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See/Use the search tool at the bottom left of this and every page
A few tips on searching the site
You may simply enter the words or terms that apply to your search, but often that will bring some results that are not relevant. Some slightly more advanced techniques might help refine the search
Quotation Marks " & " Used to search phrases, not just words.  "Dirty Filter"  will return search that contains the PHRASE "dirty filter" and not, for example, an article that mentions a dirty habits and an air filter.
Plus sign to include words that might be ignored + Search results return articles with the most matched words.  In other words, a search for carbon and thermometer will return articles that contain both words first, then articles that contain either.  By using +carbon and +thermometer the results will be confined to articles that contain both.

This becomes even more helpful when specifying completed phrases, such as +"carbon filter" and +"external pump"
Minus sign to exclude words that hinder the search Certain words may contaminate the results, for example "spawning" will return many results, many of which will mention guppies.  Therefore the search terms spawning -guppy -guppies will remove guppy-related articles from the list.  NOTE - it will also remove articles that cover the spawning of Cichlids that feed on guppies, so this feature should be used with caution.
OR to search for comparable terms Certain terms may be comparable for the purposes of a search and to that end they may be listed as "or" such as aquarium OR tank.  

Again, the combination of quoted phrases can make the search much more powerful as in  "external pump" OR powerhead
"external pump" OR powerhead +filter -pond +goldfish

Further: To focus in per page on what you're looking for, place the search term/s in the "Highlight" box in the upper left area on the left shared border, and read the highlighted areas.

Very nicely done Darrel. Danke. B

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