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FAQs on Guppy Nutritional Diseases  

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guppy help, hlth. 1/4/11
hi I have read through the disease FAQs but I get conflicting information
<Really? I'd have thought Guppy care was pretty clear by now.>
so I wanted to ask directly'¦
<Fire away!>
I have a 6g eclipse aquarium with one male guppy,
<Much too small a tank for Guppies;
10 gallons might be okay for a single male but it isn't really ideal. Fancy Guppies of the sort sold in pet stores are really quite delicate, and because the males are aggressive to each other as well as females, I recommend at least 15 gallons for groups of one male and 2-3 females.>
the only inhabitant, tank set up about 4 months ago. Had minor tattered fins
<Do be aware male Guppies fight, and they're also easily nipped by other fish, even species that don't normally nip at other fish. Once Finrot sets in, damaged fins quickly get worse, and the Guppy will soon die.>
when we put him in the tank about 3 months ago and got better, has been looking great. Over last 10 days he mostly hangs up in he corner and near the top of the tank. Still swims around and eats. Looks a little bloated, but not much, and fins not angulating out weird, and scaled not popping out, eyes look fine, no red or white spots, but most often has a stringy poop of variable length emerging from anus, can be quite long, white or clear but sometimes red or dark brown.
<In itself not a clear symptom of anything, but can indicate internal parasites in some instances. Do see how faeces change as diet changes -- offer more green foods, and avoid dry foods as much as possible. Ideally, provide a diet based around cooked peas, cooked spinach, Spirulina flake food, live brine shrimp, and live daphnia. Avoid freeze-dried bloodworms and brine shrimps and foods of those sorts, as these seem to exacerbate the risk of constipation. Even with healthy fish, they're best used as once-a-week treats.>
temp of tank 78-80. Feeding omega one natural protein formula/flakes.
<Some fresh greens are important. Guppies naturally feed on algae more than anything else.>
We do a 35% water change weekly with testing of parameters, nitrates and nitrites have been undetectable. Only tankmate is a snail to help with algae. Fins look great still by the way, no tattering. I don't know whether to treat with meds or alter his diet or something else. thanks in advance, George
<Do read:
Cheers, Neale.>
Re: guppy help 1/5/11

Thanks. I will change his diet. How long would you try that for before giving parasite treatment a shot?
<I'd do them both right now.>
He almost seems like he can't swim to the bottom of the tank easily due to bloating.
<Indeed. Needs prompt treatment.>
When given flake or live brine he does respond briskly though. Thanks.
<Cheers, Neale.>

Guppies Dying During "Child" Birth Hi there, I have had a look but couldn't see anything which answered the question.  I've got a 160l community tank, of which some of the populace are mixed male and female guppies.  Guppies being guppies we are getting quite a lot of fry being pumped out.  However, we have found that without fail, every single guppy that has given birth has died at or just after giving birth.  Now we are getting really worried because Sprat, the first fry to make it to adulthood is pregnant and we don't want her to go the same way as her mum and her aunts. Any advice you could offer?  We don't use any feeding nets or anything like that, we've just got a load of plastic plants and we let nature take it's course. Thanks, Andy. <Two things to try. First make sure you are feeding a mix of high quality foods. It takes a lot of energy to make babies. Also be sure she is not being picked on by the other fish. She will be weakened after giving birth and unable to defend herself or flee. Male guppies are very aggressive breeders, especially towards females that have just given birth. Don>  

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