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FAQs on the Hemiodus "Sharks" 

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Fish ID      5/10/16
Hello, crew. Hope you are doing well.
<Mighty fine this AM thanks>
i was hoping you could help me identify a species of fish one of my lfs has brought in. They referred to them as "line shark" (only line shark i know are Sahyadria denisonii).
You can see the fish in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVuO6OjoGmQ
If you pause at 34:59, you can see a pack of Rummynose tetras and the other, unknown fish that are about to be attacked by a peacock.
<I see the Cichla... ocellaris?>
This is the exact fish that is in my lfs, though it doesn't has the red tip in its caudal fin... but they are the same body type and the same black line that extends from the middle to the tail, with a slightly bigger black dot right in the middle where it starts.... they have about 5 of them and if they are good for a peaceful community tank i may get them.
<Ah yes; appear to be a Hemiodus species. See here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/hemiodontidae1.htm
Thanks again.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
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Re: Fish ID      5/10/16

Just for clarification... i did search for them for a long while but i haven't found anything remotely close until i stumbled upon this video.
<A genus of Characiform fishes once quite popular in the US aquarium hobby... sixties, seventies. BobF>

Hemiodus goeldii/microlepis... insulting, cryptic note re Characoids   7/6/06 Hello, <Hi there> I read what you have on your site and found it to be less informative then I had hoped. <?> I was looking at a freshwater predator for a 55 gallon  tank.  I still have to setup the tank but wondered what kind of chemistry, tankmates, (if any) and foods, <...? for what species?> I have kept the needle nose gar as called  on this page. Do they eat the same way? <In the mouth, out the... The two species/genus listed above "feed differently" in terms of approaching prey... grasping them...>   The pictures show that they  live in schools, <Hemiodus spp.? Yes> should I buy four, what is a good number for my  tank? Thank-you in advance, Dan <A small odd-number would be better... 3, 5... Bob Fenner>

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