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FAQs about Sea Mats, Star Polyp Feeding

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Star Polyps, fdg...  & Others... reef maint.  -01/05/08 Hello, Everyone here has always been great help to me. I've got a couple of questions. One is with my star polyp. I've had it for about 4 months and in the last 3 weeks, the tentacles are not popping out at long as they normally would. They normally look like a flowing carpet of strands but now its about half that at best where I can see the purplish part of its body. All the parameters look good. 37 gallon reef tank established for a year with a clown, royal Gramma, yellow goby, neon goby, Firefish, yellow tail damsel, snake polyp, 4 small/medium frogspawn, colt coral and some mushrooms. There are also a couple of snails and about 6 blue leg hermits, tiger sea cucumber. 25lbs of live rock with 3" DSB. Eheim Ecco filter, SeaClone Protein Skimmer , 190watts of Compact Flo....half 10k, half actinic, temp....82 degrees F, ammonia=0, nitrite=0, nitrate=6, ph 8.4, salinity 1.025 with 15% water changes (RO water changes for the past couple of weeks). I also include about a caps worth (5ml) of marine snow <a pretty much useless product (IMO)> and phytoplankton a week for added consumption. <Ok, but these corals don't eat phytoplankton...> The star polyp is about 4-5 inches from the top of tank where the lights are and its an area of medium flow. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. <It sounds like the coral is adjusting to it's new habitat (perhaps a less than ideal one). I would suggest putting more water flow over it.> One last question. Is it possible I may have a mantis shrimp in my tank? <It's possible, but this wouldn't explain anything you are describing.> While I've not seen anything, or heard any popping noises, I've had a couple of my hermit crabs die in the past 3 months where I've seen their dead bodies for a day then disappeared (possibly getting picked up from filtration), <Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/hermitdisfaqs.htm> but I did also had a medium size sand-sifting star that was fine for about 7months, then last month had a part of one leg missing and 3 days later had all of them missing where just the middle part of the body was present. <These stars are pretty much doomed the moment they are collected. Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/sndsftstrfaqs.htm> later that was missing. Is it possible any of the current inhabitants could have done this? <I don't think so.> My tiger tail sea cucumber has never been attacked in the 11months I've had him, and I would think he would have been a meal for a mantis shrimp if one was present. Also I introduced another clown fish last week from a smaller tank of mine and after 6 days he went missing in a 3 hour period that I was gone at the store. While I have not completely done a thorough search behind the tank, there aren't too many hiding places in the LR and didn't see him initially behind or around outside the tank. <Hmm... my guess is that he jumped and you just haven't found the body (unfortunately).> He was completely healthy and swimming about last time I saw him? What do you think? <See above. I could be wrong, but this would be my guess. Sorry to say... has happened to me a couple times too. :-(> Thank you always for your assistance. Frank X Meadors <De nada, Sara M.>

Pink Star Polyp (Pachyclavularia sp.) 7/10/07 Dear Crew, A few days ago I purchased a pink star-polyp coral from my local fish store. About two days after acclimating it to my tank half of the polyps were extended, but I noticed that there was a film that seemed to come from mucous secretions of the coral. I thought this might impair the coral's feeding so I removed it by holding the coral directly under a powerhead. The polyps naturally retracted back and now only a few have come back out, but the film seems to have come back as well. I'd like your opinion on whether I should worry with this. Also, I have the coral placed in an area of relatively high flow (not directly under a powerhead, but close). Is this suitable for the coral? I plan to feed the coral DT's phytoplankton. Will this food be enough or should I supplement with something else? <No need worrying about the mucus, quite normal with a change in water parameters. As to water flow, they like a moderate flow and as for feeding, they are photosynthetic and no feeding is actually required, although the DT's may increase the growth rate of the polyps.> Thank you! Your reply will be truly appreciated. <You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Sun Polyps Hello there,<Hello James> thank you for having such an informative site and taking time to help others, your a real asset to this hobby. I have a question about Sun Polyps. I have to Sun Polyps in my 20gl reef tank, but lately I have noticed that it seems that the color on the base of the polyps is sort of fading/dying to a brownish, gray color. Is this a sign that the coral is starting to die off? I feed them DT'S LIVE PLANKTON twice a week, and also CYCLOP EEZE at night when the polyps are extended, do these need special care? Thanks for your time, James <James, here is link that will broaden your knowledge on polyps.  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/clavulariids.htm  James (Salty Dog)> Feeding polyps, anemones, and clams Hello, I just purchased 70 pounds of beautiful live Fiji rock. I placed it in my uncycled aquarium to help it cycle. One rock is covered in green polyps with orange centers, a vast number of them have turned white but there is a few that have opened up. Will there be some die off then will they grow back? << Sounds like both.  If they are turning white, I'm assuming they are bleaching.  Although polyps don't lose all their color when they bleach.  Anyway, with proper conditions they will of course grow back and continue to spread. >> Also I have what looks like some sort of anemone. Its about 2 inches wide, white with neon green tips, do you have any idea what kind this could be? << No, lots of anemones out there.  I'll say some sort of flower anemone. >> I will have a digital camera within the week so I'll sends some pictures. I have a few oysters or clams on the rock to what do I feed them? << Lots of phytoplankton. >> They open and close and spit of stuff so I know there alive. thanks a lot <<  Blundell  >>

Green button polyps 12/4/03 hello, I have read many of the articles on the green button polyps but I am not sure that my question has been answered.   <good heaven's... I did not know that there was even one article on green button corals <G>> I have a rock of about 25 that I put in my tank about 1 month ago.  My water parameters are good.   <good... As in...?> I have 220 watts power compacts on my tank.  I have the polyps about half way down in the tank.  My polyps look like they are light blue. they have faded and are curled up at the ends.  some look ok. but others not so good..  I don't know if they are not getting enough light.   <I wish I could help/comment... but all I know is that they are half way down in a tank of undescribed height/size... sitting in water of undefined parameters <G>. Heehee... through me a bone here please> I recently have been adding 3 Kent products.   <that's OK... we all make mistakes> the calcium, iodide and the other is a two part name in a green bottle, can't recall it.   Any ideas... <yes... be more specific> I have not been feeding them.  After reading your articles I will start.   <very good... once or twice weekly will be enough here> the guy at the local fish store said they didn't need additional feeding... <he was mistaken... almost all corals need to be fed. There are very very few that are wholly autotrophic> Thanks, Reese Webber <regards, Anthony>

Star Polyps Hello Bob, I have read a great deal, and asked many people about the feeding habits of star polyps. I keep hearing that star polyps do not eat, but are photosynthetic. <I do suspect/advocate that these are "nanoplanktivores"...> My star polyps reproduced ( in some manner) and the young took up residence in many areas, including some dark areas of the tank. If they require light, why would they not attach in light areas?  <More "luck of the draw" here... Likely other chemical cues at play in "deciding" (as in nothing is decided till it's done) where these recruits settled> Also it appears to me as if their tentacles have ridges on them. <Keen observation> What would be the purpose of this if not for catching food. If you tell me they do not eat plankton etc...I will be satisfied and move on. Thanks, Steve Collins <Trust only your own reasoning... they are at least detritivores... Bob Fenner>

Barely Hanging On, Please Help!...Brown Button Polyps Hello everyone, I need you all right now to cure my poor Brown Button Polyps (Zoanthus sociatus), pleeeeeeease!!!! As I told you last time, I have been feeding them red worms, not even aware of the fresh water that I was 'injecting' into their gullets. They haven't looked good for about 2 week now, and for three days they have been totally closed! I did another water change, only 1 week after I did a large change of 20 gallons (in my 55 gallon). This time I did a 15 gallon change and still, the polyps look bad. Please tell me what I can do to save them. <I remember your previous email and Anthony's response and at this point there is nothing you can do but wait. Polyps are pretty tough and if they are still alive at this point you have a good shot at them pulling through. I would just try to be patient.> I've had so many problems losing all my plant life, then fish, and now the polyps? Ahhhhhh. I am starting to think something is in my water. I'm not trying to cop out and not take responsibility, but I just can't see why a few off numbers, (saline too low, water too acid) and then feeding worms can wreak so much havoc! <Inverts are very sensitive to low salinity and pH. A little low for either is very bad.> I do have my banded shrimp and 2 camel shrimp still alive. Plus all my crabs and snails have survived. Would they not also be affected like the others? <If it was something in the water, they would be affected too. I think it is/was a reaction to the worms.> I hope you get this email in time to save my favorite inhabitants! Thank you! Pam
<Good luck, Steven Pro>

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