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FAQs about Commercial & Custom Tanks for Marine Systems By Manufacturer/Brand: Mega Flow

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So-called "Reef-ready" aquariums 7/30/05 I was just introduced to the term "reef-ready" by Jeff at LifeReef.   <The term is laughable to many experienced aquarists. I find these aquariums tend to be minimalist yet overpriced. Normally have inadequate water flow capabilities too. Check our WWM archives and those of big message boards like Reef Central for the term/phrase. You will read more details for concerns about such displays> I understand it is basically corner overflows inside the tank. <Yep> Jeff suggested this set-up was fairly industry standard for advanced, professional set-ups.   <I respectfully disagree. And I have nothing to sell you by the way. Even my books are so low profit as to be no significant motivation. Heehee... unless I really needed a dollar badly <G>>> I find no mention of reef-ready tanks in Robert's book, The Conscientious Marine Aquarist.  Why not?   <Check the copyright my friend... things change in time and books pay poorly yet are expensive to produce ;)> I found some references to reef ready aquariums at   http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2003-01/gt/index.htm  , which also suggested this was an excellent set-up.   <OK> Please comment on whether or not I should be specifying, "reef-ready" when I purchase a 220 gallon cold (50-55 degree) saltwater tank for installation at the Pioneer's Home in Sitka, Alaska. <Just check the math yourself my friend... a 1" bulkhead can handle 300 gph quietly, 600 gph noisily (unless modified ala Durso or Mega). So... for a 220 gallon aquarium that needs conservatively 10-20X turnover of flow (most reefers do much more than this). 4000pgh adds up to a whole lot of 1" bulkheads which none of the so-called "reef-ready" tanks have. So, that leaves us with a small pump running a weak (and quiet - that's good) loop of around a 1000 gph through 2-3 standard drain holes in a sump loop. You can do this... but at least need to drill one larger hole for a 2" bulkhead, for example, to tap a pump into the display proper for a closed loop to do the bulk of the water movement needed in this tank. That's presuming that you are willing to return the water from the 2" line fed CL pump over the top of the aquarium as in a perimeter manifold (see the thread on CL perimeter manifolds stickied at the top of my forum at reefcentral.com for a long list of threads on this topic).> All specimens will be from local waters and the rock will be as alive as it can be.   <wow... fascinating. Truly so :)> Thanks, Kris Calvin <You do know that it is illegal to collect the cnidarians, yes? Above all... obey the fishing license regulations. Best of luck, Anthony>  

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