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We have added a link to your site! We found your site http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ online and think our websites could benefit each other. Our website has a popular resource directory for science related websites and your site would fit perfect into our theme! We especially enjoyed your picture of the day. We have already placed a link to your site in our Science category on this web page: http://www.asklandscientific.com/sources/index.php?cID=1178&page=1 Your link now appears temporarily in this category and will become permanent once you link to us. You will find our ready to paste linking code on this page: http://www.asklandscientific.com/sources/add_link.php Or you can just reply to this email and tell me where you have posted our link. We will approve your site as soon as possible and make you a permanent link partner in our directory. We appreciate your time and hope that you will consider linking to us. Thank You! Nichole Thomas http://www.asklandscientific.com <I will add your company's link to our various links pages... under a heading/title for microscopes. Bob Fenner>

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