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FAQs on Dats, Siamese Tiger Fishes

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265 Gallon-- Datnoides Hi Crew, I have a 265 gallon (84x24x30) tank with an Oscar, 2 Red Bellied Pacu, 2 Severums, 2 Blood Parrots, and a Polypterus senegalus. I was wondering if I could possible add a Datnoides pulcher? Are they compatible? Do they require different water conditions? --Zach T.- < These big fish are not too particular about water chemistry as long as the water is clean. The datnoid may be a problem feeder and become imprinted on live food. They will usually leave other fish alone that are not considered food.-Chuck>

Datnoides Dear Bob, <Lee> Sorry, but I do not agree with your comment that Datnoides do not need salt. <Mmm, actually I have Datnoides (now the genus Coius), are listed as "brackish fishes" on WetWebMedia.com (on the brackish subweb). Agree with you that they are found in fresh to brackish waters in the wild and best in brackish settings in captivity> I live in Singapore, not too far from Thailand, and Datnoides microlepis shows up on the fish shops here regularly. <Yes, have seen them there often. Travel through Sing. a few times a year> As a kid I tried to keep them in freshwater tanks, without much success. <Me too> They were very susceptible to ich. <Or "just died"> Now, 40 years later, the odd one or two I have are kept in brackish water, and they do fine. I have to admit that I don't spend too much time on them, because they are not the ideal aquarium fish. <Hide quite a bit... swallow all smaller fishes> They are not all that colourful, and are somewhat skittish, not personable like cichlids. But they do add presence to a brackish tank of BIG fish, such as archers, the big gobies and some of the bagrid catfishes. <Yes> I don't think that they really need much salt though, because I understand that they are mangrove swamp fish, not true marines like the scats and monos. <Agreed> But of course, in the fish keeping hobby, you can always find someone who maintains his stock in exactly the opposite way from you, and he will be doing fine. <Yes> Lee Chiu-San <Thank you for writing. Bob Fenner>

Datnoides microlepis.. can u give me some information on this fish?? and also can u keep them with African rift lake cichlids.. currently i have a frontosa a few other large rift lake cichlids in a 280 gallon tank.. is this a good idea?? would i have problems?? etc etc.. pls help!!! <Some info here and on the FAQs: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/coidae.htm and more info on http://www.fishbase.org ... You will need to compare the requirements of this fish with those of the cichlids you have. You might also look at the cichlid FAQs here. --Ananda> Jiwan..

SIAMESE TIGERFISH (Coius microlepis) Hi Bob! <Hello> I'm a little concerned about my Tigerfish I bought 2 days ago. I introduced him into a 2 ft tank that houses 2 spotted Ctenopoma and 4 Malabar puffers. The Ctenopoma and the Tigerfish are the same size, about 3.5cm. When I was choosing the Tigerfish from the aquarium tank, I noticed that he was diving very often, using the sides of his body to rub against the tank bottom. In other words, he would dive down then turn sideways. Its hard to explain in words but I think you get the picture. Anyway I bought him 'cos I thought that this was a sign that he was very active and healthy. But the next day my friend said that fishes that are itching always dive like this! Is it true?? <Possibly... some species, individuals "dive" and "scratch" more than others, and not necessarily because there is trouble. Is the specimen dark in complexion? If it is not and IS eating, I would not be concerned... However, you are likely aware that this species will grow faster, get too big for this tank and tankmates> If it is experiencing some form of itch then what medicine should I use to treat it? The scales and fins all look fine at the moment and there are no apparent signs of disease. I also noticed that the bands on his body sometimes become very dark and eventually join together so that the fish looks very black. And other times his bands are very distinct and look very nice. What causes the color change? <Mood really... and because the fish is changing back, and so new to your system, I would not worry. Considering that the Ctenopoma don't care for the same general water conditions as the puffers and "Datnoid", I would aim for a "middle-ground" in water quality... slightly alkaline water of moderate hardness, little salt...> Does the fish turn black when it is spooked? Is this a general rule? <For this species yes> Do fishes turn dark when they are spooked? Also, my Tigerfish ate 2 or 3 frozen worms on the first day. then on the 2nd day, he kept sucking the frozen worms but then spit them out immediately. He kept repeating this process of sucking and spitting. I was very puzzled. My Ctenopoma were bought a day earlier than the Tigerfish but they are doing great. <Mmm, do look into other, live foods for your Tigerfish... and do consider allowing a gap of time (a couple of weeks) between new livestock introductions...> The puffers are also fine. I am using an overhead filter so the water flows back into the tank from a height. He seems to spend a lot of time swimming against the current that is created. I get the feeling that he's not comfortable in the tank. There are plants, rocks and wood in the tank as well. I even added a small amount of salt. I thought that Tigerfish were hardy? This one seems a little... unusual. <Generally very hardy, unless starved or beaten up by the time you receive them. Should be fine once settled in in a few days. Bob Fenner> Concerned

Re: Datnoides campbelli Dear Bob, Thanks for your reply, i really appreciate it, i found these pics of the campbelli....not authenticated, but who knows, thought you might want them...there's a juvenile and an adult...hope you like them.....searched for hours and hours...not the same one that i had but pretty close...take care and if and when you're in bay area please let me know so we can get acquainted.... <Will do so my friend. Bob Fenner> Ken Le Seven Seas Int'l P.S. I found these pictures on a Korean website and also a Japanese site. also wondering if you know of any fisheries overseas that are exporting fly river turtles....I'm interested in breeding them....that would be so cool to see little ones swimming around....thanks again for you time! <Oh! no to knowing much of anything re the turtles, and the second fish, does look like a microlepis. Bob F

Datnoides (Coius) campbelli Dear Bob, I'm a retail store owner that happen to know of you and just incidentally came across your email addy, and was wondering if you had some time to direct me to the closest wholesaler or fishery over seas so that I can get my hands on some Datnoides Campbelli and if you could, please send me a picture of them....i know of one picture but I've actually lost it...how dreadful....so if you could please help that would be abundantly appreciated.  <Mmm, even Fishbase.org (http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?ID=27022&genusname=Coius&speciesname=campbelli) and Google don't have pix... I've unfortunately never seen the species... And don't know of anyone who collects freshwater in the industry from its home range in Papua NG...> I wish i could have met you when you were here last in the Monterey peninsula... <Ah, a shame. We shall meet at a later time, place> Best Regards, Ken Le Seven Seas Int'l P.S. Thanks for all your time in reading this and your efforts...!!! <You are welcome my friend. Bob Fenner>

Tiger Datnoides Hi there, <Hello> I've read your article on Datnoides at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/siamtigfish.htm and wish to seek your advice on the various kinds of Datnoides. <Okay> You mention that there are altogether 5 different species. Are they Coius campbelli, Coius microlepis, Coius quadrifasciatus, Coius undecimradiatus, Nandus nandus or Coius pulcher? <All but Nandus nandus... Coius nandus is a nomen nudum> Do you know any info on Nandus nandus or Coius pulcher? Seem to be unable to find any info on them anywhere. <Do take a look under the genus name on fishbase.org: http://www.fishbase.org/Nomenclature/ScientificNameS Do you agree with those names? <Mmm, yes... as common names they're acceptable> Why are there American, northern Thailand tigers? <Don't know... all originate in the Orient. Bob Fenner>

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