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FAQs about Soft Coral Feeding

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Coral Feeding - DT's phytoplankton 2/3/05 Dear Bob & Staff, <howdy!> I have a 90 gallon reef tank with all soft corals. I had just recently set up a refugium. Do you think the tank would benefit from using DT's Phytoplankton to feed my animals. Thanks <in amounts as per mfg recommendation of this fine product it would be helpful indeed for many desirable reef organisms (I love that its responsibly dated, shipped refrigerated, high quality/labeling, etc. versus so many inferior like products on the market warm, undated and frankly of dubious value). Best regards, Anthony>

PhycoPure for Dendronepthya Bob, << Blundell today >> Greetings.  I noticed a discussion on WetWeb regarding Dendros.  I am fairly new to this hobby but am not new to microalgae.  I have been culturing it  for academia to biotech to aquaculture for about 20 years now.  I have started my own company over the past years producing microalgae products and a friend (scientist) mentioned that he would like to see a quality phyto blend on the market as he was not happy with the processed products available. << Yes, I'm familiar with these ideas. >> I spent 1 year formulating blends and giving them to different aquarists to try-adding species that I have seen be very effective in aquaculture settings.  These tend to be the more finicky to culture but hi-nutritious species.  The result is a product called PhycoPure that has 7 species plus zooxanthellae clade A or clade B depending on culture status.  << I'm also familiar with your products, and am thankful Rhyne talked you into making it. >> The particle size ranges from 2 or 3 um to 25um.  I am in the process of evaluating an even smaller size highly abundant reef spp. to be added if all looks good.  I produce it weekly in batch so it does not inventory, I get it out to stores within the week it is produced (plus or minus a few days).  I recommend stores buying what will move in a month or less and that way it is in the consumer's hands and used within a month.  This keeps things fresh and the quality higher.  The blend stays live for months in my lab but the species composition/profile changes from what I advertise over time.-truthfully conditions in a bottle or bag are well below optimal for anything living. << Indeed. >> The water used is Atlantic that has been uv'd, charcoaled, ozonated, and tested for specific pathogenic vibrios. The litmus test has been an effort to raise the Dendronepthya, Scleronephthya.  I have read everything by Fabricius and agree with the concept of organics being important.  I can say that one spp of Dendros I have reacts to the phytoplankton and remains open a good part of the day.  I use hi-flow, low light and feed copious amounts of the PhycoPure blend. << Definitely what we recommend for such corals. >> It seems that orientation is not much of an issue but that still needs further scrutiny.  I have had some since May but the twin hurricanes that hit us in Florida took care of that.  I am beginning to feel that acclimation is the largest issue regarding success with these critters. << Possibly, but I think it is feeding. >>  Other observations include 1) spp coming in thick and then elongating and branching profusely...current? It is somewhere in the realm of 3-4 inches per second. << Possibly. >> 2) a commensal shrimp often accompanies many of the Dendros I have rec'd-pure white except for the eyes and gut tract 3) I feed some gorgonians Cyclop-Eeze and even though.. it appears. that the Dendros do not take the individual Cyclops in (like the Diodogorgia gorgonian) they react by opening and going erect-it could be the algae I mix the freeze dried Cyclops with or the "juice"-organics/lipids/phosphates. whatever. << Yes the "juice" has that affect, and even though the coral doesn't appear to eat Cyclops I think there is good reason to believe they are eating the "juice". >> Any comments, thoughts would be appreciated << Tell Andy that Blundell says hi. And that we appreciate him sending us your product. I think your product is great.  I think you could also sell a lot of it if you also offered each species separately and not just a mix.  I know people where I live would order them.  Also I wouldn't focus on Dendros.  While it is true they need this, not enough people have Dendros.  But everyone and their dogs have SPS corals.  So that is a better marketing area. >> regards, Erik S Stenn President AlgaGen LLC PO Box 1734 Vero Beach, FL www.algagen.com 772-978-1395 <<  Blundell  >>

Filter feeding questions 12/9/03 Dear Crew: Sorry to bother again, but thanks to your website and books this should be the last email for a while.   <no worries :) > Thank you for opening me up to a wonderful, rewarding hobby and given me new appreciation for aquatic life as a whole.   <outstanding to hear... do share your love and empathy for the aquatic realm with others!> Tank Specs:  45gal, 45lbs live rock, 96watt PC lights, 1in crushed coral, Fluval 304 can filter, cyclone hang-on skimmer, oscillating powerhead (160gph) aimed at filter output for chaotic flow, dwarf lion, leaf fish, Mandarin (fat and happy) for months,  Devils hand coral, small zoanthid mat, red-sea xenia, silver-branched xenia, feather duster, various snails and crabs (1-2 per 10gals),  just added a 14in hang-on refugium with refugium mud a few days ago.  I also have a large number of small feather dusters that are multiplying within the substrate.  Okay so here are the questions: <all good to this point (especially adding the refugium)... but do consider upgrading this skimmer (doubtful it gives you several cups of dark skimmate weekly or better)... and do be sure to siphon or stir that sand weekly with water changes (1" is a bit too thick for using coarse media like crushed coral unless you have very strong water flow and good stirring)> 1. I want to add starburst polyps and a yellow tree coral (Nephthea sp.). Is the tree coral going to start any trouble, <the Starpolyp is far more aggressive> Eric said in "Aquarium Corals" that they produce a lot of chemicals.   <true... most soft corals do... and many of the Alcyoniids and Neptheids are quite noxious. All soft corals really are rather rough> And if they are compatible will weekly feedings of DTs and Zooplex (and the flow from the refugium) be enough for the tree coral to flourish?   <its hard to say for sure... I am not a fan at all of bottled supplements. The refugium is far more useful here IMO> I have a lot of filter feeders and Im afraid it might be sorted on the food. 2. How much flow would be appropriate for all these corals (tree included if it would fit)? I couldn't find a good guideline, only low, medium, or strong current. <10-20X tank volume turnover per hour would be a good start> 3. Could a blue or red Linckia star fish work in this setup? <a blue Linckia likely never would... the tank is too small (100 gall minimum) and too young. They need old, large and mature tanks to support their feeding/grazing needs for long term. A tiny Fromia might be better here> Thank you so much for all the information and being patient with us newer aquarists. Keep the books coming! I cant wait until my copy of "Reef Invertebrates" shows up. Helpful and dedicated people like your crew are hard to find in any field and I thank you for all your hard work. -Nick C. <thanks kindly for your recognition my friend... it is truly redeeming. Anthony>

Zooplankton Hey Gang!  After Anthony suggested zooplankton for my 'Shrooms and Kenyan tree corals, I typed "zooplankton" on the internet, and this site is one I checked out. http://www.rotifer.com/  Interesting stuff. Does a refugium produce these kinds of life? Just curious, Thanks for the time! Your friend in Scott.

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