipe connected to the curved piece - it seems like I'm missing a small connector, but I'm not sure. Do you have any suggestions on where I can get better instructions? Thanks. <Try here: http://www.rexgrigg.com/Eheim%20Classic%20Canister%20instructions.htm I just cut off a small piece of the soft tubing to connect the hard ones. You may use a hose clamp if concerned with them separating or leaking. Make sure you fill the canister to the top with water & leave the top connection open, to let displaced water out, so the top can close. ~PP>

Eheim filter, inst.   7/28/07 <Hi there! Paul here> I just bought an Eheim filter 2217 and the instructions suck!!! I haven't figured out how to set it up yet. Particularly, I can't get the outlet pipe connected to the curved piece. It seems like I'm missing a small connector, but I'm not sure. Do you have any suggestions on where I can get better instructions? Thanks. <Let's see if we can't get this fixed... Okay, the Classic series by Eheim features the little pipe coming out of the bottom of the canister and turning 90 degrees upward. If this is the curved piece you speak of, then it should only have a single threaded nut which screws on and off of the pipe. This nut should be screwed as far down onto the tube as it can without forcing it. Then the tubing is pushed down onto the tube so that it is now barely touching the nut that was previously screwed on. Once this is done simply unscrew the nut so that as it backs up the tubing, it screws onto the tubing clamps it tight where the barb is located inside. The reason why I suspect this as the problem is that when I first got my hands on connectors like that, I couldn't get them to work either. If this isn't the solution, then you might have better luck contacting Eheim through their website: http://www.eheim.com/classic.htm Hopefully that helps. Cheers>

Re: Looking for a quiet external pump   7/16/07 http://wetwebmedia.com/pumpselmar.htm Dear Bob and Neale, <Howdy!> Thank you so much for your advise. I really like your web site and spend hours reading through and it surely helps me. I have also read your books and your information is very valuable. Thank you for so much of your time. <Welcome> I understand that you said the ocean clear canister are larger pressurized with a great deal of surface area and also I need to have two of those for better in-between service for my 170 gallon tank of freshwater. <Actually "two of those" cartridge elements... just one filter... Understand? Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/clncarta.htm> Now I would like to ask you another question, what if I just use two Eheim Canister and would they produce the same crystal clear water for such a large tank. I am thinking of using two Eheim Professional 3 (2028) with an output of 450gph. <Very nice units> Would that be a good way and which is the best choice in your opinion? Two Ocean Clear canister or two Eheim Professional 3 (2028)? <I vastly prefer the Eheims... much easier to service, much longer service intervals, and MUCH less energy cost to operate> Also please advise on the Eheim Pro II 2028 versus Eheim Professional 3 (2028). Which is your favourite for a 170 gallon tank? Your advise is very much appreciated and thanks again. <Well, the latter is better... larger, more flow... but retails for about another hundred dollars... I'd rather have two units, one at either end... so, whichever you can afford. Bob Fenner>

Noisy Eheim Pro 2028   7/8/07 Hi I have purchased a 2nd hand [had been used for 6 months] Eheim 2028. <A very good product in my estimation: http://www.marinedepot.com/md_viewItem.asp?idproduct=EH2028K> It works perfectly but seems as if air may be present as it 'rattles' when the taps are fully open. If I partially close the taps the noise stops. Is this normal? <No> If not how can I dispel any remaining air? <Mmm, a few ways, but the most assured is likely to turn the power off, disconnect the discharge line, and have it lowered into a bucket, allow the water to drain/siphon through the unit... perhaps while giving the filter itself a few gentle shakes side-to-side to dislodge any air caught in the pump... If you can get a friend to help, watch the lines/water, try turning the pump motor on/off a couple times during this process...> Thanks Alan <Welcome. Bob Fenner> How to improve on Eheim filter / Red Sea skimmer set-up - 06/27/07 Dear Crew Hope you are all well. <Thank you> I have been reading and enjoying your pages as much as ever, but now I have to ask the 2 questions that have been bothering me since I started in the hobby 18 months ago. <Go ahead> I have a 40 gallon marine tank with a Red Sea Prism skimmer and 2 Eheim 'Professional' filters, 1 wet and dry and 1 mechanical. I have 5 fish, all of which look healthy and get on well : 2 true percula clowns, 2 blue tangs and a dwarf angel fish. The tank has 3 or 4 soft corals and 4 T5 tubes for lighting (2 blue, 2 white). I have quite a large amount of good quality live rock in the tank, although I am unsure of the weight of that. I use R O water only to top-up and for water changes, and test results show nil for ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate, with nitrates at around 0-15. I have no room for a sump, so will have to stick with essentially the same set-up of filters and skimmer. Firstly, I have read that the wet and dry filter is not one of Eheim's best ideas, <Agreed> and that it is best to do away with some or all of the media in the filters, or even to do away with the filters completely, or run them empty of media. Am I misunderstanding anything here? <Not as far as I can discern... this is one of Eheim's not so great engineered products> I like the Eheim filters, partly because I spent a small fortune on them, but also because they provide all of the water movement and circulation in the tank, and they are very quiet. <I am of the same opinion> I have been thinking of putting a PolyFilter in the mechanical filter - is there any point in that?  What else can one put into the filters to permanently replace the present media which is so often described as a 'nitrate-factory'? <Mmm, "denitrator" one-time purchase media... Siporax, Ehfi-Mech... other ceramic and sintered glass products...> Secondly, is there to your knowledge a skimmer which is a similar size/shape to the Red sea skimmer but more efficient? <Look to the Aqua-C Remora line...> The tank is in the lounge. I find the Red Sea skimmer easy to maintain, but a little noisy. Are skimmers necessarily noisy? <Mmm, no... this product has a few good ideas, but was not "finished" engineering wise... Try a Remora> I have this dream of getting nitrates down to naught and the tank looking even better that it does at the moment. Hope you can help. Thanks. Peter Hosier <Thank you for sharing... And do make it known what progress you make. Bob Fenner>

Eheim floss alternatives in a canister 7/14/05 Hi.  I've a new Eheim 2026 Profesionel 2.  The fine white Eheim pads, I'd imagine must be changed frequently but they are expensive.  Can I use regular no-name floss instead? <I wouldn't>   Would there be a danger of fibers catching and obstructing the impeller?   <Possibly... but worse, more likely all will "pack down", channel...> Someone suggested that if I do use ordinary no-name floss, I should cease using sintered glass as it sheds fines, potentially damaging to the impeller and its chamber. <No>   What are your ideas and experiences.  (Not living in Western Europe or the States, I cannot get products online, by the way.  So the Eheim pads remain expensive). <Am a huge fan of a one-time purchase of Eheim's Grob and Fein Flocken... a polyester media that you can rinse out and re-use... for decades... this is what I use... the Grob (large) ahead of a handful of the Fein. Bob Fenner>

Eheim? I have been given an Eheim external filter and have been using it for some while now, but, I think the impeller needs replacing as it makes some very strange noises and doesn't work properly. <Have you checked it physically? Is it chipped? Perhaps a rock stuck in the volute? If not, there may be just some air trapped in and around the impeller...> The problem I'm having is I don't know which one I have as I can't find the number, I think it's either a 2224 or 2226,  both the impellers are different, and I can't seem to find a dealer in my area  of the UK who can help, Can you? <I'd take it into a dealer there... contact Eheim through their website and ask where a larger outlet that carries their complete line is located near you. Bob Fenner> Canister media   12/16/06 Hello-   First, I want to say "I love your site". All you there are doing a great job.   Second, I want to ask two questions.  My first question is about canister filters. (I do know you are not fond of them) <Only for certain applications... I actually use them on my present two systems (Eheim)... but do need careful, regular maintenance in most marine applications> but I am just starting out and bought a used tank that came with 2 canister filters and Aqua C skimmer. Due to a $$ issue I cannot go with a sump at this time, but will upgrade to one when able to. Anyway, I'm going to use the canisters for now. Can you tell me what you would recommend to use in them? <Mmm, yes... and much of this is posted: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marcanistfltfaqs.htm and the linked files (articles, FAQs) at top> They have so many different medias, pads, carbon and such. <Yes... my best "advice" (what I would use) is from the first water (some filters are top down... most flow bottom up)... something like Ehfi-Mech or Siporax (an everlasting aerobic and anaerobic media... you will just gingerly rinse every cycle... Next, a course then fine mesh-fiber media... e.g. Eheim's Ehfi-Grob and Ehfi-Fein... These also just rinsed weekly... then a unit or two (depending on the size of the canisters themselves) of Chemi-Pure or equivalent... can be home-made with Dacron bags... replaced, switched out every month or so...> I know I should maintain them once a week. <Yes>   My second question is about the skimmer. The tubing that goes from the skimmer to the pump is only about 2 inches long. Again, no sump, so this will be in the tank for now. Can I buy a piece of tubing long enough for the pump to sit on the bottom of the tank behind the rock? <Yes... your LFS, or a large hardware store...> It has a model 3 pump.   I appreciate your response. <Welcome my friend to our ever-wonder full hobby. Bob Fenner>

Re: canister media  12/17/06 Thank you for your quick response. I do appreciate it. You don't mention the use of any filters (fine or course), you would not use them? <Mmm, are mentioned... are the intermediate media by Eheim... made of poly... a one-time purchase...> Lastly, when you mention rinsing, you mean by the tank water not the tap water? <This is best, yes> Again thank you and keep up the good work. Your site is very educational for all. <Thank you for seeking clarification here. Bob Fenner> Re: canister media   12/18/06 I want to apologize for taking your time again. <Hello Unnamed Questioner - Tim answering your question today!> I asked the wrong question in regards to the use of filters. (I later realized.) Can you tell me where to purchase the Ehfi-Grob and Ehfi-Fein? I was unable to find these products anywhere. I have only found Ehfi-Synth, Ehfi-Fix and Ehfi-Substrat (pro). I appreciate your response. <And we appreciate your query. Do a google search for these and any online shops that sell these products are likely to show. Best of luck.> Re: canister media   12/19/06 I do apologize again, but are these the actual names of the products? Ehfi-Grob & Ehfi-Fein? I did a google search for these products and the results are "0" items found. Any links that did come up, I used their search feature and again "No products found." Thank You again. <Mmm, please see here on Eheim's site re: http://eheim.com/filtermedia.htm Bob Fenner>

Re: canister media   12/21/06 I am just writing in regard to the Ehfi-Grob & Ehfi-Fein. After trying to search everywhere, I contacted Eheim. As per Eheim these products were produced many years ago and are now discontinued. <Thank you for this my friend... I was produced many years ago... and have not yet been discontinued... Heeee! They still make similar, the same products, but have changed their names> I also have one more question, do both canisters have to have the same media? <Mmm, no... I find it easier to stack both the same though... We used many Eheim canister filters in our service company's systems (mainly freshwater applications) years back... and did the same with all of them. Bob Fenner> Eheim Canister Filters Hi I recently bought an EHEIM wet&dry 2227 filter and I don't know if its working right ! I filled the baskets with EHFISUBSTRAT PRO ( Eheim says : " All filter baskets must be filled with EHFISUBSTRAT up to the rim " ) and then I put the white sponge filter on top (the one for 2227) and then filled the filter with water by sucking air through the small breathing tube. The suction valve was open and the pressure valve was closed at that time. I start running the filter and after a while water was flowing out slowly and from the other side it was filling with water. The filter makes strange noises as if water is flowing inside and its very annoying. It sounds more like a vacuum cleaner !!! <This is the air and water mixing in and about the pump impeller... a good idea to turn the unit off, let the water rise in the volute (the space around the impeller), then turn it back on... doing this a few times should clear the air out entirely, and make the unit very quiet> I checked everything (hoses tight, if there are any bends to the tube, if the baskets fit well) and it seems that there is not a problem. I use another EHEIM filter (2217) and its completely quiet and noiseless ! Another thing that bothers me is that water comes out constantly and I don't see any changes in the pressure. <Once again, this is due to the cavitation, the air and water mixing together... once you get the air out of the volute, you'll see> From what I know in these filters the outlet pressure varies. There is a wet&dry cycle that constantly goes on and the outlet pressure varies during this cycle. I don't know if I explained well my problem but first of all I want to know why it makes these weird sounds and second if the filter works properly. Thank you in advance for your help. George K. <A very common situation... and one that can/will be solved with the simple protocol mentioned. Bob Fenner>

Eheim Wet-Dry Unit... more than cavitation at play Thank you for your reply. <You're welcome> When I turn it off and back on again I get a very loud noise and the motor gets very heated. <Not good... leave unplugged till it cools down... and until we discover the cause of the problem> I left it like that and the filter stopped by itself...maybe for the motor to cool down a little. I took the impeller off and it was very hot ! <Was there anything caught around the impeller spindle? Do check for a minute piece of filter media> When I turn it off the floater goes up all the way then after a while and after the loud noise stops it starts emptying and the pressure is very high till it drops to a constant low water flow. <Ahhh, perhaps there is a good kink in a line (either intake or discharge. Try this: Check both loops to ascertain whether there is a kink that is limiting water flow, and take the discharge line off, place in a bucket (all this with the pump turned off), to determine as well if there isn't either a twist, kink in the line or some other area of internal blockage. If the water does not flow freely (siphoning from the intake line, through the unit, into your bucket via the discharge line), do take the whole unit off the tank, dis-assemble it in a sink or tub, and check for blockage in the unit, lines there> Then the floater goes all the way down and NEVER goes up again ! <I suspect either a "good" air gap in a line, or a blockage inside the unit> Then the wet-dry cycle doesn't come back again as it should be and it keeps working like that! (I changed all the o-rings with new ones-I was told that maybe this was the problem). <Shouldn't have anything to do with the problem... the o-rings either work and the unit doesn't leak... or...> Help ... I am so confused! Thank you, George <Please read through the above. Have you been to Eheim's website? http://www.eheim.com/ Bob Fenner>

Eheim I am setting up a 75 gal. saltwater fish only tank. I am considering using a wet-dry filter, either a SeaLife Systems Pro-150 or an Eheim wet-dry filter. Would you give me the pros and cons of each of these filters? <This information is catalogued at wetwebmedia.com In general, the problem is the same...they will both generate nitrates in the long term...The wet/dry will need almost no maintenance but the canister will need to be cleaned and "reloaded" regularly. Ooops...I'm sorry...Do you mean an Eheim wet/dry? Of all of the high quality products that Eheim makes, their wet/dry is a dud. I wouldn't use it at all. Their canister filters are some of the best on the market> Would either be considerably 'better' over the long haul, e.g. ease of maintenance, efficacy, better oxygenation, less noisy, etc.???   <A wet/dry will be fine if you have a heavy bioload and you don't plan on keeping corals. It will be practically no maintenance and as quiet as your return pump is.. Just the sound of the water cascading over the bioballs. You can also submerge the bioballs to decrease the nitrate effect> It seems from your FAQs that many people use the Eheim canisters but not the wet-dries <Most of us don't care for the wet/dries made by Eheim> Are you familiar with Sealife Systems (they seem relatively pricey)? <Sorry...I'm not familiar with that brand. A wet/dry is simply a tub full of tank water. No need to spend a lot of money> My next question involves water filters- I live in a rural area and have a water well, i.e. my water is not municipally provided. Does well water typically present fewer or more problems in regards to quality? <I can't answer this question with generalities. Every rural well is different. No way to tell what's in the water unless you test it. For the above reason, well water is generally more problematic. If you had municipal water, you could get results of water tests from the water company that would tell you exactly what you're up against...> I have not had any testing done but, obviously, I would not have to worry about things like added chlorine. <Municipalities also filter out many other things that we don't want in our tanks...And to be quite honest...municipalities allow some things like nitrates and phosphates that we don't want...> Are there any sorts of elements that I should be particularly concerned about? <Well...this is not really an easy answer...nitrates, phosphates, silica, metals of all kinds, PH...that would be a good start. Are your pipes copper? Many of these tests could be run with simple water test equipment like we use for our fish tanks.> I guess there is always the (remote?)  possibility of ground water contamination. <I certainly hope that isn't the case!!> I am considering purchasing a reverse osmosis filter from Home Depot for about $200. I would like your thoughts on all of this in light of the fact that I will have a fish only tank but would really like to provide a good quality of water. <Dude. skip the RO. GO DI. RO leaves way too much waste water...An email that I responded to the other day stated that their RO filter took 10 gallons to produce one gallon of pure water!! As a comparison, DI has no waste water...Go DI> By the way, I would like a substrate to go on the bottom of my tank that is black in color. Is there anything available (that would also be pretty easy to keep clean with routine vacuuming)? <Keep the bed really thin like 1/2 inch or less and stay away from the volcanic stuff. The larger the grain the easier it will catch and hold detritus...but it will also be easier to vacuum> THANKS! (ya'll do a great job and provide a great service) <You're welcome! Come on back now...Ya hear! David Dowless>

Eheim Canister filter Hi WWMCrew, After reading through the faq's, I'm considering the purchase of a Eheim 2215 canister filter for chemical filtration (using Chemi-pure and poly-filters as media).  I'm a little confused though.  I have live rock for biological filtration, so I don't need the Eheim biological media.  What else do I put in the filter to pack it?   <Mechanical media like Grob and Fein Flocken... their Bio-Mech... in addition to the chemical media you list> Doesn't the filter need to be fully packed? <Mmm, "fully-packed"? The canister does not "need" to be completely filled, or have any given arrangement of types of media inserted in it> I can't just throw in a bag of Chemi-pure and a poly-filter and call it good can I? <Oh, yes... but best to place between (sandwich) two pieces of mechanical media (to keep most of the gunk off of the chemical media)> It I use poly-filters should I cut them into round disks to fit the Eheim? <Can do, or just fold and fit> Also, Eheim makes an activated carbon disk.  Their media is round and fills the entire diameter of the filter (7.3 inches), a bag of pure-pure isn't big enough to cover the entire diameter of the filter.  To me it seems like the Eheim media would be more efficient because there would be less pass through. <In actual practice, no big difference... for many years we (the service co.) would place two units of Chemipure, replace one intermittently> It doesn't seem like pure-pure in this situation would be much better than just placing it in a sump (the water is going to pass around the bag either way). <Better in the canister... with the sandwiching described above> My understanding of the Eheim 2200 series (aka classic series) is that there are no media baskets. There is one large chamber that you pack with media. <Correct> If my goal is to add pure-pure, would I be better off purchasing a filter with media baskets like a Fluval or Eheim Ecco? <My choice is the canister, the Ecco, and Fluval in that order> Thanks for your time and patience, Jeremy <Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Eheim 2028 filter Hi there, <Hello> I currently have a Fluval 404 filter and am thinking of changing it to an Eheim Pro II 2028 model. <A wise choice> My aquarium size is 6 foot x2  foot x 1.5 foot.  Would it be a better move to change the filter or is the Fluval one able to handle my tank size. <Don't know what you're intending to keep... you may need more or something different entirely than either of these canister filters, but of the choice between the two, I'd go with the Eheim (I have two of these models. More flow, quieter, longer-lasting products.> If you could reply back to me, then that would be most appreciated. Thanks! Janine Kennedy <Bob Fenner>

Eheim and skimmer selections I currently have a 55 gallon freshwater tank which I was going to convert to a FOWLR in a couple of months. <An exciting change> I want to buy a Eheim canister filter and use it for freshwater and then I'll use it when I convert to saltwater. I was deciding between the Eheim professional 2224 and the professional II 2026. The 2224 is rated for 185 gph and aquariums up to 66 gallons. The professional II is rated for 250 gph and for aquariums up to 92 gallon, plus it has the self priming button (which I don't know how hard it is to prime a regular canister). <I have used these fine filters (earlier models to the present) for decades... and can attest to the great value in the self-priming pump feature... you do want this> I can buy the 2224 for 65 dollars cheaper than the 2026, so its hard to decide which one I want to buy. I'm going to have a SeaClone skimmer rated for 150 gallons, at least 30 lbs of LR and about 50 pounds of aragonite/live sand when I do my saltwater. What do you think would be a better buy considering the price??? thanks Joe <I would definitely go with the larger unit in the Eheim, and do investigate skimmer choices before investing... there are much more suitable makes/models. We have MANY archived FAQs re skimmer selection on www.WetWebMedia.com Bob Fenner>

Canister Filters, a small island in the TEP Good morning Bob!! <Not quite awake yet...> I have 2 questions for you today!! First, I was wondering if you could suggest a good, QUIET, filter for my 40 gallon reef tank. Currently, I am running a Supreme Aqua King. Very noisy.  <Wow, didn't know that good old Eugene Danner's products were still about. Real water movement... but yes, noisy> It's rated at 350 gph. I was thinking about a canister type, but thought you could advise me. I think I would like to keep at least 350 gph, or better.  <More motion the better... and yes to over-rating... as they slow down when dirty...> I have been told that some magnetic drive filters claim to pump that much, but that the reality is much less when put under an actual load. <Yes... some much worse than others... Do invest in a good, actually the best make, Eheim here... you will be very happy with the engineering... whisper quiet, very dependable, low energy consumption/waste heat production... will last and last... and their "flocken" and Ehfi-mech filter media (one time purchase) as well. Link on the www.WetWebMedia.com Links Pages> Second, I an considering adding 3 fish to my tank. I already have 5 fish in there now, a Eiblii Angel, 2 false Percula clowns, a six line wrasse, and a lyre tail blenny. I was thinking of adding 3 Fiji Jewel Lyretail Anthias. Do you think that this might be too much for my system?? <Umm, this is the forty gallon right? It's already too fish-crowded...> I do a weekly 5 gallon water change, have a protein skimmer, and a UV sterilizer. Also, there are a few assorted mushrooms and corals in there. Thank you for your time, Bob!!! Pat Marren <Any chance of adding a larger system along with the new filtration? You need it... to keep up with your growing marine interest. Bob Fenner>

Canister filters <Lorenzo Gonzalez here, pretending to be Bob Fenner, who's in Asia at the moment> I first have to thank you guys for all of the great and up-to-date info you provide, as we all know that in this hobby the current methods are always changing. I have decided to go with a protein skimmer and live rock set up for my 72 gallon fish only set up, along with a sizable homemade sump with more live rock and Caulerpa.  <Sounds great so far.> My question regards carbon. I have an old Eheim 2213 (do you remember the output on these?) that I plan on using with Eheim media and one Chemi-pure run for just one week a month. Does that sound okay?  <Yes, it sounds like a decent idea.> Can I just use an Aquaclear hanging in my sump with just the carbon?  <Sure. I do that.> Also, would Ehfisynth filter wadding be a good addition, along with Grob and Ehfimech, or would this add to nitrate build-up? Does the one week a month sound good on the carbon? <If you think you'll have some rather messy fish, the additional bio-mech might not hurt. And a little nitrate in a FOWLR tank isn't the end of the world, as long as it doesn't spike. As for carbon, I just run it all the time, though that's really not necessary in most balanced setups. But my water is ALWAYS crystal clear, and springtime-fresh smelling! The thing with an Eheim bio-mech setup, in my experience, is to be careful to NEVER rinse out all the media at any one sitting. Keep some of the media 'seeded' to re-start the filter after your regular maintenance.> Thanks ahead of time... John <No problem. -Lorenzo>

Film on surface Hello, <Hey there> I have cycled my 80 gal tank for three months now and achieved no ammonia or nitrites, etc. <None perhaps detected... they were expediently converted, absorbed...> I added 6 Damsels last week and thus began feeding. I now notice a layer of what appears to be oil/film on the surface of the water. <Ah, good observation!> It also contains some debris, maybe from the fish/food... I have a Tunze protein skimmer and an Eheim canister filter. Is my skimmer working properly? <Likely yes. A very good unit, manufacturer.> Or do I need to get an Eheim surface skimmer? <Ah! Excellent choice.> What is this film & why are the debris not being sucked up by the equipment? <Products, by-products of chemical/physical activity in your (and all) system, and resultant from feedings, etc.... No real problem if kept to a minimum... with "scooping" water from the top (like with a pitcher), or skimming with a clean, unscented paper towel... or best with the proposed Eheim addition> I have been feeding some jarred zooplankton, could that be causing trouble? <To some degree, yes... likely a source of the oil you're so keenly espying. Be chatting. Bob Fenner> -Sarka

Set up questions Hello Robert, I have emailed you before and YES I am still in the setup process ;) I have been using your forums and for the most part I am very satisfied. <Hopefully worth the cost, time> I still want to run my setup by you just to be safe. I am setting up a marine aquarium with live sand and live rock. At first there will be no coral but I may consider it depending on how successful I am. The equipment that I have purchased is as follows: 1) 55 Gal rectangular tank made by Top Fin (Manufactured by Perfecto??) <Hmm, contact them: http://www.perfectomfg.com/, think this is a Hagen brand> 2) Ehiem 2026 Pro II Filter Media: (1) Ehfi Mech (2) Ehfi Substrat (1) Pad and Pillow set (1) 3 Pak carbon pads 3)Bak-Pak 2 protein Skimmer 4)Maxi-Jet Powerhead 1200 5) Looking into JBJ lighting. 4 (55w)=220W Two daylight and two blue. <Keep looking... these units have/had troubles...> Here are my questions: a) Which media should I use with the canister filter for my type of system? Everything it came with or just the carbon pad? Eheim's directions are not clear on this. <Likely to discount confusion... I would use all those listed... the Ehfimech on the bottom, the carbon above it between layers of "Fein"... replace/renew the carbon about once a month> b) I bought the Bak Pak2 and not the Bak Pak 2R? The Bak Pak2 comes with BioBale and is not intended for a reef system. Will the Bio Bale in the Bak Pak2 be beneficial or harmful for my type of system? <Beneficial for a few months... then I'd pull it. We can talk about this later when the information is more relevant> c) Is RO deionized water necessary? Can I just use my tap water? <Likely your tap is fine. Do you drink it? No worries. We use tap with our systems> d) Is there any additional equipment that I should consider purchasing? <At this point? Test kits? Cleaning gear? I'd just "jump in" at this juncture. Bob Fenner> Thanks again -RK

Filters Thank you in advance again. I have Fluval 304 that is definitely dying I can replace from the store it was purchased at for the same or credit. My question is should I go with the same and I was thinking of getting a 104 for dedicated bio filtration or one of the Eheim's that are hard to find in my area unless I mail order it. Do not know much about them and can they be used the way the Fluval are with the carbon and so on. It is for a 50 gal pent with two tangs and two dwarf angels, two 402 power heads, Prizm skimmer and 50 or so pounds of rock. The Eheim is a vastly superior product of about the same application. It can be packed with their/others media... I would mail-order this instead of the replacement Fluval. My further input on canister filters is posted here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marcanistfltfaqs.htm Bob Fenner>

Eheim for a reef tank? Hi, Welcome back and hope you don't mind two questions in one day! We corresponded a while back when I was gathering up gear for my first reef and I decided on an Eheim in addition to LR, and CPR skimmer in my sump-less 46 gallon. It provides great circulation, but as I'm learning more, I'm getting confused since many people seem to advise against canister filters on the grounds that they could filter out helpful tiny critters.  <A valid concern... depending on size, flow rate, what the canister is packed with... for how large, system's occupants...> I could always remove some of the pads and just use the beads and substrate.  <Ah yes> A side question is whether to turn off filters in a small tank like mine while feeding. If I were to run the Eheim intermittently is there a risk of poisoning the system with results of anaerobic metabolism/ how long does that take? Double thanks!! <Good questions. A timer to cycle off mechanical filters during feeding is often a good idea (don't rely on your, my memory... where was I? Oh... takes about an hour or two for most canister situations to begin to have/cause trouble. Hence the advice to lower water level in them (replacing with air) during transit, long shut down periods. Bob Fenner>

Skimmer for surface of water Hi Bob can you send me the web site again for the company that supplies the type of skimmers that clean the surface of your water. <This is on Eheim's site. You can find it on the WetWebMedia.com Links Pages if not via your search engines. Bob Fenner> Thanks

Filtration questions Thank you for the quick response to my question.  <Very welcome, my friend.> I asked about replacing my current filter with a magnum 350. This is for my 29 gallon FOWLR (10 lbs live rock, 25 lbs base rock, plan on getting more live rock in the future). After your suggestion I have done some research into Eheim filters and now am considering purchasing one of those.  <they are well made and long lived. I just wish they had stronger flow> The two I am between are the 2213 with a 116 gph flow and it says it is good for between a 30-70 gallon aquarium, and the 2215 with a 164 gph flow rate and it states is good for up to a 93 gallon aquarium. Which one would you use and would these products be better for my system than the magnum? <I'd choose the bigger Eheim, for sure. Compared to the Magnum, they serve different purposes. I find the Eheim better for biological filtration and lower maintenance. I like the Magnum better for quick filtration and chemical media. Given to choose though, I'd still take the Eheim. Kindly, Anthony>

One last quick question about filtration Sorry to bother you again but I have one last question. I emailed you concerning the Eheim filter for my 29 gallon. You mentioned that you wished the Eheim filters had stronger flow. I was planning on getting a 2215, but now I think I might get a 2217, with the 265 gph flow compared to the 164 gph for the 2215. Would this would be better? <Bigger is almost always better.> Thanks a lot. You guys are awesome! <This part is in general and does not specifically apply to just you. I just wanted to add it for those who read the daily FAQ page. If you have a follow up question, it is best to "Reply" so that we can see the original correspondence, too. We receive and answer a ton of email and cannot keep everyone straight. -Steven Pro>

Choose My Eheim Hi Bob. <<Bob's not here, Man. JasonC is, filling in while he's away diving.>> Just a question about Eheim, 2228 or 2229 wet dry, which is better? <<Hmm, I think Bob is more partial to the non-wet/dry Eheim's so I'd say he'd pick the 2228 [non wet/dry]>> Does the 2228 outweigh the 2229 wet dry since its flow rate is 750 liters per hour compared to the 550 liters the 2229 does? <<perhaps also a better design.>> I'm confused with which one to buy. Thanks Rob. <<If you must use a canister filter, then Eheim is the one. If the 2228/9 are in your price range, then buy the 2228. Cheers, J -- >>

Nitrate/Eheim Questions Hi, hope you're all well...I'd like to clarify something I'm unclear on even after pouring over the FAQ's on nitrates/denitrification. I recently pulled the Media Ehfisubstrat &Ehfimech) from the Eheim canister in my 46 reef. the reason would be too tedious to go into; it started with comments from Eric B. on another BB re: a xenia crash and many Q&A's with you guys). <I do remember vaguely.> I don't know if it's causal or coincidental, but it seems like my nitrates are higher since then (10-20 with crude dipstick tests-I'm about to order a Salifert kit). Do these two media support enough anaerobic bacteria to help with denitrification, <No, would be strictly aerobic bacteria in a canister filter.><<Mmm, depends on media... flow rate... RMF>> and if so, would one or the other of them be better? The directions are unclear on the function of the mech-they say something about ensuring an even flow of h2o thru the filter. My other parameters are all right on and the nitrates used to be zero also. The tank is running for six months with a low fish load <It probably just took this long to accumulate the nitrates.> two cardinals and two Banggais; also 4LPS and several softies, 2 shrimp, assorted hermits and snails. All seem fine except the bubble isn't inflated as often/fully as it used to be and is a dirty brown color instead of pure white (I feed it shrimp regularly). <The change in color is probably a good thing. Poor white indicates a lack of symbiotic algae/zooxanthellae. Many LPS pan and expand a lot when under lit. Many folks confuse this over inflated tissue with growth. The feeding probably sustained it until its zooxanthellae could recover.> I have a borderline substrate: a scant 3" in some places and 3 1/2 in others--hard to tell because a huge proportion of the floor is covered with 70# LR. Am I right to assume that adding depth to the small part of the floor that's accessible would only help a little? <Yes, of minor help. Better to have a uniform depth of 4-6".> I'm doing 10% h20 changes about 2-3x/month since the nitrates rose; was a little lax till then, I confess. <Again, probably why you are now beginning to seen increases in nitrates.> I have no sump and no room/desire for one since I have no built-in overflow. There is one large (5-6") clump of Halimeda which I could trim less; it would fill the tank if I let it! <A overall good indicator of proper calcium and alkalinity levels. In this case, also a sign of higher nutrients.> I'm feed frozen Mysis once/day, pretty moderately, I think. I'd appreciate your ideas on whether to replace the Eheim media, and whether to stick with the original set-up, i.e. one basket each of the mech and the substrate, use Siporax instead, just substrate, etc? <I would go with things as they are now. Increase the sand if possible, make sure you are getting good skimmate, and things should come back into line.> Thanks for all your help; I'd never have gotten into this hobby/survived without it! <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Eheim 2213 can I use an Eheim 2213 to filter a marine tank. I own one and it is the ultimate fresh water filter, I would think it would be just as good at filtering saltwater, I am converting my 55 gallon and I have in tank canister and Eheim canister. there is more than enough water turnover, or is my Eheim useless. <not useless at all... a very fine filter that can indeed be used as your primary in a marine system...but not the only filter. Some live rock and/or a secondary mechanical filter will be necessary and give you great peace of mind with your investment in the magically beautiful marine animals. My very strong advice is to add as much live rock as you can afford. It is so efficient as a source of filtration that in some cases it can actually outperform and replace your Eheim. Still keep the Eheim for carbon and gross filtration> thanks Sam <best regards, Anthony>

Eheim Maintenance Hi, Regarding the Eheim Pro II filter model 2028. Many of the marine equipment vendor sites claim that you only have to clean this filter every 3 to 4 months. <Mmm, this can be so... I have two of these units on freshwater systems... and rarely open them> I was under the impression reading your site and others that the filter pads for mechanical filtration should be cleaned much more frequently (perhaps weekly). Is the Eheim really an exception to this advice?? <Not really an exception. Depending on the "job" you intend, have these canister filters set up to do... your particular needs/arrangements of feeding, foods, other filtration... they may only need to be cleaned very intermittently. The best practical advice is to try them and open them up, see if matter is accumulating on the media (on mine it does not much at all)> Would you recommend 2 Eheims, one for mechanical filtration and one for biological filtration( perhaps a wet/ dry model) in a 100 gallon discus tank? <I do recommend two... but would set them up the same (per the excellent media provided and) their packing instructions> My thinking is that the mechanical filter can be cleaned more frequently, and the filter used for bio filtration can be cleaned less frequently as per your sites suggestions. <As stated, I believe you will find as I have that these are so well designed and made that there is very little accumulation of matter on the mechanical media. I would work into a schedule in concert with your regular water changes, of opening one every other week for a while (to access how "dirty" the first media is) and the following interval the other one. Bob Fenner, who really likes these units> Thanks, Bill

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