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Website Reference About Freshwater and Planted Tank       9/5/17
Hello WWM Team,
<Hey Benjamin!>
My name is Benjamin. I have been follow WWM updates and contents for a while ago.
I have start a project few months ago, about freshwater tropical fish and planted tank guide, to put my passion and share fishkeeping hobby with other hobbyist and have fun. http://Aquafishwiki.com provide educational values and fun for site visitors.
I would like to ask if it is possible to link up my site aquafishwiki.com with wetwebmedia.com in Sites Linking section :
We will also link up WWM website for our audience for more informative reference if that is possible.
Looking forward of your reply.
Best Regards,
Benjamin Law
Founder of Aquafishwiki.com
<Will certainly add your link. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Re: Question about Freshwater Links        3/22/17
Hi Bob!
Hope you've been doing well.
<Yes; thank you>
I find a lot of these breeders are hesitant to try learning new technology.
The storefront never really went anywhere so I had to take it off :/
Not to be a bother... but would you mind changing the link to just go to my homepage, https://puregoldfish.com ?
Thanks so much. WWM is awesome! :)
<Thank you. Will do today. Bob Fenner>

Question about Freshwater Links. New GF link        12/8/15
Hi there,
I came across your website years ago when searching for information on goldfish diseases. I loved the way you shared such valuable information and included a great page of individual questions you receive from owners having problems with your answers to each one. So helpful to me when I was first starting out as a stressed-out, first-time fish mom!
Since then I've gone on to create my own website about goldfish information with a storefront that independent breeders can sell their goldfish on (http://puregoldfish.com/product-category/live-goldfish/)
Might make a nice addition to the page :D
Either way, keep up the great work!
<Will def. add. Thank you for your efforts, sharing. Bob Fenner>

Wet Web Media Website Comment/Resource Suggestion         6/18/15
<Will add your link on the morrow. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>
Dear Webmaster,
I just came across your website and found it to be a wonderful aquatics and aquarium resource! Your website has great marine aquarium information and helpful advice on aquariums! While I was browsing your site, I noticed you have a "Photography" section of your page at http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/fwlinks.htm  and would like to
suggest an additional resource for you and your users, Gograph.com
Go Graph Stock Photography offers over 18 million affordable royalty free stock photos, illustrations, vector clip art and royalty-free footage clips. Our database contains over 8,000 freshwater fish-related images that could be useful to your users!
I created an HTML link you can use if you find us to be a useful addition to your site:
<a href="http://www.gograph.com/stock-photo-images/freshwater-fish.html" >Freshwater fish Stock Photos at Go Graph</a>
Feel free to contact me at (262) 717-0740 or via email at sarah.hunter@gograph.com if you have any questions about the site.
Sarah Hunter

link not working on your site        11/21/13
Hi there!
First of all, I have to say a big thank you! Your website has been such an excellent trail marker to me amongst the online noise in the travel industry. It can be a bit overwhelming, from a research standpoint. You see, I've been knee deep in an article about educational travelling destinations, on or off the beaten path, and I'm glad to have found your site in the process - it really accelerated my research, so I thank you for that!
<Ahh, welcome>
Also, I thought you'd want to know that one of your links is broken. The official website for Shedd Aquarium (previously at SheddNet.org) is now www.SheddAquarium.org .
<! Was just at the Shedd this past weekend!>
 It used to automatically redirect but, unfortunately, it's just a dead-end now. That broken link is on this page of your site: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMadminSubWebIndex/general_links_pg.htm .
While I'm at it, I thought I'd impart some of the other resources I've come across that seemed like the kind of thing you'd love to share on your site, or would at least find interesting:
Travel Itinerary Generator - http://www.kanetix.ca/travel_kit_itinerary
a helpful, easy to use tool for making itineraries & keeping up with basic travel info
Strange and Unusual Places in Chicago - http://www.atlasobscura.com/destinations/chicago
this is their subpage specific to Chicago, but they have a ton of other destinations listed for the US & abroad
Directory of US Arboretums - http://www.proflowers.com/guide/directory-of-us-arboretums
not a complete list, but does a fantastic job of highlighting some of the most important arboretums and their features
Would you like to read my article once it's published?
<Yes; please send along a/the link>
 I'd love to get your feedback on it. Thanks again!
<And you; Bob Fenner>

Wet Web Media Comment/Resource Suggestion, link to fix, another to add  6/19/2013
Good Afternoon Wet Met Media,
<Thank you for your note Elizabeth. Will correct/delete the bad link and add the photo. Bob Fenner>
I found your website incredibly useful and interesting! The "Freshwater Aquariums" section was especially useful. While browsing the "Hobbyists Sites" (http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/fwlinks.htm ) I noticed a broken resource to "Australian and New Guinea Freshwater Fishes" I thought you might want to know about. Also, I wanted to recommend a photography resource for this page.
Can Stock Photo provides over 4,900 Freshwater Fish and aquarium images including photographs, illustrations, and videos. These images are free to browse and are available for purchase starting at $2.
Below is an HTML link if you are interested:
<a href= ā€œhttp://www.canstockphoto.com/images-photos/freshwater-fish.htmlā€
>Can Stock Photo Fresh Water Fish Image Gallery</a>
Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a wonderful day. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me at
Elizabeth Smeaton
Can Stock Photo

Broken Links at Wetwebmedia.com (one to add)     2/15/13
To whom it may concern,   Good morning!  Iā€™m Artchee Mendoza from Mouseandman.com and I work under their Search Engine Optimization umbrella. While searching for possible related sites we can link fintastic.us, I saw your site wetwebmedia.com.   I found your page http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/fwlinks.htm which contains more than 5 broken links (404ā€™s).  Would you guys be interested of placing a link (http://www.fintastic.us/ ) of our site on this page?<Thank you for the notice re the broken links. We don't have the personnel, time to check on such... Can/will add the commercial link: http://www.fintastic.usBob Fenner> Please feel free to contact me about this.  Thank you!   Regards, Artchee Mendoza

our link to each other 7/20/11
Greetings, We have had a link to you for years and I noticed on the general links business page, freshwater livestock sources, your link to our site does not work, appears to have a & instead of > at the end of the address in the code.. We are http://www.rockymountaindiscus.com/Default.htm
Can that be fixed? We have enjoyed our relationship with you for years.
Thanks, al, owner
<Will take a look, try to fix. Thank you. BobF>

requesting link exchange -- 4/14/11
Hello Bob,
I'm requesting a link exchange. I've listed your site on our links page.
Could you please add our website: Gwynnbrook Farm Discus Hatchery http://www.discushatchery.com
to your Livestock Sources: Freshwater links? Thanks.
Glenn Thode
Gwynnbrook Farm
Will gladly post. Cheers, BobF

Link Exchange Request, Symphysodon etailer    4/6/11
Dear Webmaster,
I am a webmaster. I found your site is interesting and felt that it is relevant to my site subject. I extend forward a proposal of partnership for mutual benefit. We would be very much interested in exchanging links with your site.
My Link details are below:
Title: Wild Discus fish for Sale
Url: http://www.wilddiscususa.com/
description: We have the most advanced collection systems. Web presence and Online exposure is essential. You will shortly see Wild Discus Fish USA all over the World Wide Web when you are searching for Wild Discus Fish for Sale in the U.S.
<Will post/share. No need to reciprocate. Bob Fenner>
I can place your link at here: http://www.alltourpackage.com/fishing-hunting.html 
Or http://www.apropos-conservatories.com/resources/Pet-Home
<Not pertinent>
So, if you are interested, then please add my link at a page of your site and let me know about that.
In exchange, please send your link information and also let me know from where you want link back. If, you want to add your link first, just send your link information and your link page where you will add my link. I will add your link
within 24 hrs.
<Will be on our freshwater links page.>

listing on your website -- 02/14/10
I found your website and love it. I was wanting to know how I can get my new website listed on your freshwater tropical fish listing of websites. I'm not advertising, just wanting a link posted in there. Please let me know how I can get my link posted in there?
You can check out my site here: http://www.tropical-fish-success.com/
Thank you
Will gladly list your site. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner

Request for link exchange, African Cichlid   1/30/09 Hello, <Greetings> I would like to ask you if you would have a banner/textlink exchange between our sites. If you like to do so, you can find our Malawi cichlid website on http://www.onzemalawicichliden.eu/ <http://www.onzemalawicichliden.eu/> Our banner is on http://onzemalawicichliden.eu/banner.gif It's a website ( in English, Dutch and German) about the Malawi-cichlids we keep which contains also a large, growing, Malawi cichlid database with a lot of own pictures. At this moment over 500 species and varieties. We would be very grateful, Regards from Holland, Johan and Thimo <I will gladly place your URL on our Freshwater Links page. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>   Re: Request for link exchange Thanks Bob, I've placed yours on my links page in General sites, start pages...... Best regards, Johan <Thank you. BobF>

Link Exchange, Bettas  - 4/7/07 Hi, <Hello there> Having been a fan of your site for a while, and found many an answer within its many articles, I would like to share this resource. I have recently, with the help of two other Betta keepers, launched a new website in the UK focusing on the welfare and proper care of Betta species, and I would love to participate in a link exchange with Wet Web Media as I have found many good Betta articles on your site that I feel would benefit our members. Our website can be found at http://www.mybetta.co.uk. Also - can I ask if you have a banner for your site that I can add to our links page? <Mmm, no banner... a simple link with our name would be fine. Will add yours to our FW links and Betta splendens Bibliog..> Kindest Regards Lindsey Jarvis <Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Link... UK site for Spectrum (NLE) Foods  3/29/07 Hi Bob, <Tim> Just found your site & found people enquiring about where to get Spectrum foods in the UK. My site trades in fish foods & I'm just about to put the Spectrum range on it. Would you consider putting my link on the site? www.ta-aquaculture.co.uk                 All the best....   Tim <Will gladly do so. Bob Fenner> Would like to add you to my links, and vice versa   8/23/06 I read through you're site all the time and it's great! I recently created my own webpage to share info on my tank setup construction process. I would like add WetWeb to my links. Also, I was wondering if you could add me to yours as well. My website can be found here http://myarowanatank.googlepages.com/home. My site mainly contains DIY construction projects and info on freshwater setups. Thanks, Robert Bledsoe <Will gladly do. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Link to add  8/25/06 Bob, <Matt> My name is Matt Scott.  I am the editor of the Beginner's Guide to Aquariums . (beginnersguide.com/aquariums/) <Very nice> Our site is intended to be a jumping off point for someone looking to get started in our rewarding hobby. <I see> If you think our site would be of some interest to your readers, would you please consider adding us to the aquariums links section of your blog? Thanks in advance! Matt Scott beginnersguide.com/aquariums/ <Will gladly do. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Would like to add you to my links, and vice versa   8/23/06 I read through you're site all the time and it's great! I recently created my own webpage to share info on my tank setup construction process. I would like add WetWeb to my links. Also, I was wondering if you could add me to yours as well. My website can be found here http://myarowanatank.googlepages.com/home. My site mainly contains DIY construction projects and info on freshwater setups. Thanks, Robert Bledsoe <Will gladly do. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

To exchange links... FW record keeping e- tool   6/8/06 Dear Sirs <Okay> We would like to exchange links or banners with your website http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/general_links_pg.htm We are the authors of a new manager software for freshwater tanks 'AquarioGest' it is now translated in English. This program is presented on this website http://www.aquariogest.net We remain at your disposal for any further information Thank you for your reply Best regards Patricia www.aquariogest.net <Will place. Bob Fenner>

Link request  - 04/19/06 I came across your site today and wanted to compliment you on it.  My name is Freda Ludwig and I am the owner of www.youraquariumcenter.com.  On our site we feature aquariums and supplies.  All the necessities to help you create your very own underwater world!  I really think that many of our visitors would be interested in your site.  Because of this we would like to list your site on our "Links" page if you would be willing to link back to us from your site.  This would be a great way, in my opinion, to drive quality visitors to each of our web sites. Please get back to me and let me know what you think.  Thank you! Freda Ludwig <Will add your URL as an etailer for FW gear. Bob Fenner>

Questions re: WWM, Sharing Links Safely, etc.  11/11/05 Hi, <Howdy> I took a look at your site a couple of hours ago...  and I want to tell you that I'd really love to trade links with you. I think http://www.wetwebmedia.com/gastropo.htm has some really good stuff related to my site's topic of aquarium and would be a great resource for my visitors as it deals with some great aspects of aquarium that I'd like to give my visitors more information about. In fact, I went ahead and added your site to my Aquarium HQ website at http://aquarium-hq.com/freshwateraquarium/  Is that OK with you? <Sure> Can I ask a favor? Will you give me a link back on your site? I'd really appreciate you returning the favor. There's some html for linking back to me on my Add URL page http://aquarium-hq.com/addurl/. <Will gladly do so> Thanks and feel free to drop me an email if you'd like to chat more about this. Best wishes, Paul Aquarium HQ info@aquarium-hq.com  P.S. If you'd like the description of your site modified just drop me a line. <Is fine. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Request for Link Exchange - www.mypets.net.au Pet Directory  11/6/05 To the Webmaster Hello from the www.mypets.net.au a new pet information portal. Our aim is to provide our site visitors with the largest possible pet resource, so they can make the most informed possible choice when choosing their pet.  We've recently added your site to the directory. Your listing appears here: http://www.mypets.net.au  It is a free listing, the only request we make is participants provide a link back to http://www.mypets.net.au.   Sites that link back (1) Receive better placement of their listing. (2) May upload an image or banner.  (3) Can list in 2 categories. You can log in and update your listing details by going to this url There are a great many link categories on our site, so please take the time to choose one that is the most relevant to your site.  Our link details are:- Title:- Pets URL: http://www.mypets.net.au/  Description: The complete guide to choosing and caring for your pet. Pet Names, pet care, pet information, help choosing a pet and more I do hope you will update your link to ensure its relevance, and hope we can both benefit from the exchange.  Kind Regards Jasmien Bruckner Webmaster www.mypets.net.au    <Will add your URL/link to our Freshwater Aquarium Links file. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.>

Anabantoid group link to add 8/26/05 Hi, <Hello> My name is Marleen Janson, and I'm the editor of 'Osphronemid' my anabantoid club's newsletter. <Ahh!> I was searching for information about the genus Colisa, and found your article about anabantoids on http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/anabantoids.htm The club's members would be very interested in it, so I was wondering if I may use it in the newsletter.  If my request is inappropriate, my apologies in advance. You can check out our club at our website. http://www.internat-anabanassoc.org <It does appear you are a non-commercial enterprise, and hence welcome to post my content: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMUsePolicyStmt.htm> Sincerely Marleen Janson Editor <Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

E-tailer Link 8/23/05 I would like to make a link exchange with you.   My info is: URL:    http://www.all-aquatics.com Title    All-Aquatics.com Description:  Freshwater  Aquarium Supply, Saltwater Aquarium Supply and Pond Supply  at  very, very low prices.  . I have added a link to your site at: http://all-aquatics.com/page/16ggw/Helpful_Links.html Thanks, Ray Buergey <Will gladly link your business. BTW, there is a mis-spelling... filteration, is filtration, on your homepage, directory. BobF>

Re: E-tailer Link 8/23/05 Bob, Talk about a good eye.  Thanks.  That has been laying there for many moons. I will correct it. Ray <Heeee! My own spelling is not great... but from so many times... looking over the Net... and running spellcheckers... am getting better. BobF> Link to add Hi, Thanks for trading links :-)   I have upgraded your website's listing www.wetwebmedia.com to Link Partner Status. Find it here http://www.seapets.co.uk/links/fish.html in the Fish  theme. Regards, Vicki Churchill links_seapets@ntlworld.com http://www.seapets.co.uk/ <Will add to our freshwater and pond links pages... under "r/e-tailers". Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Livestock, FW URL to add to links  07/02/05 Hello WWM! <Erik> Browsing through your site, I was impressed with quantity of resources available to your viewers. I write, as the webmaster of www.riverwonders.com which is Livestock supplier specializing in rare exotic Amazonian freshwater fish. We have many hard to find species, useful information, a flat rate shipping method for great savings, and wholesale prices. I thought we would be a useful resource for a great part of your readers as a Livestock supplier. Thank you and best of luck. regards, Erik <Will add. Bob Fenner> Add web site link on your site Hi there, <Hello> My name is Anthony. I am currently a webmaster of the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association (www.cichlidworld.com) and Tanganyika forum (www.duboisi.com). I was introduced here by some folks from Tropical Resources.   At first of all, I would like to say thank you for done such a wonderful job at WetWebMedia.com. You all have been building up an awesome network to keep our hobbies to be stronger everyday. <Ahh, our intention> Since both the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association and duboisi.com are non-profit organizations, I would like you to add those links on WetWebMedia.com to introduce more access to the hobby. <Will gladly do so> One again, thanks you so much for your time and keeps up with your great works. Sincerely, Anthony <Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner> Link Exchange Request Hi Bob! <Andrew> I have finally made a website to try and get out of the EBay fee cycle. I'm hoping you could find a place for my site on Wet Web Media's links page. I hope to write some new interesting content on a regular basis. I'll be actively working on this site adding further items and the aquarium fish I can offer. I've added a link to Wet Web Media here http://www.e-aquarium.com.au/links.html.   Please let me know if there's any particular way you'd like your site described. My index page is at www.e-aquarium.com.au/aquarium.html.   Regards, Andrew Fuller <Will place under Freshwater, etailers. Bob Fenner> 

Link Request  Kevin, We would welcome a link to WetWebMedia.com on your website. I will also add your site to our links page.  Mike Kaechele  Hello: I am sending you this email because I would like to request permission to provide a reference (URL Link ) to your website. I am a hobbyist who has a passion for goldfish and I would like to encourage other goldfish enthusiasts by assisting them to easy locate information relating to goldfish. The website www.goldfishlinks.com is a non profit website intended to promote both interest and knowledge in the hobby of caring for goldfish.  A primary motivation for creating this website is that in process of searching the internet for goldfish information I have encountered a tremendous number of dead links. Therefore, it is my hope this website can assist goldfish hobbyists by providing a reference of active links to information that could be of interest to them. Your website has been selected because I believe it would be of specific interest and value to people interested in goldfish. As you can see, www.goldfishlinks.com is still in the initial stages of development with approximately sixty-five different links. However, with the support of others I hope to grow this site into a valued internet resource for finding goldfish information. When creating this initial set of links I did have some difficulty in coming up with short descriptions of the linked sites. If you have a more appropriate description or comment please pass this information on. In closing I would like to note that I am not requesting an endorsement of this site. Instead, as a courtesy to you, I would like to receive your permission to list your site. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Kevin http://www.goldfishlinks.com  P.S. - If at any time you would like your site removed from this list just send an email to mailto: removelink@goldfishlinks.com and your link will be removed promptly. 

Could we add our link to your site? Hello, I wanted to know if we could add our forums link to your site. It would be great! <Will do so gladly> The name of the forums is "Hard Rock Forums" we have a saltwater side and a freshwater side. The saltwater side is http://www.forumer.com/reef and the freshwater side is http://www.forumer.com/fishfans and you can click on the top banner to go from one side to the other. Thanks <Real good. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner> 

Beginner's Link Hello, <Hi there> I've recently put up a site for beginner's to the aquarium hobby.  It is located at http://www.fishlore.com.  There are Beginner's Guides, Fish Profiles, FAQs, Forums and more.   I'd be glad to add a reciprocal link to your site as well.  If you have a banner image you would prefer instead of a textual link, please email me. Thanks, Mike Support@FishLore.com <Will do so gladly. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Link, FW hobbyist Hi I'm the admin of http://www.aquaticcommunity.com. Thought I should be so bold as to beg you to add it to your links page.  I think is best placed under the hobbyist category. Regards William <Will gladly do so, thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

... Too lazy to Google WWM? Links to information Could you please give me some information on the following species,  or  some links to their care? giant moustache Danio http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/BarbsDaniosRasborasArt.htm lampeye tetra   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/CharaciformFishes.htm tiger shovelnosed cat   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/pimelodids.htm fire eye crab   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PlantedTksSubWebIndex/fwbraccrabs.htm checkerboard fiddler crab    http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PlantedTksSubWebIndex/fwbraccrabs.htm I have been searching the internet and cannot find any  information.  <Hope this helps> Thank you, Caryn Heffner

Link page Hi bob, I Enjoyed your website. Please take a look at our site (briaquaticcabinets.com) and consider adding it to your link page. Thank you for your time, bobby crane. <Will do. Thanks for sending this along. Bob Fenner>

- Adding a Hyperlink - Hi Bob I am adding a link to your site on my web site links page. On your links under Livestock source/freshwater could you add us? It is Rocky Mountain Discus, url is : www.rockymountaindiscus.com  I love you site and the wealth of info it provides. Thanks, al <Happy to add your link to our general links page. Cheers, J -- > 

Link to SVAS on WWM? Ahoy thar, Bob! I wondered if perhaps you/we/whomever might be willing to put a link to the Silicon Valley Aquarium Society on the links page of WWM? We would greatly appreciate it, and I'm relatively certain the club would be willing to put a link to WWM on our site, as well, in return. <Shore matey!> here's the URL: http://www.svas.info/ (If you happen to take a look, please note who's speaking in September; though the talk's only in it's outline stage right now, I'm pretty excited....) <Ho ho!> Now, as for the Red Sea trip, am I to book my flight(s)?  <Yes, PLEASE and QUICK. Do chat with Jeni... are you still transiting through Chicago? And send the receipts to me/SD for reimbursement> Or how does that work out? I am awaiting Jeni's itinerary; apparently she and John are going to Cairo a couple days early to see the pyramids. If all goes well, I believe I would like to meet Jeni in Chicago and join them for that. Many thanks, -Sabrina <Real good. Bob F>

Link request Hi Mr. Fenner, Your site has saved my bacon (well, my fish) a number of times in the past two years.  Thank you for all that you and the crew do for the hobby.  My name is Nick and I've just started a new educational website called Freshwater-Aquarium-Fish.com.  I was wondering if you could possibly add my link to your links page?  I have already added a link to wetwebmedia.com that will stay there either way.   Here is my linking information: Title: Freshwater Aquarium Fish url: http://www.freshwater-aquarium-fish.com Thanks for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you. Dr. Nick Silvaggi <Will do. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Website Link Request Dear Sir I have found your site and have added a link to it from my website. You can find the link at: http://www.clcdiscus.com/aquariumsetup.html If it is possible, we would like to request a link back to us. You can link back by using the following information: Link: http://www.clcdiscus.com/index.html Description: clcDisCus - Discus Breeder and Exporter in Penang, Malaysia breeds Symphysodon discus and export to major cities around the world. We have photos of discus strains, resources, info and tips for discus hobbyist. <Will place tomorrow. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner> Thank you and Best Regards Allan Chang E-Mail Address: discus@clc.pc.my Mobile Phone: +60122956066 Web Page: http://www.clcdiscus.com

Website Link Request Dear Bob Fenner Thank you for your consent to link back. You can find the link to your website here: http://www.clcdiscus.com/aquariumsetup.html with added description. <Real good. Thank you. Bob Fenner> Regards Allan Chang

Re: Link request Hi Bob <Hello Tom> I'm writing to ask if you'd be kind enough to add the link http://cichlidforums.com (i.e., without the "www") to WetWebMedia's general links directory.  Cichlid Forums is an entirely noncommercial discussion board frequented mostly by cichlidophiles; but we do have the occasional marine aquarist joining in on water chemistry issues and advanced topics in general. We don't have a links section as such, but certainly  you and your site have been referenced by our users within the forum threads. Thanks! Tom Fowler <Will add tomorrow. Thank you for your notice and contributions to our interest. Bob Fenner>

Link to fishtankstore.com Hello, My name is Cliff Scalco and I own the site www.fishtankstore.com.  I was wondering if you would be interested in putting  a link to my site on your site and I'll do the same? I think my customers could get a lot of use out of your site. If you like I have added a link to my banner if you want to use it? http://www.fishtankstore.com/banner.htm <Will add your link to a few of the aquarium subweb links pages tomorrow. Really like your layout, offerings. Good luck to you and your business. Bob Fenner>

Website Link Dear Mr. Bob Fenner & Mr. Jason C. , Let us introduce our company - PIRANTI AQUATICA - as Indonesian Exporter of Ornamental Fish & Aquatic Plant. We are very interested to be listed in your Link section, under Business - Live Stock Sources : Freshwater Fish section. For your further consideration, please review our website : www.pirantiaquatica.com . Hope it can meet your requirement to be listed. Thank you very much & Happy fish business ! Best regards, Elan Patria Piranti Aquatica Jakarta - Indonesia <Thank you for your note. Will post your link tomorrow. Bob Fenner>

Link Exchange Hello Mr. Fenner, Can we exchange links? <Certainly> Best Regards, Oliver Lucanus Below Water http://www.belowwater.com <Very nice. Will place on our Freshwater links page. Bob Fenner>

Re: listing Dear Crew at WetWebMedia, Like your site. Am a breeder and exporter of freshwater tropical aquarium fish from Taiwan and other parts of the world. Would like to be listed under Freshwater-Business-Livestock Sources if possible. www.ornamentalfish.com.tw  Thanks, Jy Lin Trading Company Ltd., Taiwan <Will do so tomorrow. Thank you for your notice. Bob Fenner>

link (Note: place) Would it be possible to get a link to our site on your links page? I think the best category would be retailers/ e-tailers. <Sure. Will put on the FW Links, Angels art.s pages... later tonight. Bob Fenner> Thanks, <Thank you for asking> Steve Rybicki Angels Plus http://www.angelsplus.com <http://www.angelsplus.com/>

RE: link  Yes, could you send me the exact link and title you would like. <The one you provide below:  Angels Plus http://www.angelsplus.com Bob Fenner> Thanks, Steve Rybicki Angels Plus http://www.angelsplus.com

freshwater link Hi, Would be grateful if you could put a link to us on your freshwater links page... to http://www.arofanatics.com . It's an Arowana community for Arowana collectors from around the world, with forums, galleries and much more! Useful help and advice on all types of Arowana (from S. American and Australian to highly prized Asian Arowanas). Your link is already up on the site :) Thanks. <Will do. Bob Fenner, back from "the land down under">

Dear Webmaster/Webmistress: (Note: add FW Link) I have just started a new page dedicated to freshwater tropical fish. Our site includes arowana, South American Cichlids, plecos, loaches, geophagus, and South American Catfish. I am looking to grow my site by adding links to it on other sites such as yours. I have already added you to my link directory and I hope you can do the same for me. The purpose of this is to gain more traffic for both of our sites. My specialties include all of the above and I am actively searching out pages of similar information, distributors, suppliers, clubs, and marine hobbyists. I am currently only learning about marine aquatics so you will notice no information about that but I am looking for great places to learn. I hope by maintaining a well designed link directory my visitors will find any and all information and supplies related to the hobby. I also maintain a list of sites that are related to pets in general for people like me that don't have just fish. <Very industrious> Distributors of supplies, livestock, and aquariums can take advantage of my site by getting free advertisement. Users gain from the large directory of places to buy from. The same goes for the Clubs and Groups I list on my site. By becoming a link partner your link will gain a higher more visible listing within my link directory. People that don't find everything that they need on my page often look to my extensive link directory to help them find what they are looking for. My page is located at http://kingsoftheaquarium.tripod.com . If you would like to link to me, the banner and linking instructions are located at http://kingsoftheaquarium.tripod.com/banner.htm . If you don't like the banner shown on this page please email you and I will send a few others I have yet to post. Use of a banner is not necessary, a text link will do just fine! Thank you for your time and feel free to email me if you have any questions. Be sure to email me if you add my link so I can set you up as a link partner! Richard Fellows http://kingsoftheaquarium.tripod.com dracofish@megahits.com <Will add your sites URL on our Freshwater SubWeb. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia> PS: If you would like to not be contacted in the future please email me and I will remove you from my link directory/contact list. I hate spam as much as the next guy (maybe more as I work for an Internet Service Provider and currently maintain about 10 or more personal email addresses) and I hope you don't consider this spam. If you would like me to remove you from my links and contacts please email me and it will be done immediately.

Freshwater Section Bob, Check out the new banner and colors on the Freshwater section.--> http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwsubwebindex.htm <Neat-oh! Are you working on the links there today? By looking at other (hobby, biz, scientific) websites? Just checking. Bob>

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