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The Pencil Wrasses, Genus Pseudojuloides

by Bob Fenner

Pseudojuloides severnsi

The eight species of "Pencil Wrasses" are of the "ultra-advanced" reef keeper's domain (3's). These fishes define the word "touchy" with most dying in transit from the wild or mysteriously "overnight". Males of the species are colorful, whereas the females of all species are generally uniformly orangish in color. Other unidentified Pseudojuloides are appearing in the trade as time goes by. Be wary of these "Pencils"; they're unpredictably sensitive as well.

Pseudojuloides atavai Randall & Randall 1981, the Polynesian Wrasse. This is a female of the species. Unfortunately a member of a very touchy aquarium genus (often commonly called Pencil Wrasses). These fishes handle capture, shipping and handling very poorly. Found on the islands of the Pacific Plate, Guam to Society, Tuamotus.
Cook Islands.

Pseudojuloides cerasinus (Snyder 1904), the Smalltail Pencil Wrasse (3)(male pictured) is the only member of the genus to be offered in any number. Even out of Hawai'i, specimens are difficult to keep alive. At right, juvenile, female and male in Hawai'i. 

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Pseudojuloides severnsi Bellwood & Randall, 2000. Indo-West Pacific; Sri Lanka, Ryukyu Islands, Indonesia. To about four inches in length.


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