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FAQs about Skimmers for Eclipse Systems 

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protein skimmer; using WWM    1/3/15
Is there a protein skimmer available that will fit my 25 gallon salt water tank with a full Eclipse 2 hood.
<A few; some requiring modification of the top>

I tried the small Lee's Protein Skimmer Counter Current, but it just didn't fit anywhere because of the Eclipse 2 hood. Thank you. Tim
<Let's see: Oh, just put the two words: Eclipse skimmers in the WWM search tool... on every page. Bob Fenner>

Damsels Hi, I recently purchased two blue devil damsels, one is 2in long, another 1 in long.  Please tell me how old they approximately are and if they are male/female (they both are same color, smaller fish has more black on the tail). <Impossible to determine sex... age... likely a few to several months> At what age (size?) are they sexually mature and start mating? If they are a pair might they still fight? <Several months... they might fight in any case> Also do I need to supplement an Eclipse filter system with protein skimmer, what are the alternatives? <Skimmers are very worthwhile... though fitting one onto an Eclipse unit is tough... requires cutting the top. You might want to Google this topic... or read, search on WetWebFotos.com re> My tank is 25 gallon (tall), have sand, live rock, macro algae, two Turbos, sand sifting star and mushroom coral. System is 3 years old, ammonia is zero.  Veronika Garga <Okay... Bob Fenner>

Eclipse dilemma Dear Bob, I haven't asked a question for a while so I think I'm due. I have a 29 gallon long reef tank in my office. It is an Eclipse setup, a mistake I would not repeat. I am not in a position to buy a whole new set up and I really don't want to break down a two year old successful reef tank. My challenge is to improve the lighting. The Eclipse top does not lend itself to proper retro-fitting. <I know there are several people on the Forum that have made this retrofit. You should first inquire with them before you scrap the hood. The Forum is here http://wetwebfotos.com/talk/.> 1.) I am going to install a retro lighting kit...any suggestions. <A lot of people use www.AHSupply.com.> I would like two 55 watt power compacts. I don't want to fight the heat from VHO lighting. 2. Would you make a recommendation for a good hang on filter as the new lid will eliminate the Eclipse bio wheel and filter pad. <I would just use some powerheads.> P.S. Currently have tons of live rock, DSB with particle size you recommend....small weekly water changes. No current water quality issues because of water changes, low bio load, proper feeding. I just need better lighting. You all are the best...thanks in advance. William Snyder Stuart, FL <Good luck. -Steven Pro>

Trying to be Cheap! Hello to whoever gets this,<Cody, here today!> Thanks for the great site and all the good info.  I have been searching the site for some information on doing a very inexpensive FOWLR tank.  I have a 29 gal with an eclipse hood, and a Fluval 204 canister filter.  I would like to be able to set the tank up for around or under $200 (not including livestock).  I was thinking of using base rock and very little live rock at first, This will take longer for the rock to establish, but I can't afford mass quantities of live rock.<That would be fine and works well.> What I would like to know is what is the cheapest skimmer that will still give me good operation and not be extremely noisy?  I really want the AquaC Remora, but it is just to costly for me at this point.<Hmm, I would definitely go with the AquaC, you can get them for about $170 shipped.  Other than that the quality drops quickly.  But the Bak Paks do a decent job.> DO you think I am missing/forgetting something? <What do you want to keep, you may need to upgrade lighting.  Cody> Thanks for the help, Tim Winzeler a.k.a. Starving Student Phoenix, AZ

Need a New Skimmer Hi My tank is an overstocked 37 gal Eclipse reef, doing okay, but my protein skimmer is driving me crazy and I really need it to perform maximally to keep me out of serious trouble. It's a Prizm hang-on and for some reason has really deteriorated in skimming ability over the past month, I haven't changed my cleaning procedures (every 2 days or so) but I just can't seem to get the finicky little thing running well anymore. I took apart the whole thing and cleaned it, and if possible that made it worse. I'm also not convinced it EVER produced enough (max was 1-2oz every 4 days) I need a recommendation for a skimmer I can put on this sad little tank with no sump. I hope to move to a 130gal within the next year or so but at the rate I'm going we aren't going to make it that far. <I cannot give you a good recommendation to effectively skim your 37 and move to your 130. You can see all our comments or various models here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimmerfaqs.htm And, you may want to perform a Google search of the site. If someone asks about hair algae export and one of us discusses protein skimmers, the Q&A maybe filed under hair algae instead of protein skimmers.> Also, I have planned to order a Macro-algae package consisting of Tang Heaven Red (Gracilaria parvispora), Tang Heaven Green (Ulva sp.), Tang Heaven Gold (Gracilaria sp.), Feathery Caulerpa (C. sertularoides, 2 types - Long and Short) and Floating Sargassum from Indo-Pacific Sea Farms. Does this sound like a good choice for nitrate reduction? <Yes, but not all will probably thrive. More likely certain species will prefer your tank and conditions more than others. -Steven Pro> Tracy Creek

Eclipse 3 Skimmer I was reading through your website...great info!!!....I was seeing that there were a bunch of people talking about retrofitting protein skimmers to the eclipse 3 tanks...what's the best skimmer to do this with??...has anyone made a skimmer just for the eclipse 3 yet?? <No particular one marketed for the Eclipse series, yet. I would ask the nice folks over at http://talk.wetwebfotos.com/ Their are several people on the message board that have successfully modified their tanks to accept skimmers. They would more easily be able to walk you through it.> Thanks for any info, John <Sorry, I could not be more helpful. -Steven Pro>

Eclipse I am sorry to bother you. <No bother at all. That is why we are here, to help our fellow hobbyists.> I have an eclipse3 on a 20 long gallon fish tank. I have a Lee's counter current protein skimmer in there. I was hoping to upgrade it. Any suggestions? <It depends on how handy you are. For most skimmers, you are going to have to cut a portion of your Eclipse hood. There are some rather handy fellows over on the WWM message board, http://talk.wetwebfotos.com/. I know several of them have done similar retrofitting operations.> Thanks, Anthony <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Protein skimmers (for small systems) Mr. Fenner, I have an Marineland eclipse 3 system its a 37gal saltwater tank, and I would like to know what brand and type of protein skimmer you suggest for this size of tank your vast knowledge of this subject matter would greatly be appreciated thank you. Michael Camacho <Hmm, to some degree matters what sorts of livestock, how much of it, what you hope to do... but likely one of the smaller, lower-efficiency type skimmers will do/would be what I used here: the newer Prizm, even a modified Skilter (see: http://wetwebmedia.com/hang-onskimfaqs.htm and beyond), or a CPR BakPak. Do read through the WWM site re modification to the top/Eclipse that others have suggested for fitting such a device (skimmer). Bob Fenner>

Protein Skimmer for Eclipse3 System I need any recommendations you might have in finding a good protein skimmer to add to my Eclipse3 System by Marineland. (37g with integrated mechanical/chemical filter and BioWheel setup.) <As far as I know, there really is no easy way to add a protein skimmer to an eclipse system. There are people who have modified their hoods to fit a Bak-Pak skimmer, but I would think that this would require eliminating the built-in filtration of the eclipse. If you are going to do this, you might as well use a different canopy that allows for lights that are better suited for saltwater tanks (i.e. VHO or PowerCompact).  If you would like some ideas on the modification please let me know.  Tom Mitchell  General manager  CPR Aquatic, INC  CPR@cprusa.com  **************************************** Hi, I also have an eclipse3 hood. I was able to add a Bak Pak2 skimmer to it by making 2 small cuts to the hood...there is just enough space to fit the eclipse powerhead between the intake and return of the skimmer using part of the opening that is already there. Its a close fit, but now it works and looks great. I also added power compact lighting to the hoods, they are available from pet warehouse. Item# 518542 for 56.95. Hope this helps.

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