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Residual chlorine kills all life.  Anampses twistii

Scented bleach.... to clean aquariums      5/5/15
Hey bob_-
I took down my girl friends tank this weekend. It is one of those jbj all in one tanks, 31 gallons I believe.
We put it up for sale, and already have someone interested. It had some algae on the glass that was tough to come off.
I took the tank outside, filled it with tap water, and put a half gallon of "fresh linen" Clorox into it and ran it for half hour. Drained, rinsed 3 times, used dechlorinator, and rinsed again.
Can this tank still be used, having used "scented" bleach, or is it garbage? (From what I read, its no good for filter socks or sanitizing NSW)
<Should be fine... I'd let air-dry for a week or so>
No filter media was exposed to it. Just the glass, plastic bio balls and pump.
I will let it air dry a week or so before trying to sell it. Just not sure if that is the right or responsible thing to do.
<Non-scented might have been better, but...>
Thanks, bob
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
re: Scented bleach     5/5/15

Great to hear, thanks Bob. I was ready to put it out on the street for pick up.
I suppose tank "crashes" resulting from the "scent" (or whatever else makes it non pure bleach) is when people add it to there tank water (natural sea water disinfecting) add dechlorinator and add fish, thinking DeChlor neutralized bleach and perfume agents.
Or in the case of filter socks, the residue lies in the sock, same way laundry detergent would.
Thanks again, Bob h
<W. B>

QT/Marine Ich/Sanitize Questions, 5/5/11
Hello All,
First, thank you for providing this service.
<Thanks for writing in.>
I purchased a purple tang from a wholesaler in Los Angeles 5 days ago. I brought it home and acclimated it using a slow drip line in 5 gallon bucket. It is in a 40g QT tank with 2 clowns and a Banggai cardinal, also obtained from the wholesaler.
On day 2, the tang had a few white spots on it. Looking at photos on your site and others, it appears to be marine Ich (Crypto). I researched as many sites as I could, talked to 2 local fish store employees, and also talked to a few local hobbyists whom I respect. Since they were already in QT, it seemed that the two best options for treatment were copper or hyposalinity.
I picked hyposalinity because I preferred to not dose the fish with a substance like copper if I could avoid it and didn't have the copper and test kit, but did have a good RO/DI system.
<Copper and tangs generally do not mix well, but hypo has it's own issues.
I personally would have gone with one of the quinine drugs with this set of livestock, http://www.wetwebmedia.com/quinmedfaqs.htm .>
The clowns and Banggai have not shown any signs of Ich to date, but are still in the same tank (I felt if they were exposed to the tang who has Ich, they were clearly exposed and should be treated as well).
I couldn't find anything that said how quickly I should take the fish and water down to 1.010 SG (my target). I did a 5 min FW dip, and then took 2.5 days to lower SG to 1.010, afraid to shock the fish. I figured this was the best way to proceed since I did find information that said that when going back up to 1.024-1.025 SG after treatment, I should a couple of days - so in the absence of information about how fast I should lower SG, I took this rationale and applied it in reverse. I then read (today) an article on your site that recommended prepping the water, a short FW dip, then immersion straight into hyposalinated water.
<Down is easier on the fish than up.>
So question #1 - was my mistake (slowly lowering SG) something to worry about? Am I creating some type of hypo-resistant strain of Ich? Should I keep going, or abandon, slowly raise SG, and then treat with copper?
<It should be fine.>
Question #2 - If I am to keep going with hyposalination, how long should I keep the water at 1.010 SG?
<That is the trick with hypo, it needs to be there for a minimum of 4 weeks which is generally one lifecycle of the parasite. If the SG is allowed to go up through evaporation or mistakes it is all for naught, so be vigilant.>
Question #3 - How should I sanitize nets, buckets, strainers, etc., that come into contact with tank water from the QT tank? 1:10 bleach:water solution? Soak? For how long?
<Rinse in fresh water and allow to dry completely. You could use a mild bleach solution if it makes you feel better but the parasite cannot survive in a dry environment so that should be enough.>
As always, thank you for your help.

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