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Skimmer Search Hey guys, great site, spend hours on end perusing- <Not hard to do, I know!> I'm setting up a 265g salt water tank. Can't decide on skimmers. I know you recommend Turboflotors, but it seems they need too many modifications and adjustments [(but they are cheap(er)]. I have also considered the Aqua-C EV 180, but they are so expensive, I'd just assume save the money and put it towards LR. Any suggestions? I need a some persuading advice as to what to do. Thanks, Justin <Well, Justin- I'd recommend that you don't cut corners on the skimmer. It's the single most important piece of hardware, besides the tank itself, that you can get! The Aqua C unit that you are examining is one of the best skimmers out there. Yes, these devices can be pricey, but the savings in grief and livestock will more than pay for itself over the years! Do a little search on our sponsor's sites for different models and types. Get the one that you can afford, and that suits your system- but do get a skimmer! Good luck!  Scott F.>

I Gotta Do It...but my wife will kill me (skimmer selection) Hi Guys! <Dead man walking!> I don't want to, but I gotta do it...I need to get a new protein skimmer. Right now I have a mixed 300 gallon soft/hard coral reef tank with an ETSS 1400 Gemini Protein Skimmer.  The skimmer is very finicky and constantly needs adjustments, cleaning , maintenance. I just dissembled the whole thing, cleaned it and replaced the bioballs with new ones...what a pain. although performance is better but still not too good. <Agreed... am of the opinion these are per cost of purchase and operation marginal products>: I have selected 2 models for my new skimmer (my wife is going to kill me): <Hide all sharp objects, guns, baseball bats...> AquaC EV1000 with 300 to 1500 gallon tank capacity Euroreef CS8-4 with 350 to 700 gallon tank capacity Right now my skimmer is external to the sump,  I have a limited amount of height under my tank so the CS8-4 might be a tight fit and a hassle to get at for cleaning, etc. I could fit the EV1000 behind my >tank in place of the ETSS and I think it would be easier to clean, service by opening the shutters I installed in the wall behind the tank. <Agreed> My question is:  Is the AquaC "spray induction" the same as EuroReef's "needle wheel" technology ? <Nope... one's a Venturi induction-type nozzle, the other a whipping multi-pronged impeller...> If not, does it yield better or worse performance ? <The Euroreef... but I hasten to add... you may not need, want the extra "performance"> In general, the AquaC unit seems to handle larger tank volume...is this another reason to go for this unit? <Mmm, not IMO. Am sure you're familiar with WWM, the many Skimmer Selection FAQs files... even a "best of" one is there...> Thanks again for all your help! Chuck Spyropulos <Re-read through WWM here, and check out users' opinions on the BB's, Chatforums. Bob Fenner>

Skimmer Selection I have been reading your site for a few months, great stuff, educational for a novice such as myself.  My system has been set up for about 3 months, I have been getting by with a Lee's Counter Current Protein Skimmer (cheap cheap), My tank has completed cycling.  During the first few months of my tanks life the Lee's Skimmer has seemed to be working good (produces about 1 full cup load every 2-3 days), I'm looking for something that doesn't require a constant water level and can hang out side the tank.  I have a 46gal bow front FOWLR (~30lbs), I have a AquaC 300...what would be the best selection of the following (these are my pref. so far from my research 1)Bak-Pak 2  2) Berlin H.O. Skimmer 3) Aqua Remora HOT 4) TurboFlotor and 5) Red Sea Prizm...any advice would help. <Hi Chad, I have both the CPR and a couple AquaC Remora Pros. I like the AquaC Remora of these choices. A good source of this type of information is: http://wetwebfotos.com/talk/index.jsp Although it makes these skimmers more water level reliant, a skimmer box is a good idea for raising the efficiency of these hang-on's.  Craig>

Skimmer Selection I know I speak for all but a few who visit this sight when I say you have made a significant contribution to this hobby. Armed with knowledge from the "Crew" at WWM I have avoided the many traps set by those who's only interest is to get my money. I have made some very good choices lately and the credit goes to all of you and your fantastic web site. Please keep up the good work. <Thank you very much!> I have a question about skimmer's (I'll bet that's a first, ha!) anyway, I was wondering what your thoughts are concerning a DIY counter current skimmer verses one of the top shelf brands such as Aqua C, Euroreef or Tunze. <Generally, they can work very well, but are a little more hassle.> What I would like to compare against these top brands would be a 4" cc skimmer, 5 feet tall, such as snailman's design at Reef Central DIY, " http://www.hawkfish.org/snailman/diy4inskimmer.htm" Using the information he supplies in "skimmer design 101 FAQ" the equipment would be a Mag-Drive pump supplying the recommended flow with a Tetra Luft pump running 3 or 4, 2" air stones or 2 or 3, 3" air stones. How would this system compare in your expert opinion? <I should perform about as well depending on the amount of work you put into it. These designs need more adjustments than the top of the line units you mentioned above. The biggest consideration is expense. If you use a Mag-Drive 350 (you should not need much more water flow than that) and a Coralife Luft pump (Tetra no longer markets the Luft, Coralife does), you are looking at about $80 right there. Also, if you use clear PVC for the body, 4" at 5', you are looking at another $75. Add in all the other parts and you will be quickly approaching $200. The last consideration is your time. Time is money. How long will it take to build this skimmer. Now, if you spent $200 and it takes two hours to build, only you can judge if it was worth it to you. Some people like to build their own equipment. Others wish to save money. Where you fall will determine if this is a worthy endeavor.> Or would you forget the DIY versions, bite the bullet and purchase one of these well-known skimmer's? I am anxiously awaiting your opinion. <Good luck to you regardless on which you do. -Steven Pro>

29g Set-Up I've recently been setting up a 29 gallon saltwater tank and now it's time for me to get a skimmer. The problem is that I can't decide what to get. I've asked around on many forums and done research, but there are just too many different opinions. Please help! Anyway, I need a skimmer that is powerful, reasonably priced, and QUIET (silent if possible). The tank is directly next to my bed and any loud sound coming from it would go directly into my ear when I am sleeping. <My best opinion for you is to go to your local store and ask them to run them for you as a test. That way you can see how loud each are. We all have very different tolerances for noise. You will be the best judge as to what will bother you.> I've narrowed it down (if you could call it that) to the Bak-Pak2, the Precision Marine Hot-1, the Prizm Pro, or the Aqua-C Remora. <Of these, I would chose the Remora.> In your opinion, which of these would suite my needs the best. I really like the Bak-Pak because it is cheap, I can put a heater in it, and it is supposedly not too bad at skimming either. <I would agree with this assessment. A nice skimmer at a reasonable price.> The problem is that I have heard from some that they are very loud and others say they are quiet. Now, the Precision Marine Hot-1 seems to be very good at skimming and silent from what I've read, but it seems a bit big for my tank. <I have never used one.> The Remora would have been my first choice, but it seems that many have had problems with noise even after the break-in period. <I have not heard or experienced that, but again hard to guess what may bother you.> Lastly, the Prizm Pro seems good but most seem to thing that they are horrible (although they also seem to be judging this mainly on the quality of the original Prizm)<I would call the original Prizm noisy and I would say I am pretty tolerant. The Prizm Pro I saw at my favorite LFS did not impress me with its performance.> You have pages and pages of FAQs on skimmer selection, and I figured that if anyone could help me, it would be you. Btw, I am beginning to plan the livestock for the tank. Does this seem way too crowded for my 29 gallon?: 1 Ocellaris clown 1 Royal Gramma 1 Flame Angel 2 Blue Green reef Chromis <If that is all you want, you should be ok. You would be safer eliminating one from your list, though. -Steven Pro>

HOT Skimmers? Hi guys, <Scott F. with you tonight!> Just wondering if you could recommend a good HOT skimmer for a 45gal FOWLR tank.  I'd like to eventually move up to a reef tank, but haven't yet because of the lack of skimmer or sump.  I was looking at the CPR Bak Pak 2R, but would like to get a professional opinion. Thanks, Rene Magdaleno <Well- I wouldn't call myself a "professional"- but I am a fellow fish nut! I have used and like the CPR BakPak, as well as the Aqua C Remora. Both are well engineered skimmers with good reputations. Do check out our advertisers who may carry these skimmers. Good luck! Scott F.>

Skimmer Dilemma I'm a newbie with an empty 39 gal.  I plan to keep fish only with liverock and sand.  I've read your reviews of the AquaC protein skimmer and am curious if anyone has an opinion of the CPR Bak-Pak 2.  I can't decide between the two. <Well- these are two skimmers with great reputations. They both have their supporters and detractors. Both are well-made, and have been proven for a while. I'm going to assume that you're comparing the Aqua C Remora to the Bak Pak? In my experiences with both units, I have gotten great skimming for such a compact size. I don't think you'd do poorly with either one, with a slight edge to the Aqua C. Why don't you go on our WetWebMedia.Com Chat site and see what other users have to say? Good Luck!   Scott F.>

Protein skimmer 2 Quick Q's: 1) I have a Red Sea Berlin Turbo Hang-on skimmer but the pump broke. Can you recommend a new brand/size pump? <hmmm... for the cost of a new pump, do consider a different skimmer if this one hasn't been performing reliably. Many of these Berlin's do not. I personally wouldn't take them for free. Too finicky and inconsistent for what they cost. A good skimmer should yield dark skimmate more reliably. We hear a lot of flak on this brand/model beyond pump failures. Prizms too... ughhh. A lot on Prizms> 2) I think it was Anthony who mentioned some sort of easy modification to greatly improve this skimmer's efficiency, but I looked and can't find what he had said. What was it again? <Hmmmm... not me, bud. But the rest of the crew will spy this in the morning an hopefully we'll hear of a modification. I only recall modifications on the Turboflotor. Again, I am so disgusted with the quality and inconsistency of this line out of the box that I would not waste my time on a modification. Replacing the pump with a mag drive styled pump of like volume should be easy. Please do so if this skimmer worked well for you before. I suspect though that your inquiry about a modification is telling us that you've had similar problems to the many we hear weekly about this unit. Do consider another skimmer altogether. Many good choices to be had... Aqua C, Euroreef, Tunze, Klaes> Regards, Michael Krechmer <best regards> PS Tit for tat; I'm including a photo of the underside of my clingfish, thought you might like it. <absolutely horrifying and disgusting. Quite appropriate for Halloween :) Thanks kindly>

Protein Skimmer Hi, how are you? <I am doing pretty well today.> I'm in serious need of a skimmer upgrade. I am currently using a Prizm, rookie mistake. <They are very well marketed and packaged. I do not hate them, but they are not even close to handling the size tank the claim. I would use it on nothing larger than 30 gallons.> I gather from all the information posted that the most respected brands are Euro-Reef, Aqua-C, and Tunze. <They are our favorites. There are some other brand that I have heard good things about.> Since I am not using a sump, would you agree that my best bet would be the Aqua-C Remora for a 55 gallon tank? <Yes, with the Maxi-Jet upgrade.> Doesn't look like Euro-reef offers hang-on types, <Correct> and I'm not even sure how Tunze's mount on to the aquarium. <A Tunze hangs inside the water. These can be mounted in a sump or inside the tank. I have a 3115 on my 55 mounted in a sump. I have had it for over eight years and it has always worked well for me. That said, I would still get the Remora. They work just as well, are cheaper, and have outstanding customer support.> Thanks, AB <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Re: Skimmer Manufacturers Hi Zo, At 06:22 PM 10/25/02 , Lorenzo Gonzalez wrote: >I seem to recall that Euroreef has had some real trouble with unauthorized dealers, blatant pirate and copycat products, and of course hobbyists trying to get a break... etc.< <I'm not opposed to making sure everything is on the up and up. However, I'm looking at blowing some serious cash on skimmers for my own systems and perhaps selling some on the web. I like being treated as a valued customer, not a suspect. I haven't been treated this way by any other wholesaler/manufacturer. I'm kinda bummed. They have a hang-on series coming out for 40-75 gallon tanks with a skimmer box, (The ES Line and I think they could be a good seller if they work as well as the sump models. However, as I'm a new company, less than a year old, I can't provide information required by Euro-Reef, so I guess I will be buying and perhaps selling AquaC skimmers. Business is like electricity and people. It follows the path of least resistance.> >Jason at AquaC not only knows your WWM relationship, but also has a distributor that doesn't let him deal supply North America through any other channels whatsoever - so his answer is pretty set already.-Zo< <Yes, I understand he has a distributor take care of this for him and it makes for a neat, pat answer. No, he doesn't know about my WWM relationship. I wrote him on 8/27, which was before MACNA. He was really prompt and polite. Even though he wasn't directly selling me any product, he treated me like it was his only concern. Oh well. Craig > <Jason Kim is a friend, industry associate and a fine young person. He can/will answer for his products. Jeff and his dad Bob Macare of Euroreef have had some folks make similar appearing products... they too know what they are doing and can/will gladly represent themselves. Bob Fenner>

Protein Skimmer selection Hey Bob I would like to know about what do you think about the ASM G-3 Force protein skimmers. Thanks, Miguel <They are an imitation Euro-Reef. I have no hands-on experience with them. I would search out opinions of those who have them. Check out the internet marine interest message boards. http://wetwebfotos.com/talk/ http://www.reefcentral.com/ http://www.reefs.org/ -Steven Pro>

Protein skimmer suggestions Dear Sir, <<Hi Jun,>> I have a 90 gal acrylic tank (36x24x24) that's been running for almost 3 months. I'm having diatoms and Cyanobacteria problem (more diatoms than Cyanobacteria). Water parameters are as follows; ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 10, ph 8.4, SG 1.024, Ca 439, and KH 115.  <<Do you mean 11.5 dKH?>>  My inhabitants are a small fragment of yellow polyps, button polyps with an unknown leather coral (possibly yellow leather coral that is not opening), anthelia, green striped mushroom, metallic mushroom and no fish at the moment (all of them died of ich from temperature fluctuation I guess). I am going to keep my aquarium with no fish for 30 days to get rid of ich (is this right?). My question is what would be the right skimmer to add. I'm planning on purchasing a RO unit from home depot in a few weeks. Your help will be greatly appreciated. I am getting discourage right now, so please help. Jun A. <<Jun, you are doing just fine! I know you were likely caught off-guard by the ick, but your diatom algae is pretty normal for the age of your tank. In many ways this is a positive event and will help establish your system. I know, it looks ugly. The diatom is driven by silicates and the nitrates (10ppm)and will tend to outgrow the nutrient (silicate) if more isn't being introduced with your top off water. Please test your water for silicates *before* you purchase an RO/DI unit as this would require a specific RO membrane and perhaps a deionizing filter bed after the RO. For the Cyano, increase circulation (a mag 7 is really not sufficient, more like a 9.5 or 12 depending on head (how high the water has to be pumped vertically) and how much your overflow's) can handle. I would shoot for 900 gallons per hour with a 90. For skimmers the two that come to mind are Aqua-C and Euro-reef for ease of use, cost, and efficiency. Please read: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimbestof.htm and http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimmerfaqs.htm Please let me know if you need more help, Craig>>

Skimmer Recommendation Bob Actually I did check it out and from what I gather, most of you there would use the remora's....so I guess I'll give them a shot. <yes... Frankly, I feel that Aqua C skimmers are one of the best values for performance without having to spend a fortune> Thanks Robert <best regards, Anthony>

Protein skimmer Hello, I am setting up a 180 G DSB & live rock aquarium that will be fish only (small numbers). I've kept freshwater fish for over 12 years and am now moving into salt. I am unsure of what protein skimmer to buy. I was planning on buying a Berlin pro but was told by one dealer they are junk. He recommended the Turboflotor 1000. I'm just looking for a protein skimmer that is easy to use, helps keep the tank clean, and doesn't break the bank. Any help would be greatly appreciated! <The Turboflotor is a good brand. Most skimmers are not terribly hard to use, but you will want to adjust it to produce as much as possible. The "breaking the bank" part is a tough one, good skimmers are costly, and in most cases you do get what you pay for. Before you make any final decisions you should check out our FAQs on skimmers so you can see what other folks have gone through with their skimmers. http://wetwebmedia.com/skimbestof.htm Best Regards, Gage> Thanks, Kyle

Skimmer Selection Anthony, I just finished reading your book, it was very helpful. I have a skimmer question for you. I have a sixty gallon setup that has a twenty gallon Rubbermaid sump with return pump around 750 gallons@ 4ft. I was given a Red Sea Berlin skimmer that is about to go out the window. I am looking at upgrading to either Aqua C Urchin or a Euro-Reef 6-1 and I was curious what would better suit my needs. I keep various mushrooms, polyps, and I plan on adding some Xenia in the next few weeks. My fish include a squamipinnis Anthias, maroon clown, and a pair of purple Firefish. I may add a pygmy angel later on, but I would prefer to upgrade my skimmer first. I also have 75lbs of live sand as well as 50 lbs of Marshall Island Rock. Thanks for your help, Chris Johnson <Hi Chris, Craig here. Either of these skimmers would be an excellent choice for 80 gallons total volume. IMO, the Euro-reef might be a hair more efficient, but all skimmers tend to remove various different elements depending on the type of skimmer.  You might want to look into some of the other considerations like set-up, plumbing and water level sensitivity as each has positives and negatives relative to any individual set-up. Again you won't regret either choice. Have a good time, Craig>

Protein skimmer Hi Ya'll...what type of protein skimmer do you suggest for a 55 gal reef tank? Thanks, Robert <Mmm, a few questions to ask back at you... in the meanwhile, please read a few of our opinions on "skimmer selection" posted here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimselfaqs.htm and the FAQs linked (at top) beyond. Enjoy. Bob Fenner>

Filtration for 29 Gallon Tank Hi Bob, <Hello, Gage here> I have read a lot of you FAQ's and they are very helpful, but I have yet to come across one that helps my specific problem. I have a 29 gallon tank which will be set up to keep SPS corals and as well as a mated pair of Green Clown Gobies, a Scooter Blenny, and some clams. When I ran this tank previously without a skimmer, even with 45lbs. of cycled live rock, I had a horrible slick on the top of the water. This has made me sure that I want to skim this tank. I also previously have kept a Scooter Blenny, but it died while I was on vacation because it wasn't getting enough food. This makes me sure I want a refugium. My question is - should I do a hang-on skimmer (such as the Remora Pro) and use a spare ten gallon under the tank as a refugium? Or should I get a hang-on refugium (i.e. Aqua Fuge) and have my ten gallon hold a "real" skimmer and other media? <I would probably go with the hang on refugium and the skimmer in the sump idea. The hang on skimmers are good, but if you choose to go with an in-sump skimmer you are going to have a lot more choices and will probably end up with a more productive skimmer. Best Regards, Gage> Thanks, Michael

Yet another skimmer question Hello guys! Another question today... We've read the tons of facts about the skimmers, and still have a question - well maybe more than one! Anthony and Steven recommended to us to try the Aqua C EV 180 and the Tunze 230/3. We have also found the Kent Marine Nautilus TE Protein Skimmer for about the half the price of the first two models. <There's a reason for this. Don't scrimp here> Since we are changing so much at once, cost is a factor, but we don't want to skimp on what we need. (We have found an acrylic 20 gallon, perfect for the refugium, only $20!) <What a bargain!> The other question was, well, I was reading all of those skimmer pages, and somewhere, Bob gave his opinions on all the skimmer models, listed in order of his preference. I can't find that letter again, and hope you can tell me where to look. <Would have to do the same as you... read through all cursorily, or perhaps try the Google Search tool on the homepage, indices, under "best skimmer"... I would read through all> I don't believe that the Kent was listed, but I'd like to find that letter before I go cross-eyed trying to read it all for the umpteenth time! And if it is mentioned in the Conscientious Marine Aquarist book, will you let me know? <Not listed. I left out all reference to actual manufacturers and product lines (unless necessary, expedient, e.g. PolyFilter... distinct product, no other competition/like) as didn't want to accidentally exclude ones I didn't know, or couldn't know about (time factor, new ones coming and going over the years)> Again, I thank you for putting up with me and all the tons of questions I have! You are most gracious and kind, -Cathy Hughes <>< <Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Skimmer for 75 gallon reef tank Hello again,  <<Hello to you. JasonC here...>> First let me thank you for all of your help in the past. I have a 75 gallon reef ready tank with a 55 gallon sump with 3 up flow and down flow chambers to dissipate tiny bubbles, over the sump I have an ETS style skimmer powered by a mag drive 700. I have had live rock in the tank for a week and a half but have not gotten any dark skimmate to come out of the skimmer. It is still white, the insides of the skimmer walls are a dark brown but dry foam out the top still white. <<Perhaps not sufficient bio-load. If the foam is dry, I'd be satisfied that 'something' is being removed.>> The rock in my tank per LFS was not fully cured but I have no ammonia or nitrites in tank since 2nd day of placing rock in tank. my question is should I get rid of my current skimmer and purchase a new one since the one in the tank is not doing what it should if so what type would be best.  <<I'd give it some more time.>>  I was looking at either a Berlin brand skimmer or a Turboflotor 1000. The total water volume in tank is 110 gallons.  <<I wouldn't be so quick to move between skimmer brands. Most skimmers take a couple of weeks to break in, and in addition it sounds like you just go this tank up and running so I'd wait until you get some more life in the tank and see how it goes. Make your decision in a couple months.>> Thanks again. Totally frustrated, John S <<Cheers, J -- >>

Skimmer Selection Gentleman, <<Greetings - JasonC here.>> Love the your site!!! Lots of great info!!  <<Glad you find it useful.>>  Having lots of bubble problems in my tank and have determined its my Seaclone Skimmer (it took 3 days for the bubbles to "rinse" out of the system with the skimmer off, not to mention it doesn't work that well anyways).  <<You are right, they don't really work at all.>>  I have a 75 gallon (Corner Over-flow) fish only system. Equipment: SeaLife Systems Wet-Dry 60, Lifeguard Quite One 700 gal/hr pump, 2 Ebo-Jager 125 watt heaters, coral life turbo twist UV, and 2 power sweep 228 power heads for in tank circulation. Really think I can't go wrong on this buy? Found a ETSS 500 Revolution skimmer at my local pet store never used for $100 bucks (no manual, no box)!!! Normally $300-$400. It has been sitting on the shelf for years collecting dust (in fact one of them has a dead wasp in the bottom) and they just want to get rid of it. Been trying to do as much research on this "down draft" skimmer as possible. Their web site promises the world of course  <<of course...>>  and the sales person is not very knowledgeable about the product. Considering the few FAQ's that I have found on your site, you don't seem to endorse them??  <<Have not used one myself...>>  Although it seems like a vast improvement over what I currently have. Do you agree??  <<That it would be a vast improvement, yes - for certain.>>  Don't think I can go wrong for the money.  <<For the price, it seems like a good value.>>  Anything I should look out for??  <<Cracks or weak joints in the construction, perhaps live wasps ;-) >>  Or any expected problems???  <<Don't know enough about the product but you should expect it to take a couple of weeks to break in.>>  Should I expect this unit to return fine bubble back into my system like the Seaclone (making my tank look like its filled with champagne again???) <<Hard to predict - one would hope not.>> Also trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my system? There is no way I can fit it into my sump with everything else I have in there (heaters, UV pump). Planning on sitting it next to my sump and run (what ETSS recommends on their site) a Rio 3100 pump soft plumbed out of the sump and then soft plumbed back to the sump. The Rio might even be a stretch to fit. Any suggestions on a comparable pump that's smaller?? <<Perhaps one of the Supreme Mag pumps - perhaps a Mag-7 or Mag-9.>> Thanks for all your help, JC, Cape Cod <<Cheers, J -- >>

Blemished Euroreef Hello to all, I frequent your site and I'm good friends with Jeff Macare of Euroreef fame and I thought this might be of some good information. He is in the process of selling blemished Euroreef skimmers direct to the consumer at a VERY reduced price. There only a limited quantity of these skimmers available so if any interested contact skimmerman@pacbell.net. Thank you for all of your help, your site has been invaluable to not only myself but the entire hobby, Jim <Thank you for this notice. Will post on WWM Daily FAQs then on to Skimmer Selection... Oh, and you might want to post on our chatforum: http://wetwebfotos.com/talk/ under "for sale" gear. Bob Fenner>

Clams and snails Hi Bob, <on the Calfo train today... Anthony in your service. First stop... Mollusks> I am setting up a 125 gallon reef tank. I currently have nothing but 180 lbs of live rock.  <an excellent start... a good skimmer too, right? Very important to get that thing working daily in the early stages.> It is starting to grow algae and diatoms. I want to get a cleanup crew of snails and crabs, etc.  <OK... but do rely mostly on daily skimmate production, carbon and water changes to control most nutrients> However, I eventually want to have giant clams. I've been reading Knop's book on them and he recommends against having snails.  <well... not all snails. He simply refers to the omnivorous or predatory nature of some common species. However, common Astraea Turbo snails are quite fine> This seems pretty extreme to me. How do you keep up with algae and detritus with no snails.  <again... I can't emphasize it enough to friends... getting your skimmer to produce a full cup of dark skimmate every day can eradicate most nuisance algae even when severe. Invest in a good skimmer and make it work hard, my friend> Thanks, John Kim <Best regards, Anthony>

Re: clams, snails, skimmate production Hi Anthony, Thank you for your prompt reply. I have an ETSS evolution 500 skimmer powered by an Iwaki 20 RLT pump. it has been set up and running but it does not produce a cup of dark skimmate a day. It is more like tea colored water,  <a fine skimmer... you just need to tweak it some more to get dark daily skimmate. Little less air or water in this case to prevent tea colored product> with terribly smelly gunk building up on the tube which I clean once a week.  <excellent... you may even need to clean that internal coating more than once weekly to get really sweet production> My tank has a life reef skimmer and a marine life cr-500 calcium reactor. The return pump is a Iwaki 55 RLT.  Do you think that I have a good skimmer?  <the ETS yes> How can I get it to produce that much dark skimmate a day? <likely reduce the water flow just a bit to make the foam climb higher and drier. Also, see how it is fed: is it getting surface extracted water or water drawn from a dilute and fluctuating sump level? Skimmer boxes that catch raw overflowing water are best to feed skimmers> Thanks, John <best regards, Anthony>

ASM Skimmers I've not heard much about the All Seas Marine protein skimmers.  The only website that I've seen that carries ASM is Global Aquarium. Can you offer some words on these skimmers? I live in the Los Angeles Area but I can't find their phone number or their website. <they claim to be a cheaper version of the Euroreef. I have no personal experience with them but if the design is essentially the same, perhaps they are a fine alternative. Since you are in/near LA: do consider Aqua C as well. Jason Kim has a fine product and impressive customer service.> Thanks, Alden. <best regards, Anthony>

Re: ASM Skimmers Thank you for replying so fast. Do you know if ASM has a website? Phone number? Alden <alas I do not... but perhaps a daily FAQ reader will write in to advise us. I would not be surprised if they have a limited/exclusive contract. Many such spin-offs are sold through such channels. Anthony>

Skimmer Selection I'm looking at setting up 2 new tanks: 1) a 180 reef tank, and 2) a 110 fish tank with LR. I'm trying to figure out what types of skimmers to get for these 2 tanks, and I've narrowed the list down to 3 - I was hoping you could give me some advice as to which of the 3 you'd recommend for these 2 tanks (I've found praise for all 3 in past WetWebMedia FAQs, but would like to know which of the 3 you'd prefer in these 2 situations. <First off, is it your intention to keep these two systems separate? If not, I would recommend doing so, buying two different skimmers, two separate sumps, etc.> Tunze model 240/3 (rated for 500 gal). The Tunze advertises itself as 'plankton safe' (i.e.. it doesn't skim out plankton). Is this just hype, or a real advantage that this skimmer has over the other 2. <Probably more hype than anything.> Euro-Reef, Model CS8-1 (rated for 400 gal) Aqua-C EV240 (rated for 360 gal) <Wow! What a line up/choice! Let me go through them one by one. I own a Tunze (model 3115) and have used several on customers' tanks. They are very easy to adjust and skim well, but their biggest drawback is they are difficult to clean. I have used Euro-Reef skimmers on several customers' tanks. They are even easier to use and very easy to clean. I have not yet used an Aqua-C, although they get nothing but rave reviews. If it was me, I would buy the Euro-Reef's.> Thanks! <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Tight fit for skimmer Wonderful web people, <Whazzzup?!> Quick question. You all talked me out of installing a Red Sea Prizm protein skimmer.  <I do believe you can find a much better skimmer> (But in fact it did not fit anyway.) I have a wide P.C. light fixture over my 29 gallon reef tank. The very most space I have in the back from the edge of the light fixture to the rear top rim of the tank is 1.5" I have plenty of room behind the tank but it's the 1.5" that is stumping me. What type of skimmer would work with this configuration? <Alas, I/we don't have the specs memorized for skimmers... let us just access the manufacturer's web sites and customer support. I'm wondering if a hang on Aqua C Remora wouldn't do the trick. It is famous for its slim profile and efficiency. Look here... http://www.proteinskimmer.com/products/Remora.htm > Thanks a million!!! <best regards, Anthony>

Re: Skimmer Thanks again Steven for great, quick response. <You are welcome.> I have seen a used Euro-Reef skimmer on E-bay. My question is, I have a 75 gallon tank and the skimmer is the CS8, which I believe is rated 250-400 gallons. <I am going to guess you mean CS8-1, for 150 gallons plus.> Is this to much skimmer for my tank. <A little, but if you can get a good price, I would buy it.> Not set up yet, going with LR and some soft corals. Thanks Bryan. <Good luck with the auction. -Steven Pro>

Red Sea Prizm Skimmer Fellas, You all convinced me to get a skimmer. I bought a Red Sea Prizm hang on skimmer (I got the newest model). I have read over your skimmer suggestions till my eyes are tired. I have very little room behind my 29 gallon reef tank which has been up and running for 2 years. I was planning to fire up the skimmer in the morning. Do you have any yellow flags for me? <Generally, I am not a big fan of the Prizm, but for your size tank, it is completely adequate. Do follow the manufacture's instructions. I remember something about wetting an O-ring prior to running the skimmer. If you do not do this, there is a chance of a small leak.> William Snyder of Stuart, FL <Good luck! -Steven Pro>

Red Sea Prizm Skimmer, Take II Fellas, <<JasonC here, wassssssup?>> You all convinced me to get a skimmer.  <<Good deal.>>  I bought a Red Sea Prizm hang on skimmer (I got the newest model.) <<Egads, we convinced you to buy this?>>  I have read over your skimmer suggestions till my eyes are tired.  <<Gosh, I would have thought then you'd know already what any one of us might say about this particular skimmer.>>  I have very little room behind my 29 gallon reef tank which has been up and running for 2 years.  <<Any room to fit an AquaC Remora?>> I was planning to fire up the skimmer in the morning. Do you have any yellow flags for me?  <<I suppose not - any skimming is better than none, I'm just not a real big fan of the Red Sea skimmers, old or new. Given your space constraints, this may have been your best choice - I'm sure it will work out just fine.>> William Snyder, Stuart, FL <<Cheers, J -- >>

Remora Pro Pre-filter Any word on the prefilter for the Remora Pro? <It should help it to process surface drawn water and function better.> Is it all its cracked up to be? <I don't know what you mean.> Also would it be worth getting the optional drain and waste container? <Not to me.> Thanks so much for your help, I really enjoy my reading on your website! <Glad to hear it. -Steven Pro>

Re: Remora Pro Pre-filter "Is it all its cracked up to be?" I mean is it worth the money for the claimed benefits? <It will increase performance. -Steven Pro>

Please help me decide (skimmer selection) I have an 85 gallon tank I converted from brackish to a reef tank. I have about 110lbs of live rock. I currently have an Emperor 400, (2) 301 powerheads and a Prizm Pro. I am replacing my Emperor 400 with a Magnum 350 as the Emperor creates too many bubbles in the tank. <If you intend this to be a reef tank, you may not want or need the canister filter.> My Prizm Pro also creates too many micro bubbles, especially when I add plankton. I was told to get the AquaMedic Turboflotor 1000 Multi from my local store. I have also been recommended the Remora Pro. I have also read that the HOT1 is good too. Which skimmer (even if I didn't list it) would be the best for me? <I would probably get the Aqua-C Remora Pro with Mag-Drive upgraded pump.> Also which really performs the best and easiest to adjust and maintain? Thanks in advance! Art Kouns-Newbie to Salt Water P.S. please reply to the CC email too! <No problem. -Steven Pro>

Kent products Hi again <cheers, my friend> I bought your book from Amazon, but it is going to take like 15 days before I receive it in Colombia. I am really looking forward to read it.  <I hope that you enjoy it and find merit there too. Read it in good health :)> Sorry I didn't by it from you but I find after setting my order that it was available trough your web page. <no worries at all> I would like your advise in Kent skimmer and wet/dry rocking filter. <I'm sure that you can find a much better skimmer. Are any of the following brands available to you: Aqua C, Euro-reef, Tunze (first choices), Turboflotor, Klaes are also good. And regarding the Wet/Dry... I would suggest that consider making one yourself. They are simple and you can make one that will serve your specific needs better and save money by building it. Many DIY plans on the internet including here: http://www.ozreef.org/diy/index.html there are about a half dozen links to plans at the very bottom of this long page. Best regards, Anthony> Best Regards, Andres Saravia

My Next Skimmer Hi Anthony...again...O.K. sold on not spending money on 5 year old crap. I like two manufactures Precision Marine and Aqua-C. For Aqua-C, I've looked at the EV-180 (good for 60-200g so says the web site), would the EV-180 be O.K. or should I go to the EV240 for my 125g reef?  <I love this skimmer and design. If you can afford it and think that you will likely add refugiums or a bigger thank in the 5 year picture, go for the larger model>  For Precision Marine, they have two models I'm contemplating the CV626 (good for 150G) or the Bullet-1(same 150G). Again which one would you recommend?  <I have little personal experience with this unit and not enough feedback from fellow aquarists. I can provide an avalanche of testimonials for Aqua C however> Of the two manufactures would you lean towards PM or Aqua-C?? I know hard questions, may bring you hate mail.... but you are direct and I like your no B.S. attitude. Thanks,  Larry <my pleasure... and thanks :) I'd go for the Aqua C. Answering e-mail here with Bob (hundreds weekly) we have just heard so many unsolicited testimonials praising a product that we already admire. Is it the best in the world (whatever that is)... no. But it is one of the very bet values for your dollar and indeed one of the best skimmers around! Unless you have an extra $2K laying around for an RK2. Best regards, Anthony>

Skimmer Hi, I am shopping around for an in-sump skimmer and have narrowed it down to a few, but wanted to get your input on one. What do you think of the Lifereef Venturi Skimmers? <I have never used one, but we do have an extensive archive of protein skimmer recommendations. Please see www.WetWebMedia.com and search for skimmers.> Thanks, Mike <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Aqua C vs. Euroreef Hi All, <cheers> Love your site! The information here is mind boggling. Thank you all for taking the time to answer our questions. <our pleasure> I am setting up a 180 gallon reef tank. The DIY sump (40 gallon long) will have live rock instead of bio-balls and a small refugium. Since I was told by my LFS that the refugium should have a turnover of about 2 x's per hr., (I hope this information is correct???) <not really... likely too slow but depends entirely on the type of refugium and its inhabitants> I thought to have the skimmer overflow into it which would then overflow towards the return pumps. <if the skimmer is getting raw water from the display first then I'm Ok with it all>> I will be purchasing a skimmer within the next few days and would like to ask your opinion regarding this. Looking over your site it seems the AquaC and Euro-Reef are the two top skimmers mentioned. <many good brands for different peoples needs...these two are at the top considering value and performance. The "best" may be an RK2 starting at $1500 and self cleaning...heehee> The Marine Depot site lists that you would have to double your water capacity when purchasing the Euro-Reef skimmer. Is this true? If so, my stand height is 26 inches and the CS8-2 rated for 200-500 gallons is 24 inches which would make it a real tight fit. When I looked at the AquaC there is not a reference to double the water capacity. In that case I could go with the EV180 rated for 60-270 gallons and only 20 inches high. The EV240 is 26 inches and that puts it right out of the ballpark height wise. Thank you for any help you can give me in this. <the Euroreef needs high volume, is possibly a slightly more consistent and idiot-proof design... the Aqua C gets my vote for value and performance with educated consumers> Chris, Williamstown, NJ <best regards, Anthony Calfo>

Re: Aqua C vs. Euroreef Hi Anthony, Thank you for your quick response regarding the skimmer. <my pleasure> It is now ordered and should be here next week along with the 180 tank and the Custom SeaLife 3-175 MH/2-96W (2 Actinic/3-5500K)light. Before I go on with this email I must tell you I had a great chuckle when I received a reply from you. I have read "Aquarium Corals" by Borneman, "The book of the Marine Aquarium" by Dakin and of course Bob's book "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" which I consider one of the best that I have read so far. Now to the chuckling part----The decision of the skimmer was holding up my order and I was getting impatient because included in that order is your book "Book of Coral Propagation". Thanks to your suggestion of skimmers, I now can get your book into my hands within a few days! <Ha! talk about fate for both of us :)> I read on your site that you have suggestions on what type of macroalgae should be grown to benefit the corals and would like to learn more---hence the refugium idea. <yes... in fact, I just got off the phone with Eric Borneman... we were chatting and grumping about various industry shams not the least of which is the awful marketing blitz that has strong-armed aquarists into equating Caulerpa with refugiums!!! Refugiums have been around DECADES longer than "magic mud" Caulerpa cess pools... and there are so many reasons not to encourage large quantities of it to grow. Anything but Caulerpa please. Heck... many styles of refugiums have no Caulerpa at all and are far more productive :)> I have a 30 gallon reef tank with a few corals (Plerogyra sp, Paralemnalia sp., Protopalythoa vestitus, and a few mushrooms of various colors) and fish (1-True percula, 1-Copperband Butterfly (which I have had for 5 months and love blood worms, seaweed and brine/Mysis shrimp), and 2 PJ Cardinals. Let's not forget the cleaning crew of a few blue leg crabs, snails, and 1 cleaner shrimp. All which live together happily so far but will be more comfortable in the 180. Presently I have the Berlin Turbo skimmer which I was able to get skimming pretty well until I cleaned the collection cup (rinsed with water only). Since then (3 weeks) I have not seen one drop of scum come out of it. <interesting> Needless to say, the water changes are weekly if not more depending on my readings. Unfortunately, my sump has bio balls which I did not know about the nitrate buildup until I stumbled on your sight a few months back. The RK2 sounds like my kind of skimmer since its self cleaning. Maybe I can make a wish list for Santa--hehe. <agreed!> Now to get back to your reply, the 40 gallon tank chambers will be set up as follows: skimmer and overflow water, live rock (about 17 lbs.), refugium (which will be elevated slightly to allow the overflow water to pass under, return pumps. The size of the refugium will be determined by the space left after the above is placed in. I am hoping the size will be at least 12 inches wide if not more. I asked my LFS if any of his customers install the skimmer this way (to get an idea on how to set the thing up). His said none of his customers have the skimmer before the raw water. <then none of his customers have an optimally working skimmer... this is all too common. Skimmers need to be fed raw overflow surface water... this is why better skimmers have their own skimmer boxes (Aqua C) or are rail mounted at surface (TUNZE). Otherwise, raw waste is allowed to go through a biological component and create nitrate rather than get skimmed out before turning into nitrate> Walking away with no idea of the proper way to do this, could you suggest how this should be done? My mental image is to have the overflow drain into the chamber that the skimmer is in. <exactly> The skimmer pump pulls up whatever water it can into the chamber and skims it. The remaining water will rise (no higher than 8 inches as per AquaC's site) and overflow into the live rock chamber which will drain into the next chamber and eventually get pulled up by the return pumps. <ahh...yes, I think we agree. Basically... the skimmer box is drilled with a hole at or slightly above the mfg recommended running level (the skimmer can be propped up if necessary but never drill a hole too low)... the raw water fills up the chamber and overflows into the sump or downstream otherwise. The skimmer cycles in and out of the skimmer box water and the high turnover per hour thoroughly skims the system> The skimmed water will flow into the refugium and overflow to the returns too. That was the original plan until you mentioned that the 2x's per hour flow may be too slow. Could we not raise the refugium up and have it level with everything else and have the full flow of the overflow and skimmer go into the refugium and then overflow to the return pumps chamber? (We will be using 2 Mag 7 for the returns and another Mag 7 for the skimmer). I'm sorry I don't have a drawing yet (just a really rough draft of this sump) but until the skimmer arrives and I know the proper dimensions this is still theory in my mind. I guess to put it in a nutshell - Is the full flow from the overflow and skimmer running through the refugium too much? <hmmm.... this is perhaps tough for both of us to envision in text. Do look at the following diagram: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/plumbingmarart.htm this is a diagram (not to scale) of many possible components but each where it may work best> So you will be in Philly in December? I would love to come. Do they have a website I can go to and get the information? <the club president hasn't confirmed the date yet... they are called PARC> There's a LFS I go to in the North East. In fact was there today to pick up the last of the LR for the 180. BTW, there are 3 LFS's I go to and this is not the one that said the turnover of the refugium should be 2x's per hour. <I heard that Hidden Reef is pretty good in the area. Indeed, one can get good and bad advice most anywhere... hence the reason for being an informed consumer> Cheers, Chris <kindly, Anthony>

180g reef protein skimmer Hi Bob, Just pried myself from your book long enough to write you an email. I have read the skimmer selection faq's on this site and am torn between two skimmers; the Aqua-C ev-240 and the Turboflotor T-1000. I plan to use a 40g breeder as my sump/refugium, fed from a 180 gallon AGA. I would like to put the skimmer in the first chamber to ensure constant water level to it, the refugium in chamber 2 and the pumps in chamber 3. I plan to eventually have stony corals and tridacnids. Available space is a small concern; either I can make chamber 1 slightly larger (in turn making the refugium slightly smaller) and use the ev-240 or make chamber 1 a little smaller and go with the t-1000. Putting the skimmer outside the sump would be difficult, due to space limitations in my stand. I would like to use the more powerful of the two skimmers. Considering these factors, which skimmer would you choose? Thank You, Jeff Kokomo, In. <For this size, type set-up, the Aqua-C hands down. Thanks for writing. Bob Fenner>

Protein Skimmer Just wanted to know what you think of the Prizm Pro Deluxe Skimmer.  <I wouldn't take it for free> The manufactures claim it is for aquariums up to 300 gallons.  <and Bill Clinton "did not have sex with that woman"> I would like to use it on a 125 gallon marine tank.  <get two... they can be like matching earrings <G>... perhaps as effective too> The tank is full of live rock with Tangs, Angels, Eels, and two Maroon Clowns with their Bubble Anemone. The sump also has live rock and a Rio 1400 circulating the water back to the tank. On the opposite side of the tank I have another Rio 1400 for water agitation/circulation. <please do yourself a favor and don't just take my opinion... check the message boards across the Internet, our archives, WWM FAQ opinions from many aquarists that write in, etc... the public opinion on this product is quite strong.> The reason I'm looking at the Prizm Pro is a heat issue.  <huh?> I was running a Rio 2100 in the sump but the tanks temperature was too high, so I switched to the 1400 which appears to have stabilized the temperature.  <good heavens... the problem isn't the pump volume my friend... it is the airflow (or lack thereof) around the tank and the very hardware application. The lack of a good skimmer and the now reduced water flow may very well create a terrible nuisance algae problem for you. What you need for starters is an external water pump to dissipate heat better (Dolphin Ampmaster or Iwaki would be fine choices for low heat, quiet and long-lived). Get the flow volume back up again and enjoy healthier fish and less detritus/nuisance algae. Small PC muffin fans (only 9 watts!) sucking air across the tank and/or sump will lend evaporative cooling that can reduce tank temp easily by 3-4 F. Plug into the same timer that the lights are on if the heat rises during daylight photoperiod> If you feel the Prizm Pro can actually run close to a 300 gallon tank, shouldn't it be fine for my 125 gallons?  <ahhh... do look up some fellow aquarists in a local or regional society and see one in action. Reef Central has an aquarium clubs forum if it helps you find one. Quite frankly... any skimmer including the Prizm that you can get to work on your tank and produce a CONSISTENT dark and DAILY skimmate is fine by me> If not, could the Urchin Pro or the Remora Pro handle this highly stocked tank? Maybe better, the Nautilus TE or the Turboflotor? <Turboflotor and Aqua C brands have a much more favorable public opinion that I agree with. Euroreef is more expensive but perhaps even easier to run and quite consistent. For anyone that doubts my opinion or possible bias... for the record: I use Tunze and homemade varieties> Thanks for the great site, Bobby <best regards! Anthony>

Aqua C vs. Euroreef Hi All, <cheers> Love your site! The information here is mind boggling. Thank you all for taking the time to answer our questions. <our pleasure> I am setting up a 180 gallon reef tank. The DIY sump (40 gallon long) will have live rock instead of bio-balls and a small refugium. Since I was told by my LFS that the refugium should have a turnover of about 2 x's per hr., (I hope this information is correct???)  <not really... likely too slow but depends entirely on the type of refugium and its inhabitants> I thought to have the skimmer overflow into it which would then overflow towards the return pumps. <if the skimmer is getting raw water from the display first then I'm Ok with it all>> I will be purchasing a skimmer within the next few days and would like to ask your opinion regarding this. Looking over your site it seems the AquaC and Euro-Reef are the two top skimmers mentioned.  <many good brands for different peoples needs...these two are at the top considering value and performance. The "best" may be an RK2 starting at $1500 and self cleaning...heehee> The Marine Depot site lists that you would have to double your water capacity when purchasing the Euro-Reef skimmer. Is this true? If so, my stand height is 26 inches and the CS8-2 rated for 200-500 gallons is 24 inches which would make it a real tight fit. When I looked at the AquaC there is not a reference to double the water capacity. In that case I could go with the EV180 rated for 60-270 gallons and only 20 inches high. The EV240 is 26 inches and that puts it right out of the ballpark height wise. Thank you for any help you can give me in this. <the Euroreef needs high volume, is possibly a slightly more consistent and idiot-proof design... the Aqua C gets my vote for value and performance with educated consumers> Chris, Williamstown, NJ <best regards, Anthony Calfo PS I'll be giving a presentation to the Philly club if you feel like a road trip in December to hear about Coral Propagation :)>

Skimmers Anthony, Many thanks for your promptly response  <very welcome my friend> I live in Colombia and I will try to find this books in Amazon but for now please help me. HSA skimmers look good on the picture but you never recommend it.  <that's because they are shamelessly overpriced styles in my opinion that do not work any better than other skimmers for half or one third of the price> From the web page of euro- reef it looks like a toy,  <understood my friend... but the design and performance are their great merits. Have you looked at the Aqua C brand EV series too?> I know you must have good contacts, please tell them to change the picture taken by a kid.  I am thinking of importing systems to Colombia and if it is not for your information I would never contact them. Any brand for heaters?  <none in America for quality... globally I like Ebo-Jager for a hobbyist grade model. The best are UK titanium probes with remote thermostats in my opinion> By the way I was trying to find R.O. from something purity and I was not able to find there web page. <I would suggest DI instead of RO. Look up "Kati Ani" brand German resins. Best regards, Anthony> Best Regards, Newbie from Colombia, Andres Saravia

Protein Skimmer Good Morning Bob, I have a questions on the use protein skimmer and I also have heard that now the use of wet/dry filters is not that popular anymore. <W/D's are not used with reef tanks at all or with most fish tanks now.> I just setup a new 60-gallon acrylic tank (one week old now) with live rock and live sand in the tank and planning to have a coral tank only with very few fish. Since I am not going to use wet/dry filters, therefore, I am going to purchase the best of the best (in my opinion) protein skimmer which is the ETSS Reef Devil 3? Is this safe and ok Bob? <Please see our extensive writings on the subject of protein skimmers at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/setup/index.htm Look about two thirds of the way down that page, in the middle of the section on Filtration/Circulation/Aeration.> I will also running a Fluval MSF 404. <And about 600-1200 gph of circulation depending on the corals kept.> Many thanks in advance for your advice. Michael <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Seaclone  What do you think of the Seaclone skimmer and do you know whether I will need the extension for a Juwel tank to fit it. <public opinion of them is overwhelmingly negative. Seems to fall under the category of "good things are seldom cheap and cheap things are seldom good". Do consider a Euro-reef or Tunze my friend. You may want to visit our FAQs or the message boards for detailed feedback about various brands. Best regards, Anthony>

Skimmer Thank you for your advice, I had figured that was the case with the chemical warfare, and I have already taken the long tentacle anemone back to the store where I bought him from.  <very good my friend!> You mentioned that my protein skimmer is not a good one. I was wondering what you recommend as a good protein skimmer for this size tank? I want to make sure that I have a good working skimmer in this system. Thank you <yes... a skimmer is one of the most important ingredients for success with marine aquariums. No skimping here. Unfortunately it is not easy to find a good skimmer under $200 and one doesn't exist perhaps under $100. The top of the line choices would be Euroreef, Aqua C and Tunze skimmers... a little less expensive you have Turboflotor and CPR. My biased preference here would be an Aqua C Remora (or Remora Pro) for a hang on choice or a Euroreef (sump or hang on). Best regards, Anthony>

Berlin classic turbo skimmer Hi everyone-I hope the weekend is going well. <We are having a beautiful day here in Pittsburgh.> I am in the process of setting up my 125 AGA with 2 corner overflows FOWLR tank, 125lbs live rock with a 20 gallon sump. I have 2 Mag-Drive 12 pumps (dialed down a bit on the output side). I also have a 30 gallon refugium I was planning on setting up with some sand, live rock and Caulerpa of some sort. I have all Tangs. Would they eat all of the neat things that will grow on the live rock in the main tank? <They will munch on much of the plant life.> Livestock is: 1 Naso Tang 6" 1 Regal Blue 5" 1 Sailfin 4" 1 Yellow 4" 1 Cleaner Wrasse 1 original set up damsel and a few dozen crabs and snails. They have been in a 55 gal tank for 3 years and have grown a lot. Time for an upgrade. <I should say so.> The water in my sump is 9" deep in the first chamber. I am planning on putting my Berlin classic turbo skimmer and pump inside the sump in this chamber. And it will discharge into the next chamber. Does it matter how deep the water is that the skimmer sits in? <It will impact the skimmer's performance. Please look at the manufacturer's recommendations regarding. A static (non-fluctuating) water level is critical to excellent and consistent skimmer production.> One other question if you don't mind, I was planning on a 5" deep sand bed. I had read somewhere that a deep bed is not a good idea with a fish only tank. But then I will read somewhere else that it's fine. Do you have any recommendations? <It could be problematic in certain situations (large, messy eating fish/predator tank), but should be just fine in your tank.> Thanks again in advance. Dennis

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