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The Best of Skimmer FAQs

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Review of Protein Skimmers & Which Hang-On for Me Bob <Steven Pro here today as Bob is off in the Outback and I do not mean the steakhouse.> I am starting a 55 gal fish / invertebrate salt tank without a sump. I intend to set it up with a protein skimmer, circulating powerheads, live rock, and live sand. (No mechanical filter) Because of space restraints I must use a hang on type skimmer. This being said I want a very good skimmer. I have been looking at the AquaC Remora Pro, PM Hang on, the Berlin Hang on and others. My question is what do you consider to be the best hang on skimmer for my use (any brand name not just the ones I mentioned). Please don't tell me there all good, I know that, which is the best in your opinion? Cost is not an issue. Also what pump would you recommend with it, size and brand. (Also note that in the future I may upgrade to a 75 ga. tank and would like to continue using the equipment for that tank.) Remember I am in search of the ultimate not the good enough. <I am going to use your question as a forum to give opinions on a wide array of hang-on skimmers. Below are all the ones I have used and a brief comment on my opinions and experiences. *AquaLink-older model CC air driven, effective but there are better *BakPak-OK for smaller tanks (55 gallons and under) but for anything larger or for people looking to upgrade in the future, not the best choice *Berlin (old style HO)-a nice enough unit, but for that kind of money it should come with a real needle valve and should not have a drip or have salt creep where the pump pipe meets the skimmer body *Excalibur HV1-OK for smaller tanks (55 gallons and under) but for anything larger or for people looking to upgrade in the future, not the best choice *Prizm-a cheap, effective piece of equipment for tanks 40 gallons or under *Seaclone-I do not recommend for any situation/tank *Skilter-I do not recommend for any situation/tank *Tunze-not exactly a HO, but does hang inside the tank. I love mine, but I can hide it in the sump. *AquaC-I have never used, but I do intend to purchase one soon because of all the rave reviews I have read from Bob and other on the WWM Forum> Thanks For your Time, Dennis Vigliotte <To answer your question, I would get the AquaC with the non-Rio pump. I think they come with a Mag-Drive for the Pro size. -Steven Pro>

protein skimmers After reading through all your previous Q&As on protein skimmers, I noticed that you really don't ever suggest the use of the big downdraft units such as the ETS 750. What seems to come up the most is the use of the Turboflotor 1000 and the Aqua C models which you suggest for tanks ranging from 55 gal to 125 gal. I personally have a 180 gal FOWLR with a Turboflotor 1000 and 20 gal sump with Caulerpa algae and 24 hr lighting.  1. Now do you not mention these downdraft units because of there price or because they are not as efficient as the others? Basically are they worth the money along with the big pumps that have to power them?  2. Would a heavily loaded 180 gal FOWLR tank benefit more from having a larger protein skimmer hooked up because the amount of water that would pass through it an hour? A lot of people are telling me that I need to add another Turboflotor 1000 to my system or upgrade to a bigger P.S such as the ETS 750. My water quality is good right now, but phosphates stay around 3.0 ppm and nitrates at 20ppm. Would my fish and I gain anything by adding a ETS 750 or just a bigger electric bill.  <Ah, thank you for writing. Don't generally plug downdraft skimmers like the ETS because IMO they're neither good value or best available technology for hobbyist's set-ups... This technology does have its place in large (hundreds of gallons) and "dirty" applications (aquaculture, very high stocking densities like in transient holding facilities...), but by and large requires too much pumping, too much adjustment in comparison with needle-wheel or well-designed/engineered/constructed venturi types... My opinions. You can try one and compare for yourself, but I'd buy a Euro Reef or similar (G2) needle wheel type with Eheim motoring if it were my decision.... And look to bio-augmentation like with a sump, lighting and macro-algae to reduce those phosphates, nitrates best...Bob Fenner>

Skimmers, when is enough - enough! Hello again, you have answered my questions before and I thank you. Also for the great site. It is habit forming. Just one quick question, is it possible to have a skimmer that is too big or efficient for a tank? <Yes> If it is what are the drawbacks? <Skimmers remove both good and bad things. IMO, skimmers are far more valuable by removing the bad and whatever good things they remove are outweighed by their positive aspects. Generally, if you follow the manufacturer's ratings you will never even come close to over skimming. Many manufacturers overstate their skimmers performance and capacity. Stick to a good brand and its ratings and you should be fine.> OK, that was two questions... <That is ok. They were good, valuable questions that I am sure others will like to read. -Steven Pro>

Skimmers? Hello Bob, Can you explain how exactly a skimmer works and can you run them without using a sump? I have seen in tank, hang-on, under-stand, and in sump skimmers, which setup works the best and why? How about overflow or power outages? Can you just run lines from the skimmer into the tank and back? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Ben <<I'll try... skimmers, aka foam fractionators capitalize on properties of polar molecules attraction to air/bubble interfaces in water... by swirling small air bubbles in a "contactor column" the molecules attached to them rise and with the bubbles bursting this largely undesirable material is "collected" in a cup at the column's top... Actually, am apologetic for this tired, sloppy description, and beg your indulgence. Please do take a look at the references offered after the "Skimmer" articles archived at www.wetwebmedia.com and let me know if I can offer further/better descriptions/explanations. And no, you don't need a sump. There are hang-on, in-tank models. The in-sump models are superior in function and appearance... they don't add near as much fine bubbles back into the main tank... and are more flexible in their application.

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