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FAQs on the Prochilodod Characoids

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A young Semaprochilodus insignis in captivity. 

Prochilodus ID question hi wet web media & crew I've been looking at your site & its fantastic I've learnt a fair bit from it hehe :D  Anyways, I have a question to which I couldn't find an answer. I did some research online & I need to know what the difference is between the flag tail Prochilodus insignis & the Prochilodus taeniurus is, & how I would tell the two apart.  iv seen sum pictures of the two & noticed that the Prochilodus taeniurus has black spots on its body whilst the Prochilodus insignis does not.  I also saw some young fish today which had the black spots but I'm unsure as to which type of Prochilodus they are !  I'm guessing that the black spots will fade away as the fish get older ? or am I totally wrong & that both the fish are actually two whole different species < The true flag tail comes from Brazil and Guyana and has numerous stripes on the dorsal fin. The other species comes from Colombia and Brazil. It also has spots on the sides and dorsal fin that do not go away with age. There are 30 species and they are always wild caught. They are not a very popular aquarium fish because they all get large and don't have much color. Almost all of them are referred to as flagtails though. -Chuck> ?

Flagtail Prochilodus, Semaprochilodus insignis In search of six Flagtail Prochilodus.  Request availability and price.  Also do you ship to individuals that aren't fish wholesalers or retailers. <Sorry, we do not sell/ship anything; we deal only in free exchange of aquatic information and helping out folks in need of info for their tanks.  However, I'd like to point you to http://www.belowwater.com/ as they deal in bizarre, hard-to-find South American imports.  They are located in Canada, but do have (a) transhipper(s) in the US, and if they don't have your Flagtail Prochilodus (Semaprochilodus insignis) now, they may be able to bring them in for you.  If not, they may be better able to steer you in the right direction of someone who can better help you.  Wishing you well in your search for this fish,  -Sabrina>

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