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FAQs about Corallimorph Identification 3

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Coral I.D.... Lemnalia and Discosoma neglecta <Greetings random aquarist, Mich here.> I searched for about an hour on various sites and could not come up with any conclusive answers. I was hoping someone there would be kind enough to identify the coral on the left side of this pic I attached and the mushroom on the right. These two pieces were given to me by a friend but he did not know what they are for sure. He said the one was a colt coral. <The coral on the left does not look like a Cladiella to me. I suspect a Lemnalia or possibly a Sinularia, if it is either and it starts to look like it's on it's way out you will want to remove promptly from the tank as both can be toxic to tankmates. The mushroom is a Discosoma, looks more like a neglecta to me but could be a carlgreni.> Regardless of what they are...they are looking quite healthy and happy in my Nano tank. <Glad to hear.> I was just really itching to know exactly what type of species they are. I would like to tell others who ask me about them correct information. <Hope this helps. Mich>

Also dyed Sinularia at that.

Mushrooms ID 10/27/07 Hi there and thanks in advance for your assistance. Could you please ID this colony of mushrooms? <The best I can do is tell you that they look like what the hobby calls "hairy mushrooms" (often from the Rhodactis genus).> They vary in size but some are much larger than the others and there are between 8-10 maybe 12 on this piece of LR. Any help appreciated. <Be prepared, some hairy mushrooms can get quite large (up to a foot across).> Regards K.
Sara M.>

Coral Identification 10/14/07 Hi crew....Anthony, Bob, Steve... how is going... <Going well, Carlos, James with you today.> I attached a picture of a recently purchased coral or coralymorph, <Corallimorph> so can you help me to identify it?? <Looks like Ricordea Florida. Go here for more info. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/corallim.htm> Thank you very much. Carlos

Mushroom ID + Abalone?  10/11/07 Hey WWM Crew, I recently purchased what was labeled as an Atlantic/Atlantis mushroom (I say with a 'c', girlfriend is sure it said 's') <Mmm, the former... there are Corallimorpharians from the TWA, not so sure there is an Atlantis> from a local fish store, and have since not found anything close to the look or name of it online. The only thing I found with a name close was on your FAQ here - http://www.wetwebmedia.com/twainv8.htm . Mine doesn't seem to look like this, so I'm a bit lost, any ideas? <See Paul Humann's "Reef Creatures" guide... or the Net... is this Ricordea florida?> Also, we are running a FOWLR setup, and the addition of a valentini puffer has seriously hampered the productivity of my clean-up crew of a couple Mexican Turbos, killing one and leaving the other moving slowly and only at night. <Mmm, yes... Tobies/Canthigasterines will pick these to death...> It was recommended to get some Astrea snails, being more nocturnal to clean while the puffer is asleep, and generally being less exposed. The ones we have now are making their rounds, but very little progress is being made on an increasing algae problem. Someone at the fish store pointed out an abalone, saying they are as well more nocturnal. <Mmm, no... a poor choice... most offered aren't even tropical species...> Would this be an option? I would hate to have it suffer the same harassment my mex Turbos were subject to. Thank you! -Ryan <I'd keep reading. On WWM... re these species, their compatibility, algae control... Bob Fenner>

Mushroom ID + Abalone? PICTURE  10/11/07 Sorry, I can't keep track of myself today... here is the pic for the ID. Thanks again. -Ryan <What the? Is a 'Shroom, but not from the Atlantic/s... Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/corallim.htm and the linked files above. B>

LR hitchhiker ID... Pseudocorynactis sp. -- 07/23/07 Hi! <Hello again to the (fermented?) Jedi Master! Mich here.> Can't seem to find an id for this guy. It looks like an anemone, with a white center, pink around the center, translucent tentacles, and white tips. Please help! <The force is with you small green wise one! You have a Pseudocorynactis sp., likely an orange ball Corallimorph (Pseudocorynactis caribbeorum). They are generally nocturnal (like me) and not much is known about their care requirements. But they are quite pretty and I have been fortunate enough to have several survive in my tanks for a number of years. I wish you the same!> Thank you very much!
<You are quite welcome! Mich>


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