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Skimmer Question <brand>, Corallife, sel.  8/8/06 Hello Bob and Crew, <James today> An employee at my LFS suggested that I use a Super Skimmer for my 36 gallon saltwater tank. <Why do I think he sells them. Coralife Super Skimmer I assume.> I have read that the needle wheel stuff is not the greatest. What exactly makes the needle wheel unproductive or not a good product? <Not really unproductive at all.  The needle wheel is designed to break up the water more so than standard impellers.  This, supposedly allows more and finer air bubbles into the reaction chamber.  Generally, the smaller the bubble, the more efficient the skimmer becomes.> Would the Super Skimmer be sufficient for my tank that will only hold a few corals/invertebrates and about 4 or 5 small marine fish? <The claims say it will...Not familiar with this product to comment.  Another decent skimmer for a small tank is the Red Sea Prizm Pro.  I've used one and thought it did a decent job.  May be cheaper than the Super Skimmer also.> Thanks for all your help! <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>

Protein skimmer selection Seeking a Crew Master, <<how about Don today?>> If I may, seek a opinion on one possible road to take.  My current FOWLR 30 gal tank consists of 20 lbs LR, a UG filter, 1 to 2 inches of crushed coral, penguin 160, wheel removed, and a Visi-jet protein skimmer. Plans are to upgrade to a 75 gal this summer and use the 30 for a sump/refugium set-up. <<Sounds like a good plan>>Do to a light fish load  and bi-weekly water changes I've had a lot of success with the tank or maybe just lucky. <Nope, just good husbandry on your part in my opinion, congrats!>>My current thinking is to remove the UG filter and replace the crushed coral with a 1 inch sand bed. But I'm a little hesitant to rely so heavily on the jet-jet skimmer. <agreed on all>>I had some success with the skimmer, with daily adjustments, bi-weekly maintenance (a major headache). But feel I need to upgrade prior to a conversion to sand? Required? Or can I get away with adding some more LR? The jet-jet has never skimmed to the required coloration. <<More live rock would be beneficial. I think that your comments above about this skimmer answers your question about going to the Remora or some equivalent>> I think I read last week in the FAQ's that I'd be able to use a Aqua C remora pro in a sump. <Don't see why not>>Not sure if I should rush the transition and purchase the HOT skimmer or wait and purchase the EV-120 (in-sump). <<Not rushing normal pays off. Oversize when you can afford to. The EV would be the choice of most in this situation>>Would the remora pro be to much for the 30 gal? <<I'm confused, isn't the 30 the sump?>> Thinking consist of seeding the sand in the 30 and using that sand to seed the sand in the 75. <<good plan>> I currently have a Ebo Jager heater, When I purchased it said that it was fully submersible, (it has the temp dial on the top) but since it has a water line and didn't say submersible I've been a bit hesitant to turn sideways in the tank. <better save than sorry>> If I do, I'd be able to get away with a 4" DSB in the 30 gal along with the jet-jet or remora. <<Think about glass/acrylic baffles in the sump to give a skimmer/DSB/return area. See here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/plumbingmarart.htm and beyond for info/ideas.>> Again, Thanks for all your help. <<keep at it, sounds like your doing a bunch of stuff right Don>> DaveK

Big Tank- Bigger Fish! Hey Crew <Scott F. your crewmember tonight!> I was just wondering if a Remora Pro made by Aqua C is enough for a 180 gal or should I go with something else? <Although this skimmer can be "souped up" with a more powerful pump, I'd say that you should look in to one of the Aqua C "EV" series (I'd go with the EV180). It will be a FOWLR it will have a 75 gal sump.  The inhabitants will be 2 Zebra Morays, 1 Powder Blue Tang, 1 Naso Tang, 1 Map Angel, 1 Dwarf Lion, and 1-2 other medium sized fish.  There will be approx. 150 pound of live rock in the system also.  If that wouldn't be enough could you recommend another skimmer that would.  Thank you! Your website is awesome and I have recommended it to many others! <With that stocking plan, you wont only need a larger skimmer- you're gonna need a much larger tank! Morays give off large amounts of metabolic waste, and require very high water quality, and lots of changes to keep up with their messy eating habits. The Powder Blue Tang is a beauty- but be sure to quarantine him and maintain consistent water quality. I would not go with the Naso Tang- they are cool fish-but they require HUGE amounts of space to be truly happy. The Map Angel can reach over a foot in length, and also needs huge amounts of space to live a long healthy life span. How about a larger Centropyge species, such as C. eibli, or C. flavissimus (can be challenging, though). They are much smaller, and will do a lot better in this sized tank, IMO. The Dwarf Lion can work, but they are slow feeders, and may need target feeding to avoid being "out-hustled" by the other fishes. I'm not trying to put a damper in your stocking plan, but I am trying to point out that you can have a similar variety of fishes if you make some substitutions with smaller "models". Even though a 150 is a large tank, when you have a fish that potentially ranges over an area the size of half a football field in nature, you need to consider the fish's "psychological comfort" as well as the physical needs for space and water quality. Do a bit more research, taking in to account the potential adult size of your favored fishes, and you'll approach things a bit differently. Your fishes will thank you for it, believe me! Good luck! Scott F>

Skimmer recommendation Hello one final question..... Euro-reef cs6-1 for $298.00 is this a good skimmer? <I feel that is literally one of the best that money can buy. Perhaps my first choice> I have a height problem under my cabinet and was wondering your thoughts on this skimmer. Thank you, Paul <outstanding in a field. Anthony>

Skimmers Hello Crew (Anthony), I have researched Protein Skimmers and this is my conclusion. The Aqua C Remora is a nice unit as some people say, but I have heard some people say this isn't that powerful of a unit. They recommended the E.T.S.S. <and they are SPS keeper or men with "skimmer envy" and red sports cars in their driveway <G>. ETS style skimmer do work very well. They are some of the most efficient on the market. But there are several that are far better IMO, easier to clean (by far!!!), less expensive to purchase and operate (the wasteful pump size and power demand on an ETS). Point blank... the ETS and like downdraft style skimmers are over engineered. They are not a good value for your dollar (which is why Aqua C is so popular with aquarists). My strong preference is for a Euroreef if money is no object (still less than ETS) and an Aqua C if you can't afford to invest in a Euroreef. Both are excellent skimmers... I feel as though the Euroreef is a little bit more idiot proof though> 600 to me and said to buy this protein skimmer over the Remora or any of the Aqua C skimmer they make. <I'd take an Aqua C EV series any day over it> Then I have read from you guys (and gal) that the Turboflotor 1000 is a excellent unit to buy. <I feel it is good... but it does need pampered and tweaked to work well. Strong potential but not idiot proof> On company that sells these is charging $100 more and claims they have modified it from the original version to run better. Have you heard of doing this and what could they really do besides change to a stronger pump? <absolutely... and agreed> I am leaning to the Turboflotor1000 over all skimmers and feel this have the options and cost that I am looking for, but I still am trying to consider the Aqua C Remora Pro. This is a little bite more money than the Turboflotor 1000. I hope you can give me the best judgment of what you would consider buying. <very simply... Euroreef or Aqua C for value and performance. I don't like being a slave to my skimmer. And I don't feel like a $300 or more skimmer should be hard to clean or require frequent fine tuning> This is why I come asking questions because sometimes when you research somethings.... you only get confused by other sales people telling me different.... help is needed be a person who is not steered into the direction of a product that could be inferior, but purchased because the sales people make more money on the other skimmer.... catch my drift? <understood. And although Aqua C is an advertiser here... Euroreef is not. And most of the products we recommend are not. Hopefully most readers feel we are plainly honest (our very opinions and recommendations in-house differ for that matter at times).> Speaking of drift... it is snowing and I really need a Caribbean vacation!!!! say about three months long!! Thank you for you input, Paul <best regards, Anthony>

Mainly skimmer selection Dear Crew, << stuck with Don today!>> I've been reading almost everything on your Q&A sections and have found them very interesting and helpful.  Many questions were answered for me. << Learning together is the goal!>> Ordered a few books to help with this process.   I am new to this hobby and am planning to set up a 58 gal reef tank, predrilled with corner overflow.  <<Think about getting the tank drilled in the back wall and setup a weir or trough to surface skim. Less noise and bother in the long run IMO>> I will be adding 50-70lbs of live rock and live sand as a substrate. <<4" min 6" better>> Housing a protein skimmer, heater, etc in a sump under the tank.  Haven't given too much thought about stocking. << As you have probably read, give this much research/thought before starting>>  I guess I can work that out later once the system is up an running. (it seem like it may take awhile to get things right)  I've been trying to figure out the best choice for me regarding a protein skimmer.  This tank will be in my office and there is no chance of changing to a larger tank in future.  Noise, ease of set up and maintenance (I'm new at this), odor are all concerns that I need to think about.  I have looked at the Turboflotor 1000 (based on all the positive comments in your Q&A), the Euro-Reef  ES5-2, and the AquaC Urchin Pro.  Now for the question(s).  Is the Turboflotor "too much" skimmer for this set-up?  Can you have "too much" skimming? <<Don't think so>> Is the Euro-reef enough skimmer? It is rated for 40+ gallons; or should I look for a larger Euro?( taking it out of the price range of the others)  Would the Urchin Pro be effective on my proposed setup?  <<Haven't looked much at the Turboflotor myself. From what I understand/have seen, the Euro Reef may be pricey, but maintenance/setup doesn't come much easier and are very quiet. Aqua C is known for there support after the sale, as well as high quality skimmers. As far as capacity goes, check with the manufacturer. I have seen retailer's ratings on the web that vary greatly from the manufacturer's design ratings. My recommendation would be to not skimp here. Very important piece of equipment in a reef.>> I have seen all of these skimmers on the net for around the same price.  Assuming all would be adequate and effective, how do they compare regarding ease of set up, maintenance, noise, and odor <<some have carbon filter add ons to help with odor. Would not be to hard to DIY once you see one>>?  Thanks, can't wait to get started.  Proceeding slowly will be the challenge. <<Patience will be rewarded>>     Gary   

Which Skimmer Is A Winner? Dear Crew, <Scott F. with you today> I've been reading almost everything on your Q&A sections and have found them very interesting and helpful.  Many questions were answered for me. Ordered a few books to help with this process.   I am new to this hobby and am planning to set up a 58 gal reef tank, predrilled with corner overflow.  I will be adding 50-70lbs of live rock and live sand as a substrate. Housing a protein skimmer, heater, etc in a sump under the tank. <Great setup> Haven't given too much thought about stocking.  I guess I can work that out later once the system is up an running. (it seem like it may take awhile to get things right)  I've been trying to figure out the best choice for me regarding a protein skimmer.  This tank will be in my office and there is no chance of changing to a larger tank in future.  Noise, ease of set up and maintenance (I'm new at this), odor are all concerns that I need to think about.  I have looked at the Turboflotor 1000 (based on all the positive comments in your Q&A), the Euro-Reef  ES5-2, and the AquaC Urchin Pro. <All nice models> Now for the question(s).  Is the Turboflotor "too much" skimmer for this set-up? <Nope> Can you have "too much" skimming? <I have never seen a tank that was truly "over skimmed", but it's theoretically possible, but then again, according to Mr. Spock, it's theoretically possible to re-generate dilithium crystals! So, anything is possible, I guess!> Is the Euro-reef enough skimmer? It is rated for 40+ gallons; or should I look for a larger Euro?( taking it out of the price range of the others) <I'd think that you'd be fine with that model> Would the Urchin Pro be effective on my proposed setup? <Another fine skimmer. I'd narrow it down to the Urchin or the Euroreef> I have seen all of these skimmers on the net for around the same price.  Assuming all would be adequate and effective, how do they compare regarding ease of set up, maintenance, noise, and odor? <Both the Euroreef and the Aqua C Urchin are about as close to "plug and play" as you can get, IMO! Odor should not be a problem with either one...Just follow a regular maintenance schedule. Both are easy to maintain, too! Really tough call- I'd say that you will do well with either one! Slight edge to Euroreef for performance, but another edge to the Urchin for ease of cleaning and function. I think that I'd try the Aqua C. I love Euroreef skimmers, but I get a lot more positive feedback from Aqua C users. Also, Aqua C's owner, Jason Kim, is very helpful and knowledgeable, and really goes out of his way to help users of his products- a very valuable "feature", if you will!> Thanks, can't wait to get started.  Proceeding slowly will be the challenge. Gary <Steady as she goes, Gary. Enjoy every second! Good luck! regards, Scott F>   

Are there any HOT skimmers small enough for a 10 gallon nano tank? Ana M. Saavedra <There are a few, but not many. Most people with 10 gallon nanos rely on 10% weekly water changes, rather than skimmers, to get rid of nutrients. Some of the hang-on-tank skimmers that will physically fit on a 10 gallon tank include the Prizm and the Skilter; there may be others. While neither of these are particularly popular with people with larger tanks, they can work out okay on small tanks. The Skilter can be modified to make it more efficient. You could also put a bigger/better skimmer in a sump. There are some threads about this on the WetWebFotos discussion forum. Also check out the www.nano-reef.com forums for various viewpoints on the pros and cons of assorted small skimmers. --Ananda>

Which Skimmer? Hello Crew.  Love the site and read it almost daily. <Glad to hear it! Scott F. with you today!> I am in the process of planning a 300 gallon community reef tank.  I plan on a mix of corals and moderate to high bio load.  I am narrowing the choice of skimmers.  I would like to know your thoughts on the ETSS line of skimmers.  In particular and if you have experience with these skimmers, the ETSS 800 Pro.  Because of a lack of space I would like to keep the skimmer under the stand. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Michael <Well, Michael- I personally have an ETSS Evolution 750 skimmer on one of my tanks (a 150gal reef), and it performs very well. It did take quite a while to "dial in" to produce good dry foam and dark skimmate regularly. This involved adjusting the pump flow, gate valve, bioballs, etc. Not fun, but essential. The other key with ETSS skimmers (or any brand, for that matter), is to clean them regularly (like twice a week or more, optimally). These skimmers are incredibly productive once you get them "tuned" to your system. They are used by many, many public aquariums around the world. I like the ETSS, but if I had to do it over again on this tank, I'd consider the Aqua C EV line, or maybe a Euro Reef CS6-8. These are both more "user friendly" skimmers, IMO, and the Euro Reef is almost "plug and play". However, none of these skimmers works perfectly for everyone all the time. They often do require several rounds of adjustments to get a good skim. Both the Euro Reef and the Aqua C are a bit easier to clean, IMO, than the ETSS. Aqua C has one more good advantage- the owner of the company- Jason Kim, is a really nice guy and is always helpful when Aqua C users have questions (an important consideration). This is important, because, human nature being what it is- we are more inclined to clean something if it's easy! In the end- these are all great products; once they are set up, they should give years of good service. Do a bit of research, talk to some owners of each of these models- and then go for it! A skimmer is a very important (and pricey!) investment for your system-do it right the first time and you'll be so much happier! Good luck. Regards, Scott F>

Protein skimmer for this space? Hi Crew, Totally new to salt water aquarium. We recently bought a used (supposedly custom built) 90 gal acrylic flat back hex with partitions built into the back for filter equipment. <This setup can be limiting> The center compartment is the largest and has bio balls and filter media. The compartment where the overflow goes in, is I guess where a protein skimmer goes. The other compartment has the pump outflow back into the show part of the aquarium. The only protein skimmer I found locally that would fit in the skimmer compartment is a Red Sea Berlin 90. I don't like it. Have messed with it for days and can't make it stay constant. <A common complaint> The skimmer compartment is approximately 7.25" wide, 4.5" deep and 23" tall. There is about 4" of space between the top of the aquarium and the hinged hood (where the skimmer cup for the Berlin airlift now fits fine). Will the Aqua C Urchin Pro work (fit in the compartment and allow the hood to close) in this setup? Other recommendations? <I can't say for sure. This task should be fairly easy. I would look first at hang-on-the-back skimmers (HOB) and pay attention to the footprint sizes given by manufacturers. I'm sure there is on out there for you>   This will eventually be a reef and fish setup. Is currently cycling with 45 lbs. of Fiji live rock on top of 25 lbs. of crushed Puka shell and 26 lbs. of live sand, and another 45 lbs. of live rock coming Monday. We are also very confused about lighting, any help there? <Lighting is confusing for everyone. Lots of opinions and very little factual evidence out there. Read our lighting section at WetWebMedia for much much more information on lighting and many other topics> Your help is appreciated. Terry <You're welcome! David Dowless>

Poor manners, habits, lack of respect for help on WWM Bob, <Frank> I meant no disrespect in my last email, it is just frustrating when you spend your time money efforts and research on products and come to find out people mislead you, and I unfortunately offended you for that I am sorry and I would appreciate it if you will still help me with my tanks. <What I take exception with is being asked for a qualified opinion... and responding to materials I have spent several thousands of hours helping to compile... that you obviously just ignored... Why waste my/our/your time?> I will take your advice on the skimmer however the area for the skimmer is very narrow, I don't want to buy one to big or small I only have about 5" of width by about 14" of depth,   What skimmer or skimmers would you recommend possibly a prism skimmer based on it's narrow design or possibly a vertically challenged skimmer I have plenty of height at by disposal. <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimselfaqs.htm and the linked Skimmer Selection pages beyond... READ! Bob Fenner> Sincerely, Frank Sanna

Cheap skimmer? One more thing.  Do you have any suggestions regarding a good, moderately priced protein skimmer? <Aqua-C products are fabulous. Please don't go the Seaclone route...David Dowless>

Skimmers Thanks for the advice Anthony! I did further research on the Euroreef. It was pricey and if you will notice the "was" part. I couldn't resist and went ahead and bought the Euro-Reef CS8-2. <heehee... a true aquarist!. You will not be disappointed. Fiddle with the height/water depth for some days (like all skimmers) to get daily skimmate and then never look back. A very low maintenance and reliable skimmer indeed> Know anyone who needs a hardly used Read Sea skimmer? <two words: "wheel-" "chuck"> LOL Now the bad part, I have to go home explain this to the wife how it was completely necessary to keep the fishies alive and happy! <good luck> Anything for them! <don't every use that phrase in front of your wife> Wish me luck. <good luck... but I still think you're screwed <G>> Below I attached an interesting comparison of several high end skimmers. Best Regards, David http://www.thereefweb.com/skimmer_phase_III.htm <thanks kindly, my friend... best regards. Anthony>

Skimmer help?! Greetings guys! <Howdy> Thanks for all the help on my other questions. Here's some more...I currently have a 2 month old 60g setup with about 25lbs of live rock (am gradually adding more as I can afford it) and a crushed coral bed that is about 2.5" thick. The tank houses:1 blue damsel1 striped damsel (black/white, possibly a 4 stripe?)1 small yellow tang1 strawberry basslet1 spotted hawk1 very small clown (I think it's an ocellaris)1 scooter blenny2 turbo snails3 blue leg hermits2 purple mushroom polyps. Due to the style of the tank, I've determined that I would have been better off turning my 72g bow front into a salt tank. The 60g is a Via-Aqua and while they are beautiful tanks, the hoods on them cause excessive salt creep and they are impossible to add any extras (such as protein skimmers) to. So this weekend I will be converting my 72g into my salt tank and turning the 60g back into a fresh tank. I will be using the water/substrate/everything from the current salt tank to setup the 72. The 72g has an UGF with 2Powerhead 302's. Once this is complete, I will be adding a protein skimmer. My question is, which one should I get? I've read thru all of the FAQ's at wetwebmedia.com but am completely confused as to what would be the best for this set-up. <there are many good brands. If you prefer hang on the back... go for Aqua C Remora. If you prefer sump models... go for Euroreef. And if you prefer rail mount (topside)... go for Tunze. You cannot go wrong with any of those three choices> My LFS suggested that I might want to add a canister filter instead of a skimmer right now, is this correct? <good heavens no!!! You have more than enough bio-filtration in your live rock and UG filter. The canister will only create more nitrates here! Protein skimmers are invaluable and necessary> I am currently fighting a major battle with diatoms. <an easy solution- nutrient control. A good protein skimmer can rid this algae in less than 2 weeks without you lifting a finger> I've tried everything my LFS and I can think of and nothing is working (I'll be adding more snails and crabs as I can afford them but they're quite expensive here). <heehee... just use water changes and good skimming to export the nutrients. Herbivores are just treating the symptom> I have a very limited budget so can only add one or the other right now. I do not have a sump so if I go with the skimmer it needs to be a HOT style and it needs to be very quiet as this tank is located only a few feet from my bed. <easy then... Aqua C Remora it is then <G>> A friend has a used Red Sea Prizm skimmer for $80, is this a good buy and would it work for my needs or am I better off to get something else? <I wouldn't take that skimmer for free let alone spend time trying to get it to work> Thanks again for all the great info! Ronni <best regards, Anthony>

Re: Thank You!!! Skimmer, success Hi Bob, no questions this time, just wanted to say thank you for all of your help! I recently asked several questions, which you guys were more than willing to answer back. <We respond to all>   I had written about a Cyanobacteria problem I was having you had told me to go ahead and turn on my protein skimmer even though the tank was not done cycling.  I had a Prizm Pro at that time, and needless to say it didn't do squat.  You had turned me onto the Aqua-C brand of skimmers.  I purchased a Remora Pro and WOW, what a difference.  I've been using the skimmer for about one week now.  The tank has finished cycling (not due to the skimmer I don't think). <No> I had 2 96W Smartlites that I had changed to the 6700K lights at the same time as adding the new skimmer.  Over the past week the Cyano has been diminishing.   I woke up yesterday and it had finally gone, completely!!  That skimmer had pulled so much crud out of my water.  I think I've emptied that collection cup about 6 times, each time with brownish green gunk, yuk!  Sorry, to go on like this, but I just can't believe that a skimmer can make such a difference. It looks like someone poured a bottle of bleach into the tank.  All of my decorations and substrate look brand new again.  I can't thank you enough for your advice.  I really was starting to get very disappointed at what was happening to my tank, I was sick.  Now, I have regained my excitement about this "life style" that is fish keeping.  Please keep answering those questions.  My fish and I thank you. <You're both very welcome. Bob Fenner>

Skimmer and pump recommendations Thank for the input, What would you recommend for a skimmer and return pump. My tank is being built its 24x24x24 with a free standing 6x6 center overflow. <I would size to your tank/inhabitant list/return head height. the favorite skimmers here are Euro-reef and Aqua-C. Both are excellent. A simple submerged Mag-drive sized for your desired turnover would be ideal. See the WetWebMedia.com sponsors for sizing.> My plan is to have a 1" bulkhead for a drain and a 3/4" bulkhead for the water output. Both in the overflow. Then run the 3/4" up to the top of overflow, and connect to 2 or 4  loc-line outputs, to handle the total circulation for the tank. My stand is going to be about 24x24x30 so room will be tight, I was thinking of hanging a skimmer off the eco sump in the #1 chamber. Any help on skimmer and pump and any other ideas would be great. Thank Dave <This will work Dave, but I would go oversize on the overflow, up to 2" and run larger returns as well.  Depending on desired inhabitants, 10-20 times turnover is needed. See Anthony's illustrations in Marine set-ups on WetWebMedia.com. Sounds like a lot of fun!  Craig>

Comments on Remora Pro Protein skimmer Hey Gang! How you doin'? I just read a readers comments on e-tailers selling the Remora Pro Protein skimmers. I recently purchased one from Marinedepot.com. The total cost on the Pro model w/mag 3 pump + the skimmer/bubble trap was around $270 including shipping. This protein skimmer kicks butt! It was producing dark skimmate after 3 weeks. I did contact the Aqua C company with a concern for the lid that didn't fit quite right, and the Prez. of the  company, Jason, sent a new one that was here in two days! <indeed... beyond producing very well designed skimmers (great value too), his customer service is legendary. AT least rare in our industry. All part of why you see us recommend these products often> A wonderful product & company to deal with - IMO.   <very much agreed... thank you for sharing the kudos> Anthony, I performed the "Mash 4077" surgery on the green finger today, and found it to be a little tougher to cut thru than imagined (took 2 cuts). It went from being the size of a softball to smaller than a golf ball <natural> & was very hard to get a stitch in. <surprising but no worries. Rest easy if you saw no systemic infection (rotting up through core)> I managed to get it loosely attached (I think) to a piece of rubble and the current hasn't knocked it off yet (keeping fingers crossed-mine, not the corals!) <excellent... the key is to leave it alone no mater how grumpy it looks for weeks (short of rotting)> Will it attach to the rubble quickly? <within a couple weeks> I noticed when performing the cut that a clear reddish liquid "bled" a little. <yep... be very careful to never get this hear eyes, in cuts, etc. Hence my admonition to wear gloves> I was thinking, as the cut was taking place, I can't believe I'm actually doing this! Anyway, thanks a lot for all the help all you's guys give to all of us! I know I certainly appreciate it! Your friend in Denver, <with kind regards, Anthony>

Which skimmer? hey guys, I just bought a 75g TruVu tank and a truflo wet dry which I plan on putting my skimmer in. I'm trying to figure out what skimmer in your opinion would be best for inside my sump....the new euro reef ES5-2 or aqua- c EV-120. I plan on doing a live rock, sand set up and I want something that is  easy  to set up/clean but is the best for my $$$$$? <Either skimmer is a good choice and will meet all of your requirements> thanks much, Dave <You're welcome! David Dowless>

Remora Pro (online deal) Hi, you just posted a mail from Derek about wanting to buy a Remora Pro.  I assume the $345 that he was going to pay was at a local retail store?  I just ordered one on line and will be receiving today from www.aquaticwarehouse.com for $199 including the Rio 1400 pump.  I paid the extra $29 for the two day shipping for a total of $228.99 including shipping and the item.  I am always on the lookout for a good deal and this was the best that I found on the net through google.com.  I don't know if you are big into putting up addies for on line stores but am hoping if he reads this it could save him big bucks and will get him the better skimmer for the good deal.  Thanks as always, Jeff <We post what folks send. Thank you for sending this along. A bargain, for sure. Bob Fenner>

- Skimmer Selection - Hey, <Hey... JasonC here.> Thanks for all your help in the past! Looking for a bit of advice right now. I have a 35 gallon FOWLR setup currently cycling with 2 damsels and about 25 lbs of live rock. I am planning to get a skimmer and have narrowed it down to 2: the Aqua C Remora (which I know everyone recommends) and the Prizm. I have read the FAQ stuff so I know that the Remora is the better quality skimmer, however, it is not easy to come by where I live and so it's about $150 more expensive than the Prizm (about $345 vs. $195). <True... have you tried the online e-tailers?> Basically, is the extra money worth it? <I think so, and it will set you up nicely in case you decide to upgrade that tank to a larger size one day.> I can say that I am hoping to upgrade to a larger tank in the next couple of years so if the Remora could handle a larger tank (say 90 gallons) then maybe it would be worth the extra investment now. <It would certainly handle it, and you could also upgrade the pump at the same time you get the new tank... make it better suited for the 90.> Money is tighter than expected in this venture, however, so if I can get away with the Prizm, I might settle for that. <Yeah... but you would end up replacing it...> Any help is greatly appreciated, Derek <Cheers, J -- >

Aqua-c skimmers what's uuuuppp crew hope all are well Anyone know  who I can buy aqua-c skimmers from  wholesale   for my service accounts. also do you think the surface skimmers for the remora pros are worth getting. also can I drill the overflow cup for my own  nasty juice jug :)thanks  for all you do. rocky     <You might try Aqua-C's designated universal distributor: Bayside Aquatics/Marine Depot (on the Net, or phone... number, URL in all the hobby mag.s). Surface attachments are worthwhile, and yes, you can drill, fit a drain line to a larger collector vessel for the collector cups... I suggest tapping and fitting a thread to barb connector... nesting in with a bit of silicone sealant. Bob Fenner>

He Wishes His Skimmer Was Thinner! Hey, how are you? <Doin' great! Scott F. with you today!> First and foremost, thanks for all the great information. You guys make this scary hobby not so scary. <Hey- the scariest part of the hobby is figuring out how to pay for all of the stuff we want! THAT is scary! : )> I just recently picked up an Amiracle SL250 Wet/Dry filter. Unfortunately I  didn't think to check to see if the sump would be large enough for the protein skimmer I'm planning to buy (Aqua Medic TF1000). <Oops> Apparently the footprint for this skimmer is a few inches longer that the sump. <Bummer.> Instead of changing the skimmer entirely, I decided that I'll buy the hang-on-back version of this skimmer. I was just wondering will there be any performance loss with this model as opposed to the in sump version. <I have not heard of this from Turboflotor users. You may want to post on the wetwebmedia.com chat forum and get some feedback from other hobbyists who use this skimmer. I think the Turboflotor "Multi" may also mount externally, beside the sump. This may be an option for you...?> My tank is 120gal. I intent to have about 5 medium size fish and 1 radiata lionfish. Also about 100lbs of Tampa Bay Saltwater Live Rock. Thanks in advance. Demetrius <Sounds like you're gonna do it right! Good luck!>

Tunze Net site  David, With reference to our previous exchange on Tunze links, I checked your links page and there isn't any link to Tunze in the manufacturer's list. I went through each link that didn't say on the surface it wasn't relevant and a few that I knew weren't (curiosity). Along the way I found lots of interesting places - check out Tenecor for instance for some very attractive aquarium ideas. There was a broke link <I'm looking at a Marine Depot catalogue as I type, They sell them for sure> and one or two "under construction", but no Tunze link. Not even a distributor. You might fix that. <Thanks for this. Here's a suggestion: Type in "Tunze.com" in the address bar and you will got their website. Then choose the language that you want to see the site in. (http://www.tunze.com/usa/index.html?lang=en-gb) I just tried it and it works! David Dowless> Regards, Charlie H.

Skimmer Selection Anthony, Thanks for the help, I kind of suspected maybe there was too much muck in the tank (120 gal w/ 30 gal sump), nothing really visible, added a Naso tang a few months ago which seems to require a substantial amount of food, and we all know what he make of the food! Anyway, have a Red Sea Berlin Turbo model skimmer that needs constant adjustment, more than once daily to keep it creating enough bubbles, I suspect this is part of the problem and have been thinking about upgrading this unit to a more user friendly model, any suggestions?? <Anthony likes both Tunze and Euro-Reef skimmers. But they ain't cheap!> Thanks again Doug <You're welcome! David Dowless>

Don't Skimp On The Skimmer! Is a Red Sea Prizm Skimmer , a good quality skimmer for a 30 gallon tank ?? Thanks, James <Well, I'd have to say that the consensus of the majority of our readers who have used this skimmer are that it is not a very efficient unit. And, a protein skimmer is the most important piece of equipment that you can buy for your tank, as far as I'm concerned! On that basis, I won't recommend this skimmer. I have no personal experience with this skimmer, so I certainly won't "bash" it. However, you might want to post on the wetwebmedia.com chat forum and hear what your fellow hobbyists who have used it think. I always tell users of this seemingly problematic unit that, if it's pulling out a few cups of dark, yucky skimmate per week, then it's good enough for me! On the other hand, I can tell you that we consistently recommend the Aqua C, Euroreef, and Tunze skimmers to our readers who inquire about skimmers. The reason is that these are well-engineered, dependable, and productive skimmers, and have been proven to, and used by us. Again, don't take my word for it-check with fellow hobbyists who use them, or have used these skimmers. In the end, it's your tank, and your money! Don't skimp on a skimmer! Do some research, and make your move accordingly. I'm sure that you'll make the right decision! Good luck! Regards, Scott F>

Aqua C EV120 Protein Skimmer <Ananda here today...> Has anyone reviewed this skimmer? - I plan to use it on a 40gal - fish-only tank. If there's any info on Aqua C and their products please advise... Baron <For that size tank, an AquaC Urchin or Remora would probably suffice (assuming your sump is not particularly large). There are many questions and positive comments about AquaC skimmers on the WetWebFotos discussion forums: http://wetwebfotos.com/talk. See also the WetWebMedia skimmer selection FAQs, starting here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimbestof.htm. --Ananda>

- Skimmer Selection - <Greetings, JasonC here...> So what about using a sea clone protein skimmer on a 30 gallon tank, I heard the sea clone is a good skimmer for the price, do you recommend a sea clone (did u have an experience first hand with that skimmer)??? <I do not have first hand experience with it, but do know many people who do... it doesn't rate as well as a Prizm. If I were you, I'd pose this question on our chat forum where you can get a range of opinions as well as perhaps feedback from people who have used them. The forum can be found here: http://wetwebfotos.com/talk > thanks again <Cheers, J -- >

Skimmer in Greece Hello everybody! <Cheers from across the seas> It's been a long time since I bothered you for the last time, and this is because I have a happy and live aquarium (thanks to your books and advices!) <good to hear!> being able to handle most of my problems myself. In order to achieve this I have if course bought a quarantine tank, which have solved many of the illness problems I had in the past. Anyways, my question today is about a skimmer I would like to buy, cause my current one (internal counter-current) is out of order. My problem is that I do not have much free space , even for a big hang-on skimmer. My aquarium is 230 liters and I have 7 fishes (3 small and 3 medium sized). What would you suggest for a hang-on skimmer? <definitely an Aqua C Remora... it has the slimmest profile for hang ons and is one of the most effective in its class by far. If you cannot get it locally, Ken Wong at Marine Depot ships internationally. See here for main site: http://www.marinedepot.com/ and here for skimmer page: http://www.marinedepot.com/a_ps__index.asp?CartId= > I have heard of the PRIZM skimmer of Red Sea, which would be ok as it regards the dimensions, but they say is has a lot of noise and I can not afford this noise cause my tank is in my living room and my wife will divorce me!!! <more so... it has a mediocre to poor reputation for performance. I hear too many complaints every month on this model and have no desire to own one personally> Any good suggestions? I live in Greece and I really appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance, Thanassis Papavassiliou <with kind regards, Anthony>

- Skimmer Selection - Hey Bob- <Hey, it's not Bob, but I play one on TV... JasonC here.> Local dealer only sells Sea Life Systems skimmer. Do you know anything about them? <I've used them... they work, but tend to break rather easily.> Are they good or bad? <Not really one or the other... they just are.> DO they work well or should I shop around the net? <I would shop the net. Cheers, J -- >

- Skimmer Selection - Hi Jason - Sorry for calling you BOB! <No worries.> Hah. Anyway thanks for the input. I didn't buy the sea life because it only looked like there was only one way to adjust it - the air intake tube although maybe the plastic tube raises and lowers or something. DO you know if it does? <I think that depends on the model... but I do believe your assessment is correct enough.> I will shop around the net - any favorites you'd could suggest? <I'm a huge fan of Aqua-C. Cheers, J -- >

Re: Skimmer Selection Venturi or Counter Current? Which is best? Thanks <Neither... that is to say, there are better, worse of either technologies. Best to ask about specific makes, models per your intended application. And best place to ask the hobbyist BB's. Ours: http://wetwebfotos.com/talk/ Bob Fenner> Well I have a 100 gallon reef tank. Wet Dry. Would like to add a skimmer in the sump prior to adding any fish. Have 115 lbs live rock. All is cycled and ready to go. <Without a skimmer? Wow> I have two QT tanks that I will have my fish in for four weeks, and I don't know what type of skimmer to buy. I would like one that has a drain hose from the cup for ease but just want to make the right choice. I have heard venturi type don't work or they are hard to adjust. <Some are> Any advice or direction would be great. I don't even know what name brands to give you as to ones I've seen. A local shop sell Aquarium life support counter current and the shop owner showed me one on his tank but thought id ask you the great one for some direction. Any ideas of what types work better or a name brand to look at? The FAQ's page doesn't really specify. Thanks <! Please read, starting here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimselfaqs.htm and the other six Skimmer Selection FAQs files... where you will find names named. There is more that you need to know (that you are likely unaware of currently) that you will gain knowledge of by reading here. Bob Fenner>

Do I need an protein skimmer Is a Visi-Jet protein skimmer  good for a 30 gallon tank (price wise) ?? <Not IMO. Please see here re: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimselfaqs.htm and on through all the Skimmer Selection FAQs. Bob Fenner>

Tunze sources Hi, <Hello> My current 55 gal tank is likely to be replaced with a 90 gal in the near future. So, I not only want to make coral happy in my tank, when the transition takes place I want the equipment to be capable of supporting the new size tank as well. In researching what model skimmer to use in replacing the Sea Clone I have now I found numerous references to Tunze skimmers in your FAQs, but no source links. Ditto for the web site. Where on the web can I find a distributor for this highly recommended line of skimmers? <There are lots of sources. I'm getting ready to buy one of these myself. Click on our sponsor links at the top of our facts page. After looking at what's offered there check out our links page. There really are lots of people selling these fine skimmers> Also, some of the references seem to indicate that some other brands are Tunze models or designs. Am I misreading your comments? <Unfortunately, I have never written anything about Tunze skimmers since I have no personal experience with them. Therefore I am not familiar with the comments to which you are referring> Regards, Charlie H. <Have a great evening! David Dowless>

Tunze sources David, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. <No problem!> As to your suggestions, I had previously checked and the links page and sponsors side bars and found that none seem to lead directly to Tunze (you do have a rich set of links). <Look for Tunze under our manufacturer links. It's there. By the way, Marine Depot (whom I have dealt with in the past), sells these skimmers and they guarantee to match any cheaper price that you may fins> In checking my impression I found a previously overlooked reference to Tunze's home page (which is what else, of course, but www.tunze.com) specified in "FAQs about Skimmer Selection for Marine Systems 3". Seems Steven likes them (multiple cites and the URL there) and Anthony Calfo has used 6 and loved them (FAQs...4). Unfortunately for me, Tunze's offerings seem to be limited to in-tank or HOB, neither of which is attractive or viable - I want to look at the marine life, not a filter and I need a sump oriented design for several reasons. Aqua C would seem to be a good bet at this point. <Another great skimmer! David Dowless> Regards, Charlie H.

Phosphate question and skimming Anthony & Crew-   Anthony helped me last time with drilling overflows in my new tank. I just ordered by 215 with six 1" overflows This tank is going to rock! Thanks again Mr. Calfo. <excellent, bubba> I am now writing about my 20 gallon tank that has a bad outbreak of green hair algae. <almost always nutrient driven. I would be surprised if you said you skimmer has been giving you even 3 full cups of skimmate weekly, let alone daily skimmate> I know it had to do with a old DI cartage that I have replaced. <weak argument... true that source water can impart measurable nutrients that feed algae... but it never compares to the nutrients imported from daily/weekly feeding... poor skimming... weak water change schedule, etc> Also with nutrients in the water. I just replaced my PC lights and started using a phosphate sponge. <hmmm... OK. Treating the symptom though and not the problem, rather> No refugium or skimmer. <Ahem...> I know I should have both but I had to knock down a wall and use a garage for my new tank, I really have no room for a sump or refugium with this tank. <Tunze has a tiny top mount skimmer that firs discreetly on any aquarium ($120)... Aqua-C has the slimmest HOT skimmer on the market (that works well!).. The Remora ($160)... no refugium, sump or demolition crew needed. Just a skimmer> It has to go when the new tank is up and running so I don't want to sink the money into that right now. <my advice would be to not buy any livestock until you get a skimmer. Let the next $150 you spend be in plastic, not life forms> My question is about something I read on one of the message boards. I read that if you take all of the phosphates from the water with the new DI and sponge there is still phosphates in the hair algae itself. <most all algae... some more than others. True> That when I pull out the hair it will release phosphates into the water which will feed the hair left behind, Is that true? <sort of... why not starve it into submission by skimming... or... let a natural herbivore (urchins are killer for this) turn it into fecal pellets that a skimmer can export. Algae will be gone in two weeks with a good skimmer (adjusted properly)> I am going to add some macro algae in to the main tank and see if that will help. Am I on the right path? Thank you again for your time!  Josh       **Will you ever come to Hawaii (Maui) sometime this year??** <the crew is talking about it very seriously... I'm guessing in the second half of the year if so. Looking forward to it! Anthony>

Skimmer question Hello, I was curious what your opinions are on the Lifereef brand of skimmers? <moderately priced, moderately effective and moderately labor intensive/reliable. A skimmer that will produce skimmate more reliably and easily with less adjustments by you will cost another 50$ at least. To some extent this decision is about how hard you are willing to work to save money. My vote would be for a friendlier design... see archives here on wetwebmedia.com and message boards abroad for alternates. Euroreef and Aqua-C rank high for me> I'm going to be setting up a 120 Gal reef tank, and am having problems deciding on a skimmer.  I think I've narrowed it down to the Euro Reef, Aqua C, and the Lifereef VS2-24" or 36".   < I would taken them in that order> If I go with the 24", it will be in the sump, and the 36" would be outside of the sump.  Thanks! Brian Wilson <Ciao, bub. Anthony>

Protein skimmer. Selecting one for now, later, larger system Thanks for the response.  If I do get a protein skimmer, is there a problem with getting one that would eventually work on larger aquariums?  Mine is only a 10 gallon, but I do not want to buy a small one now, and then an additional large one if I upgrade.  What sort of skimmer would be too powerful for just a ten gallon tank? Thanks, Andy B <Relatively no problem... most skimmers can be adjusted to a degree. Please see here re selection: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/skimselfaqs.htm and the many FAQs files linked beyond. Bob Fenner>

Skimmer recommendation Hi guys, I have been reading the FAQs on Skimmers, but I am still at a cross roads as to what I should get to replace my crappy SeaClone (Got conned into this from a LFS a couple years ago) <alas... they have thrown a lot of money at marketing and have a high profile among merchants that don't know any better> I have a 77g Hagen tank (no sump and doing a sump at this time is difficult for me) I also want to eventually put in a bigger tank, sump etc) but in the mean time I want to replace the skimmer so it skims properly. I have a FOWLR, and Anemones. I am having a terrible time with Algae (crabs and snails can not keep up) I tested water, and a SW Fish store tested the water )I used Hagen test kits they used Saliferts, and both showed same results) He asked the type pf skimmer I had and I told him a SeaClone and he said that could be part of the problem, not skimming enough crap out and I probably have a HIGH nutrient count because of it.. <I would agree and vote that statement as "understatement of the year" perhaps. Nuisance algae is all about nutrient control, and a skimmer should be able draw a full cup of dark skimmate daily or almost nearly so once you find the sweet spot on tuning> What would be the recommendation? Remora Pro? PM Hot-1? Kent Nautilus TE? Others? <No worries here... this is an easy one: Aqua C Remora among these choices. I believe of the listed models it is the most reliable, consistent and easy top use. I favor the Remora over all hang on skimmers> I obviously need a hang-on model or if something that can be mounted above/below the tank? <understood... I would not favor any other hang on and next recommendations would be for a top/rail mount Tunze or a sump model Euroreef> Thanks guys...Awesome Site.. very informative.. too bad I did know about this site when I started Reefing'!!! Thanks <we're very glad to have you along! Best regards, Anthony>

Looking For One HOT Skimmer! Hello, and Happy New year! <Hoe there- Scott F. here! Hauoli Makahiki Hou to you, too! (Happy New Year- "local style!">   Thank you for answering my first question. I asked if I could run a 125 gal with plenty of liverock and just a good quality skimmer. As I was hoping the answer was yes, and you pointed out it was like the Berlin System.. <Yep- but see- you had a great idea there!> Okay here is my problem. I have read and read about skimmers, and I am running into a wall when it comes to choosing a hang-on model to do the job. I do not want to skimp at all on this piece of equipment. <Excellent attitude! A skimmer is the most vital piece of hardware you can get for your system, IMO! However, most of the better hang-on models are not designed for tanks this large, with the exception of the Turbo Flotor, perhaps.> The problem is, when I start to find what I feel is a good brand.  I start looking at ones rated for a little above 125 they jump to sump models..   There is wonderful choices for 100 gal or less..   <Doesn't that tell you something...LOL> My LFS just got in a RedSea Model prism or something like it.. it's quite large and he told me it was rated for 300 gal..  but to be honest I don't know to much about this one. <Well- it doesn't have the best reputation for efficiency...do check the message boards on this one!> I was looking at AquaC, Turbo Flotor, ETS..   >but all the ones they have rated for above 125 gal are sump models.. or am I missing a model? <Perhaps you could use one of the Tunze "Universal" skimmers, like the Tunze 220/3. An awesome skimmer- a bit hard to hide in the tank, but it's an excellent piece of equipment, IMO. Do check it out!> Thank you so much...Kerrie <And thank you for stopping by, Kerrie! Hope this helps. Regards, Scott F.>

Affordable Skimmers for Beginner Berlin Air Lift 60 or 90 Hello, I was wondering what your recommendations would be about an Berlin Air lift 60 or 90 protein skimmer.  I have a 55g tank with a 15g sump.  I currently have a queen ann skimmer, but it doesn't seem to work well.   <I haven't used the Berlin brand, but if it is a countercurrent airlift skimmer (like Sanders style) it may be useful, but if it is co-current... I wouldn't bother> My local fish store sells SeaClones and more expensive brands.   <alas... the less expensive skimmer generally require a lot of work and adjustments (daily). The SeaClone however is an interesting exception... we get way too many concerned e-mails on this skimmer. Do browse the Internet message boards and see the flak> My wife keeps me on a strict budget.  Are the Berlin Air Lift easy for a person with only 1 year experience with marine tanks? <My advice is to not by any of the low end skimmers. They will only frustrate and disappoint you. Waste your money too. Go without a skimmer until you can afford a worthy unit (Do look into an Aqua C Remora... under $200 and very good). Until then, simply compensate with extra water changes, careful feeding and light stocking of fishes. You will enjoy little or no nuisance algae and better water quality for it> I have had 5 years total experience with fish.  Do they require lots of adjusting?   <the air lift ones usually do... yet better skimmer (Euroreef, Tunze, etc) require very little adjustments. Definitely a case of getting what you pay for> Do you know what type of air pump is needed?   <a very strong pump is usually necessary to push air through a wood diffuser: Schego, Wisa, Luft pump, etc> Any recommendations or air pumps?   <Ooops... as per above. Got ahead of myself> What do you suggest for a protein skimmer that is good but inexpensive for someone on a budget? Thanks, Daniel <top two affordable skimmers IMO: Aqua C brand has skimmers for say 75 gallon tanks at around $160 complete. Tunze has a tidy little model for $110 that can handle 40 gallons. The tank size ratings are somewhat arbitrary and dependant on bioload in tank more than anything. Both are very fine brands. www.marinedepot.com is one of the many places that stock nice marine supplies selections, I mention them because they are one of the few that has the Tunze model. Best regards, Anthony>

Prism Pro Deluxe Hi all, I know that you have been asked the same question over and over again but I am desperate. I am living in Cyprus and the only thing that I can find here is Red Sea products (there are other importers as well but this bring nothing in as well as they ask for gold). I had a reef, 800 liters, and I was using the Berlin Turbo. Excellent results with one problem, the impellers keep on breaking and I had to write to the factory every time to send me new ones in. <Very strange!> A few days ago I decided to break apart the big tank and moved a selective community in a small 200 liter tank but guess what. Yes another broken impeller. So I went to the store and I got the Prism Pro Deluxe. I paid $400. Yes that is how much it costs here. <Wow, that has got to hurt!> You can imagine the others how much they cost. I wish all the internet sellers where delivering in the EU and not only the US. Any idea on how to make this thing work. I haven't managed to make it skim. The tank is full of bubbles if I force it to skim and I get nothing but white foam (if I manage to get that at all). I am waiting from the factory a new impeller for the turbo but since now it is holiday and I do not know how long it will take them. Please advise. <As Anthony is so fond of saying you can't polish a turd. I wish I could be more helpful than that, but the regular Prism's barely work and I have not been very impressed with the Pro version. Also, sorry to all for my second fecal reference in as many days.> Regards, Alexander <Good luck to you! -Steven Pro>

I was you, oh and skimmer eval.  Just a quick question. I am new to reef tank about 6 months or so . Who is Bob Fenner? Everywhere I go either my LFS friends or just about anywhere having to do with reef or fish only tanks his name comes up. Is he the god of saltwater fish???? <You're cracking me up!> Seems to be. ok one other question.... I bought an AMiracle cc protein skimmer recently . Is this a pretty good skimmer for a small load  or a junk one ? any ideas maybe on a scale from one to 1 to 10 ? any thoughts would def help. Thanks so much <An okay sort of one, for smaller, less-need-to-be skimmed systems... maybe a 3-4 on your scale. Bob Fenner, just a friendly pet-fish ichthyologist sort of guy>   

In Sump v. External Euroreef You stated that there was no readily apparent advantage to using external model of Euroreef skimmer. <I don't see any benefit. I have never used an external model or heard why Euro-Reef felt the need to design one. Perhaps there is something I am missing.> I would suppose that by using the external model, the pump does not sit in the sump water. <Correct> Isn't it a good idea to keep the pump out of the water, not only to avoid heating the water, but less opportunity for water to damage the pump? <The heat issue is a possibility, but not the damage one. These pumps are designed to be safely submerged. -Steven Pro>

Skimmer Questions Hi guys, I have an older Oceanic Reef-Ready system (180 gallons) with an Oceanic skimmer located in the sump (post pre-filter and bio-ball). I realize (thanks to you) this is not the place for the skimmer, but before I reconfigure this heavily loaded fish-only system I have a few questions: First, what should the actual flow rate through the skimmer be? <Most skimmers are designed to process the tank's entire volume three to five times per hour.> I currently estimate the flow at about 300 gph. Since this skimmer was also designed to be mounted outside the sump, can I simply gravity feed water to the pump and then likewise the effluent to the sump? <Are you thinking about a separate skimmer sump for a static water level? If so, yes. Otherwise, I cannot envision what you want to do.> Right now I am getting maybe one-half cup every 3 or 4 days which I expect will improve with the new location. <I agree.> I have read all the ozone FAQ'S and plan on adding that as well. <Ok> I guess my real question is, is the skimmer so out of date I should just start a new, <That is decent production for such a poorly installed (location) skimmer. I would see how well it does when being fed raw, surface water.> and if so, considering my present plumbing - corner overflow, trickle tray with filter mat (25micron), bioballs, and sump, what would you suggest? <I would place another sump that is taller beside your trickle filter. Gravity some water into it. Place your skimmer in there and then let the water drain from here into the trickle filter.> Finally, when I replace the bioballs with live rock, do I do it all at once (assuming the rock is cured)? <OK, wait a minute. If you are removing all the bioballs, perhaps there is no need to relocate your skimmer. The bioballs can be removed once there has been a sufficient amount of liverock added to the system and it has become established with enough bacteria that the bioballs become unnecessary. You will need to cure the rock in a separate system. Please search www.WetWebMedia.com for articles and FAQ files on removing bioballs, curing liverock, and cycling a tank, etc.> Afterwards, need the sump be lighted? <If you wish to grow some sort of macroalgae there, yes.> Thanks, Steve <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Follow Up on Euro-Reef Skimmers Thanks. It's my understanding that all of the Euroreef skimmers are in-sump skimmers. <They have just released an external model.> Is there some advantage to having an external skimmer, assuming you have the space? <It is not readily apparent to me. I like in sump models. -Steven Pro>

Euro-Reef Skimmers III Reef Fanatic knows nothing about EuroReef's external skimmer. Do you know from whom it can be obtained? <No, but I am sure Euro-Reef can refer you. There website is here http://www.euro-reef.com/ -Steven Pro>

Choosing a Skimmer I have heard nothing but rave reviews about Aqua-C skimmers and would like to have one for my tank. I was wondering if you could answer some questions that would help me to choose a skimmer. I have a 72 gallon Oceanic bow front. I have an under tank wet/dry filter. I've heard that water should be turned over 3-4 times per hour when skimmed to get the best effect. Is this true? <Yes, a good estimate.> I'm still cycling but I don't plan to have a heavy bio-load (fish only 1 tang, 1 flame angel, 2 clowns, 1 goby, 1 purple Firefish and 1 royal Gramma). <That is a pretty decent load for a 72.> I'm sure the EV120 or 180 won't fit in my sump but it seems like these would be best (would have to mount on platform outside the sump). If I don't need to turn the water over that many times I could get away with a smaller skimmer (Urchin series). <The EV 120 or Urchin Pro would be ok.> Thanks for your help, Jerome <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Sump for Euro-Reef This is for a 180 or 225 gallon reef tank with the sump in the basement. I'm sold on the Euroreef protein skimmer.  Should I get the CS 8-3? <Depending on which tank you settle on, the 180 or 225, the CS8-2 or CS8-3 would be appropriate.> What would be the right sump to use with this skimmer and where can I get it from? <Any sump that maintains a constant water level will work fine. I use mostly other aquariums to which I silicone in some glass baffles. -Steven Pro>

Euroreef ES 5-2 Skimmer Hey Guys, <Hi there! Scott F. here tonight!> Great site.  Just wanted to ask your opinion on the Euroreef ES 5-2 Skimmer.  I know you like the Euroreef lineup and wanted to know if you had any experience with the ES line.  This Skimmer would be going on a 135 gallon fish only tank with sump (Not set up yet).  I have a choice between the Turboflotor and the Euroreef 5-2.  Thanks for your time. Mike Giroir <Well, Mike- two great skimmers...I'd give the edge to the Euroreef. It's an amazing all-around skimmer, which offers simple, reliable operation, and is amazingly productive, practically right out of the box! Turboflotors are also good skimmers, but can be "fussy" at times, requiring considerable adjustment to find the skimmer's "sweet spot". You might want to get some opinions from other hobbyists on the WetWebMedia discussion board...See what other hobbyists think about these two models. Good luck!>

Starting Out Right (Pt. 2) Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. <Glad to be of service!> Drilling the tank probably won't be an option, so I'll have to use the overflows. <OK- Just make sure that you have a means to keep large debris out of the intake to avoid clogging them. CPR makes a "tubeless" overflow which may be more reliable and less prone to failure> Are there any GOOD skimmers that will fit in the short (18.5") space under my tank? <Quite a few, actually. And many of the better manufacturers, such as Aqua C and Euroreef can customize their skimmers for you in many cases. The Tunze "Universal" skimmers are low profile, horizontal mounted units that, although they are expensive, do an amazing job...Worth the investment, IMO> I can find a decent size sump and probably a Mag 7 or 9.5 pump for the return, but the really good skimmers (AquaC, Euro-reef  and Turboflotor) all are 18" or taller, leaving no room for either adjustment or removing the cup for cleaning. <Do investigate the many options available to you here. Don't limit your search to just the two brands mentioned...> The height issue is why I was leaning toward the Remora Pro.  It seems form all I've read to be one of the best of the hang on skimmers. <Absolutely- a great product from an excellent manufacturer> Any experience with the Titan or PM hot 1? <Not personally, but you should maybe put a post on the WetWebMedia discussion board to get some opinions on these units from other hobbyists...> I realize that skimming will be a major portion of my filtration, and the Eheim would be for supplemental biological filtration. <Good scheme-just keep doing your homework and you'll do great! Thanks again, Neil <Always a pleasure, Neil! Take care! Scott F.>

Skimmer Selection                Hey there!!  I need your advice, I have a just cycled, 30 gallon fish-only saltwater aquarium and I'm looking to get a protein skimmer for it but don't want to spend more for the skimmer than I did for the tank.  Don't get me wrong I'm not cheap but I don't need to pay out the butt for a skimmer that is rated for a 200 gallon tank when I only need 30 gallons skimmed.   <IMO always double the skimmer size with the size of the tank. You need more like a skimmer rated for 6o gallons> I currently have a Seaclone 100 and am ready to throw it up against the wall.  It rarely gives me anything close to what may be called coffee.  If anything it looks like cloudy water with a hint of brown color.  I've been fidgeting with it for about 4 weeks and rarely get anything darker than what I just spoke of.  So back to my original question, what are your recommendations for a protein skimmer given that I need an effective skimmer at a reasonable price and must be a hanging on skimmer?  Also, this thing has to be reasonably quiet given that It is my bedroom and I like to sleep :-)  Thanks for you attention. <There is tons of information about skimmers catalogued at WetWebMedia.Com. I suggest checking out the articles first and then try the facts. There are some really good HOB models...cheap price is the problem. If you want a really cheap in the-tank-skimmer, I have used a Lee's skimmer before. If you use this one, get the longest size that will fit your tank. It won't perform great. But if you can find the right water level (keep messing with it) and maintain that water level, IME it will perform adequately. If you don't like it at all then you'll have spent less than $30. Just replace the wooden diffuser every 2-3 weeks. If you want quiet, don't get a Prizm. It performs like a Seaclone at twice the noise level. HA! > Thanks, Matt <You're welcome! David Dowless>

Skimmers For A Small Tank What would be a good, relatively quiet protein skimmer for a 30 gallon salt set up? I tried the Red Sea Prizm and it was quite loud. Jo Fredericks <There are a number of good choices. Among the best, IMO are the Aqua C Urchin (or Remora, if you want a "hang-on-the-back" type), and the CPR Bak-Pak 2. Both of these are quality, proven units that would be well-suited for a small tank. Regards, Scott F.>

Skimmer Wet/Dry Combo Units I recently bought an Oceanic 72 gallon Reef-Ready aquarium. The sump I purchased was an Aquaclear 75. From their website it looks like the protein skimmer that goes with my wet/dry filter will sit in the sump and skim the water after it has been through the bioballs. My understanding is that putting the skimmer before the wet dry is preferred. 1.) Is this true? <Yes> 2.) If so, is it only slightly better or is the difference night and day? <Night and day> 3.) Am I wasting money if I purchase this skimmer? <You said it, not me.> 4.) Can you suggest some wet/dry skimmer combos that would be better? <IME/O, they are all compromise designs and not a good as separate protein skimmers and W/D's. If I really wanted a combo unit, I would look at CPR.> 5.) What, if any is your opinion of the aqua clear product line? <I only have ever seen one in person working and I was not impressed at all with the skimmer.> I have only been in this hobby a short time, but your website and responses to my questions have been a great help. <That is great to hear.> Thanks, Jerome <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Protein Skimmer Selection Awesome site! Thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions. I just set up a 75 gallon tank and would like your advice on 2 things. What high quality (hang on) protein skimmer would you recommend? <Please see our extensive coverage of the topic on www.WetWebMedia.com.> I have been looking at a Berlin Turbo, Prism Pro, Remora, Turboflotor, & Euroreef. Which does the best job and what makes it the best? <When evaluating a good skimmer, the things we look for our performance, ease of cleaning, ease of installation, and ease of adjustment.> Also, do you recommend a VHO unit with 4 bulbs or (2) sets of 65 watt (total 4 bulbs) PowerCompact Smartlights and why? <To me, VHO or PC is pretty much a toss up. Equal wattages of either should give similar results.> I will be doing a fish, invert. & soft coral tank. I've got a 4" bed of live sand and approximately 100 lbs of live rock. Respectfully, Frank <Have a nice day! -Steven Pro>

Skimmer & Bottled Water Hi, I have a 55 gallon bowfront with a Magnum 350 canister filter. I change the carbon every two weeks and do a 5 gallon water change every week. I have only one fish (Pterois russelli), piggy for short, who is a very messy eater. I also have a lot of algae growing on rocks and such. My nitrates will not stay down at 0 where I want them even though I use bottled water. <Bottled water is nothing but water in a bottle. They make no other guarantees about purity.> I have been looking for a skimmer and have read all your faq's about the subject. The problem is that there is just too much information. I would like to know if the Aqua-C Remora will reduce my nitrates and algae. <Skimmers can be a real benefit when properly sized and installed.> It is the only one I don't recall reading anything bad about and it would fit my tank. <It is one of the nicest hang-on skimmers on the market.> Also would it be worth it to use the Remora Pro in my situation. <Probably not (with one fish is 55 gallons) unless you plan on upgrading to a larger tank.> Thanks for a great site, Bryan Flanigan <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Skimmer for Large Tank I have a 600 gallon saltwater fish only tank. The tank has been running for 3 years and only one fish has died. Now I know your going to laugh, but the only filters on the tank are 2 - 900 gallon Rainbow fluidized beds and a 50 Sq Ft. spa canister filter. <Not the way I would have done it, but if it works for you...> A Dolphin 4700 pump runs the canister filter at 3000 GPH. I am not running a sump, no room. I have just bought a 6' venturi skimmer that dumps skimmed water back into the top of the tank. The skimmer seemed to do a so so job the first 3 days then just dropped off. Now it is getting about 1/4" skimmate a day. I have 10 fish in tank none over 6". The salt in the tank is 1.018 and the draw to the skimmer is not skimming off the top but 4" under the water line. <Both of these (lower salinity and no surface skimming) will affect skimmer performance, but you should be doing better than this.> Will the low salt 1.018 have any effect on performance of the skimmer? Also seeing that the skimmer flow rate is 600 gph it is only turning the tank over one time every hour is that enough? <No, most skimmers are rated to turnover the tank 3-5 times per hour.> Thank you, Jim <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

New skimmer for a 72 gal reef tank Guys-I have a 72 gal. bow-front reef tank that feeds into a SeaLife Systems Pro75 series wet/dry filter.  I have at least 100 lb. live rock, so I have removed the bio balls, and everything checks out fine.  I have always been somewhat dissatisfied with the built-in skimmer, so I have been looking at in-sump models with footprints small enough to fit into this admittedly undersized sump.  As I'm sure you're familiar with the Pro-Series, I won't take up too much space describing its dimensions.  The acrylic sump is 8" wide.  The return pours into the skimmer area that is only 3 3/4 inches long and has the return pipe protruding -- not much room for an in-sump skimmer.  The next section (where the bioballs used to be) is roomier -- it is 9 inches long.  That is enough room for an AquaC EV-120.   <hmmm... we need to check mfg specs for this (see their site), but even if it is... I have concern that you can adequately dam a reservoir for the skimmer to draw from a static vessel/water level rather than be at the mercy of an even slightly fluctuating sump level. I'd recommend that you consider Aqua C's Remora Pro hang-on unit as well/instead> But I would have to remove the drip  tray (if that is the term).  Is this tray that important?   <not without the bio-media> Is it indispensable for the re-oxygenation of the water?   <no worries... the skimmer is far better at oxygenation> Or can I let the water just pour from the 1st section into the 2nd section? <we actually need to catch all raw water into a well (first portion acting as a skimmer catch-basin with a standing water level that overflows in to the second and fluctuating portion of the sump> Thanks for your help. Scott Ball <best regards, Anthony>

Looking for a skimmer recommendation Can you recommend a top-of-the-line Protein Skimmer for a 60 gallon reef tank? It seems like all of the really good ones are for at least 200 gallons and have pumps twice as strong as my return pump. Eric Greathouse <Sure, I would probably pick an Aqua-C Remora or Urchin depending on the installation. -Steven Pro>

To buy or Not to Buy a Prizm Pro I have been reading the comments about HOT protein skimmers with much interest. However I have seen no mention of the Red Sea Prizm Pro. Any comments pro or con? Paul E. Proue St. Joe Beach, FL <These skimmers are generally not on the "must have" list at WWM. Many users complain they are loud, inefficient, and need lots of daily adjustments. However, if your tank is small and you don't think you will mind the aggravation, it may work okay for you. David Dowless>

Protein Skimmer Follow Up Thanks, to follow up would the Euroreef CS6-3 work, (a fair amount cheaper than the CS8-2)? <Ahh... The CS6-3 is rated for 125 gallons. You have a 200 gallon tank. Not much else to talk about.> Can this and the Aqua-C go directly into the sump with no special plumbing needs. <Yes, they both can sit inside the sump.> Thanks <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

Re: protein skimmer Hi to the crew, <Good evening.> In reading your hundreds of skimmer questions I realized just how many choices one has in this area. I have just set up a 200 gallon FOWLR system. I plan on having quite messy fish such as triggers, wrasses etc. and assume a good protein skimmer will be important. <I would consider two for this type of bioload or alternatively you could consider using good prefilters (this is one of those situations where you could and may wish to prefilter the water before skimming) as long as you clean them daily. Doing this removes a tremendous amount of waste material, but be truthful with yourself. If you are not willing to clean these daily, do not use them.> By reading your website I've narrowed my choices down to the Aqua-C EV-180 (with Mag-Drive 7 pump), the Euroreef CS6-2 and the Aqua-medic Turboflotor Multi. <These are all too small for a 200 gallon tank. The Aqua-C EV-180 is for up to 180 gallons, the CS6-2 for 100, and the Turboflotor (they say 125-250 gallons, but I would realistically put it at about 100).> First question is would the sizes of the Aqua-C and Euroreef be adequate (they are already pricey so did not want to go larger if didn't have too). <I would use the EV-240 or the CS8-2.> All things considered would the Turboflotor get the job done and maintain good water quality <I doubt it.> and if so what is it that justifies spending twice as much money on the other two. <When you were reading our skimmer FAQ did you happen to notice we have an entire filed filled with people trying to get their Turboflotor to perform well. They are attempting to tweak it and ask for our assistance. You don't get those kinds of questions or frustrations with Aqua-C or Euro-Reef.> If I was to spend the extra cash is the Aqua-C as good as the Euroreef (being in Canada for some reason it is easier to get my hands on it). <Either properly sized should be fine.> Any suggestions of online stores in Canada. <Not really. Do shop around and see if there are problems or discrepancies with shipping.> Thanks for the help. <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

UK Skimmers Hi Steve, I picked on you Steve because it was yourself that responded to me previously (2 weeks ago). I know this will not help you recall because I know you guys get tons of mail each and every day, but if I said that I was the idiot that on recommendation from a bigger idiot introduced a small Sailfin tang to a 5 gallon tank, I am quite sure NOW you remember. <Yes, I do remember at least that part.> Subsequently, this is now a quarantine tank. Anyway, I require some advice again and you guys are the fish gurus. On your sound advice and reading the FAQ's regarding protein skimmers I returned my Seaclone skimmer and got a full refund (Phew! and thanks for saving me time and money Steve). <I am glad to hear your LFS was so accommodating.> When I mailed you last time I had my tank fully set-up (minus the water) and was wanting some advice before I added water when you told me about the Seaclone and through some research I decided to go with the Remora Aqua-C, so I searched the entire country for one (I forgot to mention previously that I reside in 'sunny'  (Ha! Ha!) Scotland ) with no success, in fact nobody had ever heard of it, but they could sell me 'one of these' or 'one of these' and so on. So I eventually contacted Aqua-C themselves and explained my situation, they were only too happy to help and explained that they were in the process of setting up a UK distributorship, but in the meantime would sell it to me direct minus the pump which I would source over here. <Always helpful and great customer service are their trademarks.> This was great until I worked out the cost. By the time I include shipping from the states, tax + duty when it enters the UK and the pump it almost doubles the cost of the skimmer and for approximately the same money I have an opportunity to purchase a hang-on Aquatic Solutions ASL-15 combined protein skimmer and wet/dry filter at less than half the original price (equates to $600 for $275). The problem I have is that I can not find any literature on the ASL-15 product anywhere (checked your FAQ's, Internet, etc), or anybody that has one, so I was wondering if you guys know anything about it or can help in any way. <I have never heard of them nor could I find anything about Aquatic Solutions as an aquarium manufacturer on the internet.> I contacted the company directly and of course they say that this is the most magical and efficient system you can buy (but, of course they are going to say that). I already have an Eheim 2227 external wet/dry connected to my 190 Litre tank but I also believe that you can't over filter with marine, so I am looking at having the benefit of another wet/dry filter plus still getting a supposedly excellent protein skimmer for approximately the same money as the Remora. I am starting off with fish only and will work my way up to a reef tank, but I am trying to achieve the best water quality for my fish only tank so that when I change to a reef tank I already have good water quality. Please help. <If you find any information (pictures and specifications would be helpful) I could give you an opinion, but it would be limited by not seeing it. You might also look into Sander's and Tunze, both German brands of skimmers. They should be easier to locate and both are good.> The other question I have is that while I have been trying to source the protein skimmer my tank has been sitting with everything cleaned/rinsed in it for a couple of weeks now and is probably going to be like this for another couple of weeks. It has 25 Kg of Tufa rock, 20 Kg of ocean rock (not LR) and a 1" coral sand substrate. Does this mean I have to empty the tank and re-rinse everything due to everything being damp for a few weeks (this isn't a problem), or does it mean (and I hope not) that I have to bin all my coral sand due to it lying in my tank while damp or do I need not worry? <If there was not anything living in the tank ever, you should be just fine. Else, there will be all sorts of things that lived and then died from drying out and the rock will need to be "cured".> Any help with any of the above is very much appreciated. Oh and just something for you to file at the back of the brain Steve. When I last spoke to you I informed you that I had purchased a Trigon 190L from Juwel and you advised me to contact them to see if the tank was suitable for marine aquaria as you had someone else contact you regarding their suitability for marine use. Well, I did contact Juwel directly and they informed me that all their tanks are suitable for marine aquaria with the exception of the Rekord range which they do not recommend for marine use due to the height/space restrictions for adding the necessary equipment. <Thanks for the heads up!> Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.  Kind regards, Davie Rankin <Good luck to you! -Steven Pro>

Skimmer Selection Hey guys, great site, spend hours on end perusing- <Wonderful!> I'm setting up a 265g salt water tank. Can't decide on skimmers. I know you recommend Turboflotors, but it seems they need too many mods, and adjustments.  <I have one and hate it! I can never get it adjusted correctly. Mine is currently up for sale on EBay. Auction ends today! Hehe>  (but they are cheap(er).  <You get what you pay for!>  I have also considered the aqua-c Ev 180, but they are so expensive, I'd just assume save the money and put it towards LR.  <Aqua C is a better choice in skimmers.>  Any suggestions?  <Honestly? You really need both a skimmer and live rock. If you get good quality in both, you won't be sorry.>  I need a some persuading advice as to what to do. thanks, Justin  <My pleasure! Start saving those pennies my friend. You're going to need 'em! David D.>

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