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Products of the sea Dear client: Entrepuertos is an exporting company for nutritional products of the Chilean sea. Our raw materials are coming from the capture of artisan fishermen and are processed in different plants, all of them with HACCP quality certification of the European Community and North America. During November, 2002 I will be in Europe and I would be glad we could arrange a meeting, and talk personally about the different alternative of products that our company could supply depending on your necessities. I hope you will confirm if it is possible to meet you in your office. My name is Juan Rafael Alfaro and my electronic mail is jalfaro@entrepuertos.com I invite you see our Web page www.entrepueros.com, there you will find information about our objectives, as well as company products. Best regards. <Sir, do you folks have products, concerns for the ornamental aquatics fields? Por los pescados tropicales en aquarios? This is our area of expertise, involvement. Please make it known if we may be of assistance. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com>

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