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FAQs about Marine Snail Identification 6

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What Are These Calcareous Discs On The Live Rock? ...Nerite Snail Egg Capsules  3/30/08 Hi Crew, <Hi Tom, Mich here.> Could you tell me what these small (1-2mm) gray/white discs are that are growing all over our live rock? <Yup.> They're flat, hard, round plates and can easily be popped off intact, not like the usual coralline algae I'm familiar with. <They are Nerite snail egg casings. You can read more about them here: http://www.advancedaquarist.com/issues/sept2003/invert.htm > The tank is about 130G and has been set up for 3+ years. Some of the rock has been in use 6+ years, some less than 2 years. We run a Chaeto fuge, calcium reactor, PhosBan reactor, EV180, 2x 250W Ushio 10K MH lamps (10hrs/day) w/T5 actinic/blue. Good circulation, over 4000GPH total from 2x SeaSwirls, 2x Koralia-type powerheads, and a chiller loop. We keep mostly SPS up high, a few small Euphyllids placed low, and a medium fish load. Water tests as follows: 80-81 deg F SPG 1.026 dKH 10.9 Ca 425 Mg 1320 NO2, NO3, NH3 are all consistently zero I scrubbed several rocks clean about 2 months ago but the discs are regrowing. Seems strange that they just started showing up about a year ago. They only grow on the live rock, while the walls and sides of the tank grow lots of pink, purple, and maroon coralline. I'd rather have the coralline cover the live rock...but mostly just these discs, alga, and a little Cyano seem to grow well on the rocks. <All very common.>
<Welcome! Mich>

Stomatellid Snail - 11/17/05 Hi everyone! <<Hello!>> I found something in my tank and I would love to know what it is. If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it! <<I'll give it a go.>> I have email you some picture of "the thing" thanks a lot!!  Marie :o) <<Looks like you have a Stomatellid snail there...no need to worry, a hardy and beneficial herbivore, and about as reef safe as they come.>> p.s. I'm no good in English... and I know you don't like when people make mistake in there email, so if there is some mistake in my email, I'm sorry. <<No worries Marie...thank you for your interest, EricR>> 
Request for Mollusk ID!  11/16/05 Hi Guys, Can you help me ID this snail. Previous attempts to ID have caused lots of comment. Some say it is a dangerous predator and very venomous! <Mmm, not likely venomous...> It is quite large (approx 2" long) Has a dark brown base with a surrounding white margin. Distinctive colour and pattern to shell (see pic)

<Yes... from this point of view looks like a Miter of the genus Terebra... maybe a Babylonia species...?> They move quite fast (for a snail). Mostly found buried in the sand with snorkel projecting. When food is introduced, erupts out of the sand!  Has not harmed any fish or inverts.  I have three of them! Cheers, John T <Were they mine, I'd enjoy them. Bob Fenner>

Shell-less Snail? 11/3/05 Hello WWM Crew: <Howdy> The other day two of my yellow-tailed damsels were fighting, and I found that turning the light off for a while tends to calm them down. When I turned the light back on, I noticed a snail grey blob on my LR which I thought was a flatworm of some sort, but then I noticed it had 2 antenna.  <Mmm, looks like a Stomatellid to me: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/snailidfaq2.htm > So the following 2 nights I stalked the creature to no avail, but on the third night I was able to get some pictures of him. It looks to be a snail without a shell and some sort of fungus on its back. At the time I took the picture the snail was about 2-3", so I have two questions.  1. What is this thing?  2. Could this be the same small creature I saw the other night? <Might be> Sincerely, Frank <The same, Bob Fenner>

Small White Snails - 10/28/05 Hey! <<Hey!>> I started to get these little white snails (quite a few of them) in my tank, they tend to only come out when the light has been off and once the light turns off  <<on?>>  they slowly retreat to hiding. I have some Astrea snails in my tank now and I was just wondering if it could be juveniles? I know they reproduce asexually. <<Mmm... Not likely in either case. Though Astrea snails will "reproduce" in aquariums to the extent that they will group together and release sex products in to the water column, actually having the eggs become viable and settling out/growing is rare. And no, they don't reproduce asexually (budding, fragmentation, etc.).>> There seem to be more and more of them, they are almost flat disks but have a slightly pyramid structure, and their foot seems perfectly round. What are these things? <<Ah! These sound like Limpets...which are frequent hitch-hikers on live rock and will often prosper and reproduce in the aquarium.>> Anything would help,

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