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FAQs on the the Pike-Like Hepsetid 

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 in captivity. 


FW Barracuda Will Not Eat  1/17/07 Mr. Fenner, I got a barracuda on 01/12/07 and it ate three small feeders right before I picked it up.  It has not eaten since I have brought it home. The only other fish in the tank is a electric blue Dempsey and a Pleco. The barracuda looks ok, however, it has not eaten.  The barracuda is about three inches long.  Is it the new environment or do they go several days without eating.  The water test fine.  Thanks Jeff < The FW barracuda is a very specific fish eater. Only small live fish that fit into its mouth will be eaten. Its jaws are very delicate. It will not compete very well against the jack Dempsey. Over time you may get it to eat other food items but live fish will always be its favorite.-Chuck>  

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