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 Archive 463: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Taenianotus triacanthus Lacepede 1802, the Leaf Scorpionfish. Indo-pan-Pacific. To four inches overall length. Usually found amongst reef rocks on a open setting, rocking like a falling leaf. Molts its skin about twice a month. In the wild, feeds on small fishes, fry and crustaceans. Comes in browns, blacks, yellows, reds. Found throughout the tropical Pacific and Indian Ocean. Fiji  

Tambja morosa. East Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Hawai'i. To 7 cm. Found near base of reef slopes.  
Tridacna derasa (Ruding 1798), the Derasa Clam. Cocos Keeling, Australia, Fiji, Indonesia and the Philippines. Very low sculpturing on the shell, which has its base near the anterior end rather than posterior (as all other species of Tridacna). Shells can close tightly together (unlike T. gigas). Often yellow/golden streaking in mantles. This one in Fiji 
Tubastrea micracantha (Dana 1849), Black Sun Coral. External flesh (coenesteum) green to brown to blackish in color. Colonies are often tree-like, up to a meter in height. Also exceptional for the genus, T. micrantha is a poor captive survivor. Consummate with its feeding habits are good current, filtration to remove foods, wastes.. Generally found in areas of good current. Here in Fiji 
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