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FAQs on Identifying Aiptasia Anemones 1

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Killer Aiptasia?     9/2/16
Hello crew,
Can an Aiptasia kill a 1.75-inch canary blenny?
<Mmm; yes>

I bought the blenny a couple of weeks ago, and had him in a quarantine tank that has a couple of Aiptasia in it. I found the blenny on the bottom of the tank, with his head touching the anemone's tentacles. The tentacles are about the length of the blenny's head. The fish's fins seemed to be twitching a bit, but it died almost immediately.
I thought Aiptasia were only dangerous to other inverts, and maybe very tiny fish(?).
<All a matter of how much one gets stung; the present condition...>
The blenny had an eroded patch on its head above one eye, so maybe it was ill?
Or did the wound perhaps allow the tentacles to reach vulnerable flesh, whereas normally the skin and scales would provide protection?
<Think it just swam into the Glass Anemone and was stung but good>
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

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