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FAQs on SeaChem (Marine Salt, Reef Salt) Synthetic Seawater

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Aquarium Systems Follow Up 01/20/09 Dear James/Bob, I was reading today's posts and saw the exchange regarding Aquarium Systems and Bob's thoughts on their salt. Are the IO salts still ranked just below TM by Bob Fenner? I'm thinking so but Bob may input here: "<Mmmm, not so any longer IMO... there are more consistent, better products. RMF>" I am interested in Bob's thoughts on what he considers more consistent, better products. <<Mmm, SeaChem for one... RMF>> I use Reef Crystals and have had great luck with it. I'm hesitant to change something that's working, <Yes, changing salts can cause troubles if you don't do so gradually.> but I'm always interested in learning from those who are in the biz/know to protect my investment. I know Tropic Marin is the top of the line, but I can't bring myself to spend $65 for salt when I can get a quality salt for $30. <I'll forward this back to Bob so he can answer you. But, in the mean time, you might find this interesting: http://www.aquariumwatertesting.com/AWT_Salt_Analysis_0208.pdf > Thanks! <Cheers, Sara M.>

Salt mix and dwarf lion diet  - 01/24/06 Hello WWM Crew, <Hi Brent> First let me start by saying that I strongly support what you are doing and that you are appreciated. <Thank you.> I have a question regarding synthetic salt mixes. I have read though many of the FAQ's to try and determine who ranks where in actually quality of synthetic mixes. Obviously all of them claim to be the best and that they are the closest to real seawater.  From what I have read on the site Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt seems to be a hit. I am a fan of Seachem products and I am very curious about the salt mixes. Every time I try to Google an answer all I get is articles about other Seachem products.  Where would an amateur like my self be able to find a ranking of the top synthetic mixes? <Sometime ago a test was carried out among different brands of sea salt.  Here is a link to the results.  http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2005/11/aafeature1/view?searchterm=A list including the previous mentioned brands. <There are several good brands out there.  I use Instant Ocean Reef Crystals.  I feel it is a good salt mix for the price.  I also had a question about my dwarf lionfish. I have had him about 3 months now. I had no problems getting him to eat frozen krill. He even begs for it and eats it out of my hand. He is not really interested in chopped scallop, clam, etc..  I feel bad if I do not provide him with a varied diet. Will adding Zoe or Selcon to his krill suffice or do I need to provide other foods regardless of him not wanting it?  <I'd soak the krill in Selcon and offer other foods from time to time and see if he changes his mind.  I'm sure he will be fine with the krill/Selcon combo.  Do search our site, keyword "lionfish" for more info.> Sorry to hit you with two questions at once. I do appreciate your taking the time to help me. <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Thank you,


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