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FAQs about Marine Crab Identification 5

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Lymph transfer, Crab removal   4/18/06 Hi Everyone! After several months of non-eventful fishkeeping, I have two questions for you. First, we have a yellow tang that has been in QT for the last month-plus after purchase.  He's a great little guy -- growing fast, very healthy eater, loves playing in the current, but had what we determined was Lymphocystis on his tail starting in week 1 of QT.  Despite our concern, we followed fish store and FAQ instructions ( http://www.wetwebmedia.com/lymphfaqs.htm) and just left him alone with care to water quality, and the spot disappeared at the end of week 3.  (yay!)   <Good> Five days later, there's a new tiny spot on one of his fins.  My question is whether we should continue to quarantine him until he has a month free of this, or if it's okay to put him in the display tank with our two Ocellaris clowns and our Royal Gramma.   <I would move, place this fish> The water quality is higher in the main tank, but I don't want the other fish to catch it. <Not likely> Second, we have a hijacker crab that appeared in our tank last fall.  When we first saw him, he was about ¾" across and only partially visible at night.  Since then, we've pulled out a few dead crabs of the same type.  (For a good picture, see here: http://photos1.blogger.com/hello/252/1727/640/DeadCrab.jpg Note bristly hair and black-tipped pincers.)  One of my Blog readers ID'd it as a Pilumnus fissifrons, which seems right on, except that there is almost no information about it.  We've spied bits of legs in the rock over the last few months, but haven't seen the full crab until last night.  We were horrified to realize that his body alone is now two inches across and with his legs he's over three.  He's bigger than our fish.  We watched him for long enough to conclude that he seems to be eating just coralline algae and is scared of the fish, but is big enough that he's actually shifting the rocks as he feeds. We want him out of the tank, but are at a loss as to how.  He seems more or less to move between four 5-10 lb rocks, some of which have zoos and mushrooms, so we don't want to lose them.  He's a very quick mover when he's scared and only comes partway out of the rocks, so catching him with a net seems daunting.  And he seems, for the moment, not to eat meat, so we're not really sure how to seed a trap.  Do you have any advice how we might go about removing this quickly growing, creepy crab from our tank? <Can be trapped or baited/removed. Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/swcrabcomp.htm and the linked files... I would remove this animal, pronto.> Thanks for your help on both points!  The WWM site is such a godsend. Susan and Kevin. <I'd say this is more of a Bobsend m'self. Bob Fenner>

Crab ID  - 03/13/2006 Hi Bob, <Wil> I've looked through all of your Crab Identification pages - lots of good info there. :) <And growing> I had 2 hitchhikers on some liverock several months ago that I didn't know about.  One was dead when I discovered them both.  They're about 2 or 3 inches across, and very fuzzy.  I have some pretty good photos here: This was the dead one: http://micropipes.com/gallery/v/reef/inhabitants/huge_crab_thing2.jpg.html And this one is alive: http://micropipes.com/gallery/v/reef/inhabitants/fuzzy_crab.jpg.html I've heard it called everything from "Gorilla" to a "Teddy Bear" crab - do you have any thoughts on what kind of crab it is? Thanks, <Not off the top of my fat head... and am away from reference works (in HI)... is not "reef safe" by any measure.> Wil <You can see Antoine's comments re this here: http://wetwebmedia.com/swcrabidfaq3.htm Bob Fenner>

Crab Compatibility?   2/7/06 Hello WWM: <Frank> You have been instrumental so far in the health and upkeep of my tank and I'm hoping to take advantage of your services one more time.  I have had a decorator crab for about 2 months, I think its great and one of the most interesting members of my little community.  As an invert fanatic, I was also interested in the Hawaiian Strawberry Crab (the site does not provide the scientific name so here is a link to the site if it helps http://www.saltwaterfish.com/site_11_03/product_info.php?products_id=415&parent_category=4&category search=63&root_parent_id=4). I know that crabs especially tend to be creatures of opportunity and was wondering how likely these two would be to attack one another. Sincerely, Frank <Mmm, looks like Liomera rugata... a Xanthid... is opportunistic, though small... will "pick" if hungry, there's opportunities. Bob Fenner>  

Crab & Coral ID  - 1/6/06 I love your web site - have used it many times over the past year, started my first reef tank Jan. 2005 - found answers to many of my questions. However my 45 gal. reef tank has some occupants that I have been unable to id. Two of them are some type of corals - hope you can id them from the enclosed photos. (Small corals in the center of the photos) Both of them are about a 1/2 inch wide. The last is a small crab, about 3/4 of an inch. What kind is it? Do I need to remove it? Thanks Jeffrey Baxter <Only the crab pic is coming through for me... and don't know what species this is... but would keep an eye on it... likely is more omnivorous than you'd like to have. Bob Fenner>

Help identifying crab please  12/13/05 Could you please help me identify this crab? I have tried posting a description and pictures on many chat forums with no luck.  The width of the body is 2 inches. It is a very STRONG swimmer and it seems to swim more then crawl. <Yes... does appear to be a Portunid (family Portunidae... "Swimming Crab" species> The ends on all of its legs are flattened, and the claws are very under sized as far as crabs go. It is non-aggressive. When picked up it will just try to swim away never brandishing its claws in defense.  It spends most of its time buried in the sand with only its eyes visible. When not hiding, he seems to sift through the sand while moving in a backwards motion.  He has not been active during daylight hours. <Don't know the species, but would just keep an eye on this one for size/growth and possible troubles as time goes by. Bob Fenner>

A Crab Story for Mr. Fenner (Just in Time for Christmas!) - 12/07/2005 I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned from your web site and thought you might enjoy ( or offer some tips) about my new visitor. <Bob is currently out on another adventure, so you've got Josh today.> Approx 2 months ago I purchased some live sand and along with it a small rock which I thought I would remove. I did not know it was home to a little crab until I saw him crawling away. Back in the tank I put crab & rock. I would see the crab but not often until one day some weeks later there he was in the open, on his back. (not a good sign). Since I know my water quality is fine I got to thinking he might be starving because I am very careful about overfeeding & siphon out debris on a regular basis. <Very good.> Long story short... I flipped him over and gave him a Mysis shrimp which he grabbed with his claw (good sign!) Next day (I thought I would find him dead) there he was right side up and more active. I built him a little 'cave' where I could watch & feed him. Today he was hiding out in his new home and appears to be doing well. I am amazed how he blends into the environment.. unless he moves you would not know he was there! I am thrilled to help this little guy survive. <Wonderful.> WILL HE GROW UP & EAT MY FISH? :> <Well Carol, that's really hard to say without an ID of this crab. Perhaps if you send a pic. along we may be able to help you there. As always, keen observation will also help you determine its "preferences". IMO it's already got two strikes against it. It has taken meaty foods and has the ability to blend with the environment to go unseen (great for hunting). Do attempt a definite ID before making a decision though.> Thanks for helping through many a crisis <Thank you for sharing.> Carol

Hairy Crab 12/02/05 Hello All! <<Hello Bryant - Ted here>> I was dipping a load of corals I got today and found this little crab which I am hoping you can give me a positive ID on. I think it is a form of a Gorilla Crab (Xanthid sp.) but I am not 100% sure. I have also done a search and looked through the crab ID pages but didn't find one like this him. I am trying to keep him alive in a bowl until I can get a positive ID on him so I am hoping you can help. I would think he is probably a meat eater with those pointed claws and I don't want him if he is but I thought I would offer him to someone else if I can ID him. Also, here is a link to a picture of him on my website which might show up larger if you need it: http://pic15.picturetrail.com/VOL585/2341993/8697143/120598951.jpg   I can also try to make a better picture if this one is not clear enough but I made this one in a hurry today because I was trying to get corals in the tank.  <<While crabs are interesting and some have beautiful coloring, they are all predators to some degree. I can't provide the specific identification but judging by the size of the claws in relation to the overall size of the crab, this is one I would remove him from your system.>> Thanks and Take Care! Bryant <<You're welcome and good luck - Ted>> 

Crab Hitchhiker 11/14/05 Hello Mr. Fenner, <<Ted with you this evening>> I was hoping you could identify this crab I found today. Is it reef safe or refugium safe?  <<It is difficult to identify by species. It is likely a predator and will kill snails and other invertebrates and so is not suitable for tank or refugium.>> Thanks Ben Hustwayte <<You're welcome and good luck - Ted>> 
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