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FAQs on Tap/Source Water Use for Marine Aquariums, DIY Treatment Chemicals/Tools 

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 Dechloraminators : Polyvinylpyrolidone... not just sodium thiosulfate, hypo sulfite (which only neutralize chlorine)

Homemade Dechlor Hey guys, wonderful sight filled with a plethora (hehe) of info. Any chance of a recipe for Dechlor- using sodium thiosulfate, should there be something mixed in for ammonia. <Yes... about two pounds of "hypo" per total gallon volume product... for the chlorine... and PVP (poly vinyl pyrolidone) for the ammonia... but rather than the latter, I would store, aerate the dechlorinated water for a week or so ahead of usage...> Have you heard of metal gone products and if so what are your thoughts. Anthony Calfo killer book #1341. Thanks for everything WetWeb family. Thanks again, Rocky <Ah, will send you msg. on to Antoine. Bob Fenner>

Dechloraminator Clues B) Dechloraminators : Here I mean one's that "really" work, that is, that take care of both chlorine and ammonia. These typically involve poly-vinyl compounds. This is a big hint! I need a better hint --Please <Polyvinylpyrolidone... not just sodium thiosulfate, hypo sulfite (which only neutralize chlorine)... take a read on the listed ingredients on the bottles... Products like Amquel, Novaqua, Stresscoat... Bob Fenner> Thanks, Mark

Sodium thiosulfate Hi I have been reading your article on sodium thiosulfate. I found it very interesting.   I decided to give it a go, unfortunately I am having trouble finding it and was wondering if you could tell me were I could buy it from. <Most chemical and photographic supply stores/outlets carry this (sometimes as "hypo" or sodium hyposulfite. Here's one: http://www.chemistrystore.com/sodium_thiosulfate.htm> I would be very grateful for any information you can give me. Regards
<Bob Fenner>

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