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FAQs on Tubelip Wrasses, the Genera Diproctachanthus, Labrichthys & Labropsis

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A Labropsis xanthonata in captivity.

Unidentified Wrasse, Labropsis manabei           7/12/19
Bought this wrasse and the fish shop identified it as a Tulip or Two-lipped wrasse “couldn’t make it out”. Hope WetWebMedia can.
<Yeah; nice specimen. Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/TubelipWrasses.htm
Bob Fenner>


Re: Identify Wrasse          7/12/19
Disregard - identified as Northern Tubelip Wrasse. Thanks .
<Oh! B>
Re: Unidentified Wrasse          7/12/19

Feel free to use my pic as it does show the wrasse better - was taken using my phone and is my tank.
<Okay; thanks. B>

Mystery fish identification help       5/3/15
Hi Bob,
Any luck?
<Frank, please do understand we're all volunteers here. Stuff gets done when it gets done. In this case, since Bob's "on his travels" over the weekend, so don't be surprised if you don't hear back from his until later next week. Cheers, Neale.>
No worries.... I thought he was stumped as I am on this one. Thank you
Fwd: Mystery fish identification help

Hi Bob,
Any luck?
<In life? Sure... Oh, this fish? Labropsis xanthonata likely... not aquarium hardy; though a beauty. See WWM re. B>

Mystery fish identification help       5/3/15
Hi Bob,
I have another mystery fish that came in as a radiant wrasse juvenile. I never seen them in this coloration and I am doubtful. It is beautiful with black, blue and yellow stripes and a yellow top fin. Could you identify this little fellow. Im thinking it might be in the blenny family by the face... I am probably wrong though. My lfs bought it from a wholesaler and I couldn't pinpoint the location where he was collected. Here are some pictures. Thank you
<Labropsis.... oh yeah; we've been over this. B>
Re: Mystery fish identification help

Thanks Bob,
<Welcome Frank>
You are the best!!! I believe you came across everything that swims.
<Ah no my friend; after thousands of dives... I still come across somethings novel almost every time>
I will let you know if I have any success. Im trying to see what it will like to eat. Maybe copepods?
<Possibly Mysis, Cyclops... I'd try most all; and soon. B>

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