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FAQs about Powerheads in Marine Systems 2

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Some less circulated areas are required for some species of livestock.

Sweet Puffer vs. EVIL POWERHEAD     2/6/20
:(.... Two days ago, i <I> witnessed something i don't ever want to see again.
it was so heart breaking. I walked into the living room where our 190 Gallon saltwater tank is. We have a Wrasse, a Trigger, a Clown fish and a Snowflake Eel. I look over and see this white thing attached to the center of power head and its spinning so incredibly fast. It didn't quite click that something was wrong but i knew it wasn't supposed to look like that.
So i called for my boyfriend and asked him "UH, What is that white thing spinning in the tank? Its attached to the power head." When I saw his reaction i knew it was our beloved "BP" or "Big Puff".
<Oh, poor thing!>
We immediately unplugged the power head and once he stopped spinning he was puffed up and wasn't really moving, i am assuming because of how dizzy he was.
<Why does your power head had no strainer on??>
After about 30 seconds or so, he wiggled himself free. This poor guy, both of his eyes are white, but you can still see his pupils underneath, and its moving. It almost looks like it keeps trying to adjust or focus. His spikes at the front of his face are still raised two days later. His skin has now turned white.
<Any idea on how much time it was stuck?>
My boyfriend built a small acrylic box with 1.5" diameter holes on each side so that fresh saltwater can circulate.
<Good move>
We had to put him in the box because he was trying to swim around and kept bumping into all the live rock and it was scraping up the white parts on his eye. Making it look like it was peeling. My question(s) is do you think its better to let him roam free in the tank?
<No, I think it is better to isolate it.>
Is the being in the box stressful? Is there any possibility that he'll will survive this?
<Hard to know... besides what you can see, It very likely have internal damage caused by the suction power of the pump.>
From my description of his eyes, does it sound like he can see at all or does it sound like he's probably blind? What can i do to help him? Move him to a QT tank? I'm afraid his wounds will become infected and make things worse for him.
<I suggest moving it to the quarantine tank ASAP, let it there with very dim or no lights at all. At this point, just hope for the best, but from your description of its condition, this fish may be a goner.>
I'll be awaiting your reply.
Thank you,
Paris Towner
<The best luck for you guys, please do keep us posted. Wil.>
Re Sweet puffer VS EVIL POWERHEAD       2/7/20

I just wanted to update you, Big P passed away yesterday.
<Sorry for your loss>
I wanted to let you know so that other fish owners could be responded to instead of trying to help me. Thank you anyway. I adore your website. It’s all so informative. Thank you for donating your time to help us all out!
<Thanks for your kind words. Cheers. Wil.>

Puffer proofing. Internal pump placement, use concerns       3/9/16
Mr. Bob and crew, Haha, I ain't finished bugging you yet about the puffer I plan to purchase ;)I did decide on which species to get. I am going to get a dog face puffer for my tank which is 150 g. 29 g refugium, and about 30
gallons in the sump.
<A good choice>
Will be the only fish.
<Mmm; I'd add more>
My question is... I can Not figure out the best way to puffer proof the power heads.
<Really just complete, and possibly enlarged intake screens. Some units these can be purchased for; others you have to fashion... Hide behind rock, drill and fit PVC etc., cover in large-cell foam...>
Omg! Too many horror stories about that! Some suggestions are sponges, but with their curious nature that sounds like an accident waiting to happen. I thought about lighting grate. I think people call it egg crate?
<Yes; another good choice>
I could build a little cage around my power heads?
<Yes; or maybe use more, smaller volume/suction pumps>
The squares look awful big. I dontbknowcwhat size the fish will be when I finally purchase it. I did find a product for crafts called Darice 7 plastic mesh. It is 7 squares per inch. I am waiting for an email back and hoping they will tell me what it is made of.
<Something chemically inert>
I know what it do with the cords.
<Set these underwater units just below the surface... with the cords out... this is the best placement... AT the air-water interface, for moving the most water...>
But can't figure out the safest for my power heads. Hee hee I had ordered some Hydor 3250 gph but whoa! What a sand storm, lol I tried some 1950 but not enough flow.
<Again; consider using multiple units>
I am considering the.. I think they are 2200 or something like that. Maybe once I build a safety over the power heads I can use the 3250's. I bought a wave maker and will start off with them at minute intervals just in case so
the little fellow could escape if needed. Maybe that should be 30 seconds?
<Shorter... 15 at most is what I'd use>
I am setting up a 40g qt. I bought a large sponge filter which is seeding in the sump. I bought a bio wheel 350 but have no place to put it on the 150 to seed. Can I cut some aquarium foam and put in the sump.
Sorry for the long post. I just thought you might be missing me..lmao!!HaVe A hApPy DaY :)Stace.
<And you. Bob Fenner>

Powerhead Perception      10/19/15
Just a quick question regarding the function of the Aqueon powerhead in my 65 gallon mixed reef tank. Does it function the same as the maxi jet powerhead?
The maxi jet seemed to have a strong suction
<Depending on which model/size you choose, either one or the other have more suction, volume discharge>
which would be counter intuitive to use with a roaming anemone.
<Yes; best to assure that the intake area/s of all are screened, enlarged, best done with careful rock placement>
Or is the design with the Aqueon different?
<Not different, both centrifugal; submersed>
Or is there an internal powerhead that doesn't inherently create such a suction effect?
<Mmm; there are other pump designs, but all have suction, pose a danger to Anemones>
I did try putting pantyhose over the maxi jet 1200 and it clogged on a daily basis. Also when using the maxi jet 1200 for water movement is it recommended to use with the propeller cover or the standard method with the attached airline tubing? Or does it matter?
<The air entrainment does matter in some cases... for some aid in aeration (not much); and looks>
I'm trying to place a powerhead at opposite ends of the tank to best mimic non-laminar flow. Do the Koralia(sp) powerheads operate the same way, with a strong suction?
Doing some experimenting and wanted to get an opinion before any more purchases.
<You may want to look into an aquarium or modification involving an "overflow tower" to deliver water to a sump/refugium outside the tank, using the returned water from the pump there, in place of powerheads and/or internal pumps. Bob Fenner>

Powerhead failure     12/5/13
Hey there Holly again,
While cleaning my tank this morning and doing a routine water change, one of my powerheads quit, and the other no longer spits out bubbles.
<Ahh... likely the venture (air intake) line is occluded, or the impeller isn't producing sufficient pressure at the junction to entrail air>
Water is flowing out the outtake but no more bubbles. I don't have any other aeration (i.e. airstones) . Is this a big problem?
<Not likely; no.>
I'm planning to get a new powerhead tonight after I get paid, but while I'm buying should I get a pump & airstones?
Just a reminder 55 gal. Marineland 400 Bio-Wheel Power Filter the 660 powerhead that's working (sort of) & the 550 that quit. Still no protein skimmer.
<I'd remove the powerhead, the tubing... and soak all in white vinegar for an hour or so, rinse and re-try. Bob Fenner>

Powerheads and Controller/Water flow 1/30/12
<James with you today, Carveth.>
First of all, thanks for being there for us. You're the first place I go to read up on stuff.
<You're welcome.>
Over the years, I'd buy an item, upgrade several times and end up spending more than if I bought the good stuff in the beginning.
<Happens to many.>
So in an effort not to do that yet again, I'd like your advice on powerheads and tank circulation in my new reef tank.
The bottom line is which of the following paths should I follow? A.) Stick with my current MaxiJets 900s. B.) Upgrade to Tunze 6025 standard powerheads. C.) Upgrade to a speed-controlled powerhead. D.) Buy a controller first. 
<I guess that all depends on your budget or what you are willing to spend.
Cost could exceed 500 bucks with a controller and associated equipment.>
I am rebuilding my 50 gallon reef tank, which is currently empty. The tank has a three foot long surface skimmer along the back wall. I am planning to convert from a Doors <Durso> to Herbie down tube to control the noise. Actual water held in the tank to bottom of this skimmer is 39 gallons. Learning from your web the importance of water volume, I have added a 40 gallon breeder as a sump. I will be able to maintain a 10.5' level in the sump which adds 27 gallons to the system, a 80-100% increase after you subtract volume due to rocks. Circulation from the sump is via an Eheim 1262 through a 5/8' ID vinyl tube with a 4.5 foot head discharging 247 gph (actual measurement).
It is discharged in the middle flowing toward the front of the tank just below the surface (so if pump shuts off, it will suck air and stop any siphon). Options:
A1.)  Most recently I have used two MaxiJet 900s (230 gph), one in the upper left corner drawing from the bottom of the tank though an attached PVC tube and discharging diagonally at the surface to the far corner. At that corner, six inches up from the bottom of the tank was the other MaxiJet facing along the bottom toward the opposite corner. Of course the rocks and diagonal orientation disrupts the flow.
A2.)  I thought of improving that by putting four MaxiJet 900's near the top, two on each side. I'd run one set on one end, turn them off, and then run the two at the other end at six hour intervals.
<Would be better at random intervals via a Wavemaker.>
This would give minimal on and off with associated clicking noises and the jet effect of both pumps is focused along the top, hitting the far end and hopefully merging as a single flow along the bottom. I was hoping to get a circular, rolling flow in the tank, clock-wise for six hours and counter-clockwise for six hours.
The flow changes but I guess it is still laminar flow?
Maybe forgetting the circular flow and having the powerheads aimed at each other for random flow would be better?
But, boy, four powerheads will not look pretty.
<Two of the newer MaxiJet 900 pumps using the propeller option with an inexpensive Wavemaker
would work good.  Take a look here.
B.)  An option is to upgrade to two Tunze standard 6025 (660 gph) powerheads. They have the flexibility of rotating the heads so I could position and adjust to deal with rock structures. Tunze has an awesome reputation of quality and customer service.
<Yes they do.>
One Tunze 6025 has the same flow rate as two MaxiJet 900s so I wouldn't have a tank full of pumps. Also the one Tunze 6025 uses 6 watts compared with 20 watts for the two MaxiJets which means less power consumption and I'm sure less heat.
<Yes, you get what you pay for.>
One thought was that if I used these now, I could use also with a controller later.
<The Tunze 6025 is not controllable.>
But maybe that is just crazy, for if I got a controller, one would only want speed-controlled powerheads? Also, is this yet another, unneeded intermediate step/expense on the way to eventual speed-controlled powerheads?
<Could be, need to do more homework.>
C.)  The new speed-controlled powerheads are all the rage. I have seen the examples of the standing waves they create. They look cool but are they largely hype?
<No, and if you are referring to the EcoTech MP line, they work great.>
Do they really do that much better job of nutrient
distribution and detritus removal than a random flow approach?
<Yes they do, I've experienced it myself.>
Is their flow similar to an optimal surge flow Anthony Calfo discusses in his article?
<They can be programmed several ways including surge or you can program a custom wave
which optimizes flow control for the size tank you have.>
My 36 inch wide tank is small enough that I assume I could get by with one Vortech MP10 (200-1200 gph) bouncing the flow off the far wall to create the wave.
<Yes, the MP10 should work fine.>
I've also thought of the Tunze Nanostream 6055 (264-1453 gph) or the new 6095 (wider flow but 520-2500 gph) with the Tunze 7092 controller. Tunze reputation is solid. What about the Vortech?
<I would rather go with the Vortech, everything is in one box.>
I've heard some have to run the Vortech MP10 at 60-70% to keep any noise down?
<There is some noise/hum but I never found it objectionable.>
 Maybe I could leave one MaxiJet in the other end set on a timer to come on a few times each day to change the flow and stir up detritus?
D.)  I have been thinking about getting a Neptune Apex controller for I am often away. The controller could perform some tasks while I was gone, helping to maintain a steady chemistry and I could monitor, and to some extent, control my tank's accessories through my computer and phone.  Getting a controller could effect how I decide on the powerheads.
<And be sure the powerheads you select are controllable and can be used with the Apex.>
If I were to buy the controller first, I guess I could always use my MaxiJets until some more money came in. What would be a good set-up with the controller?
<Best to contact Neptune on this.>
I know everyone has two pumps, one at each end. Added to the cost of the controller, two would be big bucks and I don't know if I really need on my small 36 inch, 50 gallon tank.
<Depends on your goals/needs.>
 I was thinking of one of the following: Tunze Nanostream 6055 or the new 6095 wide stream version, Vortech MP10, or the Tunze Nano Wavebox?
<The Wavebox works very well once tuned to your tank but does take up room.>
 Or since I have such a small tank, I should say skip ever getting speed-controlled powerheads and just buy a simpler and less expensive Apex Jr controller and put a couple of standard Tunze 6025 powerheads on with random flow and call it good.
<The new MaxiJet pumps and their Wavemaker linked above would be your best bet if you want to keep cost down.  I've used MaxiJets for many years and have found them to be very reliable.>
<You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>

Magnetic Powerhead Mounts 12/10/07 Hello. <Hello.> Any idea who manufactures or sells magnetic powerhead mounts? I have heard about them, even seen them referenced on your site, but can't seem to locate anywhere to purchase them. Thanks! Bob <I am sure you are talking about the mounts sold by Algae Free Sure Grip mounts. Most major etailers and a majority of LFS sell these by now. A quick Google search will turn these up, welcome, Scott V.>

Tunze Streams Vs. EcoTech Vortec Pumps  - 10/24/06 Hi WWM <Hey there! Scott F. here today!> Another water flow question, do you have an opinion as to which pumps are better- the Tunze 6100 or the Eco Tech Vortech. I have a 157 reef tank 72in long and want to place 2 of which ever would be best. The Tunze's are more adjustable at this time due to the controller but the Vortech doesn't have the motor and cord inside the tank so no heat exchange and the controller is being developed. They both put out a lot of movement. Thanks Robert <Well, Robert- my personal experience is exclusively with the Tunze Streams, which I have used extensively (600,6100 and 6200 models). I have seen the Vortechs a few times, and know a few people who use them. I favor Streams for several reasons. The first, as you mentioned, is that most of them (6000,6100,and 6200) are controllable. The 7095 controller is a very sophisticated and versatile controller. Also, the Streams can be directed on the magnet mounts, Stream "rock", or other methods. Vortechs do not have swivel capability, and can only flow perpendicular to their mounting, reducing their utility, IMO. Also, the controller is not available for the Vortechs, which is really limiting. On the other hand, if you can tolerate these factors, the Eco Tech is aesthetically better than the Tunze. However, the reliability of Tunze products is legendary...They can literally run forever if you maintain them, and Tunze USA customer service is outstanding. Vortec needs to be on the market a little longer to see how the reliability is. In the end, I'd give the edge to Tunze! HTH. Regards, Scott F.>

Some Follow-Up Questions -- 10/16/06 Thanks for the quick reply, but I have some follow-up questions for your expertise. <<Alrighty>> ** I have two Maxi-jet 1200's and two ZooMed 228 power sweeps. Should I put in more power heads in for more circulation and which ones and how many do you recommend? <<I would add more flow, yes...will be much appreciated by the fish. Perhaps you can replace all these power-heads with a couple Tunze 6060 Stream pumps? Else just add enough Maxi-Jet pumps to prevent any stagnant/low flow areas in the tank>>** Well, those guys are really expensive (sigh), BUT as I have found out nothing in the hobby is cheap. <<Ha! Indeed!  You can get by with standard power heads, but if you ever try the Tunzes you won't go back>> I have also discovered that the more expensive then the more likely they will be around for a long time.  I was thinking of adding one on each side of the tank and pulling all of the other power heads.  Does this sound like a good idea? (These are cheaper than having to buy the Eheim 2229) <<Sounds great to me!>> As with the move, after your input and all of the information I can read, this is my plan. Start REALLY early in the day.. (Yeah, no sleeping in) <<Ah yes...best to plan to get it all done in one go>> Have all items for the new tank on hand and put on the tank if they need to be mounted.  Transfer enough of the water out of the 55 to move the tank and put the 150 behind it.  Use live sand for the tank and use the water and the LR from the old FOWLR.  Have more water pre-made and cured for three days with some LR in each of the Rubbermaid Trash Cans.  Each can will have power heads in them to keep the water circulating and will have a heater to achieve proper tank temperature.  Have the fish in another 30 gallon tub and introduce them after the tank has been up for at least four hours.  This tank will have an AquaC Remora Pro with a MAG3 for skimming and aeration. (Yes, I have four trash cans that are available to me and yes I am also going to thoroughly clean each of them. <<Yep...looks like you've got a good plan and things are under control>> Again, thank you for your insight on my query for enlightenment. Scot <<You're quite welcome, Eric Russell>>

EcoTech Marine Vortec - 10/13/06 Hi Bob, <<EricR today>> I would like to know your thoughts of the EcoTech Marine Vortec.  I read a lot of reviews about the product and want to know your opinion. <<I first saw these at MACNA just over a year ago.  They look well made, and though I haven't used them myself (I've seen nothing to cause me to switch from the Tunze Streams I have now), everyone I know who has say good things about them>> Thank you Ramy Toronto, Canada <<Regards, EricR...Columbia, SC>>

Adding a Tunze Turbelle 6060 to my 125 gal reef  - 09/14/06 Hello Guys and Gals, I would like to add a Tunze 6060 to my reef but I am not sure how to place it for optimum performance. Water flow is currently generated from 2 Fluval 802 powerheads set up at either sides of the back wall and with a slight angle so I could bank the flow off the front of the glass. <This is best... at an angle downward...> I also have  a 1500 gph pump in my sump that is my return. I am not sure where to place the Tunze. I only purchased 1 for 137.00 dollars. (These babies are not cheap).. Let me know where I should place this given my current config...See ya <Very good powerhead/submersible pumps. Enjoy. Bob Fenner>

Adding Powerheads, Tank Marketing 8/28/06 I have a question regarding our 90 gallon tank at work. Internal We were told that the tank needs more water flow and added oxygen at the bottom of the tank so we'd need to purchase 2 power heads. <ok> We currently have a mag drive 9.5 with a protein skimmer and overflow. I guess my question is why do they make and sell these entire set ups that hide all the pumps internally if you end up needing to put additional pumps in their anyways?  We just didn't want any pumps showing in the tank. <In a word marketing.  They either need to design the system with a bigger pump or sell you extra powerheads, both increase cost, limit buyers.  Plus, these system are often based on fresh water designs with an added protein skimmer, which needs less water movement than salt water.  If you are feeling handy try looking into a closed loop system, adds water movement without internal pumps.> Thanks for your help! Nancy <Anytime> <Chris>

Equipment/Pumps...Tunze Stream 6060 Circulation Question - 08/26/2006 Hello, <Hi> First, I would like to thank you for your great effort in helping those in need. <You're welcome> Well, this time I'm one of them. I have a new 100 gallon FOWLR tank that I'm converting to a reef tank soon, and my question lies in circulation. Initially I was planning to upgrade my circulation by adding two Maxi-Jet 1200's to total about 600 gph. But I came to understand that I want more circulation. I'm not a big fan of filling my tank with powerheads, and that is when I started to consider the Tunze Stream 6060. What I liked about it is the power it packed (around 1600 gph). Will this powerhead be enough as the sole provider of circulation for my 100 gallon tank? And what about dead spots? <An excellent pump, but you will likely have dead spots. My suggestion would be to go with the Dr. Foster & Smith package that includes three Maxi-Jet 1200's and an Aquarium Systems Wavemaker Timer.  This will give you a random flow rate totaling close to 900 gph, and can be had for about 90 bucks complete.  Along with your return pump, this should give you plenty of circulation and little or no dead spots.  Tunze makes an excellent wavemaker box that closely simulates nature, but this would be out of your budget range by another 400 bucks.> Also do you know if there is any another brand of powerhead that packs a punch like the Tunze and can be used alone (keep in mind that the 6060 is the maximum of what my budget allows)? <Not in the power head format.> I also have another question. I'm adding a sump in the near future. My plan is to use a CPR CS100 overflow box (flow rate 800 gph) and an AquaC Urchin Pro (due to limited space), and I am having trouble in choosing a good return pump. What do you recommend? <I'd probably go with an Ocean Runner 3500.  Will give you 900gph at the head, and is one of the more efficient pumps with a 65 watt current draw.  Do compare others also.> Sorry for taking your time. <That is what we are here for.> Thank you and keep up the great work. <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Mohammad

Additional Powerheads needed?   8/24/06 Hello, <Hi there> My office has a 90 gallon tank with overflow. The pump used in this system is a Mag Drive 9.5. We have a fish tank cleaner come in once a month to take care of the tank. He seems pretty knowledgeable about everything and said we need to get (2) power head pumps such as the Maxi jet 1200 or Penguin 1140 so that there is more water flow and oxygen at the bottom of the tank. <Wouldn't hurt> My question is do you know why they are making these built in internal systems when you end up needing additional pumps? <Mmm, because they sell? Because it's all "they" know how to make? To allow for "variations on themes?"...> Are these additional power heads really necessary??? <Mmm, would help... with circulation, aeration, lessen maintenance...> We wanted to avoid the look of pumps hanging off the back. <Likely won't notice in time> Also I heard something about using magnets instead of suction cups for mounting purposes. Thanks for your help! Thanks, Nancy <Have your service tech. bring in some samples to show you... Bob Fenner>

Bad Pump?    6/4/06 I've got a Maxi-jet power head, and can't seem to get the water flow started.  Is there a trick to this? <'Tis a plug and play product...if it's new return it, sounds defective.> Pete. <Adam J.>

Streams Vs. Vortec...?   5/4/06 Good Afternoon...... <Hi there! Scott F. here today!>     Your thoughts on the ECHO-TECH MARINE Vortec Propeller Pump , that is now available . .....Better than TUNZE ???? <Well, not better...or worse...just different. I have not used them personally, but I do use Tunze Streams. I like the fact that the majority of the pump is external, but currently, there is no way to swivel them like you can Tunze. Although the Vortec doesn't currently have a controller available, it will soon. I was very impressed by the prototypes that I saw at MACNA last year, and I think that they will prove popular. Tunzes, although larger, uglier and bulkier (and somewhat "maintenance intensive") have been around for a while, and Tunze equipment is legendary for its durability and reliability. The Vortec remains to be seen, although I expect great things from this product.> Would I need one or two of these , rather than the 6060 Tunze for a 150 gallon tank ? I thought I would run this by you people .  Thanks for your time .... Regards, Ted <It really depends on what types of animals you keep, and what kind of flow you desire. I would bet that you still would want to use two of either one of these pumps for a typical "SPS"-type tank of this size, although that's a generalization of sorts. Do a little more research on the web and the various discussion boards, and I'm sure that you'll hear good feedback form hobbyists using the new pumps. Good luck! Regards, Scott F.>

Tunzes In The Night (Night Mode For Streams)   4/18/06 Hi Mr. Fenner! <Scott F. in for Bob today!> A short one today. I have two Tunze Stream 6100 with a Multicontroller in my 90 gal. You sure know about the optional "night mode" gadget on the controller (flow a bit slower at night for simulating supposedly natural calmer sea at night because of high tide...). In another way one could argue that night is when you need more circulation to avoid CO2 buildup. So I would like your opinion on this. Is it really beneficial in the slightest to use that night-mode? Thanks! Have a nice day! Dominique <Hi Dominique! I am a big fan and user of Streams, myself. However, I have never utilized the "Night Mode" that the 7095 controller offers. I do like the "moon light", however! I personally have not seen any advantage to the night mode. I agree with your assertion that there is a greater buildup of CO2 at night, anyways. However, my real reason for not using the "Night Mode" is related to the reliability of the pumps. In my experience, unless you are absolutely vigilant about maintenance, regularly shutting down the pumps or throttling them into the Night Mode or Feeding Modes means more of a chance for calcium and gunk (that's a technical term, of course!) that may have built up in the impellor to prevent a re-start to the faster pulse modes. That means you'll have a higher likelihood of hearing that dreaded alarm go off, signaling another vinegar soak! No big deal, really, but annoying nonetheless. Another issue I have with the "Night Mode" is that, unless you are very careful about where you are aiming the Stream, you can end up with a simple laminar flow blasting away (even though it's at a lower speed) at your coral tissue all night. Just a thought. Anyways, end the end it's your call about this mode of operation, but I have never used this mode and have enjoyed great success with these pumps. Hope this helps! Regards, Scott F.>

Selecting a Powerhead... SW circ.    4/10/06 Hi, <Hello there> I am trying to select powerheads for my 55 gal FOWLR tank. I am planning on adding some corals, and will be adding powerheads to provide the appropriate water flow. How do I decide what flow rate to get? <Mmm, reading, experimenting... talking with others?> I would expect this to depend on the type of coral. <Yes...> When I read about coral flow requirements on various websites, most say low, moderate or high. What would these correspond to in gph? <Per the size of systems... Mmm, ummm... five, ten, twenty times volume per hour... or such> I am considering either the maxi-jet or AquaClear powerheads and am just not sure how to select the right size. Thanks, Rob <Are good product lines... Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/circmarart.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Equipment/Power Heads  - 03/22/06 I am planning on setting up a 30 gallon reef tank with live sand (40 lbs) and live rock (40 lbs). I want to house a few clowns, <Nothing larger than the percula, and no more than two with your other choices.> a royal Gramma, some snails and small crabs. I plan on adding some LPS corals. I will be using an Aqua C Remora for skimming.  <A big plus.> My question is about circulation. When calculating tank volume, do I subtract the volume taken up by the sand and rock?   I plan on using 2 Maxi-Jet power heads.  The small ones come in 106 gph and 160 gph. Which ones would you recommend?  Two 106's would give me 212 gph, two 160's would give me 320 gph? Would 320 gph blow stuff around too much?  <I like the Maxi-Jet by Aquarium Systems, one of the very few that works well with wavemakers if you ever so decide.  Two model 600's (160gph) would work well if this is your only means of circulation.  If current seems a bit strong, they are adjustable.> Thanks in advance for your time and insight.  <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Eric B.

Equipment/Tunze 6000   3/16/06 Hi I love your site but cant find the answer to my question which no one I know can answer either. I'm setting up a 55 gal tank for corals only (not sure which yet) and was thinking on buying 2 Turbelle Streams 6000 with the 7095 multicontroller. My simple Question, is this going to be too much flow for my tank? I want wave action but not water on the floor.  <Contact  Johnny@premiumaquatics.com.  They handle the Tunze line and they will be more than glad to help you.  James (Salty Dog)>

Attaching Maxijet 1200 to a magnet  - 03/12/2006 Hi, I have been trouble <Mmm> attaching my MaxiJet 1200 to the walls of my 120 with the suction cups provided.  Some suggest gluing/using epoxy to attach the pump to a algae scraper magnet.  In your experience, will such a setup damage the impeller (when used in conjunction with a wavemaker). Thanks <Shouldn't affect the impeller. BobF>

Equipment/Power Heads Killing Fish   2/26/06 I got up this morning and found my beautiful large purple tang sucked into a powerhead. <Yuk.> Two weeks ago, I lost a clown in the same way. <Yuk again.> I've placed the caps <What do you mean by caps, the plastic screen?> on but it seems like it's not working.  What should I do?  I have 5 powerheads and at this point, I want to throw them all out!  What do you guys recommend as internal pumps? <These power heads must have some awful suction power.  I'd get some Hagen Aqua Clear Quick Filters to hook on to your power heads.  They come with a filter insert but wouldn't have to use it.  I've used these when I had anemones to prevent getting sucked in should they decide to move.  Drs. Foster & Smith sell three packs for about $19.00.  James (Salty Dog)> Please help. Nilesh

Power head positioning  1/8/06 Quick question guys, <Sure.> I installed a Red Sea WaveMaster pro and put in a DSB 5 inches deep of sugar fine in my 55 gallon tank. <Okay.> It is so cool, the whole tank has really come alive and never had clearer water and better readings in the 4 years of learning this hobby. Once cycled I will start with some simple corals. <Sounds good.> The one little problem I'm having is I have 3, Maxi-Jet 1200 powerheads on the wavemaker with 1 each pointed to the middle from opposite rear corners of the tank and one running low behind the 60 lbs of live rock. Is that the best positioning? I would stager them a little more, maybe point them more directly at each other to create some turbulence rather than linear flow.> I seem to get a mini tornado in the front of the tank and its blowing sand around and moving it to the corners of the tank, should I stagger them or shoot them to opposite corners? Just wondering to get the best flow. <See above> Thanks, I owe a lot of fun in this hobby to you guys. <Thank you for such kind words.> Jeff <Adam Jackson.>

What is a reefer's dreams made of'¦..no, not that illegal plant'¦..Tunze Streams  12/24/05 Hello crew, <Hello.> I've got an 80 gallon, with live rock, many mushrooms, and star polyps. Also a small undulated trigger. I probably won't add any more soft corals. (Or fish, of course.) <Yeah watch that trigger.> I'm not using a canister filter, but have a Remora Pro skimmer. Right now I have two SEIO pumps. I can't stand them because I can't mount them well so I just have them sitting in the tank. <I didn't have a good experience with them either to be honest.> It is difficult to aim them and they keep moving. Plus they are noisy since they are leaning on the glass. <They break down fairly easily too.> I want to upgrade my pumps, and am thinking of getting a Tunze or two. I figure I should get better flow with these, and can get the magnet mounts. <They are grade 'A' products. Very nice and VERY pricey. But you get what you pay for that goes for both the SEIO and the Tunze.> Will I get better flow with a pair, or is a single pump ok? <For what you have a single one would be fine, though yes two will create a more turbulent bio-tope. I'm a huge advocate of lots water flow, so if you want more than one you won't get an argument from me there. However you do have a lot mushrooms which aren't very appreciative of direct flow. So if you do decide to go for the Tunze streams, I would put them in opposite corners, facing either each other or the front glass and not directly at your sessile inverts.> I plan on getting rid of both Seios, so won't a single pump be too unidirectional, or does the stream design kind of fix that? <Tunze Streams are built so that a even a single pump creates a lot of turbulence, 1 Tunze stream will easily outperform the duo of SEIO's you already have.> Also, are the Tunze pretty quiet? <Much more so than the SEIO in my experience.> And do the magnet mounts really work well? <Not as well as the other options but well enough that I think you would be happy with them.> Thanks in advance for answering any of these questions! <For your set-up (if you want 2) I would go with x2 6100, Tunze streams on a controller turned to the lowest possible setting, this will give you the effect you want. Here is the 'kit' I am referencing to for your benefit: http://www.marinedepot.com/md_viewItem.asp?idproduct=TZTS21 . I told you they were expensive, hehe. But look at it this way, this kit will provide all the water flow you need up to about a 180 gallon aquarium should you choose to upgrade. Adam J.>

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