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FAQs about Marine Scavenger Selection: Shrimps

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Feeder shrimp, stkg.    10/4/11
Hello all, I was wondering about the appropriate-ness (new word, I know) of keeping Palaemonetes vulgaris in a DT, and or in a remote DSB refugium.
Will it devastate my current pod fauna?
<Might make a dent>
I have read that they will act as part of a CUC, but will the outcompete everything else? Can/will their tastes change, meaning will they turn on my more desirable sessile and or mobile inhabitants? They purpose would be to feed my frogfish from time to time (I have read extensively on wwm about the problems with b1 deficiency) any and all information is greatly appreciated.
<Have seen these kept in marine systems... quite beautiful. Bob Fenner>

Clean up crew help Hi Guys, <Hi Louis, Don here tonight> I have a 55 gallon salt tank that has currently cycle very nicely with about 30-40 lbs of LR from  Florida.  Things have started to proliferate on the rock including green algae.  Don't know if you would consider them Macros, but I don't think so.  No real developed leaf structures.  They are more grass like.  All chem. levels at this point are perfect at 0 with Nitrates at 10ppm, temp at 77 deg f..  These reading have been constant for well over two weeks now. <Good for you, but if you are going with corals, need to see the nitrate at 0.> I would like to move to the next step in my tank process, but as always, due to past failures I am afraid to make the wrong decisions.   <Nothing wrong with going slow, actually can be a benefit.> Can you suggest a combination (numbers and names) of snail/crabs etc that I would need to place in the tank for clean up?  I have no fish at the point, and in the future I plan on only some simple soft leathery corals.  Fish species still up in the air, definitely a Yellow Tang somewhere in the picture.  Still learning about fish species. <I don't like using any type of crab. I had red leg hermits that decimated my snails and have moved to snails only. Astraea, Nassarius, Cerith, Trochus, a good mix is what you are looking for. Numbers will depend on the load of the tank. I would start with 6-8 of each except the Trochus, maybe 3-5 of those. See how they handle the clean up and then modify from there.> Lastly, I would like to continue as well by adding another 30+ lbs of LR and probably stop there.  Would it be detrimental to add the LR to the tank to cure at this time?  Will it hurt the current flourishing LR?  Can I add the clean up critters simultaneously  with the next batch of LR or do I need to wait out the next cure phase before moving forward on inhabitants? <If you are going to add more rock now, I would wait to see if there is an ammonia/nitrite/nitrate spike, maybe a week or two. Then start adding livestock.> Thanks so much as always. Louis Rizzo

Re: SCAVENGERS >I have 2 clowns, 1 orchid Dottyback, 1 flame Hawkfish and 1 coral beauty dwarf angel.   >>Then you should also be able to have small hermit crabs, Lysmata spp. of shrimps (they'll take up uneaten food rather than specifically detritus).  Marina <<Mmm, the Hawkfish will eat the shrimps, and possibly/eventually the Hermits... RMF>> Re: SCAVENGERS >I am sorry, what is Lysmata spp. of shrimps? >>Look here, many, many species.   http://www.google.com/custom?q=lysmata&sa=Google+Search&cof=AH%3Acenter%3 BGL%3A0%3BAWFID%3Ac12f9ba1e9294d73%3B&domains=wetwebmedia.com&sitesearch=wetwebmedia.com

Peppermint Shrimp, marine scavengers? If I am starting a saltwater tank - 55 Gallon - I have spoken to people who said that I need Peppermint Shrimp to help keep it clean - How many do I need to buy?  How often should I expect to replenish them? <Mmm, I believe you have mis-heard. This species of Lysmata shrimp is employed as a cleaner of sorts... for removing pest anemones. Please make use of the search tool on the homepage of www.WetWebMedia.com (at bottom, left)... insert the terms "marine scavengers"... and read. Bob Fenner>

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