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FAQs about the Polynesian Islands

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Diving, Polynesia    2-4-08 Bob, <Andy> By the way, I frequently read about your diving exploits. Just curious-- have you ever dived the Tahitian Islands (particularly, Rangiroa)? <Not there, but a few other places... Bora Bora, Moorea (of course) and some of the Marquesas...> I spent my honeymoon there--what a wonderful, incredible dive site (that I hope remains undiscovered)! I have not had the good fortune of diving the Indo/Far East, but Rangiroa (and the outer reefs of Bora Bora) certainly beats any place I have ever been as far as water clarity and amount and diversity of life. Andy <Ahh, I wish we were together diving there right now. Am out in Hawai'i, on the Big Island... and the weather is a bit rough right now. May still brave it this afternoon for a dive. Cheers, BobF>

Re: Diving dest.    2-4-08 Ah, you are a lucky man. Unfortunately and very sadly, I had both of my ear drums replaced a few years ago and my diving days are over. <Your external eardrums? The externas? I might look into prevailing technology, consider "practicing", going slow... or at least surface snorkeling!> Rangiroa is a very isolated island but only a short trip from Tahiti. It has only 2 resorts, both are the Kia Ora and both are a bargain/exceptional value compared to other Tahitian resorts/islands. <I hope... most of Polynesia is pricey> The on-site dive operation was exceptional. The atoll has the second largest lagoon in the world and, at only 3 feet above sea level, absolutely no runoff to muddy the water--unlimited visibility. The drift dive from the ocean to the lagoon was stunning. Most dives in Tahiti are relatively shallow (65 feet), so lots of bottom time. Manta rays, Humphead Wrasses, tons of LARGE lemon, grey and Blacktip reef sharks (I counted 26 within 100 foot radius on one of our dives!), dolphins, clowns in anemones, you name it. If I could retire some place . . .. <Why not!? BobF> Tympanoplasty in connection with bi-lateral cholesteatomas. My surgeon at Johns Hopkins told me that my diving, but not my snorkeling, days are over. Take care! <Rats! I do hope/trust you suffer no pain in equalizing during plane flights et al. Cheers, BobF>

Corr.s to Polynesia Island...  9/22/05 Ia ora na Bob, <Greetings my friend> With all due respect, Re WetWebMedia.Com: Coris marquesensis, Coris hewitti & Lutjanus fulvus pics (Wrasses of the genus Coris & Snappers, family Lutjanidae articles), the island in the Marquesas referred to in the pictures is Nuku Hiva, not Nuka Hiva or Huka Niva. I only know because I lived in the area for 20 years; <Ahh!> You're a busy man so is it worth pointing out? I don't know but now it's done. <Thank you for this. Will correct... Bob Fenner> Best regards, Patrick E. Corsi International Sales Manager Aquatic Tranship France

Re: TAHITI FLIGHT? <Hey Marty! Di is going to call you later this day. Be seeing you, Bob> ---------- Original Message ---------------------------------- From: "Marty Beals" <Tideline@worldnet.att.net> Date:  Fri, 4 Jul 2003 13:25:37 -0700 Dear Bob,      I called and I believe it was Peter (?) who answered and said you guys were already at LAX.  I tried Diana's cell, but you may already have boarded.  Anyway, hopefully you'll be able to pick this message up during a pit stop.      When we last talked re Air France etc., it was left that if I didn't hear from you that things would not be changed, at least re my area of organization.  Elyse called and on Thursday saying that she wasn't clear as to what you wanted to do as Air France was getting booked (would certainly be full by the time you got back from Indo) and the booking that we have for you on Air Tahiti needs a $400 deposit (non-refundable) now in order to keep the space!        You can see the dilemma - if you book Air France then deposit is gone on Air Tahiti - if you haven't and we don't make deposit - you may not get there period!  So, if you get this - please email ASAP as to what you want, plan or have done?  If I don't hear from you I'm going to assume that things are as originally booked and I will make the deposit for the two of you myself.  Remember, it's only a seven (7) hour flight - so the difference in air service etc. shouldn't be that big of a deal - as far as air-miles - if that's a factor, don't know what to say!      Shouldn't be that big of a deal one way or another.  You guys have a great trip and we'll hear all about it upon your return, I'm sure.  Be safe.     Regards,     Marty Marty Beals Tideline tideline@worldnet.att.net 310 641-9106

MARQUESAS TRIP Dear Bob,      Hope you had a good trip over in Hawaii.  Our fifth guy (the one I've been waiting word on) finally contacted me and can't make it.  So, there is a nucleus of four (4) shell collectors and yourself. <Yikes. Talk about being the odd-man out! Who am I going to talk with?> I may have one other fellow - Chris Meyer -  but that's only a maybe and I'll find out this coming Tuesday.  You had mentioned that you had two photographer friends that might be interested.  Let me know if you're on for sure and also re your friends? <Am still in myself. Will contact others re the poss.>   The dates (all things going as planned) will be from Saturday October 25 (arrive Tahiti - depart Nuku Hiva early Sunday the 26th) to Sunday November 9 (arrive LAX).      I haven't contacted our travel agent yet, as I want to confirm dates one more time with Xavier over in Nuku Hiva.  Let me hear from you ASAP so I can confirm the final number of people with Xavier - also flights and accommodations etc.      Bob, feel free to give me a call as I should be in for the duration - at least through next week.  I can give you some more specifics etc.  Hope to hear from you shortly.     Regards,     Marty <Will do so mate. Is there a web-site, someone to contact re costs et al.? Bob F> Marty Beals Tideline tideline@worldnet.att.net

Re: MARQUESAS TRIP Dear Bob,      Try and find out ASAP re your two friends as I do want to confirm the number in our group for diving, accommodations, etc.  I can't really say what the total cost will be as it depends on what the flights run, and current accommodation rates etc. <Okay... will put a rush on>   I know that in 2000 when six of us went, it ran somewhere between $3500 & 4000. <This is about what I figured>   Diving is charged per/dive which was $50 on our last visit.  Accommodations can be quite high in FP, but the place we stay in Nuku Hiva is very reasonable w/ light breakfast and dinner (your on your own for lunch), it ran around $35 per/ two to a bungalow, or if you want your own around $10-15 more per/day.  Bob, this is what I recall from two years ago, so just an estimate.  I might add, though very reasonable (actually incredibly cheap), the accommodations are still nice, food is great and the owners are very accommodating. <Good to hear>      The travel agent I've used for my two visits down there and also for my Tuamotu trip is - A Time To Travel.  They are located down your way and have been quite good.  In the past I've had all the tickets booked at one time, though if you prefer you can make your own reservations. <Probably better/best if you do en toto Marty> There aren't a whole lot of options re different flights, so it makes more sense to arrange the flights all together.  I'm not the tour guide, so we're given the best prices (in other words just because I'm doing some of the arranging, I'm not getting any kick-backs such as a discounted flight etc.)  In other words, we're all in this together and equally.  Get back to me ASAP so I can get on flights etc.     Regards,     Marty <Do count on at least TWO in our group, Diana and I. Coming to L.A. w/ Anthony Calfo and our latest book in a couple of weeks and will drop by to say hi. Bob Fenner> Marty Beals

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