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FAQs about the Venustus Angel

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Angelfishes for  Marine Aquariums
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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Need ID please,,, Centropyge... cross?      2/1/16
Hi Bob,
Is this a Venustus Pygmy Angelfish?
<At least partly I believe. Have shared on FB, looking for others input>
We aren't sure because of the markings
on the anal fin. What say you?
<It's gorgeous... don't know if it's simply an aberrant Venustus or a cross. Thank you for sharing.
Will hold onto this email and report if there is further input. Bob Fenner>

From FB:      2/1/16
Lemon Tyk, others; what do you make of this Venustus Angel pic? Just an aberrant individual? A cross you've come across?
Lemon Tyk      2/1/16
Hi Bob Fenner. Not a venusta (although the nape and posterior dorsal markings are highly reminiscent). I was just discussing this with Brian D. Greene about a week back. We know this fish is definitely Centropyge heraldi, but aberration or hybrid, we're not sure. Some literature suggests C. heraldi x C. nox, and I can kind of understand see that happening. The body profile is slightly taller in this fish (very elongate in heraldi). The convoluted squiggling on the anal fin is also unusual. While C. heraldi has this, it is usually quite nascent and difficult to see. The weird thing is, this phenotype has the ability to lose the black almost completely. While not all of them do, it certainly is possible. So the question of hybrid vs. aberrant is somewhat equivocal (?) perhaps? All guesswork without molecular analysis.
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Bob Fenner      2/1/16

Wow! And to think years back there was discussion that C. heraldi was a nullum nudum! Thank you for this. JanL note.
Lemon Tyk      2/1/16
FTR, both nox and heraldi have very similar fin counts. I tried comparing this against the two and found nothing really conclusive....
Re: Need ID please      2/1/16

Thank you, Bob. Feel free to share...
<Ah; thank you Jan. I see you've seen Lemon's comments. Surprised to find this labeled as a Herald's. Shades of Earl S.!
Re: Need ID please      2/1/16

Yes. Thank you for your help. LOL!!
<Welcome. B>
Re: Need ID please      2/1/16

<I still think this might be a cross. B>
Re: Need ID please      2/1/16

I don't discount it being a cross especially when we see fish like mandarin cross breeding because of over fishing.... Nature still gifts us for our greed...
<Thus far... B>

Venustus Angel sys.   8/8/10
I have a 65 gallon tank and its current residents are a 14" Goldentail moray and a 1" or so damsel. I have been looking around and I am really growing to like the look of the Venustus dwarf angelfish.
<Mmm, this tank volume is too small for this species. It won't be happy, nor likely live for any period of time here>
My eel is very timid and is extremely lazy he does not like the idea of working to get his food. I was wondering if it is possible for a Venustus and my Goldentail to co-habitate. The damsel will be gone I just wanted a fish to add a little more movement.
Thank you in advance
<I'd start looking about for the room, saving for a larger system really. Bob Fenner>

Venustus Pygmy Angel 03/26/2008 Hello, <<Hello Kerry, Andrew with you today>> Thank you for your wonderful site. I have a 55 gallon fowler, I have tried to house a Bi-color Angel twice with no luck. I have had 2 die on me, so obviously I will no longer choose this fish. I have no idea why they both died. <<Must be some root cause why they are die. Marks / abrasions etc etc? Possible harassment from the damsel>> I also have a 4 stripe damsel and an Ocellaris clown, both which have been thriving. I want to add a few interesting fish. One I have found is a Venustus Pygmy Angel. I love the coloring but I am really nervous to try another Pygmy Angel. I also love wrasses, but am not sure which would be appropriate here. I am new to saltwater and have had this tank up for 6 months. What would you recommend? <<I am hesitant to suggest a fish at this point as there is obviously an issue in the tank as it stands. Either be it one of the current inhabitants or a hidden predator like a mantis. Question asked above about marks / abrasions>> Thanks, Kerry <<Thanks for the questions. A Nixon>> <This is "just" a very touchy aquarium species. RMF>

Mixing Angels 8/28/06 I was curious what the compatibility would be of a Coral Beauty and a Sumireyakko venustus? I ask because I have been told that Angelfishes will usually be compatible if they are of different genera. However, I also saw on WWM (thanks!) that the Sumireyakko venustus used to be classified as a pygmy angel - the same as the Coral Beauty. Tank specs: 55 gal., 60+ lbs LR, Prizm Skimmer, 48" Satellite Dual lighting on timers, small sump, Lawnmower Blenny, Coral Beauty, 2 Percula Clowns. Also, if the Sumireyakko venustus is a possibility, would it be detrimental to soft corals/anemones/etc? Thanks, guys! WWM is second to none! Alex B. <I would not mix angels in this sized tank, the risk for aggression is too high.  The Sumireyakko venustus is most likely reef safe given a proper diet, however they will be more prone to sample if there is a nutritional deficiency.>

Angelfishes for  Marine Aquariums
Diversity, Selection & Care

New eBook on Amazon: Available here
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by Robert (Bob) Fenner
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