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FAQs about Zebra Moray Eel Compatibility

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Generally Gymnomuraena leave all but crustaceans be... but need room to get about. The James' tank (Bob and Debbie) in Toronto... some of their livestock is 17 years old.

Long Spine Urchin with Zebra Moral Eel, comp.      9/21/19
Hi Bob -
Would a large long spine urchin with the body size of around a tennis ball be left alone by a Zebra Moral Eel that's about 2 feet in length? I've read Zebra Moral Eels feed on urchins, but I thought maybe the long spine urchin might be an exception.
<Mmm; I don't think it's a good idea to place morays in systems with sharp objects period... their vision's not all that good, and they have a habit of bumping into most all>
Further, I suspect a Zebra Moral Eel would eat a chocolate chip starfish?
<I don't think so, no. They mainly eat crustaceans in the wild>
BTW, I wanted to report back that your knowledge and feedback was correct on a question I asked last week. I've witnessed a large pin cushion urchin (close to 4 inches in diameter) has eaten cyanobacteria (red) off my live rock as you suspected might occur.
Thank you, John
<Cheers John. BobF>

Re: Long Spine Urchin with Zebra Moral Eel; plus BGA eater      9/22/19
Bob -
Thank you very much you're most helpful as always! Your feedback definitely helps me properly plan some aquatic living arrangements.
<Am so glad to share, aid your efforts... promote the proper/appropriate use of resources John>
Here's a photo of the pin cushion urchin I previously referenced with a smaller long spine that shows some cyanobacteria (red) removed from the rocks (see rock closest to the gravel).
Thanks, John
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

My New Pufferfish/es; comp. w/ Muraenids    6/18/17
Hi Crew, your advice has been helpful in managing my tanks and your website is so full of great info! But I haven't seen this question, thus the question.
I am adopting 2 puffers. One is a porcupine puffer and the other is a dogface puffer. They will go with my snowflake and zebra eels.
<Mmm; am hoping the Puffers don't go after the Morays.... biting them, stealing all foods>
They are at least 6-7 years old and the previous owner had them 6 years.
They are both about 5 inches long. Do you thing they will grow much more at their age?
<Well, they can; given good water quality, food....>
Just planning for future tank size if needed because right now they are going into a 180 gallon. I also have a 300 gallon so I'm fine upgrading tanks if I need to, just trying to plan it out a bit. Thanks!
<Do keep your eye on all when you feed, or go by the tank. Bob Fenner>

Sick zebra moray... mis stocked...      7/7/14
Hello! Im very worried about our eel,
<Mmm; you should be>
Grover. We've had him for a few months, probably about 6 months or so. He lives in a 72gal bowfront with a porcupine puffer and a volitans lion.
<... Not a good, acceptable mix of species... the puffer too likely to sample the other two; the Lion to poke, envenomize the others.>

He is now in a quarantine tank since he's sick.
<... bitten and stung>

He has the two "growths" on his head and his eyes are cloudy. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he didn't make it until tomorrow. He is completely limp when I pick him up, still slimy, but wont move at all
anymore. Do you know what is wrong with him and why it happened?
<See WWM re compatibility of all three... you've created this problem>
Thank you
so much!
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Sick zebra moray     7/7/14
We've always had them together and haven't had any problems at all.
<Then you've been fortunate. This mix in such a volume is a disaster in the making>
They have
their areas in the tank and don't mess with each other. Is this a result of a sting from the volitans?
<Very likely yes. BobF>

Harlequin tusk problems, Gymnomuraena incomp.    7/6/13
My 4 inch tusk is eating the tail of a 3 foot zebra moray eel.
<Mmm, not surprising>
 They have resided in a 265 gallon tank for nearly two years with no problems and get fed regularly.  I currently separated the tank with eggcrate but my question is if the tail heals will the tusk leave it alone or will the tusk need to be removed?
<Moved; separated permanently>
  Thank you for all your knowledge through the years.
<Glad to share. Bob Fenner>

Zebra Moray eel and tank mates 8/16/11
Hello Marco
<Hello Callum.>
I have a issue that I would like to ask you about as your advice has been extremely helpful in the past. The zebra moray eel in my aquarium has grown over 3ft in the last few years and appears to still be growing in my 4ft x 2ft x 1.5ft aquarium - 85 gallon I believe? ( in my mails last year if you remember I had the measurements of my tank wrong). My question is will I eventually have to give away my zebra moray?
<What is true is that a larger tank is almost always better. However, Zebra morays in nature spend most of their time within cave systems. They don't even have a strongly developed dorsal fin for swimming as many other eels do. So, as long as you can keep the water quality in line and offer a lot of caves, you should be able to keep the eel in your tank. If you can't, you should give it away. Typically they grow to around 3 feet in aquariums.>
If so the LFS near me would take it into their large 15ft aquarium. I cannot upgrade as planned to the 5x2x2ft aquarium for a long time because I don't have the money to do this.
The Sailfin tang will soon be moving to the 15ft aquarium at my LFS as he has reached 7 inches.
<A very good decision. This fish will need a lot of swimming space.>
I only wish I had not purchased these fish as I cannot now fulfill their needs and that upsets me a lot that I was careless and received bad information.
My stock at the moment is
48inch x 22 x 18 inch tank
Sailfin tang - to be moved soon unfortunately as it is a beautiful fish
Zebra moray eel - 36 inch
Valentini puffer
Yellow tang
Flame angel
Yellow tail damsel
Lemon damsel
<Have seen much worse. If it was my tank the Yellow tang would likely have to go at some point, too. For the eel - see above.>
I will do whatever is needed for these fish to be happy, even if it means I have to give them away, but the upgrade I wished for cannot be achieved for a while unless I can get the money needed. Best wishes to you and I hope you can help me,
<Hope I did.>
Regards, Callum
<Cheers, Marco.>
Re: Zebra Moray eel and tank mates 8/16/11
Hello Marco
<Hi Callum.>
Thank you for your speedy reply as always, the job you do is magnificent!!!
<Thanks for your kind words.>
Ok I think the zebra moray will stay, as he has many caves as I aquascaped the tank around him, and for the few years I have had him I have had no issues with the water qualities, as I test every 2 weeks when I do a 10% water change. I agree also Marco, as the yellow tang has been growing quite large too and I was worrying that he might have to go.
So this would be the stocklist for the tank
zebra moray eel
Flame angel
Valentini puffer
Yellow tail damsel
Lemon damsel
Would this be ok?
<Yes, I think so.>
Is there a possibility to make the tank a little more colourful after these two gorgeous fishes are at the tank at my LFS I could add something small and colourful like a wrasse?
<Yes, I think a small wrasse, goby or blenny would be possible as long as the damsels don't behave like Rambo to new fishes. Many yellow tails do.>
Also just out of interest what would your views on a Japanese or Hawaiian dragon moray if it was the only inhabitant? but I wont be doing this I am just curious of what your views are?
<Have summarized my views here:
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/HIDragonMorayArt.htm . These eels are much more stout than a Zebra eel, eat more and need larger tanks even if reaching a similar typical length in captive setups.>
I have attached some pictures of my tank at present so do you think the eel has suitable caves in the tank?
<Looks good. I'd add another rock (well cured live rock) here and there with time. These eels spend most of their lives within the crevices of the reef.>
I also had some clowns in the tank a while ago but I moved them upstairs to a 20 gal converted from tropical to marine Nano.
Thank you so much Marco for your help and I will recommend every fish keeper that I know to your site!
Best wishes Callum
<Cheers. Marco.>

Re: Zebra Moray eel and tank mates 8/17/11
Hello Marco again
<Hello Callum.>
It seems luck is with me as I have found a 60inch x 24 inch x 20 inch aquarium (vena 450) on sale for £300!! The only downside is that it was used as a show tank and has been up for 2 years. Do you reckon this could be a issue or I should buy it?
<Generally no problem, I ran tanks more than 20 years old. See if the seams are okay.>
It has lights, filters and a protein skimmer. I believe that would be around 125 gallons so it would be great for my zebra moray and other fish if I bought it. Also what is the minimum tank size you recommend for a Japanese or Hawaiian dragon moray?
<Written and explained in the article I linked to in the last email.>
As I may start a tank up in the future for one as it is my favorite fish. Cheers and hope to speak with you in the future. Callum
<Take care. Marco.>

Re: Zebra Moray eel and tank mates 8/28/11
Hello again Marco
<Hello Callum.>
I am going to purchase that tank from the LFS as mentioned in my last email and it is actually a 130 gallon tank 5ft in length, so that's perfect for my zebra moray!! :)
I have a question though as I was planning on setting up a tank for a dragon moray when I have the money but what is your views on keeping a Brazilian dragon moray (Muraena pavonina) with a zebra moray in this tank? Would they co - exist or is it just as aggressive as the Hawaiian dragon moray?
<I keep both species (in separate setups) and do not recommend to keep them together. Muraena pavonina can be very aggressive, they do best in specimen tanks.>
It is quite hard to find information on this moray but my LFS could get one for me and images of it has caught my eye as all the dragons are very impressive morays, but I don't want to endanger my zebra eel as I have become very attached to him :)
I will in future be getting one of these two even if it means setting up another tank for a dragon moray.
<It will.>
Thank you as always,
<Welcome. Marco.>

Re: Zebra Moray eel and tank mates     6/25/13
Hello to who ever answers this at WetWebMedia!
<Marco it is.>
Have a bit of sad news that happened last week and you might remember me if this happens to be Marco, as I had a few questions a few years ago about compatibility of a zebra moray and a dragon moray, and after the advice you gave me I definitely decided against it. Well the sad news is that my moray 'Kraken' passed away last weekend and I have been extremely gutted so has took me a while to write this.
<I am very sorry to hear that.>
I think a rock must have fallen and damaged his back, so I took him to the vets, got an x-ray and they couldn't see what was wrong except some swelling of the swim bladder. Gave him some pain relief and injections to help with the swelling and hoped for the best. Then we found he had a parasite infection of round worm as he was struggling to go to the toilet, so was looking to get treatment for that and was coming the following Monday. Basically then these sores came up on his skin and we moved him to a quiet tank by himself, and he instantly relaxed and looked at peace, but sadly passed away on Sunday night.
<Kudos to you for trying to save your pet. Not many would have taken their fish to the vet.>
Loved him so much, was a great moray  glad he didn't pass away in pain though and hope he is in a better place now. He lived in a 4 foot, 75 gallon tank and was just about to upgrade to a 5ft 125 gal when he passed away, had been saving up for a good while and just got pretty much enough money.
Not sure if I am allowed to send you tube links to you guys as cant see any in the forums, but her are some of my buddy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFHY5XVQYrw
Also have attached a picture of my eel Kraken in his prime, hope you guys like it! I know this isn't a question but just wanted to take the time to really thank Marco for helping me to not make the wrong choice and as a result I enjoyed my buddy for a good amount of time (5+ years) and I know he should have lived longer but I tried my best to save him and spent £200+ on medical treatment. Thanks and I will definitely advise anyone who is into fish and their welfare to come to your site, as I may have the opportunity to work in a LFS soon, so I will refer anyone I can to you guys :)Thanks and have a nice day! Callum
<Thanks for your kind words. Take care. Marco.>

White mouth moray eel
Zebra eel compatibility - 12/20/10

Hello again Marco :)
<Hi Callum.>
I will be purchasing my 5x2x2ft aquarium between January and June this year and would like to know if a White Mouth moray eel would be suitable for my aquarium.
<I'd consider this tank as the bare minimum for this species. Have you seen adults? They reach around 4 feet and get more than 3 times the girth of a Zebra eel. Examinations of their stomach contents in nature revealed they mostly eat fishes, so tank mates will be difficult.>
Is it aggressive and will put my zebra eel or my Sailfin tang in danger as I have heard it is semi aggressive so I didn't think this was to bad?
<Compared to other Gymnothorax species of this size, they are less aggressive, but still much more than a Zebra eel or Echidna species. I know a public aquarium who kept one with a Zebra moray for some time showing this is possible. However, if it was my tank I would not be willing to try this for the reasons given above and because this species when grown has the potential to eat both your Zebra eel and your tang.>
Thank you for your time.
<See earlier emails for recommended moray tank mates: Echidna species generally do well with larger fishes and Zebra eels. Commonly available are the Snowflake eel (E. nebulosa), Barred moray (E. polyzona) and Chainlink eel (E. catenata)). Also a good choice would be some small to medium Gymnothorax species, specifically Gymnothorax miliaris (Goldentail or Banana eel) and Gymnothorax thyrsoideus (White eyed moray).>
Callum Munro
<Cheers, Marco.

Zebra eel compatibility 11/30/10
Hello again Marco :)
I have a question about a Jewel and a Dwarf Golden Moray eel
Would this stocklist be ok:
5x2x2ft aquarium
Jewel or Golden dwarf moray (not get yet )
<The Angel, the Damsels, the Shrimps and the Goby can become Jewel moray food. The Dwarf moray should not endanger other fishes (only if they are very small). However, it could have a hard time with all the big guys.>
Zebra moray eel
Sailfin tang
Yellow tang
Valentini puffer
Flame angel
Damsel ( blue and yellow)
Blue cheek goby
Cleaner shrimp x 2
some kind of gray starfish
Also I am seeing some aggression between the 2 tangs and the eel.
The eel I think may have bitten the Sailfin tang as he as a bite in his top fin.
<Zebra eels don't have pointed teeth. Their teeth rather resemble half spheres and are used to crush invertebrates. If fins are missing the puffer may be the one to blame.>
The two tangs try to keep the eel in by hitting the zebra moray in the face with their fins.
<Not a too common behaviour with this harmless eel.>
Should I remove the tangs or just 1 of them as they are starting to show aggression to each other?
<If you have continuing incompatibility problems (it may decrease within approx. a week) you should find a new home for at least on the fishes instead of adding more. My guess is that the Sailfin tang is more aggressive.>
My eel also ate one of my cleaner shrimp because he was constantly trying to clean him.
<Zebra eels are crustacean eaters. Sometimes cleaner shrimps are spared, but with time many become food. Crabs and shrimps are their main prey in nature. Don't be surprised if another one is missing, too.>
I even saw him do this.
Thank you, you do an amazing job
Once again Callum :)
<Cheers, Marco.>

dragon moray and zebra moray :) 10/30/10
hello crew
<Hi. First of all I have bad news for you: Your shift key seems broken.>
I was wondering if you could answer my questions as I cant see to find the answer first of all I can get a Hawaiian dragon eel for about £400 is this a good price
also I will be purchasing a 5x2x2ft aquarium and will also have a zebra eel in there with it is it possible for them to live together in that tank or will it be like a battleground :)
I already have the zebra eel and he is about 24inch and the dragon moray will be around 16inch apparently
<I do not recommend mixing them. It is probable the Dragon moray will attack the Zebra eel as soon as it has reached a similar size.>
also I have a Sailfin tang that is in need of a upgrade will it be safe with them 2 in that tank
<Can be bitten by the Dragon eel, too. Depends a lot on the individual eel you'll get. Many E. pardalis work rather poor with most tank mates.>
thank you for your time
A hopeful Hawaiian dragon eel keeper :)
<The key seems to work again. Hooray! Cheers, Marco.>

Zebra with anemone
Eels and Anemones 9/11/09

Hello crew,
<Hello, Josh here.>
I have a new question for you today. I have a 30" zebra eel in my 150 gallon tall tank, the tank is 30" tall. My water parameters are all in check according to your fine site for keeping an anemone,
<I really need more details on your tank to recommend an anemone, eels can be very messy eaters, and a tank with a high nutrient load likely won't be ideal for one.>
however I have a couple of questions.
For lighting I have 96 watts of actinics, and 500 watts of 14k actinics, is this sufficient if I were to place
an anemone 10" from the bottom?
<Mmm, is their a typo here perhaps? Do you mean 96watts of actinic, and 2 x 250 watt 14k Metal Halides?, if so you likely have enough light for many species of anemones.>
Also will the eel be at risk of getting stung, and if so will it severely injure him?
<Not likely, although I would lean towards one of the less dangerous and more easy to keep species.>
<<RMF would not keep Anemones and Morays in the same system... besides the valid nutrient issue mentioned by Joshua here, Muraenids are too blind, nocturnal, likely to run into, damage and be stung by such.>>
Thanks in advance,
<You're welcome,
Josh Solomon.>

Re: Zebra Eel help please II, hlth. and now comp. -- 07/11/09
Thank you for your advice!!! When I came home last night from the pet store (buying other foods and vitamin drops) he was laying backwards on a rock, I think the current was help keeping him up. A few hrs later he was on my sand bed upside down barely breathing. He died an hr or so later.
<Sorry to hear... So, there might really be an infection that was already in its final stage.>
I read some post on your page that talks about old age and a eel of that size may have some yrs on him.
<Hmm, yes, but red nostrils are not a typical sign of old age per se. The immune system becomes weaker with old age, but also with a uniform diet.>
I received him about a yr ago from a LFS and they said they had him a few yrs. He was about 3ft long and as big around as a base ball. If I may ask, I'm considering buying another eel, what is a good size to start with?
<I assume you mean a zebra moray. Depends on other tank inhabitants. With two 3.5 inch triggers I'd look for at least 1.5 feet.>
What should I look for when shipping for one?
<The usual things: Only buy from reputable sources with good references, keep the shipping as short as possible, see if heat packs are necessary and available. Also see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/acclimat.htm >
Do you think if I added another one my triggerfish would bother it since I'm adding it after they were added, my undulated use to share the same cave as my other eel?
<That's possible. Triggers and eels is sometimes hit and miss. You can also try to remove the triggers for a few days while adding the eel.>
Do eels have a certain tank flow they prefer, since I have a lot of flow?
<That's fine. They do not need a lot of flow, but a lot of oxygen, and the higher the flow, the better the gaseous exchange and the higher the oxygen.>
Thank you for taken the time to read my e-mails and any advice would be highly appreciated and followed to a "T". Thank you. Terry
<Welcome and good luck. Marco.>
Re: Zebra Eel help please
Thank you for all your help!!!

Zebra Moray in a reef tank? -- 02/19/09 I was wondering if any of you have had any experience keeping a Zebra Moray Eel in a reef tank? <Yes.> I have a 180 gallon reef and all rocks are secured together with corals permanently attached to rocks. <Sounds good. Will the eel find enough caves in which it can fully hide?> Would it be possible/advisable to keep a Zebra Moray? <Yes you can do that, but be aware you most likely won't be able to keep ornamental crustaceans in this tank.> Other residents are: Yellow Tang, Blue Hippo Tang, Maroon Clown, Carpenter Wrasse, and a couple peppermint shrimp that may or may not still be around. <The shrimps - if still alive - may be gone if the eel is added, the fish will not be touched.> Also, how much weight do you need to keep on a cover to keep an eel from escaping. <For this species: not very much, if the cover weighs 2 pounds, has no gaps and fits well this should be sufficient. They are rather well mannered.> Thanks, Matt. <See here for more information: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramor.htm and the linked FAQs. Cheers, Marco.>

Zebra Moray II 12/15/08 Thanks Marco for your very prompt help! <Welcome.> The eel is definitely a Gymnomuraena zebra. I will speak to the shop and see if he can be moved to larger quarters for a while. If this is not possible then I will take the eel and try to feed him myself. <Good plan. Live crabs are irresistible to them in my experience. You can ask at the store if they got some unwanted Mithrax (or similar) hitchhikers in their last live rock delivery. I also used crabs from the North Sea. Next, I used dead crabs of the same genus and finally they accepted shrimps, prawns and mussel flesh with time.> On another note, after reading every FAQ you have on the zebra moray, I notice that Anthony described them as 'protogynous hermaphrodites'. <This is correct.> Would my 180 gallon tank be large enough for two of them, <Yes.> and if so, does this mean that one will change sex and become the female? <No. G. zebra are born as females and can change their sex to males (if they would change to females like Rhinomuraena, it'd be called a protandric hermaphrodite). It is unknown what triggers the change and if all specimens change in nature, at least all seem to have the potential. It is also unknown how this species can be sexed externally, but it can be speculated that the males may have less teeth.> If I were to add another, would it be better to add the second at a different size than the first? <The ideal case would be a mated pair, which would be imported, bought and put in the display tank together. The next best case would be two morays of equal size put in the tank at the same time. If you add a second eel later, it generally is better, if the new kid is slightly larger than the old resident. G. zebra is the most peaceful moray, but I know one case from other hobbyists in which a G. zebra killed a small moray of another species added to the tank. In another case a smaller G. zebra eel was permanently bitten by a larger specimen and had to be removed. So, while chances are good that 2 G. zebra will work, failure is still possible. Chances are best if the second eel is slightly larger.> Thanks a lot, Simon <Welcome. Marco.>
Re: Zebra Moray II... comp., repro. 12/16/08
Thanks again Marco - every day is a school day, eh? <Life would be boring without learning something new everyday, wouldn't it?> Soooo.... If the second Zebra is accepted by the first as a tankmate, is this a guarantee that one will change sex and thus create a pair, or is it possible for them both to remain females and still live together peacefully? <Both is possible. Since they cannot be sexed externally it is not known if those specimens, who live together peacefully in captivity are mated pairs or not. But I guess (!) one may change, because this can be observed in other fish groups. You will not know for sure until they produce fertilized eggs.> I spoke to the LFS and they have moved the Moray into one of their coral tanks that is much larger. <Ah, good.> I'm going to check him out tomorrow. <I hope �he� is fine.> Cheers, Simon <Good luck with your possible future moray. Marco.>

Zebra eel, comp., fdg. -- 09/27/08 I am setting up a 135 gallon reef aquarium and was thinking of housing a zebra eel. As I have no personal experience with eels, and I take the advice of local pet stores with a grain of salt, I was wanting to get some information to aid in my decision. My main question was regarding clean up crew options and the feeding of the eel. If I use snails and serpent stars for cleaning the tank, would they be safe from the eel? I assume the serpent stars would be safe, but I've heard conflicting reports regarding snails. <Yes, the serpent stars are safe, but some Zebra eels (and Snowflake eels, too) have eaten snails. I've seen that personally, but most will leave them alone. Larger snails with thick shells should be safe with any Zebra eel.> What other options would I have for organisms to clean the tank? <Urchins are safe in most aquarium, although they have been found in the stomachs of wild zebra eels (they need an older system, though), Hermit crabs are also often safe as long as they have thick shells the eel cannot crack. Even cleaner shrimp can work (or be eaten), they are kind of a gamble, chances are best if they are introduced to the tank prior to the eel. The best choices you have already named: stars and snails.> Regarding feeding, would it be possible to just throw in 20 crabs or so every few weeks/months and let the eel feed on them at his leisure, or would I have to spot feed him? <Can be done, but depending on the type of crabs they could do some damage, eat corals or other desirable invertebrates and even small fishes until they become prey themselves. The eel will also make some chaos, lift rocks and such while hunting for the crabs. The crabs will also become quite expensive with time. Crabs are mostly useful for freshly imported specimens to make the acclimation period easier. I would train the eel to take dead food and feed a varied diet of shrimps, prawns, mussels with vitamin addition and long tweezers or a feeding stick.> I would very much prefer not to spot feed the eel, and if that is the case then I certainly would like to know now instead of later, as it isn't my intention of having a starving eel prisoner. <Should not happen with this species.> Thanks for your thoughts. <Welcome. See here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramor.htm and the linked FAQs on Zebra morays. Cheers, Marco.>

Re: zebra moray and starfish -- 09/02/08 Hello again. <Hi Brian.> I thought I would update you on the compatibility of starfish and zebra moray eels. <It's good to get feedback. Thank you.> Everyone co-exists peacefully! <Superb.> Actually, in one instance, I was feeding my zebra and he dropped the food. When he found the food on the sand, he accidentally picked a starfish up by one of its legs going after the food. After a second or two, after realizing the mistake, he "spit" out the starfish. Needless to say a panicked starfish scuttled away. <You could call that a comet, I guess.> Thanks for the great assistance. Brian. <You are welcome. Marco.>

Please Help... Gymnomuraena incomp. 9/2/08 Hello I have 2 zebra morays, now one is about a foot and a half long with thick white stripes and i have had it for about 2 yrs, i just recently got another zebra moray that was at the shop in the same tank with my one 2 yrs ago and it hadn't been sold, so i bought it and it is about 1 foot long with thin white stripes and a very dark body so i put it in my tank, for the first 4 days they were fine and they didn't really go near each other and then on the 5th day i noticed the bigger one started chasing the smaller one and nipping its tail but not making it bleed or even punchering it, <Separate these...> then it grabbed on and just held onto its tail but it didn't struggle to get away or even retaliate. i cant work out if they are fighting or mating or what they are doing, please help. Natalie <See above... and WWM Re Gymnomuraena... and fix your English before sending... Bob Fenner>

Zebra moray question Zebra moray question; comp. 07/28/08 I'm not incredibly familiar with the housing of different fish species together, so I have a quick Q for you guys that are more experience with fish than I have: Would a zebra moray, A. hispidus puffer, and banded bamboo shark be okay in an (obviously aggressive) tank (of sufficient size), or would I likely have an 'accident' with one of the tankmates killing the other? My hispidus and my bamboo shark are favourites of mine, and I don't want to put either at risk by adding a zebra moray! <Hi Mike. Zebra morays are the most harmless moray eel species. They have only small plate like teeth and are not aggressive compared to other morays. The cases where zebra morays have damaged or killed other fish are very rare. In the suggested combination it may be an endangered species. The puffer possibly will nip the small fin on the back of the eel as well as the tail and the shark may try to eat the moray. If you still decide to try this combination, ensure that the Zebra moray has a sufficient size, is at least longer than the shark and stout. In this case the combination might work, but the first meetings and feedings should be watched.> Thanks, Mike <Cheers, Marco.>

Zebra moray question 07/28/2008 I'm not incredibly familiar with the housing of different fish species together, so I have a quick Q for you guys that are more experience with fish than I have: Would a zebra moray, A. hispidus puffer, and banded bamboo shark be okay in an (obviously aggressive) tank (of sufficient size), or would I likely have an 'accident' with one of the tankmates killing the other? My hispidus and my bamboo shark are favorites of mine, and I don't want to put either at risk by adding a zebra moray! Thanks, Mike <There is "some" risk of the shark biting the eel, a smaller one of the eel biting the puffer... but not "too much" IMO. BobF>

Gymnomuraena and tasty crabs 07/07/08 I was thinking about getting a zebra moray, and I read that they have quite the taste for crustaceans. I have two horseshoe crabs (about an inch and a half wide). Would these two become victims to the eel's appetite, or would their natural defenses protect them? Thanks, John <Not for very long. BobF>

Zebra moray and Starfish, comp. 06/30/08 Good morning/afternoon. <Good morning Brian.> I had a quick question that I wanted to ask you. I know that a zebra moray eel has been known to munch on crabs and shrimp if not fed/hungry, but I have never heard anything regarding a zebra moray and starfish. <Me neither... you may add weakly armoured snails, urchins and clams to the list of tank mates, which have been consumed in rare cases.> Can a zebra be kept with starfish? <Works in my experience.> I am in the process of setting up a 240g tank and I am trying to plan out some kind of clean up crew. <Beware that some starfish need mature, well cycled systems with lots of detritus. I appreciate your advice. Brian <Some reading: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramor.htm and <Cheers, Marco.>

Zebra Moray/ Seahorse 12/24/06 Hey Guys, I was just wondering if it would be possible to house a zebra moray and a seahorse together. My tank is 90 gallons so there is plenty of room. Merry Christmas! John W. <Mmm... I guess this could be done... though the Gymnomuraena is going to get large... may well frighten the Seahorse... Bob Fenner>

Eels ... mixing Snowflake, Zebra... 11/16/06 Can I put a zebra eel in with a snowflake eel? <Hi, Michelle here. They can be compatible. There is much to glean about these fascinating creatures. Please take a little time and read over some of the information found on the WWM site to learn how to provide appropriate care for these beauties.>

Fish that can go with zebra eel 5/8/06 hi <...> just wondering if I what I could keep with a zebra moray eel. I like dwarf lionfish, Niger Trigger, Foxface and queen angel I have a 60 gallon tank <... a sixty isn't large enough for just the Gymnomuraena> with an external filter 2028 Eheim and a internal filter Fluval 3 and a protein skimmer <Keep reading. Bob Fenner>

Re: Little Piles of Sand - 10/22/06 Hi again. <<Hello Olivia>> Thanks for your help. <<You're welcome>> This is actually more my husbands tank, he does all the cleaning and such. I just get to watch. <<Ah, I see>> To answer your question about the tank size it's 135 gallon. <<Oh good...was afraid this was the ubiquitous "55">> We may be catching the eel and taking him back. <<Might be best with that trigger in the system>> Our purple Gramma just came up missing and we finally found him dead under a rock/cave either rotting or being munched on. Could this have been the eel's doing? <<Not likely, Gymnomuraena zebra is a specialized crustacean feeder...any shrimp/crabs are definitely in jeopardy>> They both liked the same location and kind of fought but without any biting. <<Indeed...Gramma loreto is generally a peaceful fish, but can still be a tad pugnacious if it chooses. I'm sure it didn't like the eel crowding its "stake" on the landscape but it is still unlikely the eel is the culprit here. It's impossible for me to say with any certainty what caused the demise of the Gramma. Could have been disease/old-age...or even the trigger or lionfish>> The rest of the fish appear to be happy and healthy, eating well. I didn't want the eel but my husband has always wanted one. He is VERY small but we realize he will become much to big. <<About 5-feet ultimately>> Most of our fish are pretty small in size right now, none are bigger than 3in. (most are that size or smaller) except of course the eel. Thanks again for your answer to the sand pile question, it was driving me and the kids nuts trying to figure out who was making those. Since we never saw the fish doing it. <<Ah yes...much more in the tank than fish. Introduction of live rock brings in all kinds of beneficial worms and micro-crustaceans. Try observing the rock/substrate closely with a flashlight after the main lights have been out a while. You will likely discover all kinds of interesting critters crawling about Take care! Very appreciative- Olivia Mendonca <<Happy to share. Eric Russell>>

Zebra Moray Eel question, comp. 10/2/06 Hi Mr. Fenner, <Robert> My name is Robert Warner. I have a salt water aquarium that I have had for about 8 years now. As I was doing a "tank change" today, I noticed that my moray eel (which I have had for around 6 years) is missing pieces at his tail end. I believe that it might be the other fish in the tank. <Likely so> However, I wanted to know if his tail had any chance of growing back, and if so how long would it be? <Can re-grow... weeks to months> And also if you think the fish will bother him after he is out of seclusion? <Also likely> As of now I have him in the tank secluded from the other fish by a partition so they cannot mess with him while he recuperates. <Best to find out who is at fault and permanently separate> I appreciate any advise and information you can give me. Thank you very much for taking time to answer my e-mail, it is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Robert Warner <Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Aquascape... Mixing crab-eating morays, using a Jeweled Damsel from the TWA, Moray system/s, acclimating new livestock... 8/3/06 Morning, <Now the afternoon here... Yikes, got to "kick out the jams"... whatever that means> Just a quick question... or at least they always start out that way. I'm looking at doing a 200gallon predator tank that will include both a snowflake and zebra moray eel, a Russel lionfish, and a couple of others. From reading your FAQ's, it sounds like in that large of an aquarium the two morays should be ok together? <These two species, likely so> I also just bought a jeweled damsel on the advice of on of your FAQ's... since this fish will eventually get to be around 6", a good fish to cycle my new 200gallon tank and should be ok with a lion and the morays? <Mmm, likely okay to cycle, will get along> My damsel is pretty brown looking with the diamonds on his back... does this sound like a jeweled damsel to you? <Of mid-size/age... okay> Anyhow, my question.... Ok, my third question? With a fish only tank, I'm thinking a crushed coral bottom hiding a small network of 3"pvc piping to create a more interesting habitat for the morays. The pipe will open up in a two or three caves that I will make. Sound like a good idea? <Shore> I just hope that a) a fish won't get down there and gobbled by the eel <Mmm, the two species listed are largely non-piscivorous... see WWM re Foods/Feeding/Nutrition of these two... I have penned, placed articles re...> or b) something big doesn't die down there. Would be pretty nasty disassembling my aquascape to remove the pipes to get a dead eel out. Your opinion? <Sounds pretty nasty> The real question is (this is number 4, isn't it?) am I ok using a nice black/grey slate to build up the backside of my tank and for the caves? <I wouldn't use slate in marine systems... too two-dimensional with all the drawbacks of same... too likely to have some chemically negative effect> I was thinking of using aquarium poxy to get a nice firm rockwork and like the appearance of slate. I was also going to use about 100lbs of liverock to get a mixture. Do you foresee any problems with this? <Yes> Just a note on the 'freshwater dip' for new fish. Sounds simple, but maybe it is me that is simple? Haha. <?> After floating the sealed bag in the tank to get the temperature matching for about 20 min.s, I then open the bag and slowly introduce some tank water via a cup without mixing store water into my tank. When fish is ready, am I correct in saying simply dip the net with the fish in it into some room temperature fresh water for a couple of seconds and introduce new fish from net into my tank? <Mmm, one method... not one I'd use. Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/acclimat.htm and the linked files above.> Regards, Dave Brynlund <Keep reading. Bob Fenner>

Cephalopholis miniata & Gymnomuraena zebra. Big fish and tank size. 07/04/06 Can a 100cm long Gymnomuraena zebra coexist with a 40cm long Cephalopholis miniata? <In a very large aquarium.> If so, what capacity tank would be required? <At a minimum, assuming there is no other livestock, somewhere in the terms of a 300 gallon tank with generous amounts of water flow, surface area and a VERY large protein skimmer...realistically I would prefer an even larger tank.> Apart from prawns and crabs, is there another kind of food that can partially replace the Gymnomuraena zebra's diet? <Any meat of a marine origin though I would avoid fish that are high up on the food chain as the main part of the diet.> Also Crustaceans are expensive! <Live ones yes...frozen, not so much.> Is a zebra moray in general much less active than most other commonly kept morays e.g. Gymnothorax tiles? <They tend to be more reclusive if that's what you mean.> Some sites state that a large tank is needed, but exactly how large, and what dimensions must the tank be? <To enjoy these animals and have them be comfortable into adult-hood I would like to see something with a lot of surface area...Mmm maybe: 72"x48"x24"...that would be aprox 360 U.S. gallons, Adam J.>

Zebra Moray - to Reef or Not to Reef that is the Question 6/27/06 Hi, my name is Ed and I have been very interested in saltwater aquariums for about 5 years, I am 19 and trying to put together my dream aquarium. <How exciting!! Hi Ed, nice to make your acquaintance, Leslie here with you this evening.> I am in the process and well on my way I have a 100 gallon acrylic tank reef ready with a very large 3' sump and a red sea Berlin protein skimmer, and about 560 watts of light including 2 metal halide lights. Everything is coming along great and I am still cycling. I am writing because I have always wanted an eel and now that I have a large enough system to support one I need help. I have done a lot of research <very commendable> and like you the Zebra Moray is my favorite. <They are one of my favorites as well> I would really really love to keep one of the beautiful specimens, and am seeking your advice. I am planning on doing a reef tank I am trying to balance the coral and fish. I have spoken with many people that claim the Zebra Moray to be 'reef safe' and have even have a lot of success keeping cleaner shrimp with their eels. What is your take on this? <Well it depends. Most of the literature reports these guys will eat ornamental crustaceans. IME are fish have typical behaviors that can be attributed to most in the species but they individuals as well, with individual differences, which would explain why your contacts have reported success keeping ornamental shrimp with their Zebra Morays, when the literature reports the opposite. When I was new to keeping Puffers a very seasoned Puffer keeping friend saw a photo of my tank. A medium sized crab was visible in the photo. I was very strongly advised to remove the crab, that it would never survive the Puffer. Well that crab is still alive, years later. He has been in the company of several Puffers and has never had any harm come to him.> I am not concerned with it eating fish as there will be not much else in the system but I want to know if you think I will be able to maintain a reef system with this eel? If not are there any other eels you recommend or is no way to maintain a reef system with an eel? <I personally have not kept an eel in a reef, but have read quite a bit. You will find varying opinions on this even from the 'experts' in the field. One of my favorite articles on these eels reports they can indeed be kept in a reef system if care is taken to build sturdy rock structures, as they are big muscular eels. It sounds like you have already read Bob's article, if not, you can find it here'¦ http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramor.htm In addition I would recommend you have a look at Frank Marini's article A Serpent For Your Reef Tank:'¨ A Look at Fish-Safe Eels http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-12/fm/index.php I found it very helpful before I purchased my first Zebra Moray aka Stretch, who I still have.> Thank you for you time and knowledge. <Your most welcome and best of luck with your newest project, Leslie>

Zebra Moray - to Reef or Not to Reef that is the Question #2 6/28/06 Do you think that a zebra moray will go after some of the more useful inverts like hermit crabs or snails? Some inverts IMO are necessary for maintaining a strong reef. Will the eel be a problem or do you think it is possible? <Well, here are a couple of quotes from Frank Marini's article 'A Serpent For Your Reef Tank: A Look at Fish-Safe Eels' 'The primary foods of zebra morays are crabs, shrimp, and occasionally snails and urchins. Zebra morays employ a unique hunting style for finding food: they intentionally bump the prey item to first see if it moves, and second to taste the prey item, to determine its food worthiness. Small prey items are usually swallowed whole, while larger food items like crabs, are held down by their body coils as the claws and legs are broken off and eaten. A zebra moray's jaws will easily crack crab claws, and in the home aquarium, one can hear the equivalent of a nutcracker sounding off when a crab claw is cracked. They will eventually eat all of the ornamental crustaceans in their tank.' My Zebra Eel has never touched anything live, including the live crabs I tried to tempt him with when he went on his hunger strike just after I brought him home from the LFS or the medium sized crab he has been living with for over 2 years. He was however a resident of the LFS for over a year before he came to live with me. He was already well established on frozen seafood from a feeding stick and very well fed, so perhaps had no reason to go after live food anymore. I guess you need to decide if you are willing to possibly risk losing some if not all of your clean up crew. > Thanks <Hope this helps, Leslie>

Trigger Compatibility...Morays and Fishes - 06/05/06 Bob, <<EricR here today>> Tremendous site. Thank you for the service you provide the fish-keeping hobby. <<Bob, all of us, are pleased you feel this way>> I am blessed to have three large saltwater aquariums. <<Indeed!>> One is a 125g in which I currently have a Niger trigger and a Humu Humu trigger, both about 3-4". Also in the tank are 5 yellow-tail damsels. <<I see>> What say you to adding a baby clown to the mix (after evacuating the 5 damsels) and then keeping those three triggers--and nothing else--in the 125g from here on out? (I also have plenty of live rock and a large cave in the tank.) <<I think if you do this you will eventually have only the Clown trigger. Balistoides conspicillum is a brute of a fish, even where triggers are concerned. Juveniles can often be mixed with other fish (I even saw one in a reef tank...though I strongly recommend against this), but as the fish matures its tolerance for tankmates becomes less and less. Clown triggers are known for killing "everyone" in the tank without warning>> Another tank is a monster 240g. Right now there are just three damsel fish in it to cycle the system. <<Ugh...don't care for this method...not necessary in my opinion>> I'd like to put a Zebra moray eel in there as I understand they will not try to eat other fish but instead prefer to be fed shrimp, crab et al. <<Yes>> If I do put the Zebra moray eel in there...can I add large schools of peaceful fish--like Chromis and pajama cardinals--without being overly concerned about the little guys becoming lunch for the Zebra moray? <<Might be possible, though I'd want to keep the moray well fed just the same>> Also, in a 240g...are there larger peaceful fish that can be kept in schools? <<Hmmm..."large" and "schools" isn't usually synonymous with "home aquarium" <grin> >> If so, which fish (and in what number?) would you recommend? <<One of the larger Anthias species might be what you're looking for. My vote goes to Pseudanthias squamipinnis, the Lyretail Anthias. These are durable and handsome fish that can grow to about 5" in the home aquarium. A harem of a male and 4 females would be possible in your tank...more if you decide to exclude some of the other fish>> All the best from the desert Southwest, Adam <<And to you in kind from the steamy Southeast. EricR>>

Zebra eels Hello Mr. Fenner my name is Joe Reza (aquarist/zoo keeper) and I have a couple of questions concerning a setup that we would like to do at my work place (El Paso Zoo). We have 2 tanks that are approximately 400 gallons each, in our California sea lion exhibit. <Man, those Zalophus get around! Keep them!> We have decided to stick with a Baja theme for these 2 aquariums. We would like to put zebra eels in one tank, which is more of a rectangular shape, but I'm not sure how many we can keep in this tank. <Mmm, not really social animals, but can be placed together just the same... don't really have "teeth" on the principal jaws as many piscivorous Muraenids as am sure you know> I know that hiding spaces are to be taken into account, we ordered some artificial corals from living color and they provided us with some pieces that have built in caves. The main piece looks like it has enough room for 2 or 3 eels ,but I don't know if they would get along and if they would share the same cave. <Should get along. Might well co-habit> I also wanted to know if the zebra eel could be trusted with fish like Longnose butterfly or Longnose Hawkfish, <Yes... Gymnomuraena is almost entirely a consumer of crustaceans... very rarely live fish flesh.> I have read that they are docile and usually don't prey on fish. The other tank is a bowfront and we have decided it would be a fish only exhibit for now. There is only one problem, our local fish store is the only approved vendor at this time and we had asked him to provide us with a list of fish from the Baja region that he can obtain. He came up with a fish list of about 10 different species, that include( passer angel, Longnose Hawkfish, Longnose butterfly, zebra eel, coral Hawkfish, rainbow wrasse, Mexican hogfish, black-eyed goby) and we have to stock these 2 tanks with these fish. I would really appreciate any suggestions or ideas that you can provide. <Mmm, have this supplier contact me... I will in turn help them with their suppliers... there are a few more species collected/available seasonally/periodically> We have no choice, but to go with these types of fish, since these tanks have to be stocked pretty soon. I would also like to say that I really enjoy your articles in TFH and I'm looking forward to meeting you at the IMAC conference in Chicago, Il. Thank you so much for your time . <Ahh! Look forward to it... am "cheating" right at this moment, working on responding, posting while at the WMC conference in Sacto, during Sanjay Joshi's pitch on light/ing. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Gymnomuraena in a group - 4/24/2006 Hi Bob, <Steve> Zebra eels make good pets? How about 2-3 together in a large tank? <Mmm, though not often (okay only once in a proverbial blue moon), do you find Gymnomuraena so clustered, it can be done with evident impunity in captivity> Tang question. Can large Naso tangs cohabitate in a 300 gal plus tank (say 4 to 5 specimens)? <Mmm, for a time... while small... not really a social species as many other species of Acanthurids> What about a large school of yellow tangs, or will they be too aggressive w/ each other? <The larger the tank, the more likely a grouping will "get along"... but has to be very large indeed for such a long term association to work out. A 300 would likely work here for this number of flavescens. Bob Fenner> Thanks, Steve

Zebra Moray Fish Compatibility Will zebra morays <Moray.> eat a maroon clown or a mandarin goby? <The Zebra Moray is probably one of the best choices if you are going to keep an eel with other fish as it its primarily a crustacean consumer. However 'this does not mean it would not pass up a chance at an easy target, such as a juvenile clown (which aren't the best swimmers) or a mandarin. I would skip the mandarin, as far as the maroon if it is a large female, should be more than fine. Adam J.> Re Moray + Starfish = OK? Hi, I have a 24" Zebra Moray. He eats everything that I feed him (squid, shell on prawns, and krill occasionally - all w/VitaChem). Anyways, I was wondering if I added a Chocolate Chip starfish (my tank is FOWLR), would he eat it? Thanks! <Should be fine together... Do read re CCS predilection for dying easily though (on WWM). Bob Fenner>

Wandering Bubble tip Anemone 11/16/05 I have a bubble anemone in my 55 gallon tank. They are settled on a 10 pound piece of live rock at the top (should they be in sand?) <No. BTA's are reef dwelling. They should be in/on rock.> Days after I got it, it split in 2 and both were hosted by my 2 perculas I have 1 18000k light and 2 blue actinic lights in the tank. <Splitting is often stress induced, so it is no surprise that it occurred when the anemone was moved.> One anemone became twice as large as it was originally but the other is constantly moving, has only a few tentacles sometimes, and is usually closed. The anemone is always in weird shapes and doesn't look that good. What's happening to it? <It is common for the "daughter" anemone to move about after a split. It also sounds like yours may have split very unevenly, possibly due to injury. As long as the anemone is safe from pump/powerhead inlets, I would let it wander (not much you can do anyway). If it settles soon, it will probably be OK, if it doesn't it may not make it, but it sounds like you parent will be OK. Best Regards. AdamC.> In most of the FAQ pages I read on Caulerpa, the problem seemed to be on how to get rid of this stuff rather than my problem. I know some of you (Anthony) prefer Chaetomorpha rather than Caulerpa, so I thought maybe I should try that instead. Does the Chaetomorpha have the same nutrient utilization capabilities as the Caulerpa? <Chaetomorpha does not grow quite as fast as some Caulerpa, so it does not take up nutrients quite as fast, however it does seem less sensitive and far less prone to "crash" and re-release nutrients into the tank. Also, for reef keepers, it is far less noxious to corals than Caulerpa.> Second question, which is unrelated: I have an approximately 30" Zebra moray that is very healthy and active, coming out of the rocks on occasion to take a look around. What I have noticed though, is that my 4" Bicolor dwarf angel will take bites or nip at the body of the eel any time he comes near him. The eel will jerk anytime this happens and it doesn't appear to be doing any damage to the skin, but I am afraid that it will discourage the eel from coming out and/or stress him. At this point it is only occasional but thought I would check with you guys to see if this is anything I should be worried about. Again thanks for your dedication and help. Steven R. Vejil <This interaction could go on forever without any serious problem, but there is a fair risk that the eel will either eat the angel or the angel will begin to cause injury or intimidate the eel from coming out to eat. I would suggest separating them, especially if the interaction gets any worse. Best Regards, AdamC.>

Smooth Hound Zebra Eel combo 11/3/05 Hi, I have just a quick question. I have read pages and pages of Zebra Eel, and Smooth Hound Shark articles on various web sites but mostly on WWM. I have acquired a great deal of knowledge on both species, but my question is can they coexist in the same aquarium peacefully. I have a 400 gallon aquarium with 2 Grey Smooth Hounds, a Porcupine Puffer, and a Remora. My father is getting out of the hobby and has given me his 2 1/2 foot Zebra. Could this be a peaceful combination? <Could... or not. Hard to feed the Eel in the presence of the sharks, puffer...> With them both having poor eyesight and eating similar foods. I want to also mention the sharks are 1 male and 1 female still babies at about 20 inches, and the tank is a temp tank and will be moving to larger in a couple years as they all grow. Thanks for your time, Brandon <Mmm, worth experimenting... with intermediate temperature to accommodate all... Not likely to be much inter-species aggression here, but only first-hand experience can/will tell. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Grouper + Moray Tank Size 11/1/05 Can a 100cm long Gymnomuraena zebra coexist with a 40cm long Cephalopholis miniata? <In a VERY large tank I see no problem with this duo.> If so, what capacity tank would be required? <At least 240-gallons for the two alone, both are very large and both are very messy.> Apart from prawns and crabs, is there another kind of food that can partially replace the Gymnomuraena zebra's diet? <Anything meaty of a marine origin, fresh market fish, scallops, clam meat, silversides and squid.> Crustaceans are expensive! <Well it does not have to be live food, both of these animals are easily weaned to easily attainable frozen fair.> Is a zebra moray in general much less active than most other commonly kept morays e.g. Gymnothorax tiles? <I'm not sure about less active but definitely much more reclusive in my experience.> Some sites state that it is possible to keep the fishes in a "smallish" tank. However, personally I feel that 300gallons is sufficient. <Yes as long as it has plenty of surface area and not jus 'show' height. You'll also want to have a lot of water flow in this tank to keep to much detritus from settling as well as a very efficient skimmer for these carnivorous specimens.> What dimensions and size should the tank be in your view? <The BEST would be 96'x36'x24' (which would be a little larger than your looking for at aprox. 350 gallons but not to much more), you could get away with a 84' or 72' tank length too'¦.but surface area is definitely the key. Adam J.>

Zebra moray eel Hi Bob, I have read both your article on WetWebMedia, and the chapter in your book concerning moray eels, namely zebra moray's. I understand I should expect an approximate length of 30" for this species in captivity. You mention that so long as tankmates aren't "bite size" that they should be safe. Would you consider a flame angel "bite size" ? <Should be fine... they rarely eat fishes anyhow... and a Flame is too big and smart to get mistakenly eaten as a crustacean> I am considering adding this species to my FO community tank. Failing suitability, I am considering setting up a tank for one of these eels. What size tank would you consider minimum ? I have a tank, 30"x24"highx18"wide in storage. Would this be suitable ??? I might add that he will be the only occupant in the tank. I might possibly add a single other tankmate, a dwarf lion, or something large enough to avoid predation. <Maybe for a small specimen for a few years... Our old service company had some Zebra Morays in accounts for more than a dozen years...> If I am to add him to my main display tank, could you please give me your views. I am currently reducing, and rehousing some of my stock, as well as preparing to upgrade to a larger tank in a few months. The new tank will be 86"x18"x27"high. Inhabitants and their present size are: Queen Angel 5" Emperor angel 5" Clown OR Picasso trigger each 2" Yellow tang 3" Regal tang 5" Flame angel **do not have yet*** Would a zebra be a suitable addition to this system ??? Or would you advise against it ??? <The Moray should be fine... I do hope your two angels will peacefully coexist> Thanks for your time in reading this email. Regards Matthew Co. Cork, Ireland >> <Anytime my friend, Bob Fenner, just back from the Cook Islands>
Re: zebra moray eel
Hi Bob, Thanks for the reply. I would so much love to go on those trips that you do !!! <You're welcome to haul out with me/us most anytime... get dive certified, your passport in order, save up, and keep in good health... and keep asking where off to in near future...> Might I ask, is that to with work, or is it off your own back ??? <Most all on my own dime... but do write, take pix that sell, do consulting/PR work on most jaunts which pays... eventually> I presume diving was the point in going to the cook islands? <That and visiting with Chip Boyle and wife Claire re the industry, and running with the HHH and "just" getting away... recharging batteries, clearing registers... but diving/snorkeling and photography/videography were the principal "meaningful" activities.> Anyway, thanks again for the reply. About my angels. I hope they get on too. But they have been together for about a year now, and as time goes by, they seem to get on better. :-) But I am prepared for the possibility that one day I will have to choose. But hopefully that day won't come. I put them together before I understood that compatibility is not only about fish tolerating each other, and not fighting to the death. Given my time again, I would not have put them together, and would not ever have to make the hard decision of who to ditch !!! <Ah, good> Again, thanks for your reply. Regards Matt. <who really wants to go diving on a reef :-)> PS. from my original email, which scenario would you consider wiser ? The moray in the main tank, or in a tank of his own ?? Would the larger (community) tank be sufficient for him long term ? Cheers >> <In the main tank... easy to feed, and more attention, interest there. Bob Fenner>

Zebra Moray Bob, I am intrigued by this species. I have a 120 gallon diamond shaped tank made by Clarity-Plus. My current stock is as follows: 1-Lion 3" 1-Emperor Angel 6" 1-Naso 4" 1-Powder Blue Tang 4" 3-Yellow Tangs 3"each 1-Flame Angel 2" 1-Arc Hawk 2" 1-Tomato Clown 2" 3-Damsels 2" First, would a zebra moray be compatible? <Yes, mainly eat crustaceans> Second, is my tank large enough? <For now, yes> Third, am I maxed out with fish <Yes, tank would already be crowded with growth of current inhabitants> Thank you, Doug <Please read over the stocking and Zebra Moray materials stored on the www.WetWebMedia.com site. Bob Fenner>

Could I get some help Hello, my name is Rachel Budelier and I was wondering if you knew weather Zebra eels have predators? <yes... tropical fish collectors> Well that's all I wanted to know. thanks bye, Rachel <there are in fact many other predators that would eat them just the same from sharks on down... no fish swims without looking over its ...er, fin... er, shoulder. Kindly, Anthony>

Zebra Morays Hi Guys I was just wondering if I could put 2 zebra morays in the same tank. The tank is a 75 gallon with sufficient filtration and the only other tankmate is a dwarf lion. They will be moved within a year when I get my 180! Thank you for all the help, you have a great website! <Compatibility-wise they should be fine... but I do hope we're talking small specimens, and not much other livestock in this size system. Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zebramor.htm for our coverage of the species, and the FAQs beyond (linked, in blue at top). Bob Fenner>

Zebra Moray Jumping Prevention I am interested in buying a zebra moray for my 150 gallon tank and I have a couple of questions. 1.) Compatible with large Volitans lion fish? <Yes, should be fine> 2.) How much of a lid should be placed on the tank? Will 1/4" glass be acceptable or larger? <This will work. Most important that there are not holes large enough for the animal to leave the system by> 3.) Is a 150 large enough? <Yes, for these two fishes> 4.) I can't remember if you mentioned this in your web page, but are they compatible with crabs and snails? <Not crabs... will gladly consume them, but snails will likely be ignored.> Thank you for your time and effort, C. Joslin <You're welcome. Thank you for writing. Bob Fenner>

6 Week old Banded Bamboo Shark Accident Hi, I hope you can help I do not know what to do? Last night my Zebra moray eel mistook my shark for a peace of squid at feeding time (they have never acted aggressively towards each other before) the eel grabbed the sharks by the head and pulled him into his cave. I think he let go of him straight away and I managed to recover the shark about 1 minute later. The shark appears to have been injured quite badly, one of his eyes is slightly out of socket and although he is moving round the tank he is always on his side and cannot bottom himself, his breathing is about twice as fast as normal and he has a small cut to his head, when the lights are off he tries to swim around as he would of before, Also the eye shutters still open up at night. Please help! <Well I am sorry to say there is really nothing that you can do to save this fish. First of all I believe its a mistake to house bamboo sharks with eels which have very poor vision and usually mistake their tankmates for food> What should I do, I do not think I could bring myself to put him out of his misery!<If it gets worse I would remove the shark from the aquarium and place him in a Ziploc bag and freeze him...a fast and painless death. Its the humane thing to do. :( > In your opinion will he ever recover from this ?<I highly doubt it> Should I try to keep feeding him?<I wouldn't even bother...From what you tell me he seems like he is in very bad shape> Your prompt help would be much appreciated I have reared this shark from its egg and grown quite attached to it. Regards Darren<I am very sorry this occurred...but life is about lessons. and this one was a bad one. "Don't kick yourself, everyone makes mistakes. But I do advise you to either keep the eel or shark. and NOT BOTH. Good luck, IanB>

Help.......... I have a 75 gallon tank..... I plan to put in it: *Zebra Moray Eel <nice eel> *live rock *a valentini puffer or one of the smaller puffers (5" max) and a *butterfly fish maybe a raccoon or Copperbanded Would the 75 gallon be big enough for the eel to live its whole life? Also would the other fish be able to co-exist in a 75 gallon with the zebra for their whole life? And would the Puffer fish eat and kill the live rock? <the pufferfish would not eat the rock itself.. he would eat the shrimp and other larger organisms that live on/within the LR, I would not get a B/F for this aquarium (especially not a Copperband) and I would purchase at least a 125 gallon aquarium for the Zebra moray> Thanks for your time <good luck with the eel, IanB>

- Livestock Questions - I have a 75 gallon tank..... I plan to put in it: *Zebra Moray Eel *live rock *a valentini puffer or one of the smaller puffers (5" max) and a *butterfly fish maybe a raccoon or Copperbanded Would the 75 gallon be big enough for the eel to live its whole life? <No.> Also would the other fish be able to co-exist in a 75 gallon with the zebra for their whole life? <No... need more space.> And would the Puffer fish eat and kill the live rock? <Puffers don't eat live rock, but would possibly snack on some of the fauna that grows in/on the rock. I wouldn't worry about this.> Thanks for your time <Cheers, J -- >

Zebra Moray Eel together Hi <Hello Darren> I have 150 UK gallon marine tank with 2 large canister filter a 300 gallon Prizm protein skimmer and 4x power heads, I also carry out a 20 gallon a water change. at present I have a 2.5 ft Zebra moray eel & 5inch snow flake. I have tried to house the zebra with numerous different tank mates over the last 18 months with not real success, such as tangs, triggers, damsels and a puffer who has just been sent back to the shop due to eating part of the Zebra's tail. My question is due to my favourite fish being eels I would like to add a second much smaller Zebra moray to the tank maybe 1ft in length from your experience would they get on, given enough caves etc (maybe 4 or 5 places to live). <I would be amazed if you can find a one foot zebra moray honesty but yes I think they should be fine.> If not could you suggest another eel that would? <As long as you keep them fed on a strict schedule and provide lots of nooks and cranny's. I think you might be able to mix him with most kinds of eels. I just recently saw one with a small wolf eel. However you should be aware that Bob Fenner in the WetWebMedia discussion of morays says "Different species of morays are rarely found together in the wild and do not generally mix well in captivity. Territoriality within species is not heard of either. Provide mucho space, nooks and crannies and carefully observe your charges." http://www.wetwebmedia.com/morays.htm> As always you help would be much appreciated. Regards Darren <Good luck Darren, MacL>

Compatibility Hi, <Hi Alex, MacL here with you today.> I was wondering if I could house a Zebra Moray and Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish together in a 100 gal comfortably for their whole lives? <I know people who have done it, but their tank was larger than yours. I would think the secret would be to keep the Moray fed.> Thank you! -Alex

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