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FAQs on Fairy, Velvet Wrasses, Genus Cirrhilabrus Identification 1

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Marjorie's wrasse 7/20/10
Hello WWM,
<Hello Lemon,>
Just obtained the Cirrhilabrus marjorie recently. Not much information on this fish on your database, so thought I would share.
<Thank you for doing so!>
This Fijian endemic is very active, outgoing and easy to feed. Very peaceful, not aggressive at all. Have attached some pictures.
<Thank you for sharing.>
Also noted that you do not have a picture of Cirrhilabrus melanomarginatus and Cirrhilabrus roseafascia in the Cirrhilabrus article. Have attached a photo of my young male roseafascia specimen and female melanomarginatus in case you would like to use it :)
<Will make sure Bob is aware.>
Lemon Tea

C. melanomarginatus

C. marjorie

C. roseafascia
Cirrhilabrus ID 1/14/06 Hi, <Hi> Again I would like to express my appreciation for this great site. I recently found a wrasse on an website named a "black hat wrasse". I was wondering what this wrasse scientific name is because I could not even find a similar looking on fishbase? <Mmm, can't find it in Kuiter/TMC, or in my Tanaka pix of the genus either... looks like one of several as-yet undescribed species to me... or a variant (there are many)> I have attached the link to the page on the website that I found it on. http://marineaquatics.net/html/wrasse_fish_2.html Any help would be greatly appreciate. Also, are there any specific times when your odds of finding any of these fish get any better?... Blueline angelfish-Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis. MALE Hawaiian flame wrasse-Cirrhilabrus jordani Lineatus Fairy Wrasse-Cirrhilabrus lineatus - Dave <Mmm, these are "catch as catch can" species... are collected from time to time, but not on a regular basis by anyone... Jordan's Wrasse is never in great numbers, the Angel isn't in great demand... You might try Marine Center (.com). Bob Fenner>
Cirrhilabrus adornatus Dear Bob, <Hiroyuki> I am sorry for my long silence but I presented here the for the first time Cirrhilabrus adornatus, male, 6cm from Indonesia (probably western Sumatra). <Ahh!> It is a good fish that eats well, although it reached me today ! I am now preparing a new CD for you, and wait, please. <I All The Best, Hiroyuki
<Bob Fenner>

Fairy Wrasse Hi, <Good Morning> I have a labouti fairy wrasse which I believe its male. Can you please tell me what a female looks like? I asked the LFS and they told me the males have the S shaped lines on the side and have more blue on them. Do you know where I can see a pic of a male and female? <Here is a link on fairy wrasses. There is a pic of a male there, might want to do a Google search and look for a female pic. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/wrasses/cirrhilabrus/ James (Salty Dog)>

- Wrasse Id - Good day, Can you tell me what is the minimum tank size for a ruby headed wrasse? <Hmm... could this be Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura... that's what liveaquaria.com lists it as...> Also, are these the same as the blue sided wrasse? <Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura is the blue sided wrasse... as listed in fishbase.org, I would go with this common name. Maximum size is roughly 6" (15cm), I'd keep in 100g plus.> Thank you for your help. <Cheers, J -- >

Lubbock's fairy wrasse Hi Bob and crew,,,,, After a long and tiring night of researching on the net for the specific name of my mystery fairy wrasse, I have concluded with 95% certainty that it is a Lubbock's. Not too shabby for an 8 dollar fish. <Must have been mis-marked> As for my following questions, you would most likely have to refer to this website's pictures as I do not have a digital camera....this is as close as I could get... <A HREF=" http://fins.actwin.com/species/index.php?t=9&i=412"> http://fins.actwin.com/species/index.php?t=9&i=412 > My wrasse is pretty much a cross between the two wrasses pictured on the page....I've never seen two males of the same species look so different! <Take a look on fishbase.org re the males of species of wrasses in this genus... click on the photo shown for others on the next "page". Some are very different.> Question 1 ) What are those black markings on the fish. It look's like they've been drawn on my a sharpie marker. They are quite pronounced on my wrasse too. I've notice that pictures of other Lubbock's exhibit similar markings but perhaps more spread out and not as dark. Are they here to stay, or do they fade with age? Also, is this type of marking restricted to the Lubbock's fairy wrasse? <Mmm, no. Please see here: http://www.fishbase.org/Photos/ThumbnailsSummary.cfm?ID=13041 Not all Lubbock's show these dark markings> Question 2 ) Some of the pictures of Lubbock's shows quite a bit of bright coloration. Mine is a bit more drab but still show similar coloration. Does this mean that it is a female? Or perhaps stress and fright makes for a drabber wrasse, a trait common in most wrasse.... <Mmm, not likely a female... maybe not a "full blown" male either... but can/do change with environmental, nutritional... developmental influences> and finally, is there anything I can do to intensify it's colors...short of getting it a mate....or will they pretty much stay the same coloration regardless of effort. <All sorts of things you can do... feed foods with carotenoid content, HUFA's, vitamins... provide a large system (hundreds of gallons) with a few females of the species...> Thanks for all your help! Sincerely, jimmy <Good thinking, investigating here. Bob Fenner>

- Fairy Wrasse ID - Hello All, I was hoping someone could identify this species. I know it is of genus Cirrhilabrus. Maybe cyanopleura? The orange/yellow spot by the pectoral fin is throwing me off. <Hmm... actually, I'm using that spot as a guide and think you may have a Cirrhilabrus ryukyuensis - the Yellow-flanked Fairy Wrasse. Not super certain, but that's what it seems to be to me.> Jeff
<Cheers, J -- >

Unidentified Cirrhilabrus I don't know what this wrasse is, but I've kept one before. It is one of the larger ones, growing to be roughly 5 inches in length. The base color of this fish is a drab olive green. There is a black bar running horizontally across the length of the body that's on top of an orange horizontal bar. The pelvic fins are elongate and pointed. It's belly is a light powder blue, and has a dull red streak across it's eyes. However, the feature that stands out the most despite it's drab coloration is its remarkable super bright metallic blue caudal fin, with flecks of gold. I have seen it only one other time previous to today. I suspect it may be a male Katherine's Fairy Wrasse, (Cirrhilabrus katherinae), or an Orange Bar Fairy Wrasse, (Cirrhilabrus earlei). So far on the net, I haven't seen a picture of Cirrhilabrus earlei so I wouldn't know for sure. Is this description adequate for identification? Philip S. El Monte <Not for me... please see WWM here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/wrasses/cirrhilabrus/index.htm or Fishbase.org under the genus, or Scott Michael's Reef Fishes, v.1, Or Rudie Kuiter's latest on Velvet, Fairy Wrasses by TMC. It may be that you have an as-yet unidentified Cirrhilabrus (there are several on the market). Bob Fenner>

Unidentified Cirrhilabrus wrasse Attn. Mr. Bob Fenner, Hi, I am Basuki, I manager of CV. Samudera Jaya Abadi, Mr. Devy Kurniawan Marine fish company (Josh Evan friend). <Ah, yes> Herewith some picture of the rare kind of fish as we do not know the name yet attached. Please, see it on attachment file. Waiting for your comment Thank you Best Regards Basuki <Basuki, I don't know this species either. Am sending your note and image to Dr. John Randall (of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum in Hawai'i) who works on fish taxonomy and knows much re this group. Will hope he can get specimens from you for study, identification, naming. Bob Fenner>

Wrasse id Hi Bob. Thanks for the quick response to my last question (and the humorous headline on the new FAQ's page!) <Ah, always wondering if someone's keeping an eye on me...> This is an easy one, for now. I'd been wanting to add a fairy wrasse of some kind, to be the last fish addition to my system. I was considering the fine spotted fairy wrasse and the solar wrasse. I went to my LFS this weekend--they had a solar wrasse, but it was very expensive and the coloration was not good. However, they had another wrasse that was absolutely beautiful. It looked like a fairy wrasse of some kind. The problem was, neither the LFS or their supplier could identify it. Since it was a "mystery fish" they gave it to me for about half of what they would ordinarily charge for a nice fairy wrasse. (The fish is doing great--he started feeding an hour or so after introduction to the tank, on flake and brine shrimp, and has made a "house" in the sand under a piece of LR.) Since I bought this fish, I have searched all my "fish books," as well as the reference book at the LFS. I've also searched the WWM site, and every 'net site that I can think of, without success. It's actually becoming a "mission" for me. As a last resort, I'll take a picture and see if you can identify it, or give you a detailed description--but for now, I'm having fun trying to find it myself. <There are quite a few Fairy's... have you waded through the FishBase.org site yet? Some pix missing there as well... and Dr. Randall has told me (he has helped describe many of these and other fishes) that there are a few more to be described...> My question is, where can I find a good comprehensive online library of marine fishes to browse through? (I've already checked every site listed under "Other Indices" on the WWM site, as well as most of the links under the "Hobbyist Sites." I've also checked many fish e-tailer sites, to no avail.) Is coralrealm.com a good resource worth investing in (for this, as well as other things)? Can you recommend any other resources? <Please tell me if YOU find any... Friends are helping me put up WWM2 with some 25k images... for sale ala Corbis.com... perhaps some relief there... but not for a few months. Bob Fenner> --Sherlock James A. Deets

Re: Wrasse Mystery Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?genusname= Cirrhilabrus&speciesname=cyanopleura This link is to a fish that is VERY similar. The coloration on the sides and fins is identical. My fish also has the light underside as does this one. However, in the "mystery fish," the head is pink, instead of blue like this one. And the eyes are red--very striking. It's got to be the same genus as this one, however, I still haven't found the species. (There were almost 800 wrasses on FishBase.org, and I looked at anything that it could possibly be--this is as close as I've come so far. . .) OK--so I'm letting the cat out of the bag--getting a little help--but it might turn into a joint "mission" if this guy isn't to be found anywhere. One more day of searching, then I'll send a pic! Thanks! <Ah, you're getting closer... Bob Fenner>

Ever heard of Cirrhilabrus magnificum I have a pair of Scott's Fairy wrasses and love the genus. A number of dealers offer a "magnificent" fairy wrasse that they identify as Cirrhilabrus magnificum, but I can find no info on that species. ever heard of it? (Yes, but not scientifically... you can check out all the valid species of Velvet Wrasses, Cirrhilabrus on www.fishbase.org and my coverage of the genus on our site: www.WetWebMedia.com... there are a few as yet undescribed-scientifically species sold in the trade from time to time...) Also can you recommend a second pair (male/female) of fairy wrasses for a 180 live rock and fish tank? I love the flame (jordani) wrasse, but my tank temp is 82-84, and I have been warned that this may be excessive for a Hawaiian endemic. (Good point... do check the WWM site for more tropical members... Bob Fenner) Thanks as always.

New Cirrhilabrus Species Bob, Here's one for you!! A new species Cirrhilabrus sp. (soon to be C. bathyphilus). 5 specimens of this fish have been collected in Aust - 2 went to Jack Randall in Hawaii for the description and 2 went to a university for a DNA databank. The attached photo is of one of the five and they are small (40-70 mm) compared to Scott's etc.. <Rip!!! Rob, no photo, file attached. Can you re-send? Bob F> Regards, Rob. ERI International Sorry Bob. Check out this little jordani'esque beauty! <Wow, what a beautiful specimen, image. Bob F>

New Cirrhilabrus sp. It was taken by my Aust supplier who actually caught these 5 specimens. I knew that you of all people would appreciate it. He offered it to me for $250 FOB AUS!!! I chickened out and passed on it.................................... <Rob... the Australian dollar is trading at about two to one... I would have taken a dozen or so at this price! Bob Fenner>

Re: New Cirrhilabrus sp. Not Aust $'s - US!! <Yikes! Getting pricey net landed cost! Still, if this were Japan... Bob F>

Latin pronunciation Cirrhilabrus luteovittatus <Sear like in searing a steak, hi as in "ha", la as in la dee dah, brus as in brusque, lu as in lewd and lascivious, te as in tea for two, oh as in "oh" you caught me, vit as in the letter "v" and quit, ta as in "tah dah", tus as in your fave tus'kfish. B> How is it pronounced?
J --

Fish Identification? Hello Mr. Fenner, Thanks for your previous help with my question RE: crab exoskeleton identification. A wrasse was hiding in one of the caves in a large piece of liverock I received as seen in this photo: http://adalius.sytes.net/~adalius/fishtank/06202002_9.JPG <Mmm, looks to be a Cirrhilabrus solorensis immature male... pls see our site here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/wrasses/cirrhilabrus/index.htm or fishbase.org or Google photos... under the genus, species name> I've since cruised many internet sites looking for identification as well as perusing the photos in your book, as well as the Pocket Guide To Marine Fishes, The New Marine Aquarium, and Dr. Burgess's Marine Aquarium Atlas Of Fishes to try and get the names, both common and scientific, and have had no luck so far. The closest match I've been able to find was a Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse but the body coloring seems to be more of a purple/pink than the dark blue found on this fish, <The Fairy Wrasses are quite variable...> although I've only been able to find photos of the male and am unable to find pictures of the female to determine if coloration is different. <In most Cirrhilabrus, very different, with the females being comparatively drab> I was hoping you might be able to recognize this so that I can better attend to it's needs if it happens to have any specific requirements, although it's been doing fine for 2 months now. Thanks in advance,
Josh Yanny
<Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

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