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Link exchange /Note to Bob 7/15/2009
To Robert Fenner/from Mark at Alpine Fishery, Bob I assume you are the Robert Fenner from Wet Pets, Aquatic Life Services etc, hope so long time no see>
<Hello Mark... yes, same fellow. Glad to find we're both still about!>
Your website is awesome would like to link exchange, We still sell wholesale tropical fish, crickets, reptiles, mealworms, mice, goldfish etc as well as we do pond stocking of koi, bass, channel cats and blue gill
retail to the general public. I have posted a link on our website at alpinefishery.net under our favorite links, would like a banner for you though if you have the text to copy. Anyway if we could do a link exchange
it would be great. If we can do anything else for you email or call, Alpine Fishery 619-445-1558.thanx mark
<We do have a banner, here:
if you'd like to post it.
I will gladly list/post a link to Alpine on the Business Links pages. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Directory listing on WWM  4/1/09
Hey Bob, would you mind adding Captive Aquatics to the listing in WWM business directory? You could just copy the info here: http://en.microcosmaquariumexplorer.com/wiki/Captive_Aquatics.
<Mmm, will add to the Links pages, but we don't associate anything more info.-wise with such links>
Also, how much for WWM ad space (something small...)?
<Mmm, all we currently offer is detailed (to the extent it is...) here: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/wwmsponsors.htm
Would you do more? BobF>
Mike Maddox

CBK Aquatics, SW Link to add - 02/11/2007 I'll keep this short as you are all busy helping others!! I was wondering if you'd be willing to place a link to our site under the "Manufacturers" links of the business section. We're taking a simplified approach to an often overly complex hobby. We are CBK Aquatics http://www.CBKAquatics.com Thank you so much!!! Jeremy White <Will gladly do so. Bob Fenner> <<Sabrina would gladly do so for you....  if only I knew how you'd like it done.  Show me some time?  This is the second link request in as many days that I'd have been glad to put in for ya....  I imagine just add as a hyperlink with appropriate text in the appropriate are of the Links page, eh?  -SCF>><Yes. RMF>

Partnership between Our Sites ... link to place, commercial, FW livestock - 04/25/06 Dear Mr. Kaiwikaiwanit, I am cc'ing Robert Fenner in this reply since he makes the decisions concerning which links to add. Best Regards, Adam Cesnales <Will gladly add a link for these folks... No reason to link us. Bob Fenner> Dear Webmaster, I looked at your website - http://www.wetwebmedia.com - I am a member of - http://www.mondeaquarium.com- support team Our sites are related to but are not competitive with each other. So, I would like to propose a link exchange partnership with your site. My site gets a lot of traffic every day, so a link from my site to your site will bring in a decent amount of traffic to your site. Also, as you probably already know, it will improve the link popularity and the search engine ranking of your site. I have already added a link to your site from my site at: http://www.mondeaquarium.com/resources.html >I have used the following Title and Description for your site: >Title: Wetwebmedia, Aquarium, Pond, Marine and Freshwater Fish, reef tanks, and Aquatics Information Description: Wetwebmedia offers information on salt water aquarium, freshwater aquarium, fishes, saltwater, corals, reef tank, >pond, fish, aquatics articles, images and frequently asked >questions, FAQs, Chatroom, ChatForum, calendars, news .  I would really appreciate it if you could add a link to my site in return. Please use the following information for the link:  Title: Welcome to Mondeaquarium >Description: Fish exporter by mondeaquarium.com is an expert every kind of fish all the world. Fish exporter offers the best >fish from every country in the world and everything of aquatic, ornamental to customer all the world. <Only freshwater...> >URL: http://www.mondeaquarium.com >Here's the HTML source code that you can copy and paste in your site: <Uh, no> ><a href=" http://www.mondeaquarium.com">Welcome to If you link back to me, I will be happy to put your website at the top of my links page (along with other sites that link back to me). >If you want me to make any changes to the Title or Description of your link in my site, or if you have any questions about my >proposal, please feel free to send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon. >Best Regards, >Name Tanit Kaiwikaiwanit

Sir Links-a-Lot Mr. Fenner (Is it ok to call you Bob? ) <Absolutely, Justin> A personal friend of mine runs an aquarium leasing company for doctors' offices and such. He asked me to seek permission for him to link to WWM on his site for his clients looking for information on their tanks. His site is www.theindoorocean.com. Anything he needs to do for this to be ok or can I go ahead and run the link on the site? <We will list his site as well... All are welcome to link all...> Also on the same note I have been asked to research how to build or who to contract to build a 7,000 gallon aquarium for an airport here in Lynchburg, VA. I knew that you've run such custom tank building companies in the past and wondered if you had some good names or if your company is still going how to contact them. Lynchburg is a bit small for doing such major work. Thanks Justin (Jager) <Mmm, there are a few folks... are you looking to just have the tank fabricated? Or the mechanicals, controllers... habitat...? BobF> 

AQUARIUM FISH DEALS INQUIRY                                                  October 12, 2004 Dear Sir, I found your site through while search on Google, and have found your "Freshwater Aquarium Articles & FAQ's" to be most valuable. I'm the Administrator of Aquarium Fish Deals ( http://www.fishdeals.com). I would like to submit the site for consideration for your related resources section. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/general_links_pg.htm I have added a link to your site on our Related Links Page: http://www.fishdeals.com/related_links.shtml Aquarium Fish Deals had 112,807 hits in September alone; it is visited by thousands of aquarium enthusiasts each month. Thank you for your time. Yours Sincerely, Administrator Aquarium Fish Deals www.fishdeals.com <Will add your link to the WWM Business Links two days hence. Bob Fenner>

It looks like I may have found Consistent Sea's contact info Hi Bob, It looks like I may have found Consistent Sea's contact info. Consistent Sea Inc. 3732 West Century Blvd. Suite 9 Inglewood, CA 90303 310-671-9048 I managed to find their city etc. through a google search where they were talking about airline cargo after 9/11. thank you, Rob <Ah, "seek and you shall..." Bob Fenner>

Triggerfish & Pongo Designs (add to links) / Glen R. Smith & Patricia Smith Dear Bob, I'm writing to let you know that, for at least the immediate future, our sole email address for all correspondence will be: Tfish954@aol.com. <Hotay> All contact links on our new web site ( www.reef-rainforest.com ) have been updated with the new AOL address. I apologize for any inconvenience, and sincerely appreciate your continued interest and   correspondence! We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you and best wishes! Glen R. Smith Triggerfish & Pongo Designs email: Tfish954@aol.com web: www.reef-rainforest.com <Bob Fenner> Tropical Marine Breeders I found information on Tropical Marine Breeders at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/tmc_input.htm ProAquatix is another producer of quite a few marine species.  Check out www.proaquatix.com < http://www.proaquatix.com/>    In addition to a dozen species of clownfish, and various Dottybacks, we also have watchman and cleaner gobies, and various Meiacanthus tooth blennies available.   You may have also seen our article on our pompano in the Feb. TFH? http://www.proaquatix.com/Docs/MyPetPompano.pdf ProAquatix is also a source for larval captured fish from Polynesia. Our associates trap larval fish, which we then grow up to sellable size. David Gross ProAquatix 6020 99th Street, Sebastian, Florida 32958 Toll-Free 888.SALT.H20, Tel 772.581.8066 Fax 772.581.2693,  < http://www.proaquatix.com/> www.proaquatix.com <Thank you for sending this along. Will post and your link as well on WWM. Bob Fenner>

Would like to request a link Hi Bob, <Hi Duane, long time, no chat> I would like to request a link to my site www.fishbizforums.com from your site.  Below is a short description of the site: "Online forum for aquarium and pond related business owners.  Network with others in the field or learn how to start your own business." In addition, any help or tips you can provide in getting the word out to business owners about this site would be greatly appreciated.  Take care! <Will add. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner> Duane D. Clark AquaServe Aquarium Publications www.aquaserve.com www.efishtank.com www.fishbizforum.com

Ecuador Live Fish Hi I am Nelio Aguilar from Ecuador, I am producer and exporter of tropical live fish, this is our web page: www.ecuadorlivefish.com < http://www.ecuadorlivefish.com/>   I am to your orders Best regards Nelio Aguilar C <Will post on WetWebMedia.com, Bob Fenner> Your Link List Dear sirs, I have visit your homepage, nice page. Would you add our Link to your Link List. Shop Link: www.aqua-pond24.de Best regards Peter Mair AQUARISTIKSHOP MAIR Karlsbader StraÃe 23 86529 Schrobenhausen Deutschland Tel.: +49(0) 8252 / 7588 Fax: +49(0) 8252 / 9104879 Email: aquaristikshop-mair@web.de www.aquaristikshop-mair.de

Requesting link added to site Dear Bob Your website is great.  We would like to exchange links with you if possible. Our web site is www.osmotic water filtration.com . We manufacture reverse osmosis filtration equipment. We would like to have our link on your links page if possible. Thanks, Al <Will do so. Bob Fenner>

Canadian Mail Order Shops I noticed a letter from a Steve Timmons in Canada, regarding ich and dead anemones, answered by Ian B.  Steve and other Canadian readers may be interested to know, www.saltwaterconnection.com and www.jlaquatics.com are both Canadian mail order fish, coral and invert suppliers.  A number of Canadian aquarists can be found at www.canreef.com. Thanks, Quinn Kuiken <Thank you for this input. Will post. Bob Fenner> O.S.I. contact Dear sir, Please help me find information on the San Francisco based company O.S.I , makers of Red Jungle brand Artemia. Thanks and appreciated. Delawar. <The contact information you seek is here: http://oceanstarinternational.com/osi2/index.html Bob Fenner>

WWM hosting co. hey guys, for once, this one isn't so fish-related, but tech-related; i love your guys' site, have visited hundreds of times and different times of day, and have noticed how reliable it is (pretty fast, is never really down). I'm putting up a website of my own; can i ask you what hosting company you guys use? <Certainly: Datapipe.com for WWM and our own server for WWF and the Chatforum> I'd appreciate the advice or any bad experiences you've had with bad hosts! thanks! <Bob Fenner who will send your further internet questions to Jason.C and Zo.G for answers> - Javier

Aquatics business articles Hey gang, Is there any reason I cannot access your Aquatics business articles? I'll give ya money if I can read them! <A speedy inducement. Am moving/building a Subweb for this part of the site... you should be able to get on to most through the new Index... how are you trying to access? Bob F, who hopes to be done with this project today> Best wishes, Jason Edward

Re: Aquatics business articles If I go here, most of the links are dead... http://www.wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/Biz%20Index/Biz%20index.htm <Yep... thanks for this... It IS the most recent (yesterdays) version of the new index... amongst other foul-ups, I lost the old pages, folders on the root web... and the live, complete "old" index... will have all repaired, re-linked by today (I'm hoping). Thank you for this input... and your patience. Bob Fenner>

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