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FAQs about Giant Clam Lighting Manufacturers, Brands, Models 

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Lighting Up A Clam, WWM Counselors - 11/16/05 Dear FAQ Crew, <<Howdy>> We have a 75 gallon tank, 48 L X 18 H x 18 D with a Coralife Lunar Aqualight 2x 10,000K/65 Watt Compact Fluorescents + 2x 65 watt Actinic bulbs. I think that figures out to about 3.4 watts per gallon. <<Don't get hung up on this method of figuring/computing lighting, is of little value in my opinion. You must take in to account the type (fluorescent vs. single point source), distance from the water , water clarity, etc..>> We want to add a Tridacnid clam and have read varying opinions on lighting. <<ok>> Some suggest that a clam in the top of our 18" deep tank would do okay with our present lighting while others insist metal halide lighting is absolutely required. <<Both arguments have merit, and again, depend on certain conditions/aspects being met. If you have T. derasa then your present lighting is likely fine if you place the clam in the upper half of the tank...if you have T. crocea then I recommend upgrading to the MH lighting. I have seen T. crocea adapt/survive with less lighting, but I wouldn't recommend it.>> We intend to upgrade in a couple of months (January 2006) to the Coralife 48" 2 x 150 w HQI + 2x 96 W actinic + 3 blue moonlight LEDs , but do we need to upgrade before introducing the clam to the main tank (Presently he/it is in quarantine enjoying a metal halide clip on light and growing at a phenomenal rate--almost 3/8" of new shell in a month!)? <<Mmm...considering this, let's wait for January and the lighting upgrade...not all that far off anyway.>> We won't move him to the main tank until we have appropriate lighting. Do you think we can place our clam high in the tank with our existing light for a month or two without the halide lighting or do we need to upgrade the light before we move him? <<I vote for waiting.>> Thanks in advance for your counsel. Kathy <<A pleasure to assist, EricR>>

Clam Lighting & Placement - 12/17/05 Hello again! <<Howdy!>> Just had one other quick question I was hoping the crew at Wet Web could answer. <<I shall try.>> Is a Coralife Aqualight Pro 1-150 watt HQI/ 2-65 watt compact actinic fluorescents/lunar light fixture adequate lighting to do SPS and clams?  I have 46 gallon tank, 18 inches deep w/ mounting legs 4-5inches above tank. <<Should be fine.>> If so, could a clam on two inches of substrate in full light thrive or does it need to be higher up? <<This lighting would be fine for a clam at this depth.>> Thanks again for any help you can give.  This subject proves to be quite confusing. Thanks, J-Man <<Maybe this will help:    http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/cav1i3/Clam_care/Clam_care.htm >> <<Regards, EricR>>

Lighting for 120 gallon reef with clams 8/15/08 I am in the process of setting up a 120 (4' x 12" x 12"). I would like to keep clams. I have been looking at the Nova Extreme T5 lighting fixture with 8x54 W bulbs. Four of them are 10,000 K daylight bulbs, and the other four SlimPaq 460nm Actinic for a total of 432 W. <A nice fixture.> Will this be sufficient lighting to keep clams, and just about anything else in the line of coral that I may want to keep down the road? <Yes and no. It greatly depends on the individual species of clam/coral you wish to keep and where in your tank. Personally, I would swap out two of the actinics for 10000K bulbs. Having two vs. four actinics will not change your look too much. The nice thing about the fluorescent fixtures, T5 included, is that the placement of the actinics can have a huge impact. Placing the actinic bulbs at the front of the fixture will give the look that most want while allowing you to run the balance in daylight bulbs. Even then it will be a bit weak for a Crocea clam near the bottom, half way up or higher will be fine, where such a clam should be anyhow (on the rockwork). For the end all, be all lighting to keep the critter wherever you want I would think about adding a couple more bulbs.> Thank you for your help. Jeff <Welcome, Scott V.>

Re: Lighting for 120 gallon reef with clams 8/15/08 Thanks Scott, <Most welcome.> What do you mean add two more lights? Do you mean two more in addition to the two that you suggested I ad to the fixture to replace two of the actinic lights with a 10,000 daylights? <Yes, if you wish to keep a Crocea or Maxima clam lower on the rockwork. If you wish to keep them in the upper half or third of the tank, switching out some of the actinics for daylights will suffice.> Or, just add two more 10,000 daylights? <I would just substitute the daylights myself, placing the clams a bit higher.> What I'd be better off with a halide fixture? <No, I am of the 'school' that T5s are just as good, the halide advantage is the shimmer it provides. That being said, anyone still needs sufficient wattage, even with T5.> I am trying to get away from halide, as wonderful as it is, for reasons of heat and cost of replacement. <Agreed.> If clams were not a concern, would the Nova Extreme light be fine for corals (most in general)? <Yes, for most with the correct placement. Adding a few more bulbs gives you more placement options. Again, for me, I would stick with the fixture and swap a few bulbs, place livestock where needed.> Thank you for your help. <Welcome.> Best regards, Jeff <Have fun, Scott V.>

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