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FAQs about OceanRunner Pumps for Circulation 

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Eductors on non pressure rated pump return? 9/14/08 Hi Crew! Thanks for all you folks do! <Hi there John, thank you!> I have read a little about flow accelerators / eductors, but am having a hard time assessing their value on non-pressure rated pumps. <Basically the same value as pressure rated pumps from an aquarium point of view. The short run of restriction on these does not necessitate the use of a pressure rated pump.> Background: I refinished an older 75G flat back hex DAS tank which I drilled for two 1.5 inch bulkheads (I took out the lame corner box). The two drain lines run to a 30 gallon sump . One runs straight to the skimmer chamber, while the other passes the refugium and drops water, via a teed ¾ ball valve, into the refugium before continuing on to the skimmer. Pic previously posted here (http://www.wetwebmedia.com/SystemPIX/aquarium_cabinet_and_sump_rear_removed.jpg). <Nice setup.> My return is an Oceanrunner 6500 marketed at 1625 gph. However, with 4 vertical feet, two 45 degree elbows, a unioned ball valve, a tee reducing the 1 inch return line to two ¾ inch lines and 90s on each of these ¾ inch lines I am probably getting 1000 or less. <Likely, a fair estimation.> I have a couple of Koralia Nanos for corner flow and a Maxijet driving a UV and a Phosban reactor. I could use more flow. <Possibly dependant on what you keep. What is listed is a fair bit of flow.> While I understand the basic concept of eductors, I don't know whether there would be any benefit in a non-pressure rated set up like mine. Do you think there would be any value to me adding eductors at the end of the return lines with the pressure I am getting from the OR? <May be worth a try if you wish. These really just exchange one type of flow to another; a flow with high velocity for a flow with high volume.> Would changing anything on my plumbing make this feasible? <Your plumbing sounds fine.> Thanks in advance! John / Fishnu <Welcome, Scott V.>

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