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FAQs about DIY, Commercial & Custom Tanks for Marine Systems: Tools

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Many times renting better tools, or having a business cut, drill materials for you is the route to go.

Overflow gph? All-Glass aquariums lists maximum gph through the 2 built in "mega flow" overflows in their tanks at 1200 gph total. On a 180 gallon tank, isn't that a little low? shouldn't the gph be more like 2000 or more? <Yes... like most all such pre-made arrangements these are too small and few. Bob Fenner>

Re: Overflow gph? uh oh, what should I do then? I was just getting ready to slap down $700 for one of these, is there a better route? I thought it was better than using hang on overflows? <If you haven't done so, ask your dealer or the manufacturer directly to "up-size" the bulkheads... to 2" inside diameter if you'd like... or add another of the size they regularly provide. The big companies don't mind these "custom jobs". Bob Fenner>

Should I get a pre-drilled tank? Hello WWM crew! << Blundell today. >> Thanks so much for your time and expertise! << In this case my time, I have no expertise. >>   I am switching from a 55 gal tank to a 125 gal.  I currently have about 40 lbs of live rock in my 55 gal tank and will be moving that and my 60 lbs of sand to the new 125 gal. tank.  I have a Fluval 404 canister filter.  Will that be enough filtration for the 125 gal? << With more live rock and sand, then yes you'll be fine. >>  I want to add more live rock to the new tank.  How much more would you recommend to help with the filtration? << As much as you can afford.  Or about 90 pounds. >>   Livestock consists of 1sailfin tang, 1 blue hepatus tang, 1 bicolor Pseudochromis, 2 ocellaris clowns, 2 yellow tail damsels, 1 lawnmower blenny, 3 pajama cardinals, 1 green brittle star, 2 cleaner shrimp, 4 camelback shrimp, 1 feather duster, some snails and hermits. Also, I have been searching for more information on advantages of predrilled tanks.  I don't know enough about why they are better to decide if that is what I want to purchase. << Worth every penny. >>  Could you direct me to some information? << They are so nice, and so trouble free.  I'd have a hard time buying a new tank that wasn't pre-drilled.  It is the way to go. >>   My LFS recommended a wet/dry filter with bioballs, but I think I would prefer to keep my canister. << I don't like either.  I especially wouldn't go with a bioball system when that same area can be used as a refugium. >>  What would my advantage be to get a predrilled, if I stick to the canister filter? << You can easily plumb a sump for a refugium, or a closed loop system.  Two great ideas.  The refugium can really help out a tank. >>  I would like to find more information on sumps, too, and whether or not I should have one. Thanks for the info! << Yep, you'll want one.  They are like having a whole other tank for the addicted reefers. >> RC <<  Blundell  >>

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