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FAQs on the Chalceus Tetras 

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Chalceus fishes, study in Portugal   7/26/07 Hi, My name is Diogo de Mayrinck and I am working, in my PhD Theses, with some Chalceus species. In this moment I am trying to collect some specimens in Santarem, a city in the State of Para¡, North of Brazil. However, it becomes very hard to find some specimens. So, looking for some images of the group I found your site and your e-mail. Do you sale this fishes or know anyone, in the North of Brazil or in Iquitos (Peru), who work with them? I was trying to collect, but was not successful. I would like to buy some if its possible. Thank you in a advance Diogo de Mayrinck <Unfortunately we don't sell livestock of any sort, nor do I know of folks there any longer... I would contact your government's "Fisheries" department/s... or other universities/colleges near the area of their distribution. Bob Fenner>

Re: Information please (Availability, special ordering Tetras) thanks so much for your reply...I live on Long Island NY.....and I have been in touch with many retailers about this fish.. and they never offered to special order it for me, However I will check the website you sent and hopefully I can locate someone whom will be willing to do just that. PS. I am writing this for my brother .......So I am his sister DONNA !! Again Thank You. <Ah, be chatting. Bob Fenner> Truly Yours, Donna

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