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FAQs about Worms, Vermiform Animals of all Kinds, Selection 

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When good worms go bad! Next on FOX - 3/6/03 I enjoy reading the help you give so many, so first off - thank you! <Thank you for coming here for your info! Paul here to help in any way I can> I recently ordered Tonga and Fiji Live rock for my 75 gal tank. <cool> Should I expect to see worms from the start? <Maybe. Is it fully cured? Are you going to cure it? I would quarantine it if possible whether cured or not (especially if the tank already has animals in it)>  What worms do I definitely not want? <I don't think there is much worry here. In any event, see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/polychaetes.htm and here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/worms.htm and while I'm at it, here as well: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/flatworms.htm Look at all the FAQs too. A proper quarantine procedure will and can prevent problems long before they arise in the main display tank. In any event read and glean the information from the links, but don't worry too much> When do I know the population is out of control of the good ones? <It can happen, but I don't think you will have much to worry about here. If livestock is missing then maybe>  Should I consider having a Coral or Gold Banded Shrimp AND/OR an Arrow Crab? <If you want one, but by in large, I don't think this is necessary, in my opinion>  I have read that the Coral Banded Shrimp will fight with the Arrow Crab, so which would be better to control a bristle worm population should it come up? <Neither. Take a look at the links I provided and when the time is right you could evaluate then. Let's just get the rock cured and placed and give it a good year. <VBG> Then see where things are.> Sorry about all the questions - I am realizing just how much I have to learn! <Exactly! No problem on the questions. Read through the FAQs and articles in various areas on our website and other sites as well. No need to panic here. Takes a long time to evaluate a worm issue, in my experience. A little forethought is fine, but you don't even have the rock yet. =) <VBG> Good luck>   Thanks again! <No problem. You want worms for the most part with a very small variety being at the pest level. Take your time and evaluate the circumstances for why they might be there and if they are truly doing any harm. A large Polychaete, albeit shocking to see sometimes, is not always a problem. Keep on in search of information. Knowledge is power and knowing is half the battle. Paul> Jeff Wagner

Worm in filter I just found a six inch worm in my canister filter while cleaning it. <Wow, big bugger!> It looks kind of like an earthworm, but one end sucks into itself. I don't know how it got there, <Larval stage/egg from liverock.> but my question is - should I leave it there? <Probably harmless.> The foam pads in my filter were abnormally free from debris. It is a Fluval 104 canister filter. Is it a good worm, or a bad worm? <Probably fine.> It appears to be a good worm since it cleaned my filter for me. If so, should I put it back into the tank? <Up to you.> Thank you, Kathleen Engell <You are welcome. -Steven Pro>

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