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FAQs about Commercial & Custom Tanks By Manufacturer/Brand: TruVu/Aquaplex

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Acrylic Tank... Tru-vu not quite so true dimension-wise  3/25/08 Hi crew, <Hello Dave.> I just bought a 55g (approx 48" x 13") acrylic tank from Tru-vu. Before I set it up, I was measuring it to build a stand, and I discovered that the tank isn't perfectly square. Measured at the ends, the tank is about 12 7/8" wide, but in the middle it measures about 12 3/4" wide -- so it is about 1/8" narrower in the middle. Is this ok? <Yes, the tank will function just fine.> Or even intentional for some reason? <This is possible, but not likely. Are those measurements mirrored on the top of the tank as well?> Or, could this possibly result in problems down the line? <No, this will work fine. There is always some variance as the sheets are bonded together and can bend/flex slightly. If it bothers you aesthetically (or even psychologically!), by all means contact the manufacturer.> Thanks! -Dave
<Welcome, have fun, Scott V.>

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