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FAQs about the Giant Damsels, genus Microspathodon

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A Microspathodon dorsalis juvenile 

Microspathodon chrysurus, sys.  10/25/07 Howdy crew, <Hello Tony, Scott V here. > I have a 75 gallon tank with about 90 lbs live rock and a 75 gallon sump with a refugium in it. <Nice big sump and refugium!> Currently the only occupants of the tank are a 2" yellow tang and a cleaner shrimp. I was planning on adding a dwarf angel (not sure which one yet) at some point. I wanted to ask you if the jewel damsels (Microspathodon chrysurus) can be kept in groups of 3 or 4 and whether or not these fish would interfere with the tang and/or dwarf angel? <Definitely would not keep more than one of these damsels in your tank. They get fairly large and territorial. Even one could preclude you from getting many other fish, including many of the dwarf angels. You could read through the FAQ's http://www.wetwebmedia.com/microspathodonfaqs.htm . > If not, do you think the 75 is big enough to house all these fish? < Your tank is a little on the small side for the tang long term, they do require a lot of swimming space. > The only coral currently in the tank is some pulsating xenia but we plan to add more in the future. I appreciate your help your website is awesome. Thank you, Tony <Xenia are fun to watch, aren't they? Thank you Tony, Scott V. >

Microspathodon dev.   3/21/07 Help Please, <Okay> I have a 90 gallon FOWLR tank, with a Eheim filter, a red sea prism skimmer, <Company names and their products are proper nouns, capitalized> one 1200 and one 400 powerheads , a blue green Chromis, a blue devil damsel, <These are social species, should be kept in schools> and one jewel damsel. <Not this one> My water is excellent, with 10% water changes each week. Two days ago, I noticed my jewel damsel started losing the color in half of its body from its head backwards, and seems to be swimming in the stream of the 1200 powerheads, none of the other fish shows signs of disease. It is still eating and moving around. I have ruled out Ick, with no visible spots on the fins or tail, Im stumped. <I'm... note the use of the apostrophe, not... Please see WWM re this species: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/microspathodon.htm and the linked files above. Natural color/pattern change. Bob Fenner>

Atlantic Jewel (damsel) and water temperature. Very nice web site.  I'll return often, I'm sure. <Appreciate your company> I have a 58 gallon tank with 40 lbs live rock, several snails, hermits, shrimp, a pick tipped anemone, large feather duster and a coral. The tank has been set up for about 6 months now.  I change 4 - 5 gal every two weeks. Live stock: 5 Blue-Green Chromis 1 Blue Damsel 1 Domino Damsel 1 Clown fish 1 bi color Dottyback 1 yellow tang 1 coral beauty dwarf angel and just added an Atlantic Jewel Damsel. My local fish dealer didn't say anything about water temp, but your web site suggests that the Atlantic Jewel likes 'cooler' water. My tank varies daily between 78.3, before lights come on, up to 79.4 during the evening.  Is this going to be a problem for the Atlantic Jewel? Thank you for your time. Joe Ellis <Not a problem... this is well within tolerable range, variation. Bob Fenner>

Jewel damsel I recently purchased a Jewel Damsel.  Upon doing more research on the animal, however, I have discovered that there are actually two different types of Jewel Damsels, with species names  Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus and Microspathodon chrysurus (Atlantic Jewel Damsel).  After reading your article I understand that the latter gets quite large.  I do not want this for my tank.  I've looked at pics for both, and I cannot seem to tell them apart (at least when they are juveniles).  Can you give me any help here. Many Thanks, A <Mmm, they're both pictured and described on WetWebMedia.com and fishbase.org... As juveniles M. chrysurus is much more brightly colored and it is by far more common in the hobby than the Pacific damsel. Bob Fenner>

Re: jewel damsel Thanks Bob.  I've come to the conclusion that it is Microspathodon chrysurus.  I have netted it and hope to bring it back to the fish store. It was quite the terror. <Yikes... this species can be VERY territorial.>    Netting it was a whole adventure in and of itself.....suffice it to say that it took a krill soaked in garlic supplement and a very large net. _A <Yum, now I'm getting a tasty chemical memory. Hope that's not a large net I see in the kitchen! Bob Fenner>

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