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/A Diversity of Aquatic Life

 Damselfishes of the Genus  Neopomacentrus

By Bob Fenner

 Neopomacentrus miryae

Neopomacentrus cyanomos Crescent or Regal Demoseille. Oblong, dark brown body with blue dots on scales. Bright yellow margins on trailing edges of unpaired fins. To 10 cm. Red Sea and I.O. Mauritius 2016

Neopomacentrus miryae Dor & Allen 1977, Miry's Damselfish. Upper Red Sea endemic. To 11. cm. overall length. Sharm el Sheikh photo.

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Neopomacentrus nemurus (Bleeker 1847); Coral Demoseille. Oviparous; pairs form, lay, fertilize adhesive eggs. Bali 2014
Neopomacentrus violascens (Bleeker 1848), the Violet Demoiselle. To 7.5 cm. Western Pacific.  http://fishbase.sinica.edu.tw/Country/


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