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FAQs on the Hogfish of the  Genus Lachnolaimus

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 THE Hogfish... one to a tank.

Student Working on Thesis on Local Fishery Hola, soy estudiante de licenciatura y actualmente realizo mi tesis de licenciatura, y estoy trabajando con la especie Lachnolaimus maximus, entre a su pagina de internet y por esta razon acudo a usted, ya que en el lugar donde estoy hay poca informacion sobre esta especie, mi tesis se titula "Analisis de la pesqueria de Boquinete Lachnolaimus maximus, en la isla de Holbox, Quintana Roo, M?ico" si ustede me podria proporcionar informaci? sobre aspectos ecologicos de esta especie y tal vez datos meristicos y parametros de crecimiento para poder realizar una comparacion con los que yo obtendre en este trabajo, sin mas por el momento quedo de ustede agradecido. Oswaldo S?chez Ak?br>Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR), Unidad Chetumal Translated by Digna Cassens Hello, I am a student of "licensing", and I am writing my thesis on the species Lachnolaimus maximus.  I found your page online, but with very little information.  The thesis title is "Analysis of the Fishery of 'Boquinete - Lachnolaimus maximus on the island of Holbox, Quintana Roo, Mexico".  If you could provide me with information regarding the ecological aspects of the species and perhaps data "meristicos" and parameters of growth so that I can compare with the data I will obtain in this work.  I would be very grateful to you. Oswaldo Sanchez Ake Southern Frontier College <Oswaldo, no tengo/tenemos mas en el especio,  lo siento. Nos vemos. Roberto Fenner> <Oswaldo, I/we don't have much on this species, I'm sorry.  We'll see you.  Robert Fenner>

Articles and FAQs Hey Robert;      In the midst of hurricanes, divorces and bankruptcies (sadly 2 and 3 often go hand in hand) I've been giving some serious thought re your last e-mail on articles and FAQ's.      I just recently re-read your TWA FAQs, and honestly, IMO, this is the shakiest area that you have covered anywhere in your notable and magnificent collection, with many comments passable at best.      To be truthful, there's nothing I'd enjoy more than updating this section and bringing it into the 21st century, having kept literally hundreds of these little gems in the past 25 years. <Please do... am working on a "Hawaii Underwater Guide", but would like to have help on one for TWA>      I truly believe I can add  a LOT of helpful information on the species that you've covered and supply at least 2-3 times that much additionally, even more if you consider invertebrates as well, which are also appearing in the trade with ever increasing frequency. <Mike, when I'm back in San Diego, I'll send you a copy of "Fishwatcher's Guide..." V.1 which covers all the TWA materials... or a CD of same or both>      Other topics would possibly include such things as the feeding and long term maintenance of semi-large  predatory and omnivorous species, possibly the single most glaring failure in the entire marine fish industry/hobby, as we've  previously discussed. <Sounds good>      The contact you furnished me, by the way, has been saved until such time as I can put together a well thought out presentation and NOT forgotten. <Very important to record, share...>      As to other topics, anglers, Scorpionfish and lionfish of ALL types, basses and groupers, urchins in the home tank (rarely written up), sea stars, mantis shrimp, etc....what can I say?      I'm enamored with anything that moves (and some that don't!)      for now, remember: Cheer up, things could be worse!      So I cheered up...sure enough, things got worse! Mike D. PS.....the Rhinopias is eating like a pig, both wild and pre-killed feeders offered by hand and my NEWEST addition is a Lachnolaimus maximus to replace the one I lost a little over a year ago. <One of my fave wrasses... though rarely used in the hobby. A beautiful and intelligent anima. Bob Fl>       Yes, I know it's eventually capable of reaching 3', but I also know that they are slow growers, very peaceful and bordering on being the perfect wrasse, with the size glitch the only kicker that I know of.

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