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FAQs on the Trahiras 

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Damaged Hoplias       6/19/16
Hi Bob. I was told to contact you for advice on this weird growth on my Hoplias aimara. It started off as a white ball but then has progressively gotten worse and worse. It's been about a week now and the only advice people have given me is to add salt. Any help is appreciated. I'll attach pics.
<Mmm; this genus is very prone to damaging themselves in captivity... I'd just do your best to maintain optimized and stable conditions. NOT place much salts. Supplementing the diet w/ vitamins, HUFAs.... see WWM Re. Bob Fenner>

Aimara Infection      6/20/16
Greetings Bob, I wanted to clarify a recent inquiry regarding the aimara with growth on mouth, what would you actually diagnose the growth as?
<Two basic guesses... an -oma of some sort, and an "owee" from a physical trauma.>
I thought it kind of resembled a Lympho infection but was very blood filled and just looked different. The growth popped up shortly after a fight.
<Ah yes... >
I'm actually the person who referred him to you guys. Thanks for your time and patience.
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>
Re: Aimara Infection      6/20/16

Thanks for the speedy reply and for the having the one site online you can believe everything you read. Thanks again.
<Brandon; welcome. BobF>

Re: Hoplias       6/21/16
Thank you Bob. What are HUFA's? And are there any supplements you recommend?
<...? USE WWM.... the search tool.... On every page. B>

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