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Amphiprion clarkii (Bennett 1830), Clarkii or Yellowtail Clownfish. Indo-West Pacific; Persian Gulf to Western Australia to Melanesia, Micronesia. To six inches in length. The most variable species of the subfamily. Blackish to brown body color, third white body bar on caudal peduncle, white or yellow tail. Malaysia pic.

A very nice scene out in Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia... with maybe juv. Damsels of the genus Amblyglyphidodon and some juv. labrids amidst some soft corals...

Acanthurus mata Cuvier 1829, the Elongate or Mata Surgeonfish (And a tiny Labroides cleaner under its eye). Indo-Pacific; Red Sea, eastern African coast to French Polynesia, Japan, GBR, Micronesians. Similar to A. xanthopterus lives almost exclusively on zooplankton. Long misidentified as A. bleekeri. To 50 cm. One off of Mabul, Malaysia. 1996

An Acropora sp. pic taken last week in Borneo.  1996
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