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 Archive 560: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Xyrichthys splendens Castelnau 1855, the Green Razorfish. Tropical West Atlantic; Bermuda to Brazil. To a mere seven inches in length. Commonly found in seagrass beds and surrounding sandy areas. Cozumel 2012

The Blue Cheekline or Sargassum Xanthichthys ringens (Linnaeus 1758) from the Atlantic Triggers. These pelagics adapt more poorly to captivity than other trigger species. Cozumel 2012 
Xestospongia muta, the Giant Barrel Sponge. To six feet in height. Cozumel 2012 
Zebrasoma scopas (Cuvier 1829), the Brown or better, Two-Tone Sailfin Tang. The former common name can be a bit of a misnomer; I have seen scopas specimens as brightly yellow as a flavescens and as dark as a rostratum. As young they're different still, with light colored fronts grading to dark variable spots and lines. Occasional "dirty" or mixed-color crosses between the brown and Z. flavescens are encountered along their contiguous distributions. Widely ranging in the Indo-Pacific. A color variant at House of Fins, CT 2012 
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