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WWM Plants Safe for Koi Ponds Broken Links, and a new link to add           7/12/19
I wanted to reach out on behalf of your pond links page
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PondSubWebIndex/pondlinks.htm Over the winter and spring I studied and worked extremely hard to build and maintain a koi pond. My backyard is now my favorite place to be, and I love my fish. They have gotten so big and the flowers around it are blooming just right.
<Ah, nice>
A few weeks ago, when I stumbled onto your page and bookmarked it because I wanted to find plants that could actually go in my pond. (Something other than lily pads.) So thank you for having all that information! It was the perfect start for me, and I appreciate it a ton! Although, I did want to let you know that I found a broken page, it's labeled "Koi Net." It's right at the top of the page. While I was searching, I ended up coming across another page that goes in-depth on the benefits of pond plants, I never really put two and two together, but the shade from the plants reduces the grow rate of algae, which is awesome!
<Will look... links pages are a bane of websites; requiring a good deal of maintenance>
I ended up digging out a small plant shelf and once I got the plants into the pond, I could tell my koi were interested. They started swimming all around and on top of the different plants, they look gorgeous! The page also gave a great list of plants, but more focuses on getting them into your pond. (Which I didn't have one plant die.) I thought because both pages were beyond beneficial to me, that your users might like the one I found, It's http://www.avasflowers.net/plants-for-koi-ponds and I think it'll make a great addition to your page, if you wanted to add it. My pond and garden is now my backyard oasis and I couldn't be happier.
<Ahh, thank you for this; will add>
Thank you again for all the help!
Michael Rivers
<Again; thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

regarding Wet Web Media website. Pool, spa builder/franchisor looking for link placement     3/8/17
I'm looking to contact the person responsible for maintaining the Wet Web Media website. I'm contacting you regarding your Pond Related Links to Aquatic Internet Sites webpage. I'd like to propose including Blue Haven Pools & Spas <https://www.bluehaven.com/ > in your list.
A trusted name since 1954, Blue Haven Pools offices across the U.S. build in-ground pools (Gunite/shotcrete) with superb quality, exceptional value, and the best warranties in the industry.
Tens of thousands of homeowners have turned to their local Blue Haven team for a fuss-free, state-of-the-art pool & spa or expert remodel. They also enjoy our high-tech Smart Features that automate care, conserve water and
energy, and purify with virtually no chlorine.
Your feedback would certainly be appreciated.
<Do these franchisees build biological ponds? Bob Fenner>
*Kyle Page
Blue Haven Pools & Spas*
Re: regarding Wet Web Media website     3/8/17

<Don't see this on their website. Are you sure they design/build water features? BobF>
Re: regarding Wet Web Media website     3/8/17

Please see: https://www.bluehaven.com/smart-features  &
<Have just done so... Only pools and spas are mentioned... WWM is not involved w/ these. Bob Fenner>

Pond Supply Resource Suggestion      12/23/16
Hi there,
<Hey Beth>
I saw you have some awesome pond supply resources on your website here, (http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pondsubwebindex/pondlinks.htm ), and I wanted to make another suggestion for that list if you are open to it. It is Aquatic Ponds which you can check out here, (http://www.aquaticponds.com/ ). I think
this would be a useful and relevant addition to your existing list. Please let me know your thoughts. I hope to hear from you soon!
All the best,
Beth Greene
<Thank you for your suggestion. Will add their link. Bob Fenner>
Re: Pond Supply Resource Suggestion      12/23/16

Awesome thank you so much Bob!
<Thank you Beth! BobF>

New koi website for your pond links page       6/1/16
Quite a resource you have created with WetWebMedia, was wondering if you could add our website to your pond links page located below?
<Ah yes; will do>
Grand Koi is a US importer of the highest quality Japanese koi fish from world-renowned breeders. We also sell koi pond supplies and koi feed. Free expert koi health advice is also available through our website.
Our website is http://www.grandkoi.com/
Brian McReynolds
Grand Koi, LLC
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Additional resource about Koi      7/22/15
Hello Robert,
Just wanted to start off by commending you on all of the great work on http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pondsubwebindex/pdfshbreefaqs.htm
We've created a website, http://nextdaykoi.com , that we think could offer your audience an additional resource for information about Koi.
<Will look>
It offers broad range of high-quality, live koi and goldfish for sale and is full of useful, well-researched tips and articles—like this one about judging standards for koi: <https://nextdaykoi.com/koi-fish-facts/judging-koi-fish/ >
With all of our great resources and products available to complement yours, we thought that by sharing our site with your audience (or by adding it to the resources/links section of your website, http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pondsubwebindex/pdfshbreefaqs.htm . you can boost your site's already
robust content.
Let us know if we can help you!
Warm Regards,
<Thank you. Will add your company URL to our Pond Links pages, and judging materials. Bob Fenner>

How to Judge Koi Fish      6/21/15
Hello there,
Just wanted to start off by commending you on all of the great work on http://www.wetwebmedia.com
We've created a website, http://nextdaykoi.com , that we think could offer your audience an additional resource for information about Koi.
It offers broad range of high-quality, live koi and goldfish for sale and is full of useful, well-researched tips and articles—like this one about judging standards for koi: < https://nextdaykoi.com/koi-fish-facts/judging-koi-fish/  >
With all of our great resources and products available to complement yours, we thought that by sharing our site with your audience (or by adding it to the resources/links section of your website, http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pondsubwebindex/pdfshbreefaqs.htm ). you can boost your site's already robust content.
Let us know if we can help you!
Warm Regards,.
<Will add on the morrow. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Could you add us to your Pond Retailer directory?      3/20/15
Hi there!
I think we would be a nice addition to your pond directory. Our company's name is Dragonfly Aquatics and we've been in business for 8 years. Our website address is: http://www.dragonflyaquatics.com .
Thanks for the consideration! :-)
<Will add on the morrow. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Paul Eckinger
Customer Support
Dragonfly Aquatics, LLC.

Wet Web Media Listing       7/10/14
I was wondering what you had to do to get a listing on this page of your site http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PondSubWebIndex/pondlinks.htm
<You're doing it>
I work for Texas Lakes and Ponds (http://www.texaslakesandponds.com/ ) and I believe our products/services match up with the interests of your customer base. We provide all sorts of pond maintenance products (fish feeders, fish habitats, aerators etc) and services such as fish stocking. We would love a listing on your site, so please let me know what is required to get a listing.
Thank you!
<Will post on the morrow. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Wet Web Media Listing
Great, thank you!

Link Update   10/3/13
I was wondering if you could update out link you have on this page http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PondSubWebIndex/pondlinks.htm  
to http://www.kloubeckoi.com/categories/Koi-For-Sale/   , the link that is on there now is to our old site.
Kloubec Koi Farm
<http://www.kloubeckoi.com/> www.kloubeckoi.com
<Will gladly do so. Bob Fenner>

Where do I report a broken link on your website?     5/23/13
<Hey Brittany>
I just wanted to shoot you a quick message and let you know that I encountered a broken link while on the wetwebmedia.com site today. I'm not sure if there's a specific person to contact or a form for submitting broken links, but if you could let me know I'll gladly send that information along.
<Please do... running the diagnostic tool for these (there are a few hundred thousand such links on the site) reveals more than I can keep up with. But "important" ones need to be fixed. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Thanks! J
Re: Where do I report a broken link on your website?     5/23/13

Hello Bob,
The broken links I came across were on your page at:
<Ahh, the site to site link pages...>
Here are the ones
that weren't working for me:
Internet Pond Society
Central Illinois Water Gardeners
Koi Society of Australia
Lee's Koi Corner

I hope that was helpful, I know what a pain it is to keep up with broken links!
 <Ah yes>
I don't know if you're looking to add new links, but if you are, please have a look at www.thepondshop.com - some friends of mine recently launched a site selling a lot of pond and water garden supplies so I thought it might be something your readers would be interested in.
 <Will do; thank you. BobF>
Brittany Sozak

Link Exchange Request  -- 3/8/11
Hello Bob,
I would like to request a link exchange. We offer a selection of aquarium pumps and lights at a discount.
Here are our website details.
Title: Discount Pumps - Saltwater and Freshwater Aquarium Supplies Description: We have a large selection of aquarium pumps, air pumps and lights for saltwater and fresh water tanks.
URL: http://www.discount-pumps.biz
<Will post on our Ponds Links pages. BobF>
Thank you for your consideration.
Please forward me your details and I will add your site within 24 hours.
Patricia Foreman
Re: Link Exchange -- 3/9/11

Thank you Bob,
<Welcome Patricia>
If you send your link info or banner we can post it on our links page. Our aquarium customers will love it!
<Mmm, the name is fine, thanks. BobF
Re: Link Exchange
Ok it is done. You can view it on our links page.
Thanks again,
<Real good. Cheers, BobF>

Re: Pondlinks weblink
I want to tell you thanks again for giving the go ahead to add PondFilter.com <http://www.pondfilter.com/> and I also wanted to let you know about our other site, which may actually be preferred for your club to
add as a link. The other site is Pond World <http://www.pondworld.com/>
(link). Of course, if you are willing to add both, that would be excellent for us, but I understand if you just have room for one. Each site does have some unique products and info. We may be soon carrying garden bridges on
the Pond World site. If you need any additional info in order to add our link, just let me know.
Brian Lewis
<Will post http://www.pondworld.com as a commercial pond products supplier.
Cheers, BobF>

Pondlinks weblink  6/18/10
I just finished reading a couple of your informational pages -- great site! I noticed you had a links page and was wondering if we could be included as a link in the business section. Are you accepting additional links? Feel free to check out our site -- PondFilter.com. Our products consist of pond filtration, maintenance, and pond construction supplies.
Brian Lewis
<Will gladly add your site. BobF>
PondFilter.com is the premier place online for pond filter systems and pond filter components. In our store you will find quality filters from the most respected brands and manufacturers in the country along with components like pond pumps, filter media, water treatments and much more. 

Reciprocal Links -- 2/3/10
Bob & Crew
<Howdy Alex>
I would like to request a reciprocal link to my website:
http://www.agpondsupply.com/ Avant Garden Pond Supply - "Bringing Water To Life" Quality pond products for the Koi pond and water garden enthusiast.
I particularly enjoyed the pond, fountains and water feature articles, so I have added your link to this page on http://www.agpondsupply.com/links.html 
Please review and advise. Thanks
Alex Emerson, Sales Manager
Avant Garden Pond Supply
"Bringing Water To Life"
<Will gladly do. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Site Link  1/20/10
Hi Bob,
<John... Had a friend, fellow-buyer of your name years back at the mass merchandiser PetCo>
I found your site on DMOZ and have been visiting the past few days. I think your site is of great interest and value to our customers. As such, we have set up at link fro our site to yours at http://www.thewatergardener.com/pages/links.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could link to our site at http://www.thewatergardener.com under your "Retailers/E-Tailers" section.
We are a pond and Koi fish supplier, as well as a pond maintenance service company in Southeast Pennsylvania.
<Ahh! Will gladly do. Bob Fenner>
Thank you in advance for your consideration.
John Benjamin
Managing Partner

Welcome to the first edition of the Koiface monthly Newsletter. As some of you already know, Koiface is the place to be, to meet new people in the koi and water garden hobby and the pond trade! It's also a place where you get to showoff everything you worked so hard to build, share your experiences, learn more about Koi, Water Gardening, Pond Construction, Koi Health and talk to Pond & Koi professionals...
In this month's newsletter, we wanted to quickly gloss over all the happenings over at Koiface, let everyone that isn't a member know what's going on as well as let all of our member's know about current events.
Stats As Of 11/2/09
**Membership**: Our membership has really gone up, we grew almost 200 members in the last few weeks. The word is getting out about Koiface, keep using that invite feature.
**Forums**: The forums have really grown as well, in a few short weeks since adding, we have almost 451 posts.
**Site Impressions**: We are averaging between 10-12,000 site impressions daily.
**Daily Logins**: We're averaging between 60-90 daily logins, which has consistently climbed over the past month.
The Koiface Marketplace has grown exponentially, new vendors are joining the Koiface Marketplace everyday. We are now selling Koi in the marketplace and we're seeing a lot of traffic.
<br><br>Checkout Products From:

I found a broken link on  10/29/09
Hi there,
I've been trying to find some information on koi ponds (we're building one in our yard this spring!), and I happened to stumble across your page http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PondSubWebIndex/pondlinks.htm during my research. Wanted to let you know that your page was great! I noticed that you are linking to http://w3.one.net/~rzutt/ - but that link doesn't seem to be working anymore.
<Ahh, happens>
Since your page was so useful to me, in return I'm happy to suggest a replacement link, or at the very least another good resource to add:
It contains some great information on building a pond, adding koi, and lots of other great resources. Hopefully you and your visitors will find the page as helpful as I did :)
Suzy Maguire
<Thank you for your help, will add your input on the morrow. Bob Fenner>

WetWebMedia link request 11/11/08 Hi, I have a link for your great web site! Under the "Pond Related Links - Ponds, Koi - Business - Pond Plants" you might like to provide a link to the Pond Megastore Pond Plants. We are the second largest retail supplier of water lilies and pond plants in the US. Our website is http://www.PondMegastore.com// Thank you for your time and great website source. Zac deGarmeaux - Pond Megastore Owner Pond Megastore 401 Tuscarawas St West Suite 501b Canton Ohio 44702 330-488-2115 <Sorry for the delay... been out/am out of the country, Net access... will post your link on my return next week. Cheers, Bob Fenner> <<Done! Pretty cool to be from Canton, OH... very close to where I used to live. :-) -Sara M.>>

Re: link for $ inquiry 4/4/08 Hi Bob, yes I would ask you to link a specific word to www.gardensupermart.com, that word would directly relate to the theme and nature of the page it's link to. For example, on your page: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/volume_2/cav2i3/Garden_Pond_files/The_Outdoor_Garden_Pond.htm, in the first paragraph I would ask for the word 'garden ponds' to link to gardensupermart.com's home page (mostly related to garden ponds). That's basically the idea. If you would link that word that would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Shawn <Gladly done. Good luck to you in your business endeavours. BobF>

Link Exchange, Ponds 3/30/07 Dear Webmaster, My name is Bobby and I have just gone through your site, and visited many pages. I have noticed that you have good content on the site. It would be better if we link to each other as reciprocal link place an important role in a search engine ranking algorithm. I have already placed a link to your site on the following webpage:- http://www.poolproducts4less.com/dir-pond-equipment.asp   Kindly link back to our site with the following details: Title:  Pool Loungers URL:   http://www.poolproducts4less.com/ref-swimming-pool-loungers.asp Please let me know whether or not you are interested. <Not interested in embedding your or our meta info... will simply link to name/URL> If you wish to have your details changed, we would be interested in modification as per your requirements. Thanks Bobby <Mmm, we don't do much with pool gear per se... some fountain... some of the same tools used for construction, maintenance... Will place on our Pond Subsite Links page... BobF.> Link, ponds, bus., S. Africa Hi Bob, <Mark> great site - lots of useful information. being Koi nuts ourselves we'd like to know if you could please post a link to our site here in Sunny South Africa... - http://www.happykoi.co.za/index.htm is the url (you can use text along the lines of "Happy Koi is a site aimed at Koi keeping novices and experts alike with friendly advice on all Koi matters" or something similar). <Mmm, will post as Retailer... and name linked> We are a commercial importer of Japanese Koi fish into South Africa with the stated aim of trying to improve Koi standards by improving our hobbyists Koi keeping standards! We'd of course like to link back to your site as we feel it will be a valuable resource for our visitors as well - if that's OK with you? <All are welcome> We have a number of articles which you are welcome to reproduce if you think they are any good... All we ask is that the source is acknowledged with a link back to the article. http://www.happykoi.co.za/article.htm <Thank you for your kind offer, efforts> Yours in Koi, Mark & William <Bob Fenner> I saw your fantastic site today! <Oh boy... Garden Link> 8/5/05 Dear Webmaster, <Yo!> Hi my name is Nancy and I recently came across your website, http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ I thought that your content is put together very well and that your website would be an excellent addition to my links page.  I have listed your website and can be found at the following link and displayed as follows: http://www.all-about-water-gardens.com/related_links.html Link Text: Wet Web Media Site Description: Aquariums, Fish and Aquatic Information All About Water Gardens is a website recently just getting started (created on July 15, 2005) and as such the site's PR is on the low side, however we believe this is temporary, since we do not link with just any website.  By partnering with only quality sites, such as yours, we fully expect to have a top PR and traffic.  We are devoted to providing valuable information to those interested in learning more about landscaping through water gardening.  We already have published over 100 related articles online.  In the mean time we are trying to establish linking partnerships with other quality related websites. I wonder if you would be interested in exchanging links in order to benefit our web site visitors by providing additional resources and increase traffic to both our web sites. Outlined below is the linking information I typically provide my linking partners use, however, you may change as required to meet the aesthetics of your website. Headline: All About Water Gardens (link to http://www.all-about-water-gardens.com/index.html ) Description: Look no further for information and resources regarding building your ideal water garden. If you would like to customize your information just let me know.  Also if you have any questions about our site, or about a link exchange please feel free to contact me directly via e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and considering this link exchange. Nancy, links@all-about-water-gardens.com http://www.all-about-water-gardens.com <I will gladly post a link to your site on our Water Garden Links Page. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner> How do I get my site listed on your site?? Hello, I was browsing the internet today and found your site. I am a water gardening contractor in Texas and was wondering how I could get listed in your links section. My website is www.TexasPonds.com In addition to installing ponds, I also give seminars and have had several articles published nationally. I currently write a monthly article in The Dirt Doctor's Dirt, a monthly organic gardening magazine. www.dirtdoctor.com.  Please get back with me to let me know if I qualify for your site.  Thanks and Happy Pondering!!! Matt Boring 'The Natural Water Gardener' www.TexasPonds.com <Will gladly post your site's link. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>  Link for your pond web site Hi! <Hello there> I have a link for your wonderful web site!  Under the "Pond Related Links - Ponds, Koi - Business - Livestock Sources" you might like to provide a link to the Kloubec Koi Farm.  They are the largest Koi breeder in the Midwest, and retail Koi over the web and to clubs.  Their web site is: http://www.kloubec.com/index.html Thanks! Karen Pattist <Will do. Thank you for this. Bob Fenner>

Pond Liner alternative to plastic (Link to add> Hi Bob, <Vance> My name is Vance Collins.  I work for a company called Seepage Control, Inc here in Phoenix, AZ.  We manufacture a product called ESS-13 that we use to build and repair lakes and ponds.  It may sound hard to believe but we have repaired many, many lakes and ponds that were lined with plastic by simply pouring our polymer into the pond and allowing it to settle.  You can view our site at www.seepagecontrol.com .  We have been in business since 1958, and it just works.  Would you consider adding our company to your site wherever you think it fits best? <Will do>   (pond articles/FAQS? General Links?)  Thank you.  Your site has a lot of great information on it, and we would certainly like to be a part of it.  Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to try a sample of the product in one of your ponds. Sincerely, Vance Collins Seepage Control, Inc. <Thank you for "coming forward" and presenting yourself, product line and company. Bob Fenner> Link Exchange Hello... We would like to exchange links with you. We are a grower/distributor of certified organic barley straw. We also carry a large line of natural water gardening products for the backyard pond enthusiast. I will add your link to our links page at http://www.naturalsolutionsetc.com/garden-pond-links.htm and it should be uploaded by 5pm 12/15/03. Our linking information can be found at the bottom of page...   http://www.naturalsolutionsetc.com/garden-pond-links.htm   or you can use the following: Pond Supply from Natural Solutions Etc - Garden pond supply including certified organic Barley Straw Bundles for pond algae. Thank you very much. Diana Natural Solutions etc <No thanks to the link exchange, but I/we will place your name, link it on our pond subweb links page. Bob Fenner>

Koi Selection by Robert Fenner Hi Bob, I just received the notification below. Jeffrey also used your Pond Landscaping article. Links to wetwebmedia are added at the bottom of the articles. Jeffrey's new site is non-profit and looks promising. Thanks again very much for letting me add your articles to Aquarticles. Howard.>  Koi Selection by Robert Fenner  To Whom it May Concern, I am the webmaster for a new web site that provides a free, searchable database on pond and fish related topics, www.iheartmypond.com. We are a non-profit website, and are very excited to have found the aquarticles.com web site.  We have recently used the article, 'Koi Selection' by Robert Fenner on our site. We have applied look and feel formatting to the article, which can be viewed at http://www.iheartmypond.com/topic.asp?aid=99019.  Jeffrey R. Daro Webmaster IHeartMyPond.com

New URL, please Please help? We have a new domain name and server. Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club, ZNA is now at : www.nwkg.org  Thank You for the link update, we appreciate your efforts Jerry and Sally Karo NW Koi & Goldfish Club, ZNA  <Will place. Bob Fenner>

Matsuda koi farm news Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 08:48:19 +0900 ************************************** < '°lATSUDA KOI FARM > Farm Manager MATSUO MATSUDA Address : 1463-1 Settayamachi,Nagaokashi, Niigataken,Japan 940-1104 Tel , Fax : 0258-33-2425 Cell Phone : 080-1098-9437 E-Mail : matsuda@koikoimatsuda.jp URL : http://www.koikoimatsuda.jp ************************************** Dear Sir, I'm writing to you from Japan for the first time. I am Matsuo Matsuda, representative of Matsuda Koi Farm. We put up our websites this May. We would like you to log on to our website http://www.koikoimatsuda.jp http://wwwkoikoimatsuda.jp/matsuda.pdf <Very nice. Will add to our Pond subweb links site> I had a news brief of our nishikikoi farm carried in the magazine called KOI BITO this time. I have attached the file in this e-mail. I'd like to know whether you can open it or not. I'm afraid that your anti-virus software are too cautious to allow it to be opened. Please keep in touch with us from now on. Thank you. Best wishes, Matsuo Matsuda matsuda@koikoimatsuda.jp

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