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FAQs about Surge Devices & Marine Systems 

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Wavemaker - 9/4/03 Hello Crew - Is there anyone amongst you who can provide a knowledgeable opinion on the Wave2K surge device? <Well, I haven't used one, but have been interested in its use for some time. The consensus is that they (wavemaker et al) can be useful and reliable. Again, I haven't used this product or any wavemakers, but I think these products can be useful for a aquarists depending on species of inhabitants and their needs.> Forum threads seems favorable, <Very good. Do check to see if someone locally makes use of such a product -Paul> want to see what you think. <Sorry. I know this doesn't really answer your question, but this ended up in my inbox. I didn't just want it to wait forever until someone with an opinion answered it. =)> Thanks,

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