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Dendrochirus brachypterus ("Brack-hip-tur-us") (Cuvier 1829), The Shortfin Dwarf Lion is a rarer, more heavy bodied dwarf, often showing up with a good deal of yellow, brown and green mixed with red markings. Brach dwarfs are aptly named in reference to their very large pectoral fins with almost no emerging ray tips. This is one of the most personable marine species, quickly getting to recognize and respond to it's owners presence. Indo-West Pacific; East Africa, Red Sea to southern Japan, Australia, Micronesia. Bali 2014


Dendrochirus zebra (Cuvier 1829), the Zebra Turkeyfish, is the most common dwarf lion is similar in many ways and degrees to P. antennata and P. sphex. The one sure distinguishing mark of D. zebra is the presence of two white spheres on it's caudal peduncle. To ten inches in length in the wild. Indo-West Pacific; Red Sea, East Africa, to Southern Japan, Australia. Bali 2014
Dischistodus perspicillatus (Cuvier 1830), the White Damsel. Indo-West Pacific. To six inches in length. Bali 2014
Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus (Bleeker 1853), Ringed Pipefish. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea, east Africa to Samoa. To 7 3/4" in length. A common offering in the pet-fish interest. Do buy tank bred specimens. Wild ones fare poorly. Bali 2014
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