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FAQs about Films on Top of Water

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Help 1/6/10
I have this white film on the top of my tank
, I read and it says caused by poor circulation or fatty foods, what else would cause the film?
<Mmm, most likely some sort of life... as you state, living, growing more from a lack of circulation, foods...>
I have four power heads, my flow is a over kill, and I feed pellets to my one trigger fish in my 100 gal with a refuguim, 225 super skimmer and uv sterilizer, any advice would be greatful,
<A spellchecker>
I changed 50 gals yesterday and it was back the next morning, I have. A stage reversion osmosis pump, filters and membrane fairly new
<? So... what is it you're looking for here? I'd just dip the surface scum off during water changes... perhaps look into your basic nutrient levels (NO3, HPO4...) and means of limiting (all posted on WWM), perhaps ORP... Bob Fenner>

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